24-Year-Old Man Shot Dead In Sandys

September 24, 2012

[Updating – Assistant Commissioner of Police David Mirfield confirmed the victim — a 24-year-old man — has died. The shooting occurred at approximately 11.40pm in the bus stop by Woody’s, and the victim was rushed to Port Royal Fire Station where he was pronounced dead. He had been traveling with other people on what we understand to be a mini-bus.

Mr Mirfield said: “The victim was on a coach outing of some sort and was shot potentially while still on the coach and was taken from the scene while still in that same vehicle. We believe the offenders were on a motorcycle, two offenders, and fired several rounds at the victim and left on the motorcycle.

The following day the police named the 24-year-old man as Lorenzo Stovell, and confirmed that Mr Stovell — who was disabled from a previous shooting — was fatally shot while sitting outside Woody’s.]

At sometime around midnight there was a shooting in Sandys, and we understand one person was injured. The extent of the victim’s injuries are unknown at this time.

As of 12.30am Malabar Road is blocked off in the general area by Woodys’s and the gas station, with police officers stationed on both sides, and the Forensics Unit arriving on scene at 1am. There was also a heavy police presence at the hospital just after midnight, with multiple police officers and vehicles seen at KEMH.

It is not clear exactly where the shooting took place, however there appears to be multiple bullet casings in the road area and police officers were seen inspecting the bus shelter. Details remain limited at this time, however we will update as able.

Update 1.38am: Some commuters are being made to wait at the police cordon, however a few are being allowed across. What appears to be possibly six or seven bullet casings can be seen in the road. The police continue to investigate the scene.

Update 1.53am: The group of people who are waiting at the police cordon are settling in, with the realization the road may be blocked for a while.

Update 2.02am: The Forensic Unit can be seen inspecting the walls of the bus shelter. Assistant Commissioner of Police David Mirfield has just arrived on scene, which can be taken as a indication this incident may be serious in nature.

Update 2.13am: Some of the people who were waiting to cross the blocked area of the road are being escorted across by police officers. Police officers can be seen inspecting the dock area behind the bus shelter.

Update 2.32am: Police continue to investigate the scene. We are expecting to receive an official statement shortly.

Update 2.37am: Assistant Commissioner of Police David Mirfield confirmed the victim — a 24-year-old man — has died.

The shooting occurred at approximately 11.40pm, when the victim was on a “coach trip.” The victim was taken to Port Royal Fire Station where he was pronounced dead. The suspects are believed to have traveled on a motorbike.

Mr Mirfield said: “The victim was on a coach outing of some sort and was shot potentially while still on the coach and was taken from the scene while still in that same vehicle. We believe the offenders were on a motorcycle, two offenders, and fired several rounds at the victim and left on the motorcycle.”

Update 2.56am: Statement from Assistant Commissioner of Police David Mirfield:

This follows only a few weeks after another firearm incident in the same general location, which saw the suspect[s] arrive via jet ski from Spanish Point and unsuccessfully attempt to fire what appeared to be a ‘machine gun.’ It is also the second firearm incident this month, following after the incident at the Boat Club on North Shore in Devonshire in which no one was injured.

Anyone with any information about this incident is encouraged to contact the Serious Crime Unit on 247-1739 or the independent and anonymous Crime Stoppers hotline on 800-8477.

Update 4.37am: The police issued a written statement, it follows in full below.

At 11:40pm on Sunday, September 23rd a shooting occurred outside Woody’s Bar on Malabar Road in Sandys parish, in a bus layby.

As a result, a 24 year old man was shot and later succumbed to his injuries. The victim was taken from the scene by private transport to Port Royal Fire Station, where he was examined by an on call doctor and pronounced dead at that location.

As such, a murder investigation has been commenced by the Serious Crime Unit. The circumstances of the fatal shooting are unclear at this time; however it appears that the victim was onboard a coach, on a coach outing of some sort, and was shot – potentially while still on the coach – and was taken from the scene in that same vehicle.

It is believed that the suspects were two men on a motorcycle who rode up to the coach and fatally shot the victim, before making good their escape on the motorcycle. At this time the scene is still cordoned off and is being forensically examined for evidence.

Police are appealing for anyone who was in the area at the time, particularly any patrons of Woody’s, to contact the Serious Crime Unit on 247-1739 or the confidential and anonymous Crime Stoppers hotline on 800-8477. No further details regarding the deceased will be given at this time, until the next of kin have been notified.

Update 8.59am: To clarify, by “coach trip”, we believe Mr Mirfield was referring to a bus, with unofficial reports indicating the victim was on mini-bus with a group of other young people.

Update 11.43am: The police named the 24-year-old man who was murdered last night as Lorenzo Stovell, and confirmed that Mr Stovell, who was disabled, was fatally shot while sitting outside Woody’s. Full details here.

Update 4.00pm:  The Governor, National Security Minister and Opposition Leader have all urged people to assist the police, and also extended their condolences to Mr Stovell’s family. Full details here.

Update 7.21pm: A 24-year-0ld Sandys parish resident was arrested in connection with Mr Stovell’s murder. A police spokesperson said: “The Bermuda Police Service has taken a 24 year old Sandys Parish resident into custody in relation to the murder of Lorenzo Stovell. The subject was arrested early this evening by officers from our Armed Response Units.”

