Murder Victim Named As Lorenzo Stovell

September 24, 2012

[Updated] The police named the 24-year-old man who was murdered last night as Lorenzo Stovell, and confirmed that Mr Stovell — who was disabled — was fatally shot while sitting outside Woody’s.

Mr Stovell had been partially paralyzed in a previous shooting and “wasn’t mobile”, the police confirmed at a press conference this morning [Sept 24]. The Pembroke resident was known to use a wheelchair.

Speaking this morning, Detective Chief Inspector Nicholas Pedro said the victim and several female friends were on a “party bus” celebrating a birthday of one of the young ladies by travelling to various locations across the island.

Mr Stovell remained on the bus while his friends went inside Woody’s to drink when the suspect[s] shot him. The bus had been there for just over an hour when the suspect[s] approached the bus firing several shots into the bus. He was rushed by the mini bus driver to Port Royal Fire Station, where he was examined by an on call doctor and pronounced dead.

Last night Assistant Commissioner of Police David Mirfield said they believed there were two suspects involved, who are believed to have been riding a motorcycle. This morning Detective Pedro said they “believe there is a gang aspect to this,” and confirmed that they do not have anyone in custody in connection with this incident at this time.

Since the murder, numerous unofficial people have told Bernews that tensions in certain circles are running extremely high, with the question many people have been left asking — “how could someone shoot a person in a wheelchair?” — a comment which has been posted many times across social media and online.

Assistant Commissioner of Police David Mirfield speaking at the scene last night:

Update 12.07pm: The full police statements are below. Detective Pedro said: “The circumstances are that the victim and several female friends were on a “party bus” travelling to various locations across the Island. The victim was mostly paralyzed from having been shot on a previous occasion. He remained on the bus whilst the females he was in company with went inside Woody’s to celebrate.

“The bus had been there for just over an hour when the gunman approached the bus firing several shots into the bus. The driver of the bus drove the victim to Port Royal fire station where attempts to resuscitate him were unsuccessful, and he was declared dead a short time later. I can formally identify the deceased as Mr. Lorenzo Stovell, who was 24 years old, and resided in Pembroke.”

Superintendent James Howard full statement follows below:

On behalf of the Bermuda Police Service, I wish to begin by expressing sincere condolences to the family and friends of 24 year old Pembroke resident, Mr. Lorenzo Stovell who tragically lost his life on Sunday evening.

The murder of Mr. Stovell represents the 3rd death caused by the use of a firearm in Bermuda this year. Four persons have been shot and injured (and not died) in 2012.

The Bermuda Police Service recognizes that this incident will undoubtedly impact the local community. We want to reassure the community that the Bermuda Police Service will use all the resources at its disposal to bring the offender or offenders to justice.

It is important that everyone remains calm and allows the police to work to catch the gunmen involved. However this cannot be done alone, and we rely on the people of Bermuda to come forward to assist the police to make Bermuda safer. I therefore encourage anyone with information or knowledge of this incident to make contact with the detectives in this case, or Crime Stoppers.


Detective Chief Inspector Nicholas Pedro’s full statement follows below:

At about 11:43pm Sunday 23rd September, 2012 police officers responded to reports of shots fired on Malabar Road, Sandys – across from Woody’s Bar.

The circumstances are that the victim and several female friends were on a “party bus” travelling to various locations across the Island. The victim was mostly paralyzed from having been shot on a previous occasion. He remained on the bus whilst the females he was in company with went inside Woody’s to celebrate.

The bus had been there for just over an hour when the gunman approached the bus firing several shots into the bus. The driver of the bus drove the victim to Port Royal fire station where attempts to resuscitate him were unsuccessful, and he was declared dead a short time later.

I can formally identify the deceased as Mr. Lorenzo Stovell, who was 24 years old, and resided in Pembroke.

I would like to take this opportunity to pass on my sincere condolences to the family & friends of Mr. Stovell who are grieving his loss at this time. The family is being assisted by a Bermuda Police Family Liaison Officer.

A full investigating team from the Serious Crime Unit is investigating the murder of Mr. Stovell and has been working through the night since this incident was reported, and is pursuing a number of investigative leads.

An overseas forensic pathologist will be conducting an autopsy in the near future, and we are extremely keen to speak with anyone in the area of Malabar Road & Woody’s Bar at the time of this incident.

