Photo Set #1: Spanish Point Powerboat Races

October 7, 2012

The Bermuda Powerboat Association ended their 2012 Season on Sunday [Oct 7] with racing taking place in the Great Sound near Spanish Point Boat Club.

In the final season race, Tony and Jody Carreiro won the A Class race with Dennis Trott and Victor Fishington taking first in the B Class. In the FB Class, Tonka and Stacey Simpson took first place honours while Henry Talbot and Howard Ascento Jr won the C Class race.

Quince Dowling and Ryan Spencer finished first in the Stock D Class with Graham Sutherland and Mackie Wilson finishing second and Ryan and Steven Davidge finishing third.

The Modified D Class saw David DeCosta and Chris Wells finishing first with Shawn Butterfield and Jason Peniston finished second in the Class. Shayne Furbert and Ryan Rebello finished first in the E Class.

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  1. Spectators Corner says:

    D187 was by far the better boat on the day yet I watched as a bias club DQed the boat for touching or cutting a marker.Their rules state that if a boat cuts insde a marker, that boat has a lap dropped and maybe some time deducted also the race officials are supposed to show that vessle a black flag of wich none of the crash boats had one.D187 had already lapped the whole feild several times.the race official called to the starter boat with some irritation trying to indicate that the boat had been and video fottage has yet to show when this infringment took place and now no mention in Bernews like the boat was never there.W>T>F
    This is why a lot of sports here in Bermuda dont get the following that it deserves.Come on power boat ass. get it together,we are all watching the same race.As for the Spanish Point boat club, it didnt take long for them to charge people at the gate to come in and watch the race at $5.00 per +$5.00 per drinks

    • b says:

      The black flag supposedly fell overboard, what do you want them to do? Things like that happen. I believe he cut the corner on the sixth lap but after a whole lot of noise no video was shown to the committee after asking to see it. And by the sixth lap he hadn’t lapped the whole field several times…
      The BPBA needs money after several failed attempts at fund raising this year. If the members had stepped up and done a few basic things there would have been no need for the $5 cover charge. Feel free to step up and join the committee next year…they need all the help they can get!
      And whilst 187 is no doubt a good boat, Bobby has shown them that when his boat is dialed in they can’t keep up… Fact.

      • Shit Happens says:

        What type of BULL S**t excuse is this the flag fell overboard. Is it only 1 black flag your club has?

  2. David says:

    Spectators Corner get your facts correct. First the rules do NOT state, drop one lap and “maybe some time deducted”.
    Rules state that if the course is cut then the boat is disqualified. This was said at the pre race meeting to all boats so there is no doubt. As for SPBC charging that is incorrect, it is th BPBA that charged, the club needs the money, it is not cheap running an association. Become a member of the committee then you can be a part of the solutions. The crash boat at that mark called it in, these are independant people that are there helping the BPBA, maybe you could give up your time and help with that also.

  3. #1 Suspect/S&S Racing Team says:

    Well b….to correct your statement,the tables have now turned! Encourage him to stay in that class one more season…will be double trouble for him next year,new boat be here very soon! As far as im concerned yes bobby has showed them in the past that he had a boat a little faster maybe 1-2mph(if you know anything about speed),and that we have found and more thats why we have now stepped up to the plate,2 weeks in a row the same overlapping treatment. And i raced the boat last week sunday when he got his first dose of his own medicine. And he had the nerve to say to my driver last sunday after the race that we wont do that again to him at SPBC…and what happened? We did it again…twice lol! Overlapped him yesterday in both heats and in last sundays race. Something he has never done to us,even the once we were not up to power. And NOTHING was wrong with his boat…so dont let the excuses fool you!!! YES bobby has the experience but his time is up,time for the young guns to take over. You dont hear excuses when were losing…why? Because we knew we were still learning the boat and have more to go. Compare bobby’s 8+ years experience of racing that same boat to our 3 1/2 months if you want to get technical…and 3 1/2 months later everybody is starting to see the better boat,but the HATERS!!! Lets just face the fact! All that talk people had when we first got the boat,now everybody is QUIET!!!! And as far as the video is concerned the person who had the video footage was on a crash boat and called the commodore directly to speak on that incident,so those results should be un-official if you want to get technical again! And the boat that did cut was not D187…but the video will show that to the BPBA committee (which i am a part of as a flag officer).
    Now if you really want to get technical Ernie (vice-commodore/race director) clearly said on radio that we have a 1 lap penalty after crash boat called in that buoy had been cut,which is the right call (or a time added on once we cross finish line),even if professional powerboat racing they do the same thing…they dont DQ a boat for that!But Davidge(rear-commodore) went over him and called it a DQ,since his boat needed max points to try win championship,so every point was valuable to him. I dont know if you know about a position being held in a club,but in any motorsport the Race Director has more power on that day than the president or anybody else. So you tell me how Davidge was able to over rule Ernie and call it a DQ???? You better know your facts and rules when coming up against somebody from S&S Racing. We have a World Champion Powerboat racer that runs our team and many,many years of racing experience in motorsports….You better ask somebody!

