Swan: OBA Leader Fabrication Claim Is “Bizarre”

December 4, 2012

[Updated] Confirming a document does in fact exist, former UBP leader Kim Swan called it ”bizarre” that the OBA Leader claimed that a report given to the UBP years ago is a fabrication – when he was not involved in politics in 2008 and was never a member of the UBP.

The document has dominated the news cycle since last week, with persons including Mr Swan, Wayne Furbert, Craig Cannonier, and Michael Dunkley all addressing it. One version has been posted on UBPLeaks.com, however Mr Swan has stated that that is not the real version, but confirmed a real version containing suggestions along the same lines does exist.

The document suggests a number of things, such the use of “black surrogates” for then-UBP Leader Michael Dunkley, as well as a “rebranding” campaign which would involve the UBP splitting into two groups and then re-emerging under a new name for the next election.

When asked about it last week OBA Leader Craig Cannonier called it a “fabrication” and “dirty politics,” and said “this alleged report has nothing to do with the One Bermuda Alliance.”

That same evening Bernews, and all other local media, received a legal notice with the overseas consultant it was attributed to denying authoring it and indicating that “publication of the document is defamatory” and “will be met with legal proceedings.”

Yesterday [Dec 3] when asked about it a press conference Mr Cannonier said: “I will not stand by and allow the One Bermuda Alliance to be attacked for something it has nothing to do with.” He then abruptly ended the press conference.

After the OBA press conference, a PLP spokesperson noted that during it Mr. Cannonier said “some report that existed four years ago,” when he said the report was a “fabrication” last week.

Also speaking yesterday, former UBP Leader and now PLP MP Wayne Furbert said he saw the UBP secret plan with his own eyes, can verify that it exists, said the term “black surrogates” was used, and also said he himself was probably a “surrogate”.

Mr Furbert called on his former colleagues, Dr. Grant Gibbons, Michael Dunkley and Glen Smith [who the document was addressed to] to “come clean and confirm that there is a report.”

Michael Dunkley said: “I must have received the report by email but do not recall it. As you will remember I was not elected in 2007 and was no longer the Leader of the party. Any questions should be addressed to Leader of the UBP at that time.”

Dr Grant Gibbons said the OBA is concentrating on the issues that matter most to every day Bermudians such as unemployment, gang shootings and schools results.“These are the issues that matter, not so-called secret reports,” said Dr Gibbons.

Last night former UBP Leader and now Independent MP Kim Swan said: “On two occasions when questioned by Mr. Gary Moreno during a television interview, I confirmed that a controversial document which ‘rocked’ the United Bermuda Party following the 2007 general election existed. For the avoidance of doubt, this is not the document that appears on the internet.”

Mr Swan said that on February 5, 2008 he received a PDF document which is “now deemed controversial”. He went on to say he has “always been a party member who refrained from discussing party business in the public domain but when threats of legal action directed at journalists” he felt it was his duty to set the record straight.

He reiterated that the document does in fact exist, and also said it is “bizarre” that the OBA Leader can claim that a report given to the UBP years ago is fake, when he was not involved in politics in 2008 and was never a member of the UBP.

Mr Swan concluded by saying there was a report, and “its contents influenced and ultimately rocked the UBP.”

Update 5.44pm: PLP MP Walter Roban held a press conference today about the matter saying: “The evidence is overwhelming. And, it’s time to tell it like it is. This is a cover up, plain and simple.” The full video is below.

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  1. Jim Bean says:

    So let’s get this straight. A discredited UBP ex-leader Furbert, who borrowed —, says he saw something with his very own eyes – a man whose YTB company is a pyramid scheme? Who said he was UBP and now says he was a surrogate?!? The same Wayne Furbert who is now a tourism minister for the PLP? Who travels around the world on the taxpayers dime? This man is a total joke. Mr Furbert is a joke!

    • Plato says:

      Address the message not the messenger

      • jt says:

        The message is that this election is about the economy and the management of Bermuda’s finances and nothing else. The PLP have been dismal at both and need to go. End of message.

