Educator Arrested After Corporal Punishment

December 11, 2012

[Updated] Yesterday afternoon [Dec 10] a senior staff member was arrested after administering corporal punishment to a 13-year-old female student, with unofficial sources indicating the staff member was arrested following a complaint by the student’s parents.

First reported by ZBM, the incident is understood to have begun a few weeks ago after a female student at Bermuda Institute student did something against the school rules.

The student/parents were given an option of the student either being suspended or receiving corporal punishment, and selected the corporal punishment option, ZBM reported.

Another teacher was called in, and the corporal punishment was allegedly administered by what is understood to be a female educator.

Unofficial sources suggest the student received a cut which later became infected, and the parents subsequently decided to contact the police and press charges. Police have declined to comment on the matter thus far.

Update 5.16pm: A police spokesperson said: “The Vulnerable Persons Unit is currently investigating the alleged assault of a 13 year old female student by a school employee. The female employee was taken into police custody in connection with the matter and has since been released on police bail pending further inquiries.”

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  1. Union Member says:

    An infection is not a result of administering corporal punishment, but poor management of wound area. I received more than a cut from my lickings back in the day and I turned out fine. I hope this school has their documentation straight. Kids today are already given way to much slack. Then we as society wonder why youth are shooting people and lack respect. Shame on the parents for calling the police on an infection, if you had an issue, call the police when you saw the cut!

    • your ignorant

      • SMDH says:

        *you’re ignorant. If you are going accuse others of ignorance at least get your grammar right.

    • Amsterdamned says:

      I will go out on a limb here and suggest that her parents are idiots. They should be getting a flogging for not doing it themselves. And secondly they need a flogging for pressing charges when they allowed it . All in all a pathetic move by pathetic parents

      • TPA says:

        Not here or there on the execution of corporal punishment in schools. I do -strongly – believe that marks of any kind should NOT be a result of corporal punishment.

    • Strong Supporter for the School says:

      I absolutely agree with the Union Member. The child probably needed a good cut tail and the parents also. That’s why we have the problems now that we have in the school and streets. The children are too rude and no respect, and some of the parents are just as bad. I have 2 children and I give any adult the go ahead and correct them if they step out of line.

      • Wonder about some people says:

        Allowing ANY ADULT to physically discipline your children? That is sick! My mother raised 9 children and never hit any of us. I raised 6 kids and also never hit them. Neither my mother’s kids nor mine were ever involved in trouble, went to jail, drank or have taken drugs. No dropouts or divorces. All successful in their careers and relationships. Much different then my best friends who’s siblings were beaten by a drunk mother and each one is a mess in so many ways. The problem is, the breakdown of the family with divorce..everyone is working long hours and NO ONE IS HOME TO TAKE CARE OF THEIR KIDS! Remember violence breeds violence and our jails are filled with abused kids who are now violent adults. Look at the stats.

  2. Really? says:

    This is the last school that I know of that actively uses corporal punishment under the permission of parents for grevious infractions. Remove this last vestige and I guess we can kiss the rest of what little future we have left goodbye! A pathetic day for a society and our moral fiber. Hats off to ALL the educators at this school for accepting every child that the remaining schools in the country wouldn’t take and short of doing miracles, turning them around to be positive members of Bermuda! Spare the rod, spoil the child!!

    • Fed Up says:

      I agree with both of you, having had a child attend BI from kindergarten through to graduating and knowing that any form or corporal punishment is never administered without first getting permission from the parents and that is after several warnings to the child in question and the parents being notified of bad behavior. When you register your child at BI they let you know from get go that they do this. So if you want your little angel to be allowed to do exactly as they please then don’t send them to BI. They have high standards and I hope they don’t let this incident alter that. Keep up the excellent work teachers and staff at Bermuda Institute. to the teacher in question keep the faith, you have alot of support and to the parents of this young lady, do you know what you have just shown her!

    • are to an R TARD? coropal punishment has been studied, it is ineffective and all it does is create angry little kids who grow into angry adults… you think david cox never got a cutt ass coming up? jimbo? yankee? pudgie? cervio? ZE SELASSIE? come on

      • Amsterdamned says:

        were you ever beaten for doing wrong? most people I know were and they turned out wiser. The kids I know who were not are criminals and criminals in the making. You dont need a study to know that without discipline you will raise a generation that will destroy the country,… oh wait that is happening before our eyes

        • Like It Is says:

          Yup!! I agree!

          Keep it real, look all around us, the kids who are just causing havoc, what is your solution?

          As I have read she had two options and took the latter. Her parents allowed her to be corrected with corporal punishment, it seems in all your comments you sensationalize, and often do not have a solution.

          I mean you seem like an intelligent person, who in my opinion just goes and says what they want which is your right, but you seem to not think things through and offer very few solutions, outside of pure hype!

      • hannah says:

        Know David Cox personally saw how he was raised and disciplined he had deeper issues that could not be addressed with a “cutt ass”

        • 80's baby.... says:

          Thank you cause people are always quick to open their mouths before they check their facts!

      • 80's baby.... says:

        Are you!! How the hell you know what went on in their personal lives or at home when they were growing up!!


      • Your point is valid, why? says:

        Keep it real* today I read your posts and I thought you had a few points, but your points are clouded by the fact that you do not like the administration or even the beliefs held at Bermuda Institute. Everyone is entitled to their opinions, whether they be highly intelligent or lowly and ignorant, but an opinion is still important nonetheless.
        Having said that do you think that all people who are or have done wrong in the eyes of the law or in this case that corporal punishment hasn’t deterred them from further doing the same action that got them in trouble in the first place? You said that corporal punishment has been studied. That’s great news, what were the results of said study? Were you ever corrected or rather deterred from a position because of receiving corporal punishment? Did it have a negative effect on you? Do you have kids? Will you incorporate corporal punishment into the way you correct your child, or will time out, or face the corner work for you?
        Are you an angry person because of receiving corporal punishment or are you angry because you have a conscience and truth be told cannot commit a crime because of the repercussions because along with receiving corporal punishment you were taught right from wrong and right now you are being a devils advocate to rile up readers against the school and its administration?

