CCTV Coverage For Across The Island

October 15, 2012

The island appears set to have island-wide CCTV in the future, with the Bermuda Police Service seeking tendors for the “implementation, maintenance and monitoring of a mesh network system of CCTV [Closed Circuit Television] cameras and DVR for coverage across the island.”

The police said the “CCTV system should allow the BPS to monitor and record identified crimes and illegal activities.”

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  1. common sense says:

    So we get these but would it really stop the crime and the murder

  2. Boom Bye Bye says:

    A complete waste of taxpayer money.

  3. swingingfrom the chandeliers!! says:

    I would suggest we put cameras on all of our points of entry and also in police vehicles as well as along the roadsides..there should be cameras all around the airport and customs area, anywhere there is a public servant there should be a camera…that would help to diminish the assistance that is obviously being given to crime, in other words elimnate the temptation…the post offices should all have cameras too or wherever the bulk mail arrives from the plane to the destination…Or are we just about talk.there should be mandated camera only interviews and in the courts as welll..

    • WhistleBlower says:

      EXACTLY MONITOR those RESPONSIBLE for this WAVE of crime!! The new DOCK entrance looks NICE but WHO is MONITORING What is being SHIPPED here??? WE do not NEED every CITIZEN MONITORED JUST the CRIMINALS!!!! WATCH the POLICE! WEALTH = INCOME should be UNDER SURVIELANCE work in CONJUNCTION with banks to see who are making CASH payments, STUDY FINANCIAL RECORDS!! Theses “gangsters” doing the killings do NOT OWN BUSINESSES nor HOMES they are LOW-LEVEL CRIMINALS SEEK the MASTERMINDS with the KNOW HOW and FINANCES, SCRUNTINISES the CELL phone RECORDS, TRIPS, CONTACTS and UNEARTH the DEPTH of this CORRUPTION!!!!Same goes for the POLITICIANS!!


    • SMH says:

      I agree!

  4. swingingfrom the chandeliers!! says:

    p.s. If they need help with instalation they may want to contact someone in Las Vegas where they have cameras EVERYWHERE in places you wouldn’t imagine, and all staff are aware and will not do anything to jeapordize their job so they will inform you that BIG BROTHER is watching..Someone in those casinos can obviously assist with our security since they are one of the top tourist locations worldwide..

  5. Big Brother says:

    Where is the legal ground for observing everybody’s movements like this. Big Brother is watching you. I understand that crime is a problem, but in a free country you can not put surveillance everywhere. This wasn’t necessary if people would start speaking up and give evidence and witness.

    • Keepin' it Real...4Real! says:

      Big Brother huh..? u people are about as dumb as the concrete u standing on….Big Bros. surveillance was coming whether we had a crime problem or not.

  6. lyfe says:

    hopefully they would have someone watching these cameras. cameras seem to be alot of places but none of them actually work here

  7. Owner4comment says:

    I, just like the public would love for all our problems especially these heinous murders to be eradicated, but I also feel that the police have the necessary police powers already in fact more then enough to handle whats going on. I for one don’t want to be recorded just for the sake of things. Bermuda is really becoming a police state and there are many ills that come with that, I would strongly hope that they think long and hard before implementing this and I hope that the general public would feed their inputs in as well.

  8. Mike says:

    I hope they get good quality cameras, where you can identify faces and colours of clothing in day or night light!

  9. Winnie Dread says:

    Yadda, yadda cameras all over the city of,and what happens? Where was this 1,2 years ago of course it’s just a proposal. Everyone seems to know the groups doing these crimes except of course…. Time to take your heads out of your BBs and get cracking on the job.

  10. The Eye Is On The Sparrow says:

    Big Brother is watching you. Things are being put in place for the time when governments will be watching every movement of all its citizens in the name of safety and security. The government now and future governments in this island are a bunch of followers. WAKE UP PEOPLE its coming.

  11. Kim Smith says:

    I’m sorry but this is a ridiculous idea! You will never be at all places at all times! Bermuda will be nothing but speed bumps and cctv cameras! Start educating the people for God’s sake! JMHO!

  12. Crazy Times In BDA says:


  13. Triangle Drifter says:

    As expected those with guilty conciences have come out of the woodwork to put the project down.

    Of course CCTV is only as good as the monitoring of it. The complaint iss that Police cannot be everywhere at once but this is as close as you can get & much more labour effective plus you never know when the camera that you see has eyes on the screen at the other end.

    A nice pre election ‘gonna do’ BTW.

  14. Opportunity says:

    Not only is this a great idea, the BPS is offering the opportunity to employ 3rd party employers, to implement, maintain and monitor them!

    • Come Correct says:

      How will it pay for itself without a government contract? Does worlds dumbest pay for video footage?

  15. Um Um Like says:

    Useless. More cameras mean more full face helmets with dark visors. Oh, and how is the underfunded BPS to pay for this?!?

    • Mike says:

      I thought those where supposed to be banned!

      • Pastor Syl says:

        @ Mike: Banning full face helmets was yet another thought that dropped into the void. Would it make a difference? Yes, I think it would, especially if BPS is going to be relying on CCTV. You can take as many pictures as you like, if the person is wearing a black full face helmet, you will be no better off.

      • Um Um Like says:

        And I thought guns were illegal!