      • Obeah man says:

        Bermuda, this plan was 5 years ago, yes? It was a way forward plan for the UBP to regain power and its working. You can stop them from using us and do as I am, NOT Supporting OBA anymore

    • swing voter says:

      yeah….a sad but true depiction of what politics and despiration can do a a person to the point where he will sell his azz to the devil for a few pennies. I bet he is content with the choices he’s made, but it will be a crying shame if we return him to office

      • swing voter says:

        let me be clear whom I refer to in my previous note includes anyone who left the conservative UPB and now claim to be Labor… Wayne Furbert, Jamal and Sherry simmons (now at 102.5 talkin like she never been UBP), Gwyn Rawlins, Darius Tucker, and anyone one else who don’t know their azz from their elbow. Ya’ll ain’t for labor….neither is this present government, neither is the BIU.

        • Oh Well says:

          @Swing Voter: you hit the nail on the head. I always said when a labor government takes over as the ruling government there will be more labor unrest. And what did you get so far with the PLP? I don’t even listen to Sherry Simmons fake a$$ pro PLP show…what does that report if its genuine have do to with fixing the country’s problems? Give me a freekin break PLP blind supporters get a Damn grip..

  2. Time Passages says:

    OMG the UBP may have had a secret plan. SO EFFING WHAT!!!!!!!

    The question I have is when is PLP going get a plan at all? This is really hyping the mundane. Kim, I cannot see how your inflamatory comments are going to help anyone – even you. Unless you are thinking of doing a Furby.

    You disgust me! Get over it!

    Deal with issues not emotion you fool.

    • Black Soil says:

      What scares me is PLP’s secret plan to bring back DREB. The PLP did a lot of harm to Bermuda. They just have not finished their work. God save Bermuda.

      • John says:

        Craig you need to kick Gibbons and Dunkley out of the OBA. Problem solve. That’s the only way foward and the clock is ticking.

        • The Truthsayer says:


        • Judge Dredd says:

          Bwaaaahahaha that’s funny. That’s like the Premier kicking the Governor out of the country. Not in a million diamond jubilees! OBA is the milkmans farm bie. Craig Can’tGoNear is a teat on the udder, a surrogate teat that is.

          • bermy$hotta says:

            Well den how does it taste to suck on the PLP’s teat all de time?!

      • drunken Ursula says:

        God save us from the OBA a brunch of clowns ……Mercy !

        • swing voter says:

          just stay in your drunken stupor for another 5 years. Hopefully your pension and subsidized public housing will be safe

        • Sledge Hamma says:

          Save you from what??? What will God be saying you from!?

          The mountain of debt we now have?
          The endless borrowing?
          The failed school system?
          The decining tourism figures?
          The skyrocketing crime?
          The decining employment?
          The departure of international businesses?
          The deplorable state of our roads?
          The missing government money?
          The overspending on Governemnt projects?
          The scandals surrounding contracts awarded without going tpo tender?
          The government decieving the people?
          The building of more condos on Southshore Road that ar empty?
          The awarding of SDO’s
          The gift of protected land at Tuckers Point?
          The demolotion of hotels?


          What exactly do you think the OBA will do, that has not already been done!!

    • Judge Dredd says:

      You say “so effin what” so I’ll tell you what, their secret plan was to deceive Bermudians into believing that they were voting for new members in a new party when in fact the OBA was created as a proxy using “a handful of black surrogates” to allow the real UBP leaders to operate behind closed doors, black doors that is. It is still a white power party. Now blacks have always voted for both parties (PLP and UBP) but never do whites vote for PLP, it is simply a fact. Saying derogatory things like the new black voters are downscale and uneducated is just rotten. It is rotten because these aware people whose votes they are deceiving to get. Do you really think they will have their best interests at heart? Anyways you know effin what so don’t ask these questions again. We have been utterly deceived and let down by a party of people who simply want to regain their lost hegemony and elite status. What the hell do you think they’ll do if in power again? I’m voting PLP. OBA can go boo way!

      • john williams says:

        I am white and I have voted PLP in the past.

        • Sledge Hamma says:

          As have I – and I will never say nver again – but for now – NO WAY!!!!

      • Ah says:

        (1) THE UBP DID NOT WRITE THE REPORT. So they asked a consultant to explain to them why they lost the election and the consultant wrote the report. How can the UBP be blamed for what some foreign consulant believes or suggested??????? (2) Craig Cannonier was NOT a member of the UBP, he has NOTHING to explain. (3) A report is NOT A PLAN. If there was a written response to the report that stated the reports suggestions would be implemented then THAT would be somthing to talk about, BUT there has been no talk of a written response to the report! (4) Its like blaming someone for someone elses beliefs! Thats just sillyness

        • haha says:

          I agree! However the OBA formation has been done exactly how the report suggested. In addition instead of denying the existence, they should have admitted it exists and distanced themselves from the language of the report. They did not do that and now are in a pickle.