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  1. smith says:

    Tell andrea Curtis he needs to go back to the prison to talk to the gang member again lol

    • lunacy says:

      What a purely ignorant comment!

    • Q says:

      Curtis was last weeks joke on Bernews, this is not a joke.




      AGAIN FCK COLOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • sick n tired says:

        why the hell is it the government fault
        people need to be take responsibility and accountable for their own actions the government did not tell these stupid people to go shot someone

        • LOLA says:

          CLICK FOR LINK

          It’s Basically the Willie Lynch Syndrome, Only thing is black’s continue to enslave themselves but always want to put the blame on others, it was a part of a plan put together centuries ago to always have black people turning again each other. Please read the link if you have some time you will learn a little bit about history and how it effects the black community in todays times. I for one am tired of seeing our young black men fall without proper reasoning. The only man and spirit that should be taking lives is God, and none of these men are God, they are a product of a plan that was written of evil doing, and now they continue to do evil to their own race.

        • freda bartley says:

          I completely agree. The slavery days are long gone. Where we can blame what happens to our black people in the white Government.
          Black men are disinfranchished because its’ what they do the their selves , to their own communities.
          You don’t hear of all this s$%t happening down Fairy lands , Tuckers ‘ Point , or even Kilderry estate Dev.
          Wake up Bermuda people !! Its’ our own black brothers shooting & killing one another. No-one makes anyone do that but the persons with the guns , with the power.
          They are making their own island home unattractive ^ unsafe ti live in.
          Get out of this gang mentality , go get gainful employment , take care of your own kids.
          Take a drive through Middle town and 42 today. Dead as a door nail. They did that to themselves !! Not the Bermuda Government.

      • citi zen says:

        Bernews how can you allow this language. So what if the voewl is missing. I’m offended. This tears it for me.

        • Are you serious says:

          ARE YOU SERIOUS……Get over it….all you are focusing on is the language that is being published and someone is dead and further yet has been shot in a wheelchair…GET OVER IT….everyone is fed up and mad about the whole situation…. how do you expect people to respond……if you ask me the boys that shot him are cowardice son of bitches. My condolences to the family

        • Dam says:

          Get the Fck off here if you can’t handle it. This site keeps things real. Get off the computer and read a book if you can’t deal with this. Where you living under a rock? People are sick and tired off this death game. This type of thing is stressing people out. I’d rather come on here and vant then start a riot. I’d love to be in a room 1 vs 1 with one off these punk gun boys!

  2. Snow White says:

    Pathetic, dumb, piece of sh*t.

    I hope the person is okay (if he/she just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time).

    Vagrant little f**kers.

    I f#$king hate this island.

    • Sorrry says:

      get the hell off that island! i did!

      • Baliguy says:

        I did Too, You Can have It! Crazy expensive and dangerous!

        • If you left our little island, why are you still reading our news. Does your new home have nothing of interest in their news. Is it so boring, you still long for a taste of our miserable paradise…???

          All those who don’t like this little sub tropical oasis please stand up and head east for the airport. Flights are waiting. Those who have left already shut up and leave us alone, you don’t want to help the situation because you bailed.

          And those who are still here or want to come, let’s confront our issues head on. Hiding behind words on a page won’t stop the violence. Communication openness and understanding are good starts…

          Bermuda is not a bad place it’s just expensive… I would prefer this reality vs being a cheap, poor impoverished country where life has less value. These criminal will be caught. They always are….

          • Sorrry says:

            ya a idiot! Bermys not a bad place..lmao

          • Verbal Kint says:

            “Bermuda is not a bad place it’s just expensive… I would prefer this reality vs being a cheap, poor impoverished country where life has less value.”
            Wheer do you think the Island is headed?

            • Caffee Seymour says:

              This island is headed the same place as the rest of the world. No matter where you run “Sorry”, things will be the same as long as you sit back on your sorry ass & do nothing to help.

    • WOLF says:

      I agree, this place is sick and absolute garbage. What a pathetic place we call paradise,

      • sick n tired says:

        if you feel that why you should leave maybe we can get the Bermuda make to how it use to be

      • Sorrry says:


      • Smh says:

        You people sound like idiots! Bermuda is far better than many places around the world. Of course there are always places to pack up and go live. Yeah I agree it is expensive, but look how much the working Bermudian makes compared to other places around the world! I dont know if you people complaining are foreigners or not but if you are Bermudian you need to quit being ungrateful! Nowhere is perfect!

        You fools sound like you only read Bermuda news. Take yourself and go read news for all around the world where you have mothers killing their own children, people killing and eating people, nonstop kidnappings, police killing the homeless, riots etc. Yes Bermuda crime is a bit much for the small island that we are but we are not as bad as most countries. I am sick of people saying that Bermuda is soooooo dangerous. We all live in danger no matter where we are. So please just let me know where you live because it is most likely not on this planet being its so safe.