        Opinions you have yours and I have mine….

      • ''It is written' says:

        Coroporal punishment is more than just beating a child. If done in a spirit of love with redemptive intent it can be very effective. Even the Bible advocates corporal punishment. ” Spare the rod and spoil the child”.

  3. Guess Who says:

    I am today a result of this same punishment and pulling cane grass from this same school and today I am a better person as it worked for me. My infraction was not being able to memorize a poem, thanks to the wasted year in another school. I love poems today. Thank you B.I. for developing me. My mentors Ms. Rosemary Tyrell and Mrs. Louis Tucker.

    • TPA says:

      Stop living in denial…. Face it…. If you received corporal punishment for not being ABLE to memorize a poem, you were flat out ABUSED. Maybe if you re-word your statement, it would show that you support the school. Your statement bashes BI.

  4. theothersidebda says:

    So wait, am I reading correctly that the parent’s opted for corporal punishment and now they have decided to call the police because it resulted in their child getting an infection? So if they opted for suspension would it also be the school’s fault if that child while under suspension got up to mischief? People need to check themselves. SMH

    • assult is assult

      • Shell says:

        @keep it real
        It seems you’re the one that needs at “cut @**” You’re on here disrespecting people and their oppinions. I beleive in correcting a child when that child has done wrong.

      • Athiest says:

        I thought your first ‘assult’ was a typo. BUT, then you repeated it!! SMH!!!

      • Always Watching says:

        hahahahahahaha assault moron.

  5. Like It Is says:

    She had an option of being suspended or corporal punishment….and chose the latter, so whats the big deal.

    I do agree that kids are being let off with to much, obviously what ever she did, warranted this.

    I now see why so many youths are doing what they want and not what is expected of them, its the bloddy parents.

    Then when somebody does something to their kid they want to blame Government and this and that!

    The new age of parents are really lacking, but cause they have a kid and are mommy or daddy they feel so high and mighty, but their kids are just BAD!!!!

  6. slow potato says:

    take care of the wound!!! and raise your children.

  7. Somerset OG says:

    She got a cut tail! These kids need that.

    • says a guy named Somerset OG lmao

      • Like It Is says:

        keep it real..please stop attacking every person who makes a comment and offer some solution or create a point that leads to forward thinking conversation, that will bring more clarity and help us all as a community to move forward together.

        your attacks on people come across as petty, and if you want respect you should atleast show respect!

  8. Familiar says:

    If what this article reports is accurate, the parents could do with their own punishment.

    They made the decision on how their child would be punished, if anyone is responsible for what follows, it’s the parents and their reporting as a crime of something they approved is ludicrous.

  9. (0.0) says:

    Where’s option C… allow momma to come to school and give you licks in front of your bredrens!

  10. just a librarian says:

    that was not the administrator’s fault. these blasted parents get on my nerves. maybe if you gave your child the cut @$# once in a while then the schools wouldn’t have to. with all the other things that are going on period this is what you complain about? seriously? smh.

    • corporal punishment has been proven to be innefective, you must be a christian because you dont see logic.

      • just a librarian says:

        what does religion have to do with my opinion or with logic? it’s clear to me that you have some personal issues that some counseling may help to fix and notice i didn’t say go pray about it but talk to someone, please.

      • Familiar says:

        And we presently see the results in the western world of what the lack of corporal punishment creates. As such, logic dictates that sometimes it’s necessary to inflict a more serious punishment than a ‘time out’.

        The problems with corporal punishment have only been that some people don’t know the difference between a punishment and a beating, and don’t recognise that a serious punishment should be a last resort, so to speak.

      • Bermyluv says:

        I absolutely hate when people hold up theories and conclusions of select studies that, while they may have some merit, have not been proven scientifically. First of all, it is unethical and impossible to conduct a carefully controlled behavioral experiment on this topic. Thus, all of the evidence and conclusions are based on animal behavior and surveys. Secondly, the body of evidence is inconclusive, and the move away from corporal punishment has been driven by the European Community’s human rights initiatives and not science. Thirdly, proper administration of corporal punishment by a legitimate authority is, at a minimum, equally as effective as detentions, fines, and a multitude of other punishments as a consequence of unwanted behaviors.

        • just a librarian says:

          @bermyluv…makes sense. thanks for pointing that out.

  11. Family Man says:

    Religious wingnuts and irresponsible parents make for a dangerous combination.

  12. Context says:

    Spare the rod doesn’t automatically mean spanks. I begin with this sentence because often spanking is the only interpretation people use when they use this quote. Shepherds use the rod to protect their sheep from danger (warding off wild animals) they also manuever the rod so that the sheep know where to go, it is tall so that the sheep can see it. It is also used to hit the sheep if its going the wrong direction or headed for danger. As long as the spanking was administered with the other contexts of discipline, this school is right by me.

  13. Autumn Fire says:

    Huh?…how is that the senior staff member is arrested after giving corporal punishment…after…the parents/student opted for the choice for the student to receive corporal punishment!

    Can a Lawyer please clarify this…if the child did not receive an infection, would the senior staff member still be arrested?… I guess I’m asking, is the arrest due to the “licks” or the “infection” considering the parents consented to the action given…WOW!

  14. LOLOL!!!! lock her up!!! its no way that anyone in bermuda should still be administering coporal punishment any way… what are we living in the dark ages… that shoulda been went… what does that teach a child? that if i do wrong i get a “smack on the wrist” and move on. The school is Bermuda Insitute and i attended there not to long ago, — never ever called my parents when she wanted to hit me, serve her right, give her a big fine, she deserves a “smack on the wrist”. corporal punishment is ineffective and wrong and im glad that the parents exercised their right as parents to protect their child.