          • Pastor Syl Hayward says:

            Since it seems clear that the operative strategy is to repeat something ad nauseum so that people will believe it, I will repeat myself.

            There were two documents, 1) written by a consultant advising a now defunct party on why it lost the December 2007 election, and 2) another clear forgery, with a date prior to the election, which was “leaked” to the media. The leaked document was clearly a forgery and was identified by Mr. Cannonier as a forgery. The first document was acknowledged as existing by Mr. John Barritt more than a year ago.

            The timing of the leaked document was strategic, in that it deflected attention from the abysmal GCSE scores, in which 72% of our graduating children achieved a monumental fail. The RG printed a misleading headline about a misleading statistic provided by the Minister for Education, Dame Jennifer Smith. The headline read that there was a 95% pass rate, which referred to the numbers of students who graduated, according to Bermuda standards. This actually compounds the issue – we are graduating students who have achieved passing grades according to Bermuda standards, but who cannot make the grade on an international standard of measurement!

            I ask my fellow Bermudians who think a 5 year old document which referred to Wayne Furbert (who was the leader of the UBP at the time of the 2007 election) and Kim Swan (who became the leader of the UBP after that election and who was privy to the contents of said document, AT THAT TIME) as “surrogates”, is more important than two thirds of a generation of children who are only able to operate on the level of ‘factory fodder.’ Since we don’t have factories, what do you think they will end up doing? Their grades aren’t good enough for any accredited college. There are only so many pot-washer and nail technician jobs available, and given the way things are going, there will be very few restaurants to wash pots in, not to mention few people who will want to spend their few dollars on eating out or getting their nails “did.” Even if we were to open a casino or two, those grades wouldn’t qualify a young person for work as a croupier, much less a manager. The math scores were so poor, these children would have problems getting a job as a cashier.
            These are the children who will one day be responsible for our government and/or us as we get older! Frightening prospect!
            May I say for the record, I don’t believe these children are at all hopeless, and if any parent wants an alternative possibility, let them contact me for a suggestion that worked for my grandson, who, though very bright, did not do well with formal education.

            Just as an aside, Mr. Swan and Mr. Furbert both knew about that document in 2007 yet stayed with the UBP for at least 2 years after in prominent positions, so they were therefore content to be considered “surrogates” during that time! Why the indignation now?

            In addition, the RG ran an article by Mr. Dunkley a couple years back that related to this document.

            • Politican says:

              Yes he did, trying to convince the UBP to change their ways, work hard and not hoodwink Bermuda. Did they listen no. The prefered to follow the plan, for the bda then for the oba new logo bright colours and put Dunkley on the back burner.

          • Swing Voter 2 says:

            I totally agree that the consultant wrote it – so why are we spending so much time on this matter. After the last election everyone thought the UBP was useless and a new party needed to be made as a viable option to the PLP…. I’m just a simple bie but even I thought that!

        • Me says:

          At last the voice of reason.
          But wait, is that the sound of the PLP’s shredder working overtime …… ?

        • Once Again says:

          @ Ah.
          Because once the UBP accepted this report, they took ownership. It belonged to them. If they found it so embarrasing or so offensive they should have dismissed it outright! Destroyed it! Even after Mr.Dunkley’s public comment in 2009, about this document they still did not shred it. They still retained the author as an advisor, instead of fireing him. Now that this has come to light they are now trying to do dammge control. Mr. Cannonier stated that the document about which he knew nothing was a fake.Are we to believe that he did not ask questions of the “former” UBP members about this before he made that statement? Who told him it was a fake, and then let him make a fool of himself publically. And further, still let him try to run interference. They have not even won this election, and already have made him their sacrificial lamb. Knowing that the public at large will shoot the messenger, while they smirk in the background.
          And for those blacks who left the UBP, these are intelligent, articulate individuals as are most if not all who render themselves for public service, whether PLP,UBP,OBA or Ind. To demonise any one for their political choices is just plain disrespectful.