I will not release any more information at this time as the investigation is still in its infancy.

We have again seen the tragic loss of life unfold in our neighbourhoods and I am urging anyone that can assist in bringing the offender or offenders to justice to contact the Police Serious Crime Unit – or by calling Crime Stoppers. Callers can do the following:-

  • 1. Call the independent & confidential CRIME STOPPERS hotline at 800-8477.
  • 2. Call the Serious Crime Unit on 247-1739.
  • 3. Call any Police Station and speak to one of our officers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year on 295-0011.


Update 12.58pm: 9-minute video of police press conference below

Police are appealing for anyone who was in the area at the time, particularly at Woody’s, to contact the Serious Crime Unit on 247-1739 or the confidential and anonymous Crime Stoppers hotline on 800-8477.

You can also leave an anonymous tip with the Miami-based Crime Stoppers using their online website form.

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  1. Sad says:

    Just sad and crazy gosh. Condolences again to his family and friends. This is just…………gosh lost for words.

  2. DarkSideOfTheMoon says:


  3. Bermuda Autopsy says:

    Disgusting. A guy in a chair!!

  4. 9PK says:

    In a wheel-chair that man opposed no threat! Smh!

  5. HandsOverFace says:

    you have got to be F&#&ing kidding me … You losers already paralyzed this man …. him being in a wheel chair was not enough…

  6. Pitbull says:

    Really Sad!!! OMG!!
    Condolences to his Family and Friends again!!!
    Gone Too Soon!!

  7. HandsOverFace says:

    Check all those girls phone records!!!!!

    • #ThatIsAll says:


    • Come Correct says:

      If found to be involved tie her to a chair in a small room with a tv and force her to watch Sarah Mclaughlin’s abused animal commercials on repeat until she talks…if that fails waterboard her b!tch a$$ and I’m not talking about the fun type you do behind a boat. The Uighers can show you how its done properly, the CIA way.

      • (0.0) says:

        LOL!I couldnt make it through half of that commercial! The music alone….I’ll give up!!

    • S says:

      My thoughts exactly!!!!!! They need to do that immediately.

    • Hamilton parish says:

      I was thinking the same thing

      Sounds line a serious set up

    • God Sees All says:

      I totally agree!!!

    • Laura says:

      That is exactly what I was thinking too. These girls get just as involved as these men and facilitate and encourage this disgusting behaviour.

    • Boss says:

      Guys cant get nobody else an neva have so they get ah paralized guy. smfh punk bi*%hs

      • OG loc says:

        Shut the f$%k up with all this sad s$%t u a&s whole, do uno what he was in why u think he got shot the first time an look at the
        Big pic the killed someone innocent from west that was a family man, an if I was in town — u don’t think they would put me in the dirt

  8. ohwell says:

    Seriously. Shot twice. To be shot twice, is a clear sign that ——

  9. Will says:

    they murdered a cripple (no offense)…that is truly a new low for the island..smh

  10. time for de madness to Stop ! says:

    this is Madness ,,,,,

  11. SOMERSET says:

    I feel you HandsOverFace check every single girls phone that was on that bus, and why did the police let ppl go that where at woody’s they should of checked them too.But my Condolences goes out to the Family and Fiends.

  12. theothersidebda says:

    Why are people ‘schocked’ by the fact that these gunman would shoot someone in a wheelchair? These guys have no regard for anything. I’m sure they went home and had a restful night’s sleep. Just another day’s work for these lot. Sad.

    • Wait & See says:

      @theothersidebda: Sadly you are probably right. That gunman probably went home and slept like a baby. I keep thinking I can’t possibly be shocked any more than I already am and then I do get more shocked. This is lower than low-especially since everyone’s saying they’re just getting at this guy because they can’t get to the family member of his who they really want.