    • Kevin McCottry says:

      @ Keep It Real – I, too, am a Bermuda Institute alumni – albeit, we’re from two different generations – there was NO NEED for you to mention a name in this incident. I for one, have no need to hide my identity but, this is an open case and it is not your place to open unnecessary doors.

      We all have our experiences of punishment/correction and this case, in my opinion, stinks of “social tainting”. Society makes it very difficult for both parents and teachers to maintain the “old ways of Bermuda” – this is a western world issue, by the way. The context of this article plainly states that the alleged ‘victim’ was given the opportunity of choice. The student choose the corporal punishment option and boo hoo – the punishment produced a cut. Really? The next steps should have been to dress the wound and move on.

      I am ashamed at the actions of the parents who “choose to send their child to BI” – they were not forced to do so. It also seems a bit unclear as to why the BPS would even pursue this with all of the “facts” presented in this article [none of us know the real truth - this is sarcasm].

      Long gone are the days of the ol’ guard at BI – this seed was planted by an individual who feels that administering licks is child abuse…

      Keep your head up Bermuda Institute – continue to “Press toward the mark”.

      • Jamal Albuoy says:

        I concur Mac.

      • Free says:

        Dress the wound and move on? You think beating a 10/11 year old until they have an open wound is okay? Jesus. Do you type that and not realize how awful that sounds? Imagine if you did something wrong at work and your boss beat you until your skin broke and bled! Then you all are first to say keep your hands to yourselves and reprimand these gang-bangers who’s first instinct when someone does something “wrong” to them is physical violence.

        • Circumstantial says:

          First of all the receipt of the cut from a spanking is circumstantial. Secondly no educator in their right mind would beat a wound into a child…especially in front of another teacher. This all sounds like it was blown out of proportion and maybe because there were some underlying issues. Nonetheless, if the parents had concern they would have reported the issue right away not wait weeks. I’m mad the BPS wasted my taxpayer money making this a report.

        • Micro says:

          See, this precisely is the issue. If the parents gave her a cut ass and sent the child to school with an open wound and a teacher noticed it or the child spoke up about it, the parents would be under arrest for child abuse. Why is it that the school be allowed to beat a child to that point and it be deemed okay?

        • No time for BS says:

          @free…just letting you know its no way that that child was beating so severely that they received a cut.just want to highlight to everyone that it is winter time and as a person that has worn the Bermuda Institute uniform, there are several layers.When you are strapped all you do is turn around and receive about 3 hits on your bottom. OVER your several layers.

    • Real Talk (original) says:

      @ keep it real – Grammatical errors aside, it’s a shame that you have chosen to castigate the school in the manner that you have. Seems as though you have a chip on your shoulder.

      Corporal punishment has always been administered as a last resort and I find it very disturbing that the parents would authorize the punishment and subsequently file a complaint. (For the record I got my fair share of licks, but never a cut or infection).

      I respect this instituion and all that it stands for. It has produced some fine members of our community.

      To the educators and those who aren’t afraid to discipline, keep on doing the amazing work that you are doing.

    • Go Away says:

      @Keep it real obviously has some gripes to air. I think a counseling session is better, than ranting on an online blog. You have posted so much I wonder if you are the child’s parent or relation. Go away lol! Let folks read the other bloggers without your constant interruptions!!

    • Always Watching says:

      you obviously don’t have kids fool !!!

    • Say Wha?! says:

      I went B.I. and I never got smacked…. They parents chose that option. Times are hard ppl want money any way they can get it. B.I was a great school and it changed my life for the better.

    • Guess Who says:

      Its clear you did not learn a thing. Attitude and lack of dicipline.

    • Goose says:

      The parents chose corporal punishment over a suspension. Where were they exercising their right to protect their child then?

    • No time for BS says:

      Seriously (keep it real) you need to seek professional help because you are suffering from some deep issues. What you are experiencing is personal. I also went to Bermuda Institute and whenever I got in trouble my parent was called. Not only does this person strap you but they also sit and talk to you to make sure you understand the consequence of your actions, and after punishment is administered most times you are prayed with or hugged. They aren’t horrible and if you would just mature a bit you will then think clearly.

    • Stand together says:

      Its a good thing we don’t live in the dark ages. They used to stone loud mouth disrespectful people.

  15. Triangle Drifter says:

    Such a non story. Lets hope the judge throws the case out & the educator sues the parents for defamation of character.

    On a somewhat related court matter, where is the story about a certain someone who has received 12 years & $18,000 in damages fines in an Los Angeles court?

    • Bernews says:

      Check our archives, we carried the story [12 year sentence in Los Angeles] when it happened last year.

      We assume [?] you may have gotten the same email we have that’s going around where it appears someone has confused it as recent development, however it actually happened last year.

      • Like It Is says:

        Bernews.. how is this even a story?

        I really liked to come on bernews because the reporting was good, now it seems as if you all at bernews are reporting and twisting storys to your own agenda.

        Shame on Bernews!!!

  16. Another Guy says:

    As a student who attended Bermuda Institute under the — regime I cant say that i feel upset. She got what was coming to her, its one thing to dish out a little corporal punishment but when it gets to the point that your relieving stress with this so call “authority” you have its a problem. Young people need guidance therefore it is necessary for the occasional corporal punishment but not to the point where a child is left bleeding period.

    I wish her all the best and hope that she might start considering its 2012 and maybe the 1950′s way of doing things doesn’t work out as well as it did.

  17. tooth fairy says:

    Keep it real: I agree with you 100% you are definitely keeping it real

    • US Observer in Pink Sand says:

      “Keeping it real” and being a “Tooth Fairy” have nothing in common. In other words, there is no connection between you – Empty space.

      I too attended BI many years ago and remember when one or two students acted up on the bus and the entire bus received punishment for their actions. Some people would consider this to be overboard while others may believe that this is appropriate. Going through this experience still haunts me however there were valuable lessons learned.

