Traffic Being Diverted Due To Accident

October 24, 2012

[Updated] There has been a collision this afternoon [Oct 24] in the area of South Road and Tee Street in Devonshire and police are now diverting traffic away from the area.

The Bermuda Police Service is advising the motoring public to avoid the area until further notice. Details are limited, however we will update with information as able.

Update 5:13pm: A police spokesperson said, “At approximately 4:15pm police responded to a report of a road traffic collision that took place between a car and motorcycle on South Road and Tee Street in Devonshire.

“The rider of the motorcycle has been taken to the hospital with suspected head injuries; however the seriousness of his injuries are unknown at this point.

“The motoring public is being advised to avoid the area of South Road and Tee Street and to expect delays as traffic collision investigators are carrying out their duties.”

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  1. Bad Intersection!! says:

    This is a VERY dangerous intersection and I have seen MANY near-misses here. I travel here frequently and have started avoiding this intersection by driving through the Botanical Gardens – many people in my neighborhood have started doing the same. This is not ideal as it creates a lot of unecessary traffic through the gardens, but after many near-misses myself, I am scared to use that intersection. A light desperately needs to be put up here.

    I hope no one was hurt today.

    • bermy drew says:

      Not so sure it is the intersection. Might be more the type of drivers we now have on our roads!

  2. Chart says:


  3. ta says:

    Praying for you nephew…hang in there. Also to his mom and sister I’m there for you.


  4. Bermuda Girl says:

    A light needs to be put at that intersection. It is very dangerous. I hope no one was seriously injured. Prayers.

  5. Fruity says:

    Prayin for you bro… :’( RECOVER and well – xoxoxo