      You murdering scum, who I know read these comments-probably with great pride at what you have done-you are of your father the Devil. You are not human-you are in cahoots with Satan and doing his work. Where do you think YOU will end up when you close your eyes one day? God help you…your souls are lost…

      • OG loc says:

        Suck my long %^$# cause u prob didn’t suffer or struggle or came threw what we did so don’t judge or talk on r life strait up

    • OG loc says:

      Can I tell u something funny,everyone was jus traumatized wen these same n$%gaZ came n try shell down the whole Woodys including 90% ol fokes how tragic that s$%t would have bin but anyways don’t feel sry for no one ,what’s done is so prepear for what’s about to come its gonna be summer Inda winter

  13. Zoey says:

    This is an all time low for this country. Them paralyzing him wasn’t enough, they killed a defenseless man…SMFH…like Hands over face said: check all the phone records of the girls he was with..whoever made the call to those heartless shooters need to be charged with murder as well…

  14. Bermy's Finest says:

    Yes we need to check all their phone records cause this could be a set up!!!!

    This is crazy this island is getting worse and worse!!

    • yawn says:

      it doesnt necissarily have to be a set up. people have bb messenger and all sort of stuff with so many people attached to their phone. they could have been taking the pictures on the party bus and simply posted them with captions – up woddys party party!! you never really know. just my two cents. my condolences to the family members and friends of this young man.

  15. IDGAF 2013 says:

    well maybe if the cops would have did their job and put his shooter in jail then this probably would have not happen. get all the gangs off the street and stop worrying so much about the drugs. the drugs arent killing nor messing up our island these gangs and guns are

    • Irritated says:

      How are the police supposed to do their damn job if NO ONE is opening up their FORKING mouths to assist them?!?!?! The police can only do so much with what they are given. Bermuda’s mentality of “I’m not saying nuffin” or “I’m not getting involved” is half the damn problem. So if you ever have a trigger aimed at you (which I hope never happens, for the record), you better hope that your peoples get involved and say something. Otherwise it will be another unsolved case.

      • WellSaid says:

        Exactly, our young men will continue to die unless we start talking. When did murder become acceptable???

        We have to stand up to these punks or it will get worse and more of the innocent will suffer along with the targeted gang associates. I am not saying the young man who died was innocent; he may have be involevd in other crimes. But he was not able to protect himself this time around and that is a very COWARD act. Seriously, you shoot someone that cannot even run if they wanted to and you think that makes you tough or respected? No way, it makes you a coward; like all the others out there. All of you are COWARDS.

        You want to do something impressive, get your GED or get a job, that earns you respect not killing people.

        Parents, check out your children’s, especailly the young girls faceboo pages, you be very surprised at what you see on those pages. Get in their business!

        • Sledge Hamma says:

          These guys are real punks! A friend of mine was at the Beach on Front Street last week and he was teling me how the Parkside guys came in there. Apparently, the leader (some guy known as —-) was sitting at the bar with a bandana around his mouth like he was a cowboy or something? I guiess there is no dresscode there???? He was telling me that this guys is so small that he would have to ride a minature pony so I guess it is no wonder that he travells in a gang and has to rely on giuys for protection. He was telling me that in order to seem like a big shotta, he was throwing bills into the air. I thought okay until I heard they were $1 BILLS, wow. Apparenntly he thought everyone though he was cool and rich, truth was that everyone was laughing at him. But sadly there is stregnth in numbers which is why these guys resort to sad acts like we say last night! When they get seperated from the flock, they become the victims of the predators! The circle of life – I guess.

          • Get ready says:

            Where are the CID guys …????? Do we still have them in Bermuda?

          • Fruity says:

            He Deftly not the bigga…..just sayin. Still all very sad activity in Bda

      • Sledge Hamma says:

        Exactly, nobody wants to say anything to the police! Many won’t even use the Crimestoppers hotline.. But when it happens to a family member they want the police to do something and they want people to speak up?

      • 9PK says:

        I have no excuse for the cops on not doing their jobs, have you seen first 48hrs, and its harder to find ppl out there plus they have borders pple can cross. Police depend on imformants, DO SOME REAL F#$%ING POLICE WORK!!!!

      • HandsOverFace says:

        Exactly… Too much people caught up in other people personal business, even the ones they dont know everybody knows everybodys business but dont know s4!t…. who goes with who, i saw her with so, in so but when it comes to s4!t like this they dont talk

    • just a librarian says:

      it’s not really the cops that put him in jail. sure they can arrest them but it’s the court system that is in charge of sentencing. the cops did their job by bringing them in but have no control over how long they get or if they even get anything at all. seems to me like they need to come to a serious agreement about what should be done so that things are followed through and these guys are brought to justice.

