Premier To Receive Global Leadership Award

October 26, 2012

This evening [Oct 26] Premier Paula Cox will receivs the International Women’s Forum [IWF] Women Who Make A Difference Award.

Premier Cox is currently in San Francisco attending the IWF’s annual World Leadership Conference. Premier Cox is the President and founder of the Bermuda IWF Chapter. This year’s conference theme is “Ideas Remaking the World”.

Annually, the IWF conferences brings together a broad cross-section of leading women from around the world in the areas of politics, education and business to share ideas and discuss solutions about the global social, political, environmental and economic issues as a collective body.

And the Women Who Make A Difference Awards are conveyed each year by the IWF in recognition of women around the world who by way of their example, contributions and exceptional leadership have removed barriers for women’s advancement. Premier Cox will be one of ten recipients being honoured at this evening’s event.

Other local attendees at the San Francisco event include, MP Patricia Gordon Pamplin, MP Louise Jackson, business women Paula Clarke, Pam Ferreira, Vicki Coelho and singer Gita Blakeney. Costs for this week’s trip are not publicly funded.

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Comments (36)

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  1. SpinCycle says:

    Well… She did make a difference!

  2. SoMuchMore says:

    if the premier of bermy can win an award i guess i’m not far behind… she has to have paid these people lol. but serious, only if they knew how well she was running this debt driven country into a whole.

    god bless auntie paula but please call the election.

  3. Rick Olson says:

    A cog no more congratulations

    • Liars says:

      Rick save it, everybody knows you will play whatever game you have to to get your opportunistic ways, you two have dinner together much…lol

    • Victor says:

      Rick, spellings – COGRATUATIONS!

  4. Liars says:

    She’s the founding member of the bermuda Chapter! And even worse this is the third award she has won from this entity!

    Personally, l think she is the founder of the entire group and gives herself awards everytime she’s looking like the clog that she is.


  5. TEE says:

    Please please please, just damn. Call the election for Christ sake. Am I not the only one to look at this woman and just cant stand the site, voice, height everything. Damn

  6. formidable deviant says:

    So a leadership award for a truly terrible leader, who of course is in San Francisco, why would she be here? Better get those air miles in Paula, you’ll not be getting too many more opportunities.

  7. blackboy says:

    OH Please.
    Stop it with the self congratulatory symbols. This is madness. We dont reduce our debt by giving out blue ribbons. This is the fruits of colonialism. These natives still believe in the plumage and pomp of the Empire. She needs to get people to work and the debt down…That is the crisis. While at the same time education those who loath discipline and inspiring those who have no faith in the PLP and are faintly optimistic about the scrounging opposition. Paula get on with the work… I know it is frightening but even Ewart was more inspiring than you.

  8. Opressed says:

    The second biggest turd to ever darken our shores.

  9. Mad Dawg says:

    She’s given up. Spends her time collecting vanity awards while dozens of Bermudians are made unemployed every week.

    It’s shameful.

  10. street wise says:


  11. Cleancut says:

    So to all of the hundreds of unemployed PLP diehard supporters out there, you sacrifice was not in vain.

    She makes us “Proud to be Bermudian”

    San Francisco has some wonderful hats.

  12. Sandgrownan says:

    If she had any dignity, she’d turn it down.

  13. Um Um Like says:

    Wow, she sure has made a difference… just look at how f*$(#d up this island has become since the cog has been in the wheel.

  14. 32n64w says:

    “Costs for this week’s trip are not publicly funded.”

    How about the earlier BDOT sponsorship of related IWF events? Taxpayers have funded the Premier’s introduction to this entire program.

  15. William says:

    i wonder if these are coin – operated friends that vote …..

  16. Paul says:

    I’d like to join everyone in congratulating the Premier on receiving this meaningless, tinpot award from an organization that she helped to found in Bermuda. Fantastic stuff, and just in time for the election, too.

  17. navin johnson says:

    no end to this meaningless fluff…….start a chapter in Bermuda and make yourself President and give yourself awards and go to San Francisco to collect them……and some will view this as wonderful news…. Nero Fiddles….

  18. Alisha says:

    I am really beginning to loose hope on this administration…. I have to say, the Oba initiatives have got my attention at long last….all things that will be actual benefit to me and my family, who now feel the same…. Vote Oba…… They’re at least worth a Try to get us out of this horrible mess I see my country in. We can always put plp back in but at least we’ll have seen the alternative and hopefully learn something along the way…….