      1. If there is trouble brewing on the bus, get off and wait for the next. Notify my parent(s) and ask that they notify the school as to why I got off the bus. This will hopefully leave out what the bus monitor says as to who was actually on the bus.
      2. Understand what BI’s rules are and at the same time, ask what my rights are as a student – and get it in writing. If not, understand that I won’t have two legs to stand on.
      3. Prison is for people who break the law, not for those who are seeking an above average education, and paying high dollar for it.

  18. Switch-a-roo says:

    So the school called the parents and gave them the option. The parents chose corporal punishment. The cut got infected. The educator should have no case to answer. Additionally, these parents should be charged with neglect for allowing the cut to become infected and trying to blame it on the educator. To the parents, do your job. Stop trying to blame the educator for your own incompetence. You made the choice. Grow up!

  19. B3rmud!@N says:

    While I do not know all the particulars of the case I was a former student at this school and recieved beatings from the time i walked in the door. I may not have always agreed but, I did break the rules on a daily basis and took the punishment. I feel that I am a more disciplined person for this today. Thank God my mom was sensible enough to stand by the schools decisions and enforce punishment of her own. As a future educator the foolishness I see in Bermuda and in foreign schools I observe in, corporal punishment is needed. While it may not fix all problems it shows students that there are consequences and, that they will not be allowed to come and hold schools ransom with their bad behavior. We should be applauding the effots of these educators and support them. Hats off to the environment they create and the no nonsense policy that this individual has worked so hard to promote over the years.

  20. Simple says:

    I’m so confused at this. Ok she got an infection and this is grounds for arrest??? Unbelievable and totally ridiculous

  21. Will says:

    im confused now..are we not allowed to hit children in schools any more? no wonder we are messed up now….
    i remember my licks! these little buggers need more these days

  22. Jim bob says:

    If I am correct the law is fairly clear on this. The child is allowed to be diciplined physically as long as there are no marks left. The fact there was a cut would leave me to believe that the child was being hit with something, in my opinion, that is wrong 100% wrong. I believe that the educator will have been arrested in this case for leaving the mark which would possibly equate to child abuse.

  23. Unjust Realities!!!! says:

    WOW!!! Choices and consequences . . .albeit aside from the corporal punishment. Parents chose to have the corporal punishment administered and then the consequence of their choice is they have the teacher arrested . . .really BPS???? Someone in the BPS should have administered corporal punishment to the parents.

    Nice to see the support for this teacher at this private school . . .wish we would see this type of support in public schools.

  24. Bermudian says:

    First of all the parents should NEVER have allowed someone else to discipline their child, that’s the parents job. Absolutley no way in hell is someone else going to lay a hand on my child. The school should never have even given the parents an option. The school should have sent the child home for the parents to deal with. Corporal punishment should never be used in school, this is not the 1700′s people. And yes I am one of the parents who would claw anyone who dare touch my child inapropriately!

    • Bermyluv says:

      IMHO, your feelings expose a major problem with Bermuda’s young people today. Parents believe that no one should be able to discipline their child…not neighbors, not family, not teachers, not the police. This leads to a general lack of respect for legitimate authority because the child see the parents as the only legitimate authority. Unfortunately, many of our parents are not providing discipline and structure in the children’s lives either. Further, those that are still can’t do it all and be in all places at all times. It takes a community to raise a child into a productive, independent and successful adult.

      As far as this situation goes, corporal punishment is part of the contract to attend BI. The parents knew that when they signed on. It’s also likely that they also knew the child’s ongoing behavioral problems before it got to this point and never dealt with the issues at home.

      • Free says:

        Actually it’s quite the opposite. That went on for how long in Bermuda? What has it gotten us? Nothing but a big violence problem. People think they can take everything into their own hands and do what they like. Why should some random neighbor be allowed to discipline someones child? That makes no sense at all. The only people allowed to discipline me were my parents. In school the teachers could but not physically and that’s the way it should be.

        You don’t ask your neighbors input in your marital problems or need them to help with that and you sure as hell don’t need their input in problems with your child. That is such old school logic and thinking, it’s not effective in 2012.

        • Bermyluv says:

          If you want to look at correlation, what you will see is that the decline in the use of corporal punishment has coincided with the increase in violence and lawlessness. Correlation doesn’t necessarily determine causation, however I would bet that the correlation for my argument is stronger.

          Further, in my previous post, I purposely used the word discipline and not corporal punishment. I also stressed legitimate authority. Legitimate authority must, and I stress must, extend outside of just a child’s parents because a child does not spend his or her entire life in only his or her parents care.

          At some point, most parents will come to the incorrect conclusion that they know what’s best for their child when the fact is that there is someone out there that can raise your child better than you can. In spite of our arrogance, wishful thinking, and downright experimentation, children are pretty resilient and a child with a good home and social environment will usually come out pointed in the right direction. At the end of the day, that’s all a parent can really hope for.

        • Kevin McCottry says:

          @ Free – your comment is ludicrous.

          Is it your actual opinion that corporal punishment causes violence in Bermuda? I need you to clarify that…

          Are you a parent? If so, do you believe EVERYTHING that your child/ren tell you? I pray that I’m not being insensitive but, we, as parents need to believe in our children – but – when they are wrong – they are wrong. If we are not there to administer discipline who then should?

          Let’s use the common example of a child back talking to an adult in town or on the bus. If, the child is deemed out of line, I expect someone, ANYONE, to tell my child (and I have 3) that they are wrong. I expect that individual to seek me out and let me know about the circumstance – do I expect them to lay hands on the belligerent child? This, IMO, depends on what was said and how it was said. Think about it.

          If we don’t stand up to the foolishness of this delusional generation with common sense and some basic understanding of right and wrong – yes, Free, violence will erupt and become out of control.

          So the next time you see a child out of line, in Bermuda, have the courage to tell them their wrong. Have the courage to seek out the parent and do your duty as a citizen of Bermuda.