  16. WTF says:

    This is a joke right? You boys shot a man in a wheelchair! What could he have did or been into that lead to you punks sending him to a grave so early? To far is to far, what you going to shot next, some little kid.

    People like you boys belong in the worst part of HELL!

  17. Pastor Syl Hayward says:

    Deepest condolences once more to this young man’s family. Double pain and heartache, first when he was paralysed, and again with the loss of his life.

    @ IDGAF: if you think the drugs are not driving and/or financing these gangs, you must have been smoking some. Where else would all the money come from? Importing guns is not cheap.

    • Will says:

      so logically it would make sense to take drugs and profits away from criminals…no one makes money on importing and trading illegally in cigarettes, alcohol, antibiotics, paracetemol and ibuprofen.

      For those who think drugs are the force behind which gangs support themselves, well you are absolutely correct..but i wonder how many of you still think prohibition is the right way forward?

    • ABM says:

      Me thinks you are wrong on that one. Majority of the guns here on the island were stolen from somewhere……………………lets see if you or anyone else can remember from where!!

  18. Why?? says:

    Guys are cowards!!! Karma gonna get the scum that did this!!! Sympathy goes out to the family….

  19. Linda says:

    I am so sick of these cowardly low life’s! We need to give the police the power to knock these punks doors down,follow them, harasses them 24/7. And so what if some live with their mama’s or grannies or whoever! Smuck their rights! They lose them the minute they join a gang!And the people who protect these pieces of crap you are no better!

  20. SS says:

    Go after the girls that were with him on the bus! Like an earlier post said ‘check their phone records’
    My condolenses to this young mans family. Very tragic.

  21. yaws says:

    ish just got real…this now has taken the game to a new level, what next killings of young men while they are in hospital….. the ball is now rolling and it wont stop because there is always a young knucklehead willing to step up and take someones place…..this is truly a sad day for us in BDA……condolences to his famliy.

    • Fruity says:

      ..could be wrong but they probably see KEMH & jail as the only places not to attack – safest places for the victums.. then again with some thinkin im sure they’ll find a way out of KEMH as well. Lockdown only last so long.. so patients beware

  22. So sad I dont no if I should run out of Bermuda with my six children or should we go purchare a gun. Say what u want about this comment readers, there’s no hope for Bermuda it gone to far out of hand. These guys are shooting for fun now. I’m not voting for no one f#€k PlP

    • James says:

      If you are not voting for no one then you must be voting for someone!

  23. say no 2 gangs says:

    Shame that they would target someone In a wheelchair,but y was he a target,most likely he was in a gang,in a area that he shouldn’t have been in. That’s where we r 2day in this little island that was once a paridice. I wish that bermuda would get bck to the way it use 2b, where people could go anywhere they wanted and b welcomed. Sad, really sad.

  24. Say Wha?! says:

    How those girls leave their paralized “friend” alone, outside, defenseless in enemy territory for close to an hour?! That is the craziest thing Ive ever heard. Party buses stop get a few and then leave. What typa nonesense is this!

  25. Um Um Like says:

    Condolences to the family.

    Yes, it’s pretty low to shoot someone in a wheelchair, but you lot need to remember that a gunshot put him in the wheelchair to start with. Although I don’t know the details, I don’t think that first bullet was a stray.

  26. God Sees All says:

    God bless this family…. God bless Bermuda!!!!! Why is this happening? Please STOP!!

  27. i gotta be me says:

    Live by the sword, die by the sword. How much you wanna bet not ONE witness comes forward?

  28. 9PK says:

    Ever since that man was killed in front of all those people and children @t victor scott anything possible but at least even he could have ran away or at least try to escape this man was in a wheel chair, IT’s NOT ABOUT BEING SHOCKED!

  29. Cranberry says:

    How can anyone shoot a person in a wheelchair, people ask?? Quite easily it seems…

  30. Awake says:

    Firstly, my sincerest condolences to this young man’s family. This senseless crime is beyond my comprehension. What really bothers me is, the “party” bus driver took the victim to the PR Fire Station via the bus that the victim was sitting in, so in essence, he removed what could be evidence, from the scene of the crime? The media says the victim was sitting in a wheelchair from injuries he sustained in a previous shooting? When? Where? What are these young people doing hanging out at this time of night anyway? Do they not have jobs to wake up and go to the next day? They must, if the’ve been able to afford to charter a “party bus”!!!