  19. Feeling Ripped Off says:

    Dear Madam Premier,

    why do you refuse to listen? we told you to stop taking trips and roll up your sleeves so that no one in the PLP or OBa could run the dates you have been away over thepast 2 years of economic crisis.

    we wish you had listened and calledmthe election in your fitst 100 days in office as you would have had 4 years of trips from 2013 – 2017, then u could have quit and left Kim, Vince, Zane or Terry to clean up your mess and fight over scraps from 2017 – 2018.

    you are a swat who just memorises the content of books with perfect diction.

    this is sad as every day you prove you cannot lead you are a perpetual student following Dame Lois, Dame Jennifer, Dame Renee

    what a wasted opportunity as good governance legislation wasnt needed, what we needed was LEADERSHIP

    fool yourself with this Award

    PLP and OBA are BOTH fed up of you and your antics

    we feel ripped off by you and your imability to Lead

  20. Groundhog says:

    I’m disgusted by this woman…running off to accept a personal award while her country is in chaos, then while she’s here crows about all she’s accomplished for “her people”! People, please vote these self-aggrandizing nitwits out!

  21. Surf's up! says:

    Bahahahah. Needed a good laugh this morning!!!

  22. Bullseye says:

    I went to their website for I was curious what they are about, and the goals of the organization seem very noble.

    The Premiers position clearly marks her as a valuable candidate to the growth of the group, and we know the Premier has said she would love to be a diplomat after her U.N. mission so this is all par for the course. I really don’t think the Premiers dismal performance as Finance Minister was even considered at all. This is about the fact that she is in a position of power so clearly had to achieve something to get there, and her experience can be shared with women who maybe don’t believe they can get where they want to go. This looks like a symbiotic relationship for the Premier and the group.

    Also – I took a look through the list of donors to this group, and in this list of donors – all of the women were proud and listed their names except for one – who was anonymous. Just one. The skeptic in me thinks this is interesting. Why not be proud?

    • She achieved something alright says:

      Without a doubt she accomplished something – as Eugene’s daughter she’s managed to ride those coat tails all the way to the Premiership – problem is, I’m not sure she really understands that she’s where she is because she’s Eugene’s daughter – there is no other reason.

    • cool... says:

      @bULLSEYE—-I think you hit the bullseye!even though she may ride on her daddys coatail, she still has to hold on for herself, and apart from achieving Premier status, which by the way was something everyone was all gongho about, nevertheless ,the status to which she has achieved is something that would normally be given honour to expecially for the ‘journey”; there are a number of ladies out there that may find it interesting how she maintained her position despite the position she has helped to put her country in, she also possesses a wealth of experience only known by a few, so her personaly journey is definetly one to be acknowledged expecially on a worlwide scale..Some in Bermuda may share a different view of her achievements, which I’m sure will be evident at the next polls.

  23. Irony says:


  24. Crazyy says:

    I really think these awards should go to women who actually deserve them, every time they’re handed to someone that probably doesn’t deserve it…cheapens the award.

    • Mad Dawg says:

      It’s a worthless vanity award to begin with. An excuse for shopping trip and self-aggrandisement.

  25. Cleancut says:

    I have a feeling she will be on the Queens new years honors list. It’s all been very well planned by the PLP on the eve of the election, maybe the Governor will give us the names of all the PLP hierarchy that will make this grand finale happen.

    Dame Paula (cog) Cox.

  26. M.P.Mountbatten JP says:

    She ramping it up for a victory lap !!!

  27. Y-Gurl says:

    GLOBAL LEADERSHIP? She hasn’t led Bermuda anywhere yet! I guess all the photo op “business trips” have paid off

  28. Future says:

    Well even the O-Bomber won a Nobel Peace Prize!

  29. foldgers says:

    The award is for women who make a difference.. now the first impulse when reading this is to ASSUME the difference she made was good. Making a difference can be construed in many different ways. To many Bermudians , she has made a big difference..sometimes its the difference between having something to eat, or paying your rent or mortgage ; to others, its the difference between having lights or having cable, to another group, the difference between using your college degree to obtain a job, or using eastbroadway and a sign to obtain a job despite your degree…. so making a difference is ambiguous hmm…. Oh i forgot, for the fortunate few its the difference of which car to drive this weekend; the on the people pay the gas for.. or the one i purchased myself and have to pay my own way ?? hmm…..