          I’ll plant this seed in conclusion…

          If your child were to spit in someone’s face – would you call the BPS after the disgraced individual proceeded to “cut” your child’s skin?

        • Anbu says:

          Where the hell have u been living since corp punishment was abolished? We never had the level of disrespect and violence when u were allowed to physically discipline a child. Ok physical punishment doesn’t fix everything but it sure makes u understand u did something wrong real quick. As soon as “she who will remain nameless” (anyone with a brain knows who I’m talking about, lol) got her way and it stopped, all hell broke loose with these kids. Some of these kids need a good sting every now and then. The school had permission point blank, case closed, doesn’t even make sense going to court.

      • Bermudian says:

        My feelings are quite normal. I was a raised that way and I’m a productive member of society. My kids are raised that way as well and they know that they would have to deal with ME once they arrived home. I didn’t say that the child shouldn’t have been disciplined, just that the parents should have been the ones doing the punishment. Now look what’s happened, there’s a teacher arrested only for complying with a parent’s wish. SMH

    • Kevin McCottry says:

      @ Bermudian – Question: The saying goes, “it takes a village to raise a child” – that being said, as a Bermudian, did you or did you not get scolded by more that your parents while being raised in Bermuda?

      • Bermudian says:

        No, I did not! My parents didnt give the united nations permission to discilpine me anywhich way they felt. And that old saying cannot apply these days because most parents, grandparents, neighbors, aunties…EVERYONE has to work and everyone is under so much stress to have to worry about other peoples children. That old saying used to be true back in the day. I can’t stand rude children and my kids know NOT to mess with me, but at the same time I’m not with them at all times and only hope that they remember what I’ve taught them. But if they don’t, they KNOW they’re going to have to deal with me because they’re MY responsibility.

  25. Stop Blaming The Youth says:

    Why is it that ALL bermudians blame the youth for how screwed up they are? I’m pretty sure it is the generation before them that raised them this way, YOUR generation! The 40,50, and 60 year olds are the ones who raised these soo called ‘animals’. So since you’re suggesting a beating i’m pretty sure you were handing them out, but look at how this generation turned out! My grandfather used to tell me it takes a village to raise a child, but now days bermudians are so focused on themselves, they don’t help out with the future generation. Instead they just blame the youth for the present Bermuda. Please stop pointing the finger at the youth because three fingers are still pointing right back at you!

    • Like It Is says:

      When I was youmger I did silly things as well like most of us.I have many brothers and sisters, we are all the product of our village(community)and our parents.When I was younger if I did something that was not acceptable I was punished for it, in todays soceity kids that do the same, are protected by citizens and people who feel they should not be punished for there actions, and thats where we have gone wrong.The kids today think they can do anything and get away with it, its because people dont think a corporal punishment should be used in this day and age. the people that think this are adults, children require discipline and even crave it, when we as a community fail to discipline then we leave ourselves wide open to (young) people who think it is ok to do a pack and there will be no consequence, this has been brought about through (older) people (parents) as well. Now look at the state of things because of this.

      No its not totally the kids fault its the parents(who the shoe fits) that have a kid mentallity.

      We must not argue over this topic and we need to start realizing that.

  26. R u serz!!!! says:

    So if the PARENTS would have gave their child Coporal punishment and this CUT appeared and got infected what would have been the out come then…

    • umjustsayn says:

      Corporal Punishment @ BI is a last resort…I am sure this student has had many of chances for her poor conduct. The fact that mom consented means that all stakeholders had enough and saw it fit to administer the licks.

  27. Free says:

    Corporal punishment in 2012 is ridiculous. I don’t understand some of you. 14 years old are fine to have sex with 22 year olds but then they should stay in a childs place and be given physical discipline. I don’t get it. Just like the case with the 16 year old who was slapped by the trash truck driver. You can’t have it both ways.

    • Bondage says:

      Yo Free,
      That is your problem…too free!
      Who condones sex for a 14 year old…?
      Sometimes freedom leads to imprisonment.

  28. Realist says:

    Keep it Real: I can appreciate that you have your opinions. However, if you are going to imply that there is research that supports your opinion, please be kind enough to supply the rest of us with sources. Thanks. I will warn you that this just happens to be somewhat in the scope of my field. A heads up, Dr. Spock, who was the fore runner in the push to eliminate corporal punishment later retracted his statements. Those opposed to corporal punishment simply cite research where corporal punishment was used independent of any other variables. While this suits a clinical environment it is unrealistic and therefore not applicable to real life situations. Corporal punishment should always be used in association with other systems designed to reinforce the the more complex moral lessons that are being taught to ensure that they are internalized and that the short term cooperation garnered from corporal punishment alone is not futile. You can look up Elizabeth Thompson, Gershoff for further reading. I should also add that corporal punishment, if used, should always be a last resort punishment, as it seems it was in this case. There are several other methods that can be effective in modifying behavior and will hopefully be successful before corporal punishment is used. Just in case you were wondering I am also a former student of Bermuda Institute, received my share of corporal punishment and am now a contributing member of society.

    Cranston Warren Jr., MSc.

    • US Observer in Pink Sand says:

      Cranston -I enjoyed reading your response and as a witness to your upbringing, I can say it has paid off. I too received plenty of belts during my pre-teen and teenage years. Guess what? It worked for me because I too can now appreciate and respect people and rules of society. The behavior has to be corrected at a young age. If not, people will grow into adults having the belief they can do whatever they want and to whomever without any consequences.

    • Kevin McCottry says:

      @ Cranston – well said, mate. You’ve become quite “the young man” from when I knew you as a child. LOL!!!

    • On your marker! says:

      Well Said Cranston…Well Said!
      I am proud of you…!
      7/8th grade

    • Simply Amazed says:

      Cranston…well said son, well said. If the parents don’t like it perhaps they need licks too!

  29. Dennis Williams says:

    Those BI licks made many of us into the responsible adults we are today…

  30. Really says:

    They chose corporal punishment. If they didn’t want a teacher to hit their child they could have picked suspension.