    • ABM says:

      Do you even read or listen to the news?

    • Grizz says:

      @awake you are asking questions that have no relevance to the crime that happened. They were out at that hour because they ARE adults and whether they have money to pay for a chartered bus isn’t really your concern is it? Focus on the real issue…someone is dead as a result of a heinous crime. If you don’t go out on weeknights or Sundays, that’s your preference but please do not try and sort out anyone else’s life!

  31. Terry says:

    Condolences to the family.
    They tried to kill him. They failed. Marked man.
    Set up?
    You betcha.
    Very sad.
    I have nothing further to say except ………Momma and daddy need to make a call.

    • Islander says:

      Unfortunately he lost his mother a few years ago…my heart breaks this family has been thru alot, his cousin Shaki was murdered a few years ago and now him…so sad. RIP

  32. sick n tired says:

    You so called gangster go kill yourself if your brave to take another life

    Karma will get you

    Bermuda when will stand up and take back the island you love

    Stop saying its not your problem or turning a blind eye

    • sad says:


  33. Mishy says:

    RIP Wassy. God don’t sleep!

  34. pearl says:

    Party buses DO NOT stay at one point for over an hour! You have a few shots or whatever and you move on. And for them to leave him in the bus for that period of time is ridiculous! I sure hope the police have interviewed EVERY LAST FEMALE on the bus to help find answers. They need to check ALL of their phone records. They might get an early Christmas present.

    My condolences and prayers go out to the family…May he RIP

    • i agree.. the young ladies need to be interviewed and phone records checked. who leaves anyone much less a person in a wheel chair , on a bus for an hour?? my condolences.. to the families protecting these people.. you are at the root of what is wrong with this country.

      • Onion Soup says:

        As to why he was left there in a wheel chair, I doubt the girls would have deserted him to run off and boogy it up in Woody’s. I suspect it was probably because Lorenzo himself decided not to go into the club, being that it was in “enemy”territory. As for one of the girls in his party ratting him out, it may well have not been the case. Perhaps one of Lorenzo’s enemies just happened to spot him in the bus and made a call.

    • Laura says:

      I was thinking the same thing. I have been out and have seen party buses come to stop at the bar for a few drinks a little dance and a photo shoot and then they are off….especially in Somerset because they need to make it to town. I would #1 see why that bus was there for so long and why, and if anyone was delaying the bus. If this was setup before the the bus took off these guys would have been there waiting for him and would have carried out their act within a few minutes of the bus being there. Sounds like to me someone was called and the bus was stalled.

      Regardless… this is disgusting- what on earth has happened to Bermuda? How did this become the mentality? What makes a person think murder is ok? I would not mind seeing the police and the government do something radical at this point to try and counter this as I am feed up.

      • Get ready says:

        This is so fishy!!!!!!!!!!!! Start with bus party planner and all the girls affiliates….and you will find ….the smell fish!!! A big one too!!!!!!!

  35. Billy Mays says:

    Gangsters killing gangsters. If they don’t care, why should we?
    You ask, “how could someone shoot a person in a wheelchair?”, I ask, “how could someone shoot a person?” These animals don’t care about the threat posed by their target. Just stupid people on both sides shooting at each other. Let the rest of us keep clear till they’re all gone and the civilized members of society can resume life as usual.

  36. um just saying says:

    somebody —– that left him there for dead cause if that was my friend i woulda never left him on that bus alone. in a wheel chair or not i woulda carried him inside and designated a seat. friends dont leave friends NOWHERE where ever i roll u roll 2. and him being up country knowing he from town and already been shot shoulda been a red flag for his friends if they were really his friends. i feel ppl should be able 2 go anywhere no matter where ya from and he shoulda been able 2 go party wif his friends without loosing his life. i hope if one of those on the bus was involved they do as much time as the shooter

    • SS says:

      Exactly. I bet he had a feeling something was up but was helpless as he was seated on the chair of the bus and not his wheelchair, so basically he could not move. My heart bleeds for him and what he must have been feeling at that time – helpless and alone.