      • Um Um Like says:

        We had to deceive you.

        Oh wait, the PLP already said that.

      • Fed Up says:

        And what is Zane DeSilva..nothing but a whuie serrgate for the PLP stop running your mouths and trying to find anything that will discredit the OBA all this happened before Craig was even involved in politics, and get on with the business at hand. Funny how my PLP representative finally showed up on my doorstep last night and guess what at the last election I never saw Mr. Horton and when I went to vote he didn’t even have the good manners to reply when I said good morning. So you know I won’t be putting my tick next to his name.

        • Sledge Hamma says:

          We don’t refer to him a a white surrogate – more like the token white guy!

      • Down with the fools says:

        Omg! Does everything have to be a race issue. I know plenty w hite people who voted plp! Complete stupidity.

      • frank says:

        amen to that

      • Just a thought says:

        I have always voted PLP and I’m white….but they a huge disappointment as a labour Government…they won’t be getting my vote this time…they also have “surrogate” whites in their party and am sure there have been many conversations held, the contents of which have been secret and meant to decive, so sick of election claptrap and racism….and I do understand the past struggles…my husband is black

    • It is amazing that you can belittle yourself to name calling to Mr Swan without any real substance to stand on,if the O.B.A is going to be creditable in their dealings with us the public,they need not be like Dr.Ewart Brown who has to bold face lie to us and then say we had to decieve you.

      I am a Bermudian that refuses to get caught up with the hype of foolishness but rather support those that may not be perfect but sincere enough to give it the best they can,with putting truthfulness and Integrity at the fore front and to this end I commend Mr kim Swan for his honesty and integrity and would like to see him win and have no doubt that he would in his constituency.

      People like the Hon:Kenny Bascome is another that I feel is honest to his call in life and hope that he will do well in St.George and I feel it is time that if we are going to attack the office of an individual it should not come down to personal attacts that have no merits.I think there are several folks in this race that are running a pipe dream and if I so choose to attack I will do so based on facts and not emotions.

      Mr Kim Swan has integrity and honesty in the highest degree and that is a lot more then I can say for some,for Mr Cannonier to come out and avoid the line of questioning and go off on a temper tantrum of things that did not relate to the line of questioning,is a poor excuse for a so called leader under pressure that cant lead.
      Next time dont use a black surrogate to deal with things that they are not use to,go back into massa’s camp and get uncle Tom’s grand son.now for Mr Gibbons and Mr Dunkley to come out and make these lame statements that they have that totally dodges the bullet altogether is a lame excuse for the level of deception that they are displaying and I wont trust either one of them to stand in the house of Assembly for me.the unfortunate part in all this is that you do have those that are in the O.BA. that are new to the political arena that are sincere about doing their best for Bermuda but are caught in a web of having to sit and answer to those who are very decieptful and have a whole different agenda that what is being aired in the press.I call them snakes in the grass and not because I like name calling but because they earned their title honestly by doing wrongly.

      • The Truthsayer says:

        1. THE UBP DID NOT WRITE THE REPORT. They asked an American consultant to explain to them why they lost the election and the consultant wrote the report. How can the UBP be blamed for what some foreign consulant believes or suggested?

        2. Craig Cannonier was NOT a member of the UBP, he has NOTHING to explain.

        3. A report/campaign suggestions is NOT A “PLAN.” If there was a written response to the report that stated the reports suggestions would be implemented then THAT would be somthing to talk about, BUT there has been NO talk of a written response to the report!

        4. It’s like blaming someone for someone else’s beliefs! Thats just foolishness!

        5. The PLP has the same types of reports and “plans.” Why no mention of those?

    • A Bermudian says:

      @ Time Passages,

      What did Mr. Swan say that was inflamatory? You mean the truth is inflamatory? I thought the truth is what we want from our political leaders?

  3. 1.5 billion dollars says:

    what about Jobs, Education, IB, Healthcare, foreign workers?

    we have 1.5 billion dollars to pay back?

    there must be something other than secret plans, music videos and puppet shows.

  4. Amazed says:

    It is sad how some people think its ok to lie to the people when it suits them. The existence of this plan is not the issue, the fact that the former UBP members who are now in the majority in the OBA have lied about it is the real problem. For voters who truly wanted a better government now know for sure that the majority of the OBA cannot be trusted! There is no excuse for the lyning because it was not necessary as most people would not have cared!