    • Common sense says:

      I feel that the school should have suspended the student and the next and last resort would be expulsion from the school. The school is leaving themselves open to problems with having corporal punishment as an option for punishing students. As a parent myself I strongly believe it is the parents responsibility to teach and guide their children the right ways in life as best they can as it is not an easy job but we brought the children into this world so it is up to us along with church and good role models. If the child goes astray especially in school we need to correct them and work with the teachers. I feel sorry for teachers today especially the dedicated good teachers. Teachers should NOT have to tolerate bad behaviour as the minority of these disruptive students ruin learning for others!

  31. Simple says:

    There are those who will argue the point of this level of discipline until they are blue in the face but the point is that the parents gave the permission!!! It’s not some random lunatic slapping your kid across the face. And if you are that parent who doesn’t want someone hitting your child then I would assume that the option of suspension would be appropriate DUH

  32. 80's baby.... says:

    I went BI from kindergarten until 10th grade and had gotten licks once or twice. I can say from experince that the teachers never do it to inflict harm on the children!! They also give several warnings, talks and the principal gets involved a lot of times also corporal punishment is not the first step its the last resort. Parents are notified when their chidren acted up!

    I am 26 and doing my masters degree and if it wasnt for the great and loving teachers there I wouldnt be where I am today!! I see the teachers in crossing and i address them just as if they were in the classroom I have much respect for them!!

    Furthermore the parent gave them PERMISSION!! so if they are going to press charges shouldnt the parents assume som responsibility also and be going up next to the teacher??!!

  33. Water says:

    It’s all good to say that we need discipline in the schools, which is great, but why do you have to spank a child to the point that you break the skin enough to get infected. That to me is abuse not punishment. What type of mood swing is this educator in when punishing the child. Is she hurting so much that she had to use so much force on the child? Get real folks! This is out right abuse.

  34. Bermudian Mom says:

    I am the product of Bermuda Institute and I decided to send both of my children to the same school (one is currently in eleventh grade, the other has graduated). It is clearly stated that the school subscribes to corporal punishment. However, there is a process in place. Corporal punishment is the last resort and only given with the parent’s consent. If you choose not to have corporal punishment administered then as the parent / guardian, you will need to make arrangements for supervision during the suspension. The infraction (crime) determines the punishment. Here is a suggestion for the school, if corporal punishment is the option chosen – the parent / guardian must come to the school and administer it in front of the student body.
    I am also the product of the public school system and I can vividly remember the assemblies where the cane was administered in front of everyone. I am also of the generation that if I got in trouble at school, I was going to get punished at home also. I have watched and listened to the parents of some of the students in my children’s class and I can only shake my head in disbelief – it is hard to tell who is the parent and who is the child. This is part of the problem with society today. We are so busy trying to be our children’s friend that we fail to be their parent. It is our job to instill morals and to teach acceptable behavior. The lesson being taught to this young lady is, you are not responsible for the decisions you make. Her parent(s) chose the strap. I am pretty sure that administrator of the discipline did not deliberately scratch the child’s back to cause the wound/infection.

    For those who want to cry child abuse – here is something to think about – What is the correlation between the increase of anti-social behaviour and the suspension of corporal punishment in the schools?

    To the faculty and staff of Bermuda Institute, keep up the good work!

    • RA says:

      I used to agree with the idea of corporal punishment as long as a parent was present. I am now against the idea of corporal punishment in schools. I disagree with the parents’ decisions to have it administered by a school official. Each child is different. The school official’s background and acceptance of physical pain will affect the spanking (his/her pain threshold might be totally different than what is acceptable in my family). To address this specific case, if the parents agreed to the punishment, and later realized that a cut or big bruise came as a result of the corporal punishment, I fully agree that the actions of the teacher should be investigated.
      To the broader point: Unless corporal punishment in schools has been definitely proven to assist individuals in abiding to the schools’ principles, it should be banned. We should ask ourselves: If fear is the primary reason for accepting a rule, how effective is that rule? As God loving/fearing people, do we primarily follow his rules out of fear or out of love and respect?

  35. Disgusted says:

    This is pathetic! I’m disgusted that this outrageous story even made news. First, your disobedient child violated school rules; Second, you are given an option and CHOOSE licks; Third, your child somehow got cut on her bottom, through her clothes and you’re ready to press charges. Give me a break! Every parent whose child attends BI knows that if your child acts up, licks is an option. If you don’t like it, take your rude child somewhere else.

    The main reason all these disrespectful children are wreaking havoc on our island is due to a lack of discipline. Of course licks are not and should be the only discipline option, but it worries me when parents don’t want any authority to speak to, spank, or in any way correct their children. Yet they aren’t disciplining them at home either. Teach them at home how to behave, and corporal punishment at school becomes a non-issue. Parents, grow the hell up!

    Also, please stop replying to keep it real’s ridiculous comments. Clearly this is a child, or ignorant adult, as his/her comments are riddled with grammatical and spelling errors. He/She needs licks.

  36. Dude says:

    Since when is it ok for anyone to punish a child in school to the extent that it causes the skin to break…?

    When people choose Corporal Punishment of a 10-11 year old in school, I do not believe they have a wound inflicting punishment in mind.

    Dress the wound and move on..? Seriously..?

    You get word that your child will be strapped or miss out on class time, so you opt for the short sharp shock of a strapping, with the hope that a lesson is learned and off to class they go.

    You don’t anticipate having a wound to take care of…!

  37. Disgusted says:

    Correction: Licks are not and should NOT be the only discipline option…

    • Opinion says:

      If you did not read, the child was also given the option to be suspended. THEIR PARENTS decided for their child to get licks.

  38. Alumna of Bermuda Institute says:

    So whats the problem? The fact that she got an infection or corporal punishment? The problem is that she got an infection. Corporal punishment has been at Bermuda Institute for YEARS, and now people are having a problem with it? GET YOUR LIFE! They could have chosen suspension but they didn’t soo……..