      • Mr.Don't Play says:

        See u wolf or whoever you claim to be go dig a hole for yaself cuz ya garbage aswell get a f..kin life grow up cuz s$%t can get ugly the way your talking ….. You think the island likes people like you downing us jus get faaaaar away from us ok you a#$%ole

        • rob says:

          you appear to be mentally retarded.

        • Dantes Inferno says:

          Its all fun and games until an anonymous person threatens another anonymous person on the internet. This kid is dangerous ><

  3. smith says:

    tell the police to call the gang expert andrea Curtis who knows everything about it lol

  4. Snow White says:

    Whoever shot that gun is probably a no life loser who has gotten no where in life, and if he is young, he will get no where in life. He will forever be that f$%king loser who sits on a wall or on a seat at a bar who thinks he is a somebody. He will never be anybody besides that f#$ker that pulled a trigger.. it’s not hard to do.

    How do these ‘gangsters’ feel so powerful when they’re only on an island of 65k people..?

    Blame the parents? F#$k their parents, theyre probably dumb pieces of s#$t as well.

    SOrry for the rant, but i’m tired of this sh$t.

    I wonder what the guy that was shot did to him? Probablky nothing.

    • mixitup says:

      I think a lot of people feel that way, your rant is many peoples rant.

    • crying again says:

      ——- Regardless no one has the right to take another life. May he R.I.P

    • Mr.Don't Play says:

      You need to watch your comments …. Your parents should be ashamed of themselves havin a child like you with a vocabulary like that they pieces of s%#t too u as$%ss you donteven know wats goin on n ya talkn s$%t get off the island if u can’t handle it you aint hard lil p^%$#ole you snow white you sound so racist how u know a white boy didn’t do the shooting go eat ya a$% out ya d viligarant one u sick piece of s$%#

      • Dantes Inferno says:

        You’re very intelligent.

      • Come Correct says:

        Your parents must be so proud. You call their parents pieces of sh!t for their use of language yet yours is far worse, so what are you saying about the people that raised you, or didnt raise you. That’s like saying his face is dirty when yours is covered in sh!t. Sounds like you have some personal demons to fight with before you start with anyone else. See these things (.,?!) You can use them to break up sentences. Breaking up sentences allows you to breath, breathing oxygen helps your brain to work, your brain working helps to make you look like less of an idiot than the person you’re ranting about. Intelligence and common sense are so rare these days they should be considered super powers.

  5. young mom says:

    Why does this have to happen
    I feel bad for the parents with young black males
    Parents please educate your sons and guide them

    • Da plumber says:

      Who said he was black didn’t see that in the story

      • Dermot says:

        Statistically, young mom’s assumption is accurate.

        • Mr Happy says:

          @DaPlumber: When was the last time a white person got shot in a gang related shooting?

      • sick n tired says:

        it doesn’t have to say it
        look at all the male that have been charged and killed what color have they been

      • citi zen says:

        might be a relative

  6. young mom says:

    Why these so called gangster letting someone else they them what to do
    When you do get caught you are the one that’s going to sit in jail not them
    Seriously do you want to spend 5-25 years in jail I sure hell wouldn’t want too

    • been there seen that says:

      that all falls under the absence of a positive male role model. Many think it has to be the fathers but it only takes any man to show interest and consistency 4 the change. Most guys join gangs 4 that family presence. I’ve grown up in America with many ppl who are now in or were in gangs n just about all have had no steady positive male role model in their life. u rarely see gang members come out of a 2 parent home. they call it a broken home 4 a reason now Bermuda stands in a position where her amount of broken homes are rising n we stand at a crossroad of do we assess it n fix it or do we sit on a wall n reminisce on how Bermuda used to be until we wait for the next shots to be fired.

  7. M.P.Mountbatten JP says:

    C@cksuckers can’t get away with cutting a 24yr olds life short . Condolences to the family of the deceased .

  8. relieved mama says:

    So glad my son wasn’t out there! Those ignorant b*st@rds r not gonna stop. Like I said before, innocent people are gonna either die or get hurt…sick F#ckaz!!

  9. smh says:

    This island has gone straight to hell and its not going to get any better. Government is wasting my hard earned money trying to bring in people to talk to these wanna be gangsters and for what? The ones doing the shooting are the punk @$$es that are trying to get stripes. And bda wants to go Independent? Lol yea right ..

    Another mother has lost her son to this bs gun violence. When is it going to end?

    • Sorrry says:

      its not going 2 end!!!

    • justAquestion says:

      what the f#ck does going independent have to do with this? you sound very very ignorant right now!

      • Come Correct says:

        Because as it stands, if things go tits up, the UK will step in like they did before. If we go independant, we’re left to deal with this situation on our own, but it should be cool, Cox and brown made friends with Obama so maybe the marines will come occupy our island for a few decades, then again we don’t border and major countries with oil so maybe not.

