Truck Tips On Side, Car Crashes Off Road

November 10, 2012

[Updated] As of 7.30am this morning [Nov 10] there have been at least two accidents on North Shore Road, one involving a truck tipping over on its side, while the other resulted in a car crashing over a small wall.

The car accident occurred on North Shore in the region of the old Clay House Inn, while the truck accident occurred on North Shore just east of the Aquarium.

The truck that tipped on its side was a landscaping truck carrying foliage, which ended up dumped on the road. After the truck tipped, it appeared a van then smashed into the back of the truck.

Unofficial reports indicate no one was injured in either incident, however we will update with official information if able.

Update Nov 13, 12.57pm: A police spokesperson said: “Around 7:15am on Saturday, November 10th police attended a reported damage only collision on North Shore Road in Hamilton parish near the junction with East Point Lane. It appears that a truck and a van were travelling along North Shore Road when they collided. As a result both vehicles were damaged.

“Around 6am on Saturday November 10th police responded to a report of a single vehicle damage only collision on North Shore Road in Devonshire near the junction with Cable Hill. It appears that a car was being driven along North Shore Road when the driver, a 56 year old Smith’s parish woman, went off the road. The vehicle received damage to multiple areas as a result.

“There were no reported injuries in any of these collisions.”

- Photos by Kenneth Byron

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Comments (17)

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  1. Triangle Drifter says:

    Though damage & injury is not as horrific, Bermuda crashes are every bit as spectacular as those in N America. They are caused for the same reasons too. Driver error, usually distraction.

  2. Time Passages says:

    How unfortunate that this car suddenly swerved and hit a wall. I do hope the passengers are OK. Now back to these walls. I have been saying for a long time that they are dangerous. If Government simply took down all our walls then cars couldn’t possible crash into them. Its as if Government doesn’t care.

    • Seriously?!? says:

      Government take down all these walls?!? Are you serious??? How about people just slow down and get of your phones while driving!

      Take down the walls smh…

      I hope you’re being sarcastic.

      • Time Passages says:

        Fences too! And if they made all the roads straight then people would never have an accident going around a corner. Don’t expect Government to do anything about it though – they just don’t give a crep.

        • Mature says:

          you people make me laugh what does anyone having an accident have to do with government. just slow down

      • Micro says:

        I sure hope you can’t possibly be so dense as to not take that as sarcasm…

    • SoMuchMore says:

      Time Passages, do you know there is an election coming and if you tell the gombeyment to move the walls they will actually do it since you’ve asked. LOL

      I need to tell them to pave my drive way and I’ll vote for me LOL

      so this lady was in the gas station and wanted a lighter and said to the person can she get a green one for PLP… I gagged LOL

  3. Shawn S says:

    For one these truck drivers need to slow down and should be fined heavy for things like this. Im tired of seeing trucks and tractor trailers spending and talking and or speeding or texting and driving. They are going to kill someone soon.

    And other thing there is way to many trucks not covering up what they are carrying letting debri fly off the trucks, i thought it was illegal have the trucks not covered.

    This a long can cause other accidents. Lets get it together. And pay attention.

    At one time we as Bermudian where classified as some of the best drivers in the world.

    Sorry for any spelling errors was typing fast and didnt have time to spell check.

    Have a good and safe weekend all.

    • Time Passages says:

      Bermudians classified at one time as the best drivers in the world???????? In their own minds perhaps.

      This is one of the best laughs I’ve had all week – right up there with PLP coming out against insulting bloggers.

      • Shawn S says:

        Yes we was like i said at one time, just like we was some of the most friendly people in the world and of course this was along time ago. please dont be so small minded and thing before you speak.

        and at the same time if you travel around the world you would see what i mean.

        And To MJ yes we was conpaired to the rest of the world. I would bet you culd drive on these roads when you first came her but us as Bermudians find it very easy to drive any where esle in the world like other small islands.

    • MJ says:

      This truck does not look like it had a cover. I agree with most of your post but “At one time we as Bermudian where classified as some of the best drivers in the world.” is a stretch of anyone’s imagination. Back in the 1970′s I came here on a war ship and was formally warned of Bermuda’s notoriously bad driving !

    • Mad Dawg says:

      W&E white ‘luxury’ truck, HC364. 4.05pm on Fiday. Driving through Hamilton while holding a phone up to his ear.

  4. BILL says:


  5. SoFar Bye says:

    Everybody get tipsy.

  6. Stop complaining for 1 minute says:

    Bermuda has some of the worst paved roads i have seen.
    First and foremost the camber of Bermuda’s road are wrong, which allows for water to settle in places instead of draining away.
    Secondly the consistency of the asphalt is of poor grade. In places where it should be a little more course, to assist vehicles in bends and descending hills, it seems to be smooth, and on very straight roads the asphalt seems to be very smooth, sometimes slick, where you can actually see the oil form after a very quick shower.
    Its too bad than we couldn’t hire the people who were bought in to pave the airports runway and taxiways.
    Lastly why is it that on any given day they can only pave less than 1/4 mile and only one side of the road.
    Take note, most places pave roads at night and can pave the entire road, without your vehicle even noticing where the asphalt was joined.

    • Prophet says:

      …then folk will complain that they are making too much noise at night. Have your cake or eat it. Pick any one.

      I will agree, though, that the overall design, construct. and condition of the roads leave much to be desired–more patches than a quilt. Just waiting for the road just east of the cottage at Paget stoplights to fall away. Hope it is the result of a heavy rain and not a heavy vehicle driving over it though. When I pass there I ride up to the center line far away from the degenerating substrate. Heaven forbid a car or cyclist gets caught in that landslide.

  7. Time Passages says:

    The notion that Bermudians were ever among the best drivers in the world is ridiculous at best and is obviously in the minds of certain very unaware Bermudians only. I have been to many countries and I can honestly say that the only place I have ever been where the drivers are definitely worse is France. Although I understand Italy & India are pretty bad. The idea that Bermudians are (or were) the friendliest in the world is similarly ridiculous. Saying ‘Good Morning’ does not make someone the friendliest person, and although the notion is ‘cute’ and all that – one should not take it seriously. But the best drivers thing is COMPLETELY ridiculous. Thanks for the great laugh though.