  39. theothersidebda says:

    I too was confounded by this story, but there clearly is more to this story than is currently reported in this article.

  40. Opressed says:

    Should beat the parents too!

  41. Judge Dredd says:

    Three words….CUT THEIR @$$£®

  42. Mother says:

    SMH!!!! All Im gonnasay is this Spoil the rod spoil the child….

    while i am all for giving my kids a good spanking…. a spanking is jus that a spanking and should not draw blood!!!! if i sent my child to school with a bruise or sore from a spanking this same teacher has to by law report me. so by law i have to report her simple as that!!!

    At least these parents gave permision for the spanking and did not go BEAT the Teacher after…

    Also I feel it should be law that a parent is present for the spanking!!!

  43. Water says:

    I went to that school and I know that it is not right to beat a child wit a paddle on the bottom. That teacher is lucky that she did not break that child’s back.. One day that will happen then what? What happen to giving the Cain in the hand. Woe to the day that this becomes a reality. I say stop this type of punishment, and get back to using the Cain.

  44. Pastor Syl Hayward says:

    First, physical punishment that results in cuts and bruises is not discipline, it is cruel and inhumane. If you saw someone treating a dog or a horse that way, you would report them to the SPCA. Are our children any less valuable, less worthy of love?
    Not knowing the full facts of this case, it is quite possible that the parents did not know the child’s skin had been broken until the wound had become infected. In such a case, they are within their rights to report the issue to the police. Even if you give permission for corporal punishment, you would surely not expect your child to end up with broken skin. What the heck kind of instrument did the teacher use that would break the skin? Even the flat of a ruler would only raise welts, which in my opinion is bad enough. However, if you sign your child over to a school that uses this kind of discipline, I guess welts are to be expected, but not an open wound.

    Physical correction has been a part of Bermuda’s culture for a very long time. Those who received physical correction in the past and managed to take it in stride and succeed, apparently believe it was beneficial. Personally, I received a lot of ‘licks’ in my youth, and you can bet your gold mine, I absolutely did not “crave” that kind of discipline. I felt misunderstood, and I clearly remember feeling very unloved (how could say you love me and then hurt me and make me cry?). As a consequence, I felt deep hatred toward the disciplining parent. Again, I clearly remember thinking to myself that if my parent fell down dead at my feet – and there were times I wished they would – I would step over them and keep going. I feared my parents. Fear and love cannot abide in the same place. I was over 40 years old before those feelings were resolved.

    I taught Parent Effectiveness Training in the ’80s and I have noted that the parents, and their children, that benefited most were those who were at the end of their tether and were willing to try something different. They had already tried everything including corporal punishment. PET does not advocate physical punishment.

    The argument that time-outs and other disciplinary options don’t work is not borne out by the numbers of more affluent folk used those options and whose children are now happy and successful business people.
    As someone said earlier in this thread, it is almost positive that those who are presently in prison for murder and attempted murder had more than their share of ‘licks.’ Their parents and/or care-givers would be more likely to agree with those who think there is merit in a “good cut-a$$” than to try a time-out or any other alternative discipline.

    I find it incredible that people actually believe that you can teach non-violence by using violence.

    • Bermuda needs to WAKE UP! says:

      To Pastor Syl Hayward,
      I’m not sure if you understand the balance of respect/fear…. The bible clearly states in many text about fearing God and how God LOVES us but will punish us if we do not abide by his Will. So please explain to me how you can say ‘fear and love can not abide in the same place’? Fear is written all throughout Genises, Exodus, Leviticus and many other places….
      Life is about choices and when I was disciplined by my parents as a child, I may not have agreed but they always explained why they were doing what .they’re doing and that it didn’t mean they didn’t love me any less, but that they also expect and want more from me when it came to making better decisions and trust me, even if I continued to do wrong, I Always thought before I did things and most times made the right decision.

  45. Well I Never says:

    Let me understand this. The parents agree to corporal punishment. Now the child has a bit of an injury they are crying fowl. Well if they agreed they don’t have much of a case.

  46. uncle t#m says:

    Well enough has been said.
    Clearly there is a cross road. Some of us believe in corporal punishment and other dont. Society has been challenged with this for quite a while. While Bermuda Institute accepts CP the question was did she hit the child too hard and does it rise to the standard of abuse. The presence of the infection does not necessarily confirm that. However if the physician deems that the laceration was severe enough to be considered unwarranted trauma then that is another story it does raise the question of how far is too far. To a certain degree that is subjective and we put that into the descretion and hands of the teacher who administers it and that is the parents judgement call. When it comes to breaking of skin and the need for medical attention the experts need to tell us whether there was a cut there before, was it a welt that became irritated and led to an abcess, was it a laceration inflicted by a leather strap which split the skin etc…I dont hear of the parents complaining about the administration of the CP. If the laceration was so severe then they should have reported it the day of the injury. We dont know how long after the injury this wound festered and required medical attention. A simple blister can become infected and lead to an abcess and if not cleaned can need medical attention. The police are not arresting her because she has been found to be guilty of battery or assault she is bing put through a system that was triggered by the healthcare professionals who simply rang the bell because she was a minor. Therefore the debate does not revolve around CP or no CP. What is at stake is the reputation of a school that has produced many fine citizens. Also what is at stake is how people may look at CP in general because it may no longer be considered politically correct PC. Perhaps it does have a role in raising children. Especially if it fits the culture and the people are okay with it. If administered correctly it may be a legitimate deterrent from deviant behavior. What we need here is more information and balance. CP or no CP. Is not the question. it is going to come down to if it is PC or not PC and how has that worked for the schools that abandoned the rod?

  47. Simply Amazed says:

    I am also a product of Bermuda Institute and a parent of two children that attend Bermuda Institute. I have observed that level of love and patience that the teachers and administration extend to the kids at BI is truly admirable and in some instances a source of frustration for parents and children that do no have disciplinary issues. I can assure the general public that BI goes above and beyond to work with all of its students.