  10. mixitup says:

    If this “Coach” Party Bus i’m assuming was traveling, then “Set Up” comes to mind. Then again what shootings aren’t a set up nowadays. How do these guys sleep at night I will never know. And WHERE de hell were the police? Knowing what went on up there just a few weeks ago! SMH

    • Come Correct says:

      Lol the police?! Go back to the article on the police dispersal act and read my comment and tell me I didn’t call this. The police have dispersed the groups that sit at white hill and cambridge road, so when you get the tip your target is on a party bus, not difficult to spot, its a clear ride up the country with none of the watchdogs to make that warning call. I even said this will only result in more blood on the Somerset front, I hope the police feel good knowing they helped kill this guy. You want to disperse a real problem? You can start at Fentons Drive and Happy Valley belvins a$$ clowns! If the rumors are true, this island needs to brace itself becauae its going to get nasty before 2013.

  11. Bettyjean robinson says:

    OH MY GOD !!! HERE WE GO AGAIN . Makes you wonder if this will EVER stop. The police know these gang members,aren’t their pictures posted all over the police station. NAME AND GANG AFFILIATION….. Follow the bastards every move. I’m sure there are enough officers to do that OR raid the damn houses they live in . Bda we are in a SERIOUS CRISES in more ways than ONE

    • Douglas says:

      I agree with you. Their pictures need to be on the front page of the newspaper and this site so that we all know who they are and what they are about. To hell with their human rights! Its the only way to try and stop this crap. As long as we (the general public) can’t put a face to those associated with gangs, they can and do operate undercover. If the Police want help and more information, then the more sets of eyes who know who and what to look for will be needed. This isn’t rocket science, its common sense.

      These guys commit these crimes and then probably go to work the next day, shop in the supermarket, or get their hair cut like nothing ever happened. Mostly because , generally, WE don’t have a clue as to who may be into what.

      We have been in CRISIS for some time, its time we started acting like it.

      • tricks are for kids.. says:

        Unfortunately if this were the case only the pictures of those that are “low” on the totem pole would be published….Those that count will remain nameless and faceless..good luck with that….

        • Douglas says:

          True, but you have to start somewhere. You can’t keep doing the same thing and expect a different result. If you want change, you actually HAVE to change something!

  12. .am says:

    So.. Wait. The coach just drove off and no one called it in?!

    • just a librarian says:

      my thoughts exactly. but i’m pretty sure with the amount of witnesses on that bus no one is going to step up and give their account of events. smdh

  13. WELL WELL says:

    Is it possible this is the same man they were trying to shoot at woodys but the firearm wouldnt discharge

  14. we love you says:

    R.I.P Cuzzy we will miss you so much:-( all we could ask is why? :-(

  15. Ouida Collins says:

    Bermuda…Bermuda…Bermuda….What ever happened to the Beautiful Island I grew up on?

    • I grew up in an age where my parents held me accountable for my actions. Our neighbors made sure my parents knew what was going on and never had any fear about reporting any actions that were unacceptable. In fact,I remember getting a swat on my butt from my Moms friend (neighbor) who marched me home and told my Mom why she did so. No amount of pleading or attesting saved me. The consequences for my actions still verberate today. I was wrong, and the Village(our neighbor) made sure I was held accountable for my actions. Needless to say I hated the Old Biddy at that time.
      Those were the days.
      Surely there are many of us Old Timers who were raised the same way. At the time we didn’t agree with our parents way of raising us. However, we can look back, smile and say. I am what I am today because of them. They knew what they were doing. Even though we disagreed with them, they would never have allowed any actions that we see today occur in our neighborhood.
      Bermuda…Bermuda…Bermuda… What has happened to the Island I grew up on?
      Do neighbours not care?
      Do parents not hold their children accountable?
      Do you live in fear of the parents of these thugs who are ruining Bermuda?
      Do you not realize that if you do not take action and speak up.. “YOU” are a Perpetrator and an Enabler for allowing this violence to go continue?
      Do you think this violence is going to stop with gangs on gangs only?
      Have you looked at the incidences…home invasions..attacks on tourists.. home invasions and sexual acts..etc…etc?
      Trust me when I say “It Will Not Get Any Better”.
      If you, as your Moms Friend or Nosey Neighbor.. or just some one who wants to see a Better Bermuda won’t speak up…God Help You.
      Remember it takes a Village to raise a child… Also..remember most Villages only grew and prospered when they took control.
      My condolences to the family of the the young man of this senseless killing. My thoughts and prayers are with you. I lost a Nephew earlier this year in similar circumstances. I feel your pain.
      Bermuda..Bermuda..Bermuda..please remember…They …The Perpetrators of these evil acts need each and every one of you to with any knowledge of their actions to speak up.

      • Sad says:

        Your Bermuda didn’t have guns. Neighbors didn’t have to wonder if they were going to get shot for speaking up. It’s sad.

  16. Hurting says:

    yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy???????????? RIP baby i will always love you ILY

  17. Hurting says:

    — BABY RIP

  18. Bianca Devereaux says:

    My heart breaks for the family and friends of this young man, may you find comfort in the arms of God. I pray that the perpetrators are caught and bought to justice, to the fullest extent of the law.

  19. Arthur says:

    This will not stop until we accept the inevitable solution…..execute murderers and rapists on a busy street in the centre of Hamilton and our society will be saved. The longer you take to accept this, and you will inevitably reach that point, the longer we wallow in Hell. I have never seen an executed murder or rapist get up and murder or rape again, so it sounds like a pretty damn good deterrent to me.