    • Well said and there is a proverb that whatever a man sowed that shall he also reap,so they will reap before to long corruption upon themselves as they have now sown corruption.

  5. what a joke says:

    Kim Swan is a bitter and twisted JOKE! It’s all about running down the OBA because he thinks it’s going to help him, Join the PLP Swan as that’s obviously who you want to win. As for Furbert he is the biggest joke in WORLD politics!

    Face facts the island will keep dropping into the volcano it was formed by under this government.

    • C2-St. George says:

      Kim Swan is an Honest man. A man Bermuda can trust. He simply did not wish for the real liars to get away with suppressing the truth with treats of law suits. He did the right thing and he will go down in history as the Politician who wanted to work the trenches to regain power not hoodwink Bermuda with up front Black faces, back burner white faces whilst the people in the trenches still suffer. God Bless you Mr. Swan and thank you for protecting us Bermudians who needed to see the truth. Bitter, look at Mr. Craig and Mr. Bob and Mr. Michael Dunkley they are the bitter liars.

  6. Joonya says:

    Im so sick of this bullsh*t. Who cares! Are you telling me that pre 1998 the PLP never sought professional advice on matters such as how to get more of a white vote, for example.
    All parties/organizations/companies, etc go through strategic exercises. Grow up guys. Move on and deal with the real damaging issues of TODAY, and leave the spinning for the people at the gym!

    • Judge Dredd says:

      They didn’t get advice saying to trick people into believing that a new party was formed by using white surrogate puppets, and if they ever did receive such advise they clearly did rightfully reject such an evil idea. We can’t say the same for the UBP/ABC/OBA. The whole premise of the party is deception. Are you still trying to defend this dirt?

      • Joonya says:

        Oh yes thats right, the Bermudian public have never heard phrases such as “we had to deceive you” and other “deceptions” as you call it, from the PLP… You still defending THAT dirt?
        Why don’t you trying seeing through both eyes for once.

        • M.P.Mountbatten JP says:

          Come to think of it , The UBP/OBA have only ever had one white guy lead them thru any election … David Gibbons , way , way back in the Seventies . Or was it Sir Henry Tucker , way , way , back in the sixties when they could pull your mortgage if one didn’t tow the line .
          Sir John did the LIONS SHARE of Vote for JOHN , not the UBP , Vote for John… OOOHHH what a dirty job is this politic business .

          • Sledge Hamma says:

            Funny – I know more people that have had their morgages pulled today and have lost homes and businesses under the PLP reign than EVER BEFORE!!

            And if I remember correctly the head of the HSBC was the brother of our former Premiere!!!

            So, because I am white and lost my home – should I blame Dr. Brown, his brother and the PLP?

            • sharon says:

              But the PLP thank God got rid of that Death Tax! How many peoples houses stolen under that mess! Knowing full well blacks just about could pay a mortgage…family had to pay death tax to keep it!

          • Sledge Hamma says:

            By the way, they were in power for 30 years I believe with some like Sir John being leader for an extended period – so there just werent that many Opportunities or reasons to change premieres.

            Understand that just because the PLP went through a bunch of premires in 6 years Jennifer, Alex, Ewart, Paula and I think someone else – that is not the normal. Its usually a sign of incompetance! The signs were there and the signs were correct!

    • Concerned says:

      they didn’t have to hire a consultant – they had Ewart Brown who hated white people – why do you think Bermuda began to go down the slippery slope when he came in as Premier – he organized the ousting of his best friend (?)former Premier Scott and don’t forget former Preier Jennifer Smith’s booting.

      We as supposedly mature Bermudians need to stop, as it has been said over an dover again think abot what has taken place for the last 14 yrs more important the last years under the PLP and how our hearts have been ripped albut from our hearts because of so much conniving and disception. Our forefathers would not want us to be like this – remember what they did and why they did it, grow upon it not to hold our own people and Bermuda hostage because of “the plantation”. Our chldren’s future is what is at stake and as far as I am concerned it is the PLP verses our children – will their actions affect their families – maybe. But we must vote for our children’s futures and what future we as adults have left. We need jobs to survive, we need we need we need we need CHANGE for the better if I feel the OBA will face the challenge and with our positive support of our representatives – get their numbers, e-mails, BB whatever and keep them on their toes and don’t accept any negative talk because I can’t, we won’t, we don’t has been heard to often in the past years and months, days and weeks.