  16. Enforcer says:

    This is an excercise in futility. The horse is already out of the stable. GET Security through its association with BPS has been allowed to erect thousands of dollars worth of equipment at headquarters and throughout Bermuda. This is smoke and mirrors by this Government, George Jackson retired to become GET’s COO which during his tenure these devices were being put into place- David Burch is now associated with GET after stepping down from his position within Government and supported the underhanded nonsense. This RFP is being put out because there was never one in the first place. There should have been an intitial tender before this equipment was erected. Are you now going to have them remove it all (I dont think so)even if GET is not successful and the property becomes BPS’s they will have to relinquish their (GET) rights to it. If the equipment and software is propriety BPS/Government will always be on the hook withe GET. The only pilot project(if the was one was COH) before anything further is done on this RFP- The auditor needs to look at whats be done to date and expose the former COP. Bermuda has waited all this time for cameras, Im sure they would like to know the truth up front. I read the response by the OBA to this in RG- do your homework and stop rolling over for votes, Wayne Perinchief knows whats going on here or will he be duped into believing it. Bermuda also needs better investigative reporters- Please Ms. Matthews look at this first before it goes any further. It is clearly an unfair advantage all around. Investigation required ASAP. They are trying to push this through before they get kicked out of office.

    • Pastor Syl says:

      @ Enforcer: Interesting points! Auditor General, are you listening?? OBA, are you listening?? Seems there is still more to uncover! O when will it end?

    • Hmmmmm says:

      You people are so reckless its hilarious. Stop and think what you’re saying. If what you say is correct then the Commissioner of Police, the Deputy Commissioner, the entire IT department of the Bermuda Police Service, the Office of Procurement and Project Management, the Minister of National Security, a former Police Commissioner and about a dozen other people are conspiring together to award a contract. Is that what you’re saying? Because if it is, then you should get your precious Royal Commission because if ALL (that’s right, ALL because the tender couldn’t get from square one without ALL of them being complicit in your dastardly enterprise) of these people are of one accord for a criminal purpose then let the Brits in to save us. Right after they fix the lobbying for arms contracts that broke yesterday of course. Get a grip people…. there was no-one on the grassy knoll in Dallas !!

      • Rockfish #1and#2 says:

        These deals do not require many people in order to make them feasible! Two or three senior persons agree in principle, then delegate the details to the juniors who ask no questions, and simply follow orders, to make them happen.

        “Enforcer” make valid points, there is no question about it!!

  17. Realist says:

    CCTV’s smdh really u want to waste more money. You have cameras up all thru the city and the only time u can see is during sunlight…. Nights you can’t see nfn when most murders or crime takes place come on use your brains…

  18. 32n64w says:

    Can’t wait to see who has been pre-selected for this RFP. Follow the money!

  19. pebblebeach says:

    @Enforcer…I get you on this…nothing really changes in Bermuda…it’s all Cogwash…amid the Friends and Family packages…

  20. HeyBye says:

    CCTV is good for after the fact not preventing a crime.
    To preventing crime you need a proactive Police Force with a court system that backs them up.
    If the PLP were serious about crime prevention they could implement changes over night with a more Para Military approach to the Gang problem.
    We we all know they do not want to upset their their voter base so they are turning a blind eye to the matter with a few blurbs here and there to make believe that they are doing somthing.

    • #Got to be kiddn me says:

      Even though CCTV will not prevent any crimes bein committed and may not be able to identify a criminal it can help to monitor and trek a vehicle after it leaves the scene of a crime. I know for a fact that the CCTV was used to trek the culprit that shot at men on Mount hill and then stole the scrambler and took chase all the way somerset.. No they didn’t get a conviction in that case but they did trk down the scrambler bcos they had a general idea which area to search.. #JusSayn

  21. Future says:

    London is the CCTV capital of the world. Ask the guvnah if they stopped them jacking him and loss eyesight in one eye. It is a farce that will see TWO crimes happen rather than one. First crime is by the alleged criminals, second crime is the cost to the taxpayer without one iota reduction in criminal acts.

    The tough answer that few want to hear never mind digest is that crime PREVENTION has nothing to do with the police. The police have a job to do AFTER a crime is committed. The community – you know those 36,000 residences with real people in them? – our collective actions or lack thereof create the criminals. Addressing anything other than that is a stop gap measure. Stop gaps are useful at times but don’t kid yourself that they are a final solution. In this case, it isn’t a solution at all.

    It is a payday.

  22. LOLA says:

    Can the police service stop broadcasting everything that they are doing please? I say just do it, stop letting criminals know everything your doing. They read bernews as well they gloat over themselves in the media. And then the other question, are they all gonna work? Are they gonna have night vision or something like that? And are you going to get to the disrupted area in a timely matter?

    Public doesnt need to know everything. I really think the police service needs to turn into Police Force, so they can be true enforcers of the law, a service has lots of restrictions.

  23. tricks are for kids.. says:

    As usual REACTIVE instead of being PROACTIVE…………..

  24. Really? says:

    I guess watching a camera is easier than actually going out policing the streets.

  25. Y-Gurl says:

    How about getting the cops off their a$$ and do some Police work instead of relying on the public and cameras to solve crimes AFTER the fact, and didn’t we ( taxpayers) spend millions on the “state of the art” camera system and now we have to foot another bill, was this even in the much not thought out budget submitted by the Police, enough is enough its time the Governor replaced the management of this (not very effective) department, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again the Bermuda Police with the exception of a few officers can’t do the job and should be replaced and the attitude of *some officers* when dealing with the majority of us who are law abiding is ignorant and needs to be changed, or change the cop and give them a plane ticket with the pink slip.

    Like any business leadership starts from the top and clearly that’s not available from our “leader” so why should it apply to the Police “service”

  26. just wondering says:

    I was in town and used the public bathroom by the bird cage across from the bank. There’s a mirror on the top corner of the wall looks like it hides a camera? Has anybody else noticed this. Male bathroom that is.