  20. rob says:

    Bermuda’s circling the drain, Big time !! Word is ‘Bermuda’s not safe ! Bermuda’s expensive ! Bermudian’s are rude and Bigoted ” True Dat !

  21. time for de madness to Stop ! says:

    Lets get Real about this Situation here in Bermuda..
    This will continue if ,,Parents continue to turn a blind eye !
    also these wanna bee’s have little and big girl friends who benifit
    from thier ant.socal activity, we all know whats going on, but
    we dont wanna get involved,,, from the radio station’s to the
    newspaper to the tv we glamarise this activity,,,,their was a time
    here in bermuda when people dis-associated themselves from persons
    like this but today,,for the love of money,,we turn a blind..just
    look around…we are all guilty. cause we all know some one in de
    game ! so as long as we allow it, it to go on that’s how long it will
    continue …

    • MADASF#CKS says:


    • Sad says:

      Actually, we don’t ALL know someone in “the game.” There are a whole bunch of us here clinging to this sinking island that don’t know a single person involved in this type of garbage. There are a whole bunch of us that are sick and tired of reading about this garbage and having to live with it on our tiny island. There are a bunch of us that abide by the laws, go to work, take care of our children and just want to live a decent life. Every time I hear of another shooting / gun incident, it really makes me want to pack it in and take my family somewhere else to live. And that’s pathetic that I would have to leave the only place that I know of as home – all because of this garbage!

  22. OBA used to be UBP says:

    I wish someone would drive over you and no-one’s around to call it in.
    How about that?

    • .am says:

      Aww, muffin. I had no idea you had such strong feelings for me <3

    • P.S. says:

      Q: Who wakes up 6am in the morning to type some hateful stuff on the internet to another human being?

      A: Sad and ignorant people.

      • katt williams says:

        ni#!as are mad at breakfast u gang banging on bacon …………Sad4realtho

      • Come Correct says:

        I’m still wondering who the oba is now…according to most of the plp bloggers they are the ubp, then again the plp bloggers have never really had their stories straight.

  23. blazer says:


  24. Ole says:

    Even more disturbing is the cynical, insensitive and flat out disgusting comments made on this blog…Smith being the most vile…

  25. sick n tired says:

    I’m sorry for your lost

  26. Yada Yada Yada says:

    Until the authority’s infiltrate and bust up these gang wanna be’s it will never stop. Just like the Crip’s in California if they can’t get the person that’s in debt to them etc. They go after the relative.


    • Mike says:

      Good point keeps these rats under surveillance and you will be there when it goes down. Bring in more police and army officers and lock this island down.

      • Come Correct says:

        My comment from the 2 suspects for the woodys incident released on bail.

        “This problem isn’t going to go away if we keep attacking it so passively. Obviously gathering forensic evidence and waiting for the public to come forward isn’t making too much progress. Rename it the BPF, pass a law that if you’re involved in gang activity in any way you forfeit your rights, gather intelligence on these guys, obtain a warrent, and make their lives a living hell. I’m not talking about cleansweep, I’m talking about operation “shock and awe” all over again. Storm house, detain, clear out, establish perimeter, bring in a dog to sniff out guns and amunition (though they’re trained to smell gun oil and I doubt these fools clean their weapons) and look for anything recently touched or moved (ceiling access, dressers, loose floorboards, water tank access ect.), tear the place apart, search the grounds for freshly dug holes, leave, continue to gather intel, still involved? For best results repeat when necessary. Mother, brother, innocent resident occupant? Sorry, dis-associate yourself with gangsters, have a nice day. Eventually they or the people around them will get tired. Oh and get rid of that parole and out early on good behavior crap. You want out early? Prove you have changed and give back to your community first, even if it means going school to school to warn children of the consequences of your stupidity and selfish acts. Its about time we got serious, demand results and force these creatures back into their holes.

        We shouldn’t have to live in fear, we shouldn’t have to feel like prisoners in our own island, having our freedom impared by lawlessness. Did that weapon have to work before we do something proactive about this?

        “It does not do to rely too much on silent majorities, for silence is a fragile thing, one loud noise, and its gone. But the people are so cowed and disorganised. A few might take the opportunity to protest, but it’ll just be a voice crying in the wilderness. Noise is relative to the silence preceding it. The more absolute the hush, the more shocking the thunderclap. Our masters have not heard the people’s voice for generations, and it is much, much louder than they care to remember.””

        • Pastor Syl Hayward says:

          @ Come correct: your ideas sound amazingly like the ones put forward by Kevin Comeau, who was decried by all the PLP bloggers, how long (how many lives) was it ago?!? No real will to do anything amongst the authorities, it seems. I guess that is where the young (18-34 year olds) voting base is, as reported in the last poll. Oh Lord, I am becoming so cynical, I almost hate myself!

          I believe the BPS is doing what it can within the confines of the law as it stands, but they need more powers to search and detain than are presently legal.

  28. rightious vigilant says:

    WOW, what a way to wake up…seeing that these lost dark souls push this island one step closer to hell…smdh

  29. tricks are for kids.. says:

    Shooting at Woodys a few weeks ago and again last night BUT yet the big police mobile vehicle is parked round the block…..go figure…..