  7. navin johnson says:

    so Kim Swan confirms that the document in question is not the “real” document…..the question perhaps should be who placed the “fabricated” document on line?

    • Judge Dredd says:

      Not so fast slimy, he said the one posted ONLINE is not the original not the document IN QUESTION. The document IN QUESTION is real and is really incriminating. OBA GO AWAY!

      • Ryan says:

        And that’s the one Craig stated was a fabrication!

        • Concerned says:

          going I am sure on what he was told. Just as we were told about the Brown/Burgess fiasco, PHC, BHC, BLDC, White’s Island. There is nobody perfect alive but the Lord and when you blatantly do things and speak blasphemy you need to repent not only to the Lord bt to the children, seniors and the rest of this Island, the former companies and all others. When you look in the mirror do you ever think about the person you have become, do you ever question yourself about the things you have done, conjured up, the hurt you have bought to families, the disappointment you have caused 100′s of our school students, and the list goes on. The song “All to Jesus I surrender, all to Him I freely give”

          • sharon says:

            What about the blant lie about how a Mega school was the best for our kids and now we have gangs…and stopping parents from discipling their rude ass kids…yes that was the UBP but that what the OBA looks like to me…same faces just tossed in some new ones to spruce things up a bit!

      • Zombie Apocalypse says:

        So who would have forged the document that is online, that everyone now admits is a forgery? (The document one that Judge Dredd has been quoting ad nauseum for the past week)?

        Who would be highly motivated to come up with a forged document like that, right now? Who would benefit most?

        Hm. Let me think. Who could it possibly be?

        • The Truthsayer says:

          He/She just got called out, they won’t respond.

        • Judge Dredd says:

          I’m flattered. Actually I’m enjoying some popcorn watching you hopeless souls try to undo the twisted web of deceit around the UBP/OBA at their own doing. It’s both sad and entertaining in a NatGeo way. Intriguing behaviour. My silences are to allow cognitive dissonance to take firm hold in your flagellating minds. Deal with the truth! I have seeeeeen the light and I’m walking in it. Stop starting at it in rage, it’ll blind you. Vote Voooote PLP

      • navin johnson says:

        what he said was the document posted online is not the REAL document….what would that make it if it was not REAL? would that be fake? fabricated?

  8. Real Talk (original) says:

    So Wayne Furbert says that the “leaked” plan was the one he saw at the UBP and in a separate article Kim Swan says the leaked plan was NOT the one he received while at the UBP.

    Um. They can’t BOTH be right.

    Seems that Craig Cannonier and Kim Swan are both adament that the “leaked” report is a fabrication, but I think both have accepted that there WAS in fact a report issued.

    The fabricated report which was the subject of legal action last week would have had to have been authored by somebody who had actually seen the original, authentic version.

    Very disturbing that Wayne Furbert and Kim Swan both knew of this report yet allowed themselves to be used as “black surrogates” by the UBP.

  9. Wake up Bermuda says:

    It really amazes me that no matter how many things the OBA does wrong, there are persons who consistently blame it on the PLP and in this case Kim Swan.

    People, wake up…the OBA are FAKES (and I’m being polite). In fact they remind me of the Republian Party in the US and look at what happened to them the last election.

    What I don’t understand is that this document, which was brought to light by Gary Moreno (Cudos to Moreno), shows how deceptive the OBA are and to what extremes they will go to to cover it up. Yet, there are people out there blaming it on everyone but the OBA; I just don’t get it. The OBA are a group of persons with ties to the UBP no matter how much they try to deny it. In fact, take a good look at the persons in the back ground who are truly pulling the strings and letting the black surrogates come out front as a cover.

    Yes, the PLP have made mistakes but they have my vote. If, in my opinion, the OBA by some strange chance won the election, that would be the biggest mistake that those Bermudians who vote for them, would make.

    I’m just saying……..

    • The Truthsayer says:

      So what wrong did the UBP do?! That they were white? FOH! The biggest mistake would be letting the PLP back in…

      • Wake up Bermuda says:

        IF I were to list the wrongs of the UPB, I would be here all day.

