Overseas Guests Visit PGA Grand Slam

October 24, 2012

The superstar athletes competing in the PGA Grand Slam of Golf are not the only celebrity golfers on island this week.

The Bermuda Department of Tourism is playing host to a group of top former athletes and business leaders as well as a contingent of North American golf media who are visiting to experience and showcase Bermuda as a top destination.

Minister of Business Development and Tourism Wayne Furbert, played host this past Saturday to a meeting of 24 members of the Executive Women’s Golf Association (EWGA). The organization, which has membership of more than 15,000 female golfers worldwide, opened a Bermuda chapter just over a year ago to bring women together for business networking and camaraderie.

In addition, the Department of Tourism is a sponsor of the Stedman Graham and Bob Brown Invitational, a charitable tournament being played on Thursday, October 25 at Newstead Belmont Hills to help benefit Athletes Against Drugs.

The charity’s mission is to provide kids with an educational outlet to advance academic life without use or danger from drugs, gangs or social peer pressure. Two of the high-profile supporters of the charity on island to play in the tournament include NBA Hall of Famer Dominique Wilkins and former Major League Baseball star Gary Sheffield. Also playing in the tournament are overseas and local business leaders.

Stedman Graham, a frequent visitor to Bermuda, is a well-known executive, educator and speaker who works with corporations, organizations and nonprofits in the areas of identity development, leadership, diversity training, personal wellness and branding.

Mr Brown is Chairman and CEO of B & C Associates, Inc. a management consulting, marketing, research and PR firm headquartered in High Point, NC. He is also Chairman & CEO of B & C International Inc. and also President of International Booksmart Foundation.

While on island, Mr Graham will be working with the Department of Tourism to record a video interview promoting the destination that will be utilized through the Department’s web and social media assets.

The Department of Tourism is also hosting several North American golf writers who will view the PGA Grand Slam and also tour the destination while playing on several of the island’s courses for themselves. Outlets represented include The Golf Channel, Golf Today, African American Golf Digest, Arizona Fairways and Golf Guide.

The goal of all of these efforts, according to Minister Furbert, is to spread the word on Bermuda as both a top golf and vacation spot and a place to meet and do business.

“We’re very excited to welcome back influential business leaders Stedman Graham, Bob Brown and all playing in their tournament. We are happy for the opportunity to showcase the destination to them and to the North American media,” said Furbert. “This week truly underscores what a great product we offer here and allows us to share it with the world.”

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  1. street wise says:

    Isn’t Steadman Graham Oprah’s beau? Isn’t she rumored to own a home here? So naturally wouldn’t he spend a lot of time here…?

    • swinging fromchandoliers!!! says:

      Yea thats OPRAHS’ guy, been invited to Bermuda several times to speak, Oprah tried to get GOLDENEYE at one point Ithink, but gov.policies at time didn’t allow, she doesn’t to my knowledge have a place here, if she did we definetly would have heard more about her, but sour grapes I think from not being allowed to buy the house that she preferred at time..too bad cos, for the amount of times Graham has been invited we still don’t know what he hs done to enhance us in any way shape or form,,..This is why we need an authority of people directly involved, i.e. owners, ceos and business owners catering to mainly tourist..too much pomp and ceremony for giddy Ministers.

  2. Formidable Deviant says:

    Exactly. Look, it’s great we have the PGA, we all think that, and sure it costs, but comparatively not a lot, but we aren’t all over American tv, and we don’t get hundreds of visitors and it doesn’t pay for itself, but that’s fine, neither do the Xmas lights. Stop making up stupid stories about 24 women golfers and oprahs Smithers husband, because compared to that religious camp, the PGA is money well spent. Next year though Minister Furbert, please don’t swan around in a golf cart, you are no Michael Jordan ____

  3. David R. says:

    So disrespectful, and you question why young Bermudians are so rude? They take after parents like yourself. Swaning around was Craig, Michael and Jeanne looking for votes. Good Job Minister Furbert. Ignore those ignoramous that speak from the bottom of their vile bowels.

    • Come Correct says:

      I guess they’re taking after a person like you too huh?

  4. US Observer in Pink Sand says:

    “The charity’s mission is to provide kids with an educational outlet to advance academic life without use or danger from drugs, gangs or social peer pressure.”

    “The goal of all of these efforts, according to Minister Furbert, is to spread the word on Bermuda as both a top golf and vacation spot and a place to meet and do business.”

    Hmm, maybe local kids/teenagers will be invited and there will be conversations/discussions on the golf course and charity events being held regarding Bermuda’s drug, gang and social peer pressure epidemic??

  5. J. J. Smith says:

    The most prejudice, narrow-minded people in Bermuda would think like you old UBP/OBA supporters. You all Never trying to see the glass half full. Mr. Graham has helped raise awareness and monies for several local charities, but because he does not come down to snooze with M. Dunkley like Michael Douglas we see such negative comments. Sad day when you treat our Black celebrities with such distasteful comments, we don’t see you making such statements about the Caucasian one. Yes, it is always race with people like you.