    • John says:

      If they park the “big police vehicle” outside Woodys you think these idiots will go and shoot someone there? No, although these scum share 1 brain cell between them the idiot scum that is using it the day the vehicle is at Woodys will shoot someone on court st. Then people will moan again. At the end of the day the people to blame are the low life gang scum not the people who try to clean up afterwards.

      • tricks are for kids.. says:

        I understand your point “John”…BUT those who KNOW where I’m coming from know what I mean……

  30. Arthur-Atlanta says:

    Hmmm…as someone that has participated in scene preservation with the Bda Police, I wonder why in the second picture, the police office in uniform is placing his ungloved hands on the railing while using his flashlight to light up the area for the scene examiner in white coveralls who is “almost” properly clothed to avoid scene contamination?

  31. time for de madness to Stop ! says:

    as long as we continue to support these wanna bees, we will continue to have these problems, excepting finacial gifts,,,including help for the Rent,,,makes you just as guilty, we All know that Little Johnny dont have a Job !

  32. smh..tsktsk says:

    this will continue until someone grows a pair….and does to those the exact thing there doing to others….they can not shoot everybody i say 20 to 30 real mF…go round parkside vested up tooled up and let a few shots go making sure to hit each and everyone of them …viglante style…..its about that time ……some

    • special island says:

      Second it! – Real talk

    • Smh says:

      If you had any street smarts you would know that Parkside obviously did not do this shooting. They are actually the ones mourning this time..

  33. Razor says:

    On a coach at a coach outing? Like a horse ridden coach? Why would gang member be riding that? Are we sure this wasn’t a tourist?

    • 80's Baby says:

      A coach is a bus, that’s what they are called in the UK.

    • Local says:

      Coaches don’t usually ride on horses, they are pulled behind them.
      A motorized coach is like a bus, but different depending on usage or physical definition. Look it up on the internet.

  34. disturb says:

    Whom ever shot this defenseless guy in a wheelchair is a f+ckin COWARD. This is some PUNK@SS NI#$A SH!T..
    My condolences to the family. R.I.P Young Man

  35. Waiting to go home says:

    @ Arthur-Atlanta
    Maybe you need to clean ya glasses mate. The officer holding the flashlight was wearing purple latex gloves.

  36. Will says:

    string the perpetrators up in the stocks..have them paraded around, let people throw rotten fruit and veg at them to show their disgust at their stupid way of life…scumbags like these deserve no comfy bed at west gate, just hard iron and wood to be shackled to

  37. timsrty says:

    we dont use the word coach wat with theses ex pat reporters

    • Bernews says:

      Bernews is 100% Bermudian staffed and always has been. The term coach is a direct quote from the Police, and we always carry official statements verbatim to ensure accuracy. Mr Mirfield is of course British, and that is the term they use there. It was 2am when this statement was made, we would not be surprised if the term is clarified in a later release.

      • Not to worry. Keep on telling it as it is.

        • Bernews says:

          Thank you, much appreciated…

          • citi zen says:

            Although I was a bit upset with the strong language allowed earlier, Bernews you guys are the best. Keep up the outstanding reporting.

            I can’t wait for the election.

            By the way, what is the latest dat the election can be called?

      • Yada Yada Yada says:

        No worry’s Bernews only the ignorant don’t know what it means..Your doing a great job..

    • Dermot says:

      wasamatta? bar not open yet?

    • Douglas says:

      Read a book, go back to school, and learn how to spell, and also learn some new words! What the hell does it matter whether the reporter is foreign or not?! Your statement is a big part of the problem we have in this (MY!) country mate!

    • Will says:

      actually we do use the word coach. Coach is different from a Bus. what is it with these ignorant local people who can’t even spell ie you timsrty

    • Dantes Inferno says:

      They took our jobs.

    • Local says:

      Typical arrogant ignorant Bermudian comment. (I am Bermudian and like to think I have a vocabulary of more than 3 words)
      Look up definition of bus and coach on the internet. On the physical definition of COACH, our pink Buses are technically coaches as the driver sits in front of the front axle. In the usage definition they are called busses because they go on fixed routes and pick up passengers along the route. A coach is a “bus” which is chartered for a specific time/route, and doesn’t pick up passengers at every bus stop.

      • Local says:

        I don’t think the family really care what Mr Mirfield called it, they just want this to be solved and the perps brought to justice.

  38. I just find it amazing that right next to where the shooting happened, there is police housing ——- Hmmm

  39. Sad says:

    Condolence to family and firends of this young man.

    • Sad says:

      Should read – Condolences to family and friends of this young man.

  40. Most of the lil wack a#$es aint getting p#$sy or can’t stay hard enough to f$%k a girl right . So their last resort is to kill another thats it . Every body is f$%king related on this island y continue to kill your family . You might as well kill your self. How can there be a future for the kids .when ur taking our future leaders parents away. Its things a father can teach a son and a daughter that a mother can’t. Its sad the lil youth have to look up to we

    • MPP says:

      Seriously, Bernews?

      I know you have to walk a line between harsh censorship and full-on free speech in the comments, but…?