    • bobby de costa says:


    • bobby de costa says:

      well i am glad that you all are still talking about me also glad there is a new boat cuming out and it won’t be long befour you start to fight about hoo has the best boat i wish you all well in the 2013 season but yes you are rite i am getting old but. when i go to ferry reach you wan’t to race’ well i doin’t feel that any more it dose not mater to me thats when it is time to stop.i can say stay friends in your racing days you will never know when you will need others they could save your life.

    • bobby de costa says:

      i hope you and your team join the cometie lots of openings for them

  4. Grizz says:

    PAH!! I GUESS HE TOLD ALL OF YOU!!! #1 SUSPECT ALL UP IN YA FACE AND Y’ALL COULDN’T HANDLE IT….SMH….Never could really understand why people just can’t lose gracefully….lol can’t wait till next season!

  5. CiCi says:

    When Bobby hasn’t had motor issues he’s been in front. End of story.

    • Come Correct says:

      That’s because Bobby is borderline psycotic when it comes to anything with a motor and thinks its fun to jump reefs. I wouldn’t get in a boat with that man unless I had a terminal illness and I do some dumb sh!t lol. Bobby is the guy! Just not the guy to drive me.

      • bobby de costa says:

        o come on i am not that bad it is timing off jump and back on the gas just ask criss it is easy lol

  6. #1 Suspect/S&S Racing Team says:

    Well CiCi…he didnt have trouble yesterday and that came out of his own mouth! So what you gotta say about that??? If you dont know the facts keep it shut! I notice you all want to talk about what he has done,but wont talk about what has been done to him! Typical HATER…hope your not one of them. LOL…Team #1 Suspect is just starting to write our story and only gets better. I understand some people quit before they start taking too much licks…i dont blame him lol

    • bobby de costa says:

      did not tell. it was my last race. .just wanted to say thankyou and give the boat back in working order .

    • bragin rite says:

      but you have 34 more years left befour you can talk ship with a t

  7. team #1suspect Top drivers says:

    DQ us for something that we never did! That’s the only way u can beat us! Pu$$¥ #str8likethat take ur licks like a man.

  8. Logic76 says:

    Aren’t these things included in the rule book? Is D187 a stock or mod class boat?

    • Shit Happens says:

      The thing is do they have an up to date ruel book.

  9. Truth is killin' me... says:

    Grow up BOYS with yah TOYS!!! No men on this post.

  10. Spectators Corner says:

    OK.Whats up with the committee that you have in place.FYI i happen to sit on a committee for a local sport and yes we are always in need of volenteers for our events,however the one thing that we keep in mind as a club is that when you charge a cover you have to come correct.Look up the word FANATIC, by the way thats the full spelling for fan wich is what I am and when you take money from me or anyone for your events you need to come correct and have answers when asked,otherwise you lose your fans and eventually you club.All was asked of your club or I should say the race director for the day is show D187 where they cut or missed a bouy and the case would be closed.I am a fan of the sport first and formost.I also have happen to sponsor other boats over the years and I dont just throw sponsorship money anywhere so you go back to your club and put them on the spot and hold them and yourself to the standards that your club set out to do in the first place.
    #1 suspect keep kicking a**. Open water for them all to see YA HEARD

  11. Horse says:

    Fact is that bobby has been one of the most successful racers Bermuda has seen, and been racing the longest. This is a man that should be respected and has shown great sportsmanship even when he didn’t have a good boat years ago and didn’t win, but now in his later years has had great success and been winning. Please guys give bobby props and respect, he has earned that .

    Final note, there have been lots of guys who come and go and then come back again for whatever there reasons, ( maybe they have to build up there cash flow or get a loan ! )but bobby been there for 35yrs !

    • Yng Fool - U not Me says:

      Agreed. Give the man props. Show him some respect. Not to mention him helping other racers get their boats ready.
      S&S Team – You’re all about running your mouth and disrespecting. If your boat is faster, that’s great. Win and be a positive winner. Don’t go talkin ish and putting others down. If you were DQ’d and it wasn’t deserved, that’s sports. Happens with penalties in football. Move on. You’re going to bash the most successful, long standing boat racer on the island?
      If I was Bobby, I’d quit the sport too. Get treated like that from punks just coming in the sport? Na.
      One thing is for sure, you don’t know the reefs like him. Brush up on that. Hell, maybe ask him and he’ll help you out.
      Oh and isn’t this the same boat who spun their prop b/c they didn’t let off the throttle when the boat jumped a wave?…
      You young guys just know it all.