        On the other hand, being white has little to do with the problem. The UBP was made up of both deceptive blacks and whites who have had a major part in the folding of the party are now hiding behind the young black and white surrogates of the OBA. Watch out when the puppeteers begin pulling the strings after the election is over….only then will we truly see what they are all about.

    • Judge Dredd says:

      You have spoken the truth. The truth must always overcome falsehood. I have Seeeeen the light. The PLP have done a marvellous job with the global economic situation we are facing. These snakes want to sit back and pretend that we were supposed to be protected from a magi shield from ask the worlds problems. I DON’T buy it. I saw how they acted when the Sally Basset Statue was placed on parliament grounds. These commented are the same bitter people who absolutely hate any representation of anyone but themselves in governance and they are willing to cheat and deceive to regain lost hegemony. Vote voooote PLP

    • elementary says:

      Did the oba write it? No.
      Was it written by a consultant? Yes.
      Do you care enough about your country to omit choosing race over common sense? ?

  10. mixitup says:

    Funny how no where in society does the White Community wish to join with the Black Community. Not at social clubs, not at events, not during protest, rarely in the schools definitly not at your “country clubs” yes those! The Mid-Oceans, The Riddell’s Bay’s, the Coral Beaches, the Royal Bermuda Yacht Club, BUT somehow want the Black Community to join arms with you and vote OBA? While patting ‘US’ on the back saying “Trust US we have your best interest at heart” ” Don’t pay any attention to that secret document, we didn’t write it!” BUT YET YOU SEEM TO HAVE FOLLOWED IT! And the part about the downscale uneducated voters? Hmmmm where have I heard that before? Ahhh yes, from the good ol pro OBA Bernews posters! Here, I saved a few comments: “The PLP are mostly supported by under educated folks who apparently are naive enough to believe everything the PLP tell them. Like a cult. That’s why education has not been fixed by the PLP Government.” Here is another good one about some new truck Gov’t Purchased: “These trucks don’t have the basic necessities for government vehicles. No tinted windows, no steel spinning rims, no low profile tyres. I bet they don’t even have a basic 1,000 wattt 9-speaker sound system. What self-respecting government employee will want to drive them?” (Last sentence Obvious Sarcasm?)

    You see, I refuse to align myself alongside a party of such with a following who could do a Christmas Play using the “Secret Document” as the script! My mama aint raised no fool!

    • Private Pyle says:

      Continue to suffer under a PLP Government then. You’ll get what you deserve eventually.

    • Judge Dredd says:

      Mixitup you make me proud! At least I know there is still hope and same people who see through this Web of deceit. Yes I remember the nasty comments and behaviour of these snakes from DAY ONE the PLP first came into power. Its really hurtful the way they behave. We know why they behave so. No problem I love you anyway, but I’m voting PLP suckers.

  11. Just tired says:

    Well done Kim!! Thank you so much for swinging the election our (PLP) way!!

    You are always welcome into the green fold. Please join the PLP and lets finally put the white party (only black Bermudians should be eligible for office IMO) out of its and our misery for good!!

    • Private Pyle says:

      “only black Bermudians should be eligible for office”

      If this is how you and your friends think, I think it’s time for me to get out of here. By the way, I am 30, black, Bermudian and tired of the closed, simple, under educated, racist minds like yours that plague this island.

      • Just tired says:

        Don’t worry, that also applies to Zane and Jonathan as well.

        Bermuda for Bermudians!!

        • rock says:

          …and there are no white Bermudians?

          • Just tired says:

            Not in my Bermuda…

            • Appalled says:

              You need to get a clue and stop being such a rasist prick…it’s people like you who keep the racism in bermuda alive and strong. Stop with all your ignorance and get a clue. Black and White working together is the only way that Bermuda will start to rise back to where it used to be!

            • Just tired of you says:

              I take it your blood is green???? Then again you have more than likely got idiot blood. Why does color make a difference when everyone has red blood running through their veins. So tired of the color thing and I am of mixed race like most Bermudians.

            • The Truthsayer says:

              Funny how “white” people were the original settlers in Bermuda. Portuguese. Ain’t no original Bermudians but them. FOH you racist POS!

              • mixitup says:

                Yes the Original Settlers they were, I’m Glad my ancestors were not found here, they would have likely been slaughtered like their Indian brothers. Then again that may have been better than enslaved. You see…Don’t get too about yourself, your ancestors are not to be put on some pedestal.