      Back to the story: sad day.

  41. 9PK says:

    Well first of all none of these “gangster” are reading your comments so what yall saying aint reaching out to the ppl that need to hear it, maybe you all should take it to the streets, because commenting here, aint gonna mean a damn thing out there!

  42. Pitbull says:

    Deepest Sympathy for the Family and Friends of this young man May you find comfort in your most cherished memories of him
    Gone Too Soon!!!!

  43. starlove says:

    ok so I dont want to sound harsh because another young mans life has been taken from his family. But real talk if you know that you are in danger from the past and your from (town) why would you risk your life getting on a bus that is heading west when you have been in this situation in the past? I understand that as small as this island is you shouldnt have to stay away from certain areas but if your name is out there and you stay where you stay it is best that you try and keep low as possible because these guys are not playing and they are targeting all who they do not like. R.I.P

  44. Bermuda Autopsy says:

    Another innocent victim cut down, very sad. My thoughts are with the family. This is of course very bad for Bermuda – people going around shooting just anybody at random – innocent people. Next it could be you, or me.

  45. stern says:

    I feel bad for the owner of WOODY’s and the victims family. Unfortunately I wouldn’t set foot on those premises day or night! it’s a shame it’s come down to this. The reality is Gang Warfare is here and it is not going away anytime soon. It’s all so Stupid and meaningless. My take is that perhaps this establishment needs to beef up security for customer safety. (What A Shame!!!) Police patrolling at the entrance gate and surrounding areas etc. Not good for locals/ tourist who want to try some good local dishes and atmosphere. I feel that if these young men ( victims ) know they should not be in certain areas they need to stay away to avoid possible death. It’ all boils down to who you know and who you affiliate yourself with. A SAD SAD DAY IN BERMUDA!!! My condolences to the family!! No family deserves to suffer like this! NO FAMILY!! SMH!!!

    • Sorrry says:

      i remember when Woodys use to be for us older folks. my things must have changed in Bermy since i left! never in my day did i ever have to worry about being shot anywere on that island!

      • g-gurl says:

        Yes I agree ! Back in he day we’d leave the East end for Woody’s and have a good time !!! Don’t know if I’d visit on my return home ! I love BERMUDA and always will !

  46. Crazy Times In BDA says:

    Put two and two together. Few weeks ago woodys bar almost turns into a massacre. Police arrest 4-6 people with possible connection, things go quiet for a few weeks. Persons released on bail. Last night young men gets murdered. This is beyond crazy Bermuda. Politicians need to drop the political crap for a while and really look at whats going on in this country and WE as a people need to UNITE and squash this problem.

    The police know who are committing these acts. Maybe Dr. Brown was right when he said about bringing in a “SWAT TEAM” to deal with this problem before it went out of control.

    • Will says:

      dont you ever use those words ‘Dr Brown was right’ thats like preaching from the sataninc bible

      • Come Correct says:

        Look at who his spiritual advisor was lol I’m surprised he doesn’t wanna bring in the care bears.

    • Alll Day says:

      Agreed Dr. Brown was 100% right

  47. Me says:

    I used to think that this was paradise…
    Now lifes a gamble like a pair of dice!!
    *needs 2 stop*

  48. g-gurl says:

    SICK S8IT !!!!

  49. Bermuda Autopsy says:

    Anyone want some affordable housing? I bet a few of the Boaz Island condos could be had for a bargain. I’m sure there are a few who want to move away from there with all the murders happening on their doorstep.

    Bet they would go for less than the Atlantis places – and they won’t be dropping in the sea either!

  50. Concerned says:

    Government along with the Governor have to NOW give the okay for the police to bust it down/walk in/take you in handcuffs/no bail NOTHING find you guilty by association and put them all on a barge outside of to North Rock and let you have hand combat (fists only). If your parents know what you are about, take them as well, anyone who knows what you are all doing – meetings are held in homes or sheds or on the walls. Anything to do with this ‘war’as far as announcements by the Governor or Mr. Perinchief and/or Commissioner of Police should not become Public – until all the doors have been busted in/down/walked in and all persons arrested – no matter the parish/family associations with any person or persons, see a gathering behind houses – take them. Orders are being received from inside the four walls of our prisons – stop allowing prisoners going outside the walls – keep them inside – no communication with the outside world – NONE!!! TIME TO GET TOUGH – don’t just talk it – DO IT!!

  51. HAD ENUF says:

    SAD SAD SAD….. The more I think of this. He is left sitting on a “COACH” and so called “Friends” leave the coach. So, who advised who with their cell phone that this gentleman is coming to somerset on the coach ?? Come on POLICE. Upon arrival, take EVERYONE on that coach in for questioning AND confiscate ALL cell phones….MAY JUST ASSIST

    • WELL I LEFT says:

      Now you’re talking! Finally, someone is speaking on something that could just possibly narrow things down.

  52. Yada Yada Yada says:

    If those 2 low life’s were let go on bail was a GPS tracking device put on their ankles. How do we know it wasn’t them who did this?

  53. Prayerful says:

    First of all my condolences to family and friends. That was sombody’s son.

    Secondly, is this the same “two men on a bike”?