      • Anbu says:

        And ask them to pull their motor apart and show everyone. Lotsa cheaters out der bie! Lmao

  12. Grizz says:

    @Horse…you have lost me with your point. What does the FACT that he has been there for 35 years have to do with anything? No one is disrespecting him, if anything Stevie and Brandon are being disrespected because no one wants to show them proof of their disqualification! You are so bent on giving Bobby praise that you have lost sight of what’s really going on. Whether they come and go and come back again is irrelevant. While they are here they have a damn good boat and they deserve their respect as well!!! #1 Suspect ALL DAMN DAY!!

  13. Yng Fool - U not Me says:

    Look, I don’t have a dog in this race. So for me, none if it and what happens makes a difference.
    Grizz – the whole race and each boat in the race isn’t recorded. They can’t show proof. The call is made by a neutral crash boat (volunteers). Without them the races wouldn’t happen. They deserve respect as well. The call was made and that’s it. Sucks if it’s the wrong one. No doubt.
    No one is disrepecting #1 Suspect. If your boat is faster, that’s wicked. Sports need new blood and it needs to be pushed. Old timers should be happy young guys are coming through and beating them. It shows progression. It’s just going about it the right way. Poking fun at Bobby quitting the sport, lapping him multiple times or Dodge/Renault etc. being the same person, whatever. That’s uncool. Everyone is racing and trying to enjoy it.

    • Grizz says:

      @ YngFool – I was unaware that Bobby was quitting but please note that in all sports there will be some heckling (think I spelled that right). All we see is what is written on Bernews…all the the racers taunt each other…it’s part of the sport…bragging rights if we want to call it that. I also understand that Bobby being a veteran has his supporters as well. I labelled it as disrespect because that’s what people were saying…Okay he may have been in the sport the longest but when he loses he loses and people should be able to poke fun at that with certain limits. Men push it a little harder than women when it comes to sports…look at soccer, you damn near have fights between men when their team loses. All in all I can’t wait till next year and I hope the veteran race boats will be back to take more licks!

  14. David says:

    Bobby needs respect from all, he shakes hands and gives congrats to the winners. He also has helped so many boats this year and previous years, without asking for money. Just so that there are more boats out there on a Sunday. As for jumping on Renault/Dodge by spectators corner, if it was not for that sponsor there would be no racing this year. That sponsor put up the money to pay the owing insurance money from last year’s 2011 committee. Without that happening, no race insurance, no racing.

  15. #1 Suspect/S&S Racing Team says:

    Yng Fool…Tell me what boat racer in Bermuda is more successful than Derek Simons(my father)….the crew chief of S&S Racing Team???? Talk to me when you know a real PROFESSIONAL powerboat racer that has won National Championships locally and overseas. Yes bobby does have experience and i give him his respect for that but until himself or anybody else here can do what our crew chief has done in powerboating,keep your comments to yourself. As far as money is concerned we dont have to save up to buy no boat,we just see what we like and buy it! AND IF you dont know exactly why the prop spun i would also advise you to keep it shut (its peole like you that dont know the facts that spread false rumors). It was not our fault and the prop guy in the UK that fixed the prop prior to it being spun took all blame. As far as talking trash,its funny how others can talk trash to us and when we talk trash about others we are being labeled as disrespectful. One example is: When the boat first arrived you had people talking about its not a real bat boat its a backdraft. WELL little do you know D187 personally belonged to Ulrik Ingvarson who actually builds all B23 bat boats and has had that boat up to 104mph in a kilo run. And we talk on a regular,why you think we have stepped up to the plate sooner than expected!!! We may be young but still know more than what you do… you put a boat in our class and see what happens! Stop running your mouth cause most of the people making comments have never raced a boat,let alone owned one. This is the new millenium,not dinosaur days. STEP UP or SHUT UP!!! NOW YOU ALL HAVE A GOOD DAY and we will see you again at the beginning of the 2013 season…only thing you will be seeing double LOL!!!

    • bat says:

      Where did Ulrik learn to set up his B23s? Who were the first people to run a 2.4 on the bat boats? Look closer to home and you will find the answers. Nobody was running 15″ and setbacks before the B22 came to Bermuda 20 years ago… All of his tricks were taught to him by guys on the island now. Ask him as I’m pretty sure he’s been to Bermuda before (or the guy who first built the 23s). There’s a reason why Mackie’s is so heavy (Ocke ran the numbers/looked at the conditions we run in and figured it would need to be a lot heavier than 187/the one that’s coming now). His weighs 800lbs. You guys might be fast but will it last? You gotta finish the race to win it… And Bobby would have fixed the weld on that prop for you. All you had to to was ask! Tack welding it? You biys should have known it wasn’t going to last!