  37. freda bartley says:

    The whole thing is so sad. This our island home. Is no longer safe. We have already accepted murder as an everyday norm.
    What different needs to happen to change things up ?
    No-one is giving up their own kids , brothers , cousins , etc.
    A sad , sad day in Bermuda in deed.
    Keep your head low , stay away from high risk areas, and pray that God will continue to have mercy on our island home , and bring some resolution , some solution to a quick closure, to all this madness.
    Its’ already way out of our control !!!

  38. freda bartley says:

    The whole thing is so sad. This our island home. Is no longer safe. We have already accepted murder as an everyday norm.
    What different needs to happen to change things up ?
    No-one is giving up their own kids , brothers , cousins , etc.
    A sad , sad day in Bermuda in deed.
    Keep your head low , stay away from high risk areas, and pray that God will continue to have mercy on our island home , and bring some resolution , some solution to a quick closure, to all this madness.
    Its’ already way out of our control !!!

  39. Moenika says:

    Condolences to the victim’s family, it’s so sad..I wish that the people of Bermuda wasn’t opposed to Ewart Brown’s plan of bringing a GANG UNIT to the island a few years ago. People were in denial saying we don’t have a gang problem, NOW LOOK.. A Gang Unit is what we need. This island is way too small for all this madness.. It’s also affecting one of our main sources of income, Tourism. Who is going to want to come on a vacation to see and hear about ignorant people killing each other?.. no one and word of mouth will spread like wildfire. And the thing that gets me so pissed is that these guys don’t care about any of that.

  40. smh..tsktsk says:

    this is not rocket science the girls check the girls 4 real….

  41. Always Watching says:

    this is all very sad and ridiculous !!! this place is like the wild west..i agree with the majority..check every girls bb and text that was on the bus. it seemed like a set condolences to the family and to the punks who killed this cripple (pardon me) i hope you catch what you put out.

  42. Amazed says:

    Clearly it is time to revisit the death penalty issue. Britian made us get rid of it, but I think its time to reconsider it. (You take a life- you lose your own)!! Works for me!

    • ABM says:

      And what if the judge or jurors get it wrong like in the past? What then? Will it still be viewed as acceptable to kill an inocent person?

      • Judge Dredd says:

        @ABM that’s an argument against all forms of punishment, not only capital punishment. When you lock someone up for the rest of their life you still take away their life. Do you argue against that too? If guilt cannot be reliably ascertained then we shouldn’t punish anyone ever, there should not be a penal system or even the smallest punishment according to your logic. I agree that when there is conflicting evidence or reasonable doubt capital punishment cannot be used, but dammit they ain’t all innocent and dammit guilt can be ascertained and when it is beyond a shadow of doubt murderers and rapists should be executed at the busiest intersection in Hamilton. I’ve never seen an executed murderer or rapist get up and murder or rape again, so it sounds like a pretty damn good deterrent to me. But I’m not really interested in deterrents, I’m interested in detergents.

    • Enuf is Enuf -Stop The Madness says:

      My sentiments the same or at least the cat “o” nine tail

  43. JamudiCan says:


  44. ABM says:



  45. Pastor Syl Hayward says:

    Kevin Comeau offered some very good suggestions too, some that didn’t involve a private army coming in, but did insist on mandatory sentences of at least 10-12 years with no parole, for gang affiliation on top of the sentence for the actual crime, among other things. The ruling Government not only rejected that, but ridiculed and blackguarded the man. Personally, I’d rather not see these criminals on the streets for a considerable period of time, but I don’t want SWAT teams creating further blood shed. We talk about how sad it is for the parents and friends of those shot, yet have no compunction about more killing. I think death is too good for them. Let them do something to compensate the families of those whose lives they have taken.

  46. alicia says:

    solve the shooting that paralysed him back in December and you’ll solve his murder.

  47. rubber bong says:

    Just playing Devil’s Advocate here…and let me say first off that I do not agree with what took place.

    But remember its suspected (because nobody has been charged) that this guy’s friends tried to kill a group of people (mostly innocent) at Woody’s not too long ago with a machine gun. So i’m sure any word of them hanging around the area in a wheelchair or not will not be welcomed news. For all they knew, he could have been a lookout for those same machine gun boys.

    Knowing the tension that is obvious to all, i can see no good reason for him to be anywhere near Woody’s last night. To say that’s just asking for trouble is clearly stating the obvious.