  54. Triangle Drifter says:

    Want to see who is to blame? Look in the mirror. You got what you voted for. A soft on crime PLP Government. A blatently corrupt Government. A PLP Government whose members refuse to take a drug test. What does that tell you? You did not vote for them once. Understandable. You voted for them 3 times.

    Bermuda, you now have what YOU asked for. Happy now?

    • Alll Day says:

      Look TD someone was killed that means people are very upset right now this has nothing to do with PLP you would never post this under your real name because your a coward and an Pu##& i would wish you hell but i know your already there.

      • Come Correct says:

        If you post under your real name you are a C-word but its not coward, it rhymes with punt. Next time one of these idiots gets locked up check out their fan base in the comments. Would you be willing to give me your real name to see what I can find out about you within 24hours? It may actually scare you. I can handle myself and some bad situations but I would never be stupid enough to invite trouble to my doorstep. I have family memebers to worry about. Anyway its pretty clear you’re just a party loyalist since you claim TD is a coward but I’m pretty sure your name isn’t Mr./Mrs. All Day. So thank you for proving his accusations about the governemnt that denied the gang problem for how long? and stands strong for the very people that are gunned down one by one, to be correct. For every life taken by a bullet how much of the public purse goes missing while we are all looking which way? The government clearly does not care because a platform to stop this violence alone could potentially win the election, but they do nothing as the life of another young black man is lost. Something else to think about, $100 says we’ve heard the last about Mr. Devents car (because they don’t want anyone to know who did it), but do you see any politicians condemning this act? Nope, too busy making bank withdrawls.

  55. The Riduculist says:

    RIP Waka!! My heart is heavy this day!

  56. Wayadumb????? says:

    All you Bermudian do is TALK TALK TALK. Know what ya sayin first yo. for one he was in a wheel chair. NO. He ain’t from west. So obviously A west ni##a done the shooting…. So if you dopey police was smart you would go the f@ck west and collect MOB dat u see posted up in d pics n shid…. Beta catch me for dey hope d island. Mother efferzzz. Um ova it. R.I.P. condolences go out to the family and friends of the young man. Smfh..

  57. Wayadumb????? says:


  58. tricks are for kids.. says:

    I’m hearing the blame being laid on this and that, blamed on parenting, lack of education and the like…..How about laying the blame at the feet of the individuals themselves… Life is about CHOICES and they are CHOOSING to do the things they do…They weren’t raised to shoot, kill and maime people…..but this is the life that they have CHOSEN!! You can’t fully blame TV, Music etc. for their wrong doings either; I love action movies (shooting, cutting the whole nine yards) BUT I am not out shooting people…I also love rap music, but I am not out wearing booty shorts, showing my cooch to the world, flashing money or wearing bling bling…So really what is the answer? Although SOME may get angry at this I have to agree with a previous post on this thread..I have to ask WHY would that individual be in that area (and yes I know that you should be able to go anywhere that you like) BUT if your name is out there and afiliated you know that certain “street laws” apply to you….With all the goings on in the last few weeks (fighting on the water Cup match, Round the Island Race, Labour Day etc) and the recent incidents at Woodys..WHY WHY WHY???? I know certain people will get offended but I am not afraid to call a “spade” a “spade”..All this “black on black” crime needs to stop!!! If indeed he was “set up” than shame on the individuals who partook in this…..Another senseless murder!!! Another grieving family….WHO is really giving the orders? do we REALLY THINK that the orders are coming from prison? I beg to differ as I’m sure there is a much bigger picture than is being presented….The Police I’m sure are up in arms as well as they can only do so much…As far as a Road Block being set up (someone mentioned it earlier)by the time the call came in and a Road Block was set up it may have been too late..the person/persons could have already left Somereset or may have not left at all……I shudder to think how the year will end as the rumours circulate it doesn’t look as if the year is going to end on a good note….Maybe its all talk ….
    I just spoke to the victims brother the other day and asked how he was doing and was told that he was okay and was just “hanging in” not really doing anything…..and I hear of this last night….deeply saddened….I don’t have the answer (I wish I did) but even in reading some of the negative comments (name calling, etc) we have a lot of people on this island with issues….being a “Bernews Gangsta” (with all the negative hateful comments towards each other) doesn’t make you any different than the gangsta on the street because this is how it starts (name calling, bullying)…we are ALL going to have DIFFERENT opinions…we are not ALL GOING TO AGREE…but there is ONE thing that we can do and that is by being RESPECTFUL towards one another….we have to start somewhere……

    • Concerned says:

      doesn’t look as if the year is going to end on a good note….

      I heard this at the hospital earlier today.

  59. Pastor Syl Hayward says:

    I am so sorry, to the family of this young man. What a double tragedy, first shot and paralysed, then shot and killed. So very sad. My deepest condolences. Even if he was involved with a gang, if it were my child or relative, I would be always praying he would live long enough to change his lifestyle. Now he will never have that chance (if he hadn’t already taken it – I don’t know the young man or his family, so don’t know if he had left his gang affiliations, if he ever had them.)

  60. William says:

    a guy in a wheel chair vrs two guys on a motor byke is not my idea of one on one.