    • Horse says:

      Don’t think there will b a 2013 season if Richard advice pulls out, hopefully he considers buying a big boat, this is what has been keeping powerboat racing alive mostly, let’s keep our fingers crossed.

      Government wants it to die off, they won’t even support it, thanks to rubis as well

    • bobby de costa says:

      ask your dad if he can remember back in the day with scrapiron sportmanship i do not forget but then hoo am i over a PROFESSIONAL.

    • bragin rite says:

      with a two leater engine you have a 280 and can’t get 90

  16. Horse says:

    U can’t compare Derek Simons to any body else about overseas unless that person has raced out there as well that would b a good comparison , and further more the guys driving that boat are not even in Derek’s league as u said he was the best right ?

    He can only get the boat ready but it’s waaaaay too slow for Derek to get in it! Him and arthur would laugh at that boat, u no that

  17. Horse says:

    Also, if bobby retires then then no matter what any other bat boat does , they will always b classed as second best until they beat Bobby’s record in that class around the island! That just how racing is

  18. Top #1 Suspect fan says:

    Well done pirate. Take them to school lol

  19. Horse says:

    Just like how Andy’s record in c class keeps him at the top for that class until someone breaks it,

  20. #1 Suspect/S&S Racing Team says:

    Bat….i do agree with some of what you have said. He did get a couple set-up tips from what was done here different to Sean’s boat,but not ALL tips. I think your asking for a bit too much credit on that. Do you forget the B22 was the gineau pig of the bat boat models…i think you do! Has Sean’s boat even done 100mph or even close in it’s days…NO WAY! I have raced against Sean’s boat back in 98′ in a 22′ velocity with the FIRST 2.5 (280) on the island and his boat was not much faster than the 79/80mph we where doing back then. Paul Rodrigues 22′ Progression was faster than Sean’s boat,how i know,cause i have raced against them multiple times during that year and Paul was always leading if he didnt have a problem. As far as set-backs being run before Sean’s boat,correct me if im wrong but my dad had the ghost with a gill bracket which set the motor back over 12″ from transom of hull. Which is still considered a set back because the motor is set back off the actual transom. With the prop,it came with a small shaft and was sent back to have new fat shaft hub put into it. It came back with a full weld on one side and tached 4 times on opposite side so you may have half your facts correct but not all. You are correct about the weight on Mackie’s boat and yes that was a good thing done…also the same reason why Ulrik didnt want to build me a boat as light as bobby’s a few years back,he told me it wouldn’t last down here!!! But at the same time we dont even race in the type of water they race in,they laugh at what we call rough. I THINK YOU BETTER LOOK CLOSER TO HOME!

    Horse…lol…im gon make you eat them words as far as Derek laughing and not wanting to get in that boat! Your gonna think your seeing things LOL!!! 2013 Also i never used the words “he was the best” i said most successful powerboat racer in Bermuda…and tell me im wrong since you seem to know him! The drivers may not be in his league but they are learning from the most successful powerboat racer here in Bermuda. Also the D class record will be broken someday,not gon last forever! And YES 2013 the club will run with ot without Davidge,you think his the only one with money lol!

    Like i said just bring it in 2013…cause we are!!! No doubt!!!

    • Logic76 says:

      I think he’s the only one with money who is generous enough to cover the shortfalls of the previous committee. Don’t bite the hand that feeds.

  21. team #1suspect Top drivers says:

    We can talk to were blue in the face with these dreamers,but who was their on sunday saw what really happend.D187 showed that we have been doing our homework and we were in our own class! As far as breaking down around the island race sh$t happens! Its all apart of racing,all I can say is we will be out next season in full race mode! I would like to take the time out an praise my top driver on the good job he has done this season! Well done Stevie keep up the GOOD work!

    • bobby de costa says:

      me to i think steve did a grate job done well in a short time good job

  22. Spectators Corner says:

    wWell David, thats really great that Renault paid your parking tickets from last year, really happy for you but get this, should a major sponsor like that also be the guy in charge of a race that has three of his boats in the race……..OK . A blind man on a galloping horse could see around that, dont you think. Its obvious that the club needs help but you have to come correct. When you put on public events you have to come correct.I will be glad to donate black flags for your club.Is there any particular size and shape? How long does the flag pole need to be?

    • bobby de costa says:

      i will let you know we need about 8 of them gorhams sells the poles the old woman shop has the cloth i will let you know the size