    And finally, yes check the girl’s phone records.

    • rubber bong says:

      on 2nd thought, i doubt the would be much to yield from the girl’s phones. If they were there for an hour chances are they passed whatever info verbally to someone inside. But i’m just speculating.

      and to all the people that say that it’s a new low, this young man wasn’t born handicapped, he was shot previously. So we don’t know what type of life he lived before he was shot the 1st time. The saying goes, ‘you can’t run from your past’

      Once again, i don’t agree with any of this nonsense but there is a piece of this puzzle that we have no idea about and we are only seeing what’s on the surface

      • Onion Island Ms says:

        +1 Googled his name earlier today. Not unknown before Bermuda courts.
        Heartbreak earlier for extended family. What is strange is that he was never identified as being an earlier victim. Case still pending? Soon to court? Timing? Whatever… if he valued his life, no matter how much trusted the girls/driver, risky, someone had half hour plus to find gun & shoot.

  48. KARMA says:

    KARMA!!!First of all condolences to the family R.I.P. Renzo,This is all to unfortunate and everybody is saying check these gals phones yes i do agree and i believe this was a set up but,why did he not get off the bus?pakside guy up west what was he thinking?just because he is in a wheelchair are we supposed to have sympothy for him,whose to say he hasnt already done dirt,this was obviosly retaliation from something thats happened before he was in dat wheelchair.would we have been saying the same thing if this man shot some1?all i am saying is this sort of thing dont happen for nothing you live by d gun you die by d gun..I dont mean to offend any1 but its the sad truth

  49. Onion Island Ms says:

    Condolences for all who tried to help him through the years. Karma to those who say eye for eye, tooth for tooth, and speak not, so keep the feuds alive. Yes, the immediate reaction is to want vengeance, but step back, do all you can to stop the spiral, to save another family & friend heartbreak. Speak up… Crimestoppers! If you love them, love your kids, family, want all to have a better life… report so that “real”evidence can be found.


  50. choice says:

    Ppl ask why shoot a guy in a wheelchair? Looks like this shooting was a warning to everyone that hangs around, is associated with, or sits off with rival gang members. Before the machine gun incident perhaps the young man in the wheelchair would have been spared, but unfortunately this is now post machine gun time which means that it is to dangerous to let guys that think they are “cool” with both sides or “cool” period to freely travel between the two. Ppl that play both sides enjoy partying in the bars associated with gangs, and may send msgs ,and pics of the ppl inside the establishment. This may be the beginning of all the ppl that play both sides becoming the target themselves, because who can really trust someone that sits off with one group then goes and sits off with their enemies?…This is a sad state of affairs because the ones that play both sides do not want to give up the party lifestyle, they usually say or do anything to stay “cool” with the gangs members in the clubs and even brag about being able to party with all gangs. While they hang with multiple gang groups they often leak information about who was in the clubs or who was with who, and the ppl they leak information to don’t relies they do the same thing to them with their enemies as well…this is the bermuda in which we now live very very sad

  51. time for de madness to Stop ! says:

    will some one please help me out…why are some people focussing on the females
    with todays technology if it where a set up ,,i information cudda come from any Where,,

  52. Is Bermuda ready for a supermax prison? A place where the hardcore violent murderer is sentenced to life imprisonment. If you commit murder involving a handgun and are found guilty you are sentenced to life without parole. You do hard time. No visitation. No amenities. You are on lockdown 23 hours a day. No communication with other prisoners. Life will mean life. This will not be a place prisoners will be eager to go to. They will definitely not be smiling and throwing up their middle finger to the camera as they are led away to serve their life sentence in supermax. Are you ready for a supermax prison Bermuda!?? I certainly am….

    • Come Correct says:

      Those 3 guys that just got morgans point have a great opportunity. Hmmm hotel or supermax prison. If you got a government contract you could take prisoners for a fraction of the price of housing them at westgate, say 10 or 20g a head, 2g a year for their food and whatever else and the rest goes into the facility, you could make a killing at the rate this crime is going. Build one decent size cell block and as your prison capacity grows, so does you work force for building the rest of the prison. The problem comes in finding real guards that won’t baby their little cousins or nephews, kinda hard to say you’ll create jobs for Bermudians if you can’t find any to take on the job properly.