    As parents we have the duty and responsibility to ensure that our children are respectful and not disruptive. I encourage all parents with children that attend BI or any other school to take responsibility for your children. When we do not do our part, it makes the role of Bermuda’s educators very difficult and in many cases impedes the learning of other children. We are raising our future and “we” need to do a better job!

    To the faculty and staff at BI, keep up the good work!

  48. Observer says:

    These have been interesting comments, mostly supporting the continued use of corporal punishment. However I should mention that the latest news suggests that the parents did not report the punishment but the hospital called in the government department concerned, when they determined the cause of the wound. So it appears the parents did not call which would alter some of the above comments. It appears that the parents stood by their decision.

    I believe that proper administration of corporal punishment is appropriate in some circumstances.

    I am wondering whether the approach of arresting a seasoned professional who is mature enough to face her situation, was indeed heavy handed and totally unnecessary. A simple visit by plain clothes officers letting her know that there would be an investigation, would have been sufficient. I would not like to think that she is being used to send a message to others. This would be a total waste of a good person.

    I sincerely hope that the support for the school and the principal, shown by the majority of those posting so far, including former BI students, does not go unnoticed. The principal has only the future of her students at heart. I think she has been unfairly treated based on the information we have so far.

    Whilst some may not like the method, BI has an incredible record of turning around hundreds of students, rejected by public and private schools, and prayerfully nurturing them into society. over 90% of BI graduates go on to higher education, most to Adventist Universities,

    There are literally scores of BI students holding high places in Government and the private sector. Many of these had been rejected by society. It can be noted that more than 30% of BI students have no connection with the religion (many of these accept the religion at some point though not forced to).

    I would simply end by saying BI keep up the good work. Mrs. Tucker You have the support of your students, parents and it appears even the parents of the young lady in question.

    Hopefully the conference also gets the message.

  49. Stand together says:

    I think this is an excellent opportunity for ALL the teachers island wide Public and Private to stand together in support for a cause that is dear to the hearts of many Bermudians (whether for or against). Start the process of us standing together for a common cause for the better good.

  50. Common sense says:

    Why is the school offering a choice in discipline? Either suspension or corporal punishment! That does not make sense at all!

  51. Opinion says:

    And this is exactly why we have children in our society who feel no way about no obeying adults.. They do something wrong, and no matter how wrong it is, their parents are always there to back them up. Admit it, how many times did one of your friends get into trouble, called their parents, and their parents were like “Dont make me come up that school after that teacher!”. Yeah, exactly. The child obviously did something wrong and got dealt with. End of story. If their was a wound that was a result from the punishment, it should have been dealt with. It clearly wasn’t taken care of by the parents or brought to Dr. Tucker’s knowledge.

  52. Facts Please says:

    Everyone is entitled to an opinion, but shouldn’t your opinion be based on facts of a matter?

    Fact: The parents did not report this situation to the police, they simply took the child to the hospital to treat an area of the child’s body that did not heal after the beating oops I mean punishment. Everybody should know when you check a child into the hospital with an injury it is law that the Dr report it to the police IF that injury is questionable. In this case it was!

    When I was in school punishment was 3 whips on each hand no bruising or sores. I agree with discipline not abuse and there a difference.

  53. K Smith says:

    My child also received corporal punishment at BI. I was at work and received a phone call that stated my 14 year old would receive punishment for being rude. When I enquired what my child had done wrong, the caller could not tell me why. When I asked to speak with Dr. Tucker I was told that I would have to make an appointment for the next week and that my child would be suspended until then. As a BI parent I know that when a student is suspended they are not given the homework or any lesson plans for the suspension time and also the teachers cannot tell the student what classwork they have missed. I reluctantly agreed to the corporal punishment, I did not want my child to loose school work and fail for missing work because I wanted to know what they had done wrong and felt I had no choice in the matter.. All this after I had been to the parent teachers conference two days earlier and the incident had never been mentioned by any one at that time, only good reports from the teachers. Also the teacher who had accused my child of being rude never mentioned the incident when I sat with her at the conference, Something that was supposed to have happened a week earlier. I did try twice to speak with Dr Tucker about the incident and was told both times that she could not come to the phone and left messages to no avail. My child’s story was that she told someone that they were standing on her shoe while they were supposed to be standing in line quietly. This warranted a flogging in front of her class. This was my child’s first incident of getting in trouble at the school, grades went down hill and she hated the teacher. BI does have a few University graduates teaching there who would not meet Bermudas teaching standards. With the increase of corporal punishment for minor offenses, BI has seen an exodus of students last year – mine included.

  54. Unjust Realities!!!! says:

    Definition of LICKS . . . Love Interest Caring Kindness and Support . . .I gave it to my children when they needed it, where they needed, and will continue to give it to them when they need it where they need it. They are fine!!!

    One has graduated and the other is in college!!

    Now let’s guess . . .this child will not return to BI and where will she be educated, because no other private school will take her . . .hmmmmm . . .public school it is . . . and the cycle continues.

    Here’s the thing, at the root of this is had the parents disciplined this child at a young age, and made clear what was acceptable and unaccpetable behavior, then at no point should the matter have gotten this far!!!

  55. Judge & Jury says:

    There has to be more to this story

  56. Seriously??? says:

    The focus should be on when, how and why the injury occurred – not whether or not the child was deserving of a beating. The type of punishment adminstered is a matter between the child, parents and the school as coporal punishment is a school policy and was agreed to by the parents.

    However, when the police are called to investigate an injury which was ALLEGEDLY received as a result of corporal punishment, we should as acommunity be able to allow this investigation to occur without becomming defensive or abusive towards the child, parents or each other. Routinely administered corporal punishment should not result in any injury or complications nor should it require any follow up medical or hospital treatment – lust as a routine police arrest and interrogation of a suspect should not result in any injury requiring any follow up medical or hospital treatment of the suspect/prisoner.