            • Keturah says:

              You are a very sick person

            • Concerned Citizen says:

              It is clear to me that “just tired” is an Oba mole (well, to be fair, just a mole) who is trying to create discord by writing shiiiiitttt that no black person or PLP supporter would write. He deserves to be ignored by all. I see what you are trying, but it’s weak and over the top you idiot!

            • elementary says:

              You should change your posting name to just retarded. Racist moron!

    • Judge Dredd says:

      You guys can’t be THAT dumb to think this guy is plp or even black. Lol what a cheap nasty trick. No integrity have you?

      • mixitup says:

        Some of these people are too simple! The read and believe anything they see.

  12. M.P.Mountbatten JP says:

    I can’t believe how just a few weeks ago some of these same posters were saying how wonderful Kim Swan was , a man of integrity , honesty and transparency . Now all of a sudden Kim is bizarre , a liar and they are trying to impugn his integrity .

    People in St.George’s come out Strong and support Mr .Swan . He needs all of his true friends and family to carry him to the heights that he alone deserves .

    • Yankee Boy says:

      Kim, Kim , Kim Swan

      Kim is facing an election against an entrenched parties with daunting prospect. He’s an incumbents has few advantages – name recognition,and patronage .Certainly, disadvantage as incumbent not being aligned with a major party .

      Kim’s a political science major / economics college major who a professional politician who understands the need to define your opponents, draw a contrast, and define his agenda.

      Like his buddy, Wayne Furbert who’s struggling for his political life line. It’s is imperative that he continue to campaign defining his opponents also defining himself.

      At this stage it’s plainly obvious all the parties seek to draw a a sharp contrast between the opponents and him incumbent. There’s only one reason why people vote an incumbent out of office: they find someone better. or a crowded race.

      Mr. Swan and Furbert seek to showcase their strengths and their weaknesses.
      Ask the voters who will do a better job making the community safe and improving the economy. Forcing their opponent to talk about crime, economy and safety.

      Beating an incumbent is possible with hard work and preparation. Getting out there early, and set the tone for the election. Show the voters that there is a clear distinction between you and your opponent on an issue you define. Tell them why you are the stronger candidate, and work hard to get your message to the voters.

      This is what both parties and independents are tasked with. IT’S CALL POLITICAL STRATEGY 101 – WHAT’S THE BIG DEAL ABOUT A POLITICAL REPORT — BERMUDA.


      • C2-St. George says:

        Kim Swan did not start this – Are you suggesting he lied when the question was posed to him. Are you suggesting that he withold the evidence and have Gary and Ayo sued? Just to protect the BDA and OBA?

        • i gotta be me says:

          what do you mean “withhold evidence”? this document is a private document between its author and a couple UBP guys. It is NOT A PUBLIC DOCUMENT and nobody has the right to publish it. Furthermore, take up any issues you have with the UBP. Please can we MOVE ON.

          • LMAO2012 says:

            We are taking issues with the UBP – Dunkley, Gibbons, Pettingill, Hunte, Jeff Sousa (who was chairman when the 1st document came out), Patricia Pamplin, Louise Jackson, Cole Simons, Trevor Moniz, Bob Et Richards, Jeanne Attherden, Ed Bailey, Sean Crockwell, and Kathy Gibbons. Let them come forth and tell the truth and then we can move on

            • The Truthsayer says:

              1. THE UBP DID NOT WRITE THE REPORT. They asked an American consultant to explain to them why they lost the election and the consultant wrote the report. How can the UBP be blamed for what some foreign consulant believes or suggested?

              2. Craig Cannonier was NOT a member of the UBP, he has NOTHING to explain.

              3. A report/campaign suggestions is NOT A “PLAN.” If there was a written response to the report that stated the reports suggestions would be implemented then THAT would be somthing to talk about, BUT there has been NO talk of a written response to the report!

              4. It’s like blaming someone for someone else’s beliefs! Thats just foolishness!!

              5. The PLP has the same types of reports and “plans.” Why no mention of those?

              • Politican says:

                Yes the PLP has plans like these, but they don’t follow the plan to the tee to hoodwink black voters. THE oba is guility of that.

          • frank says:

            if you read it you clearly see what the ubp/oba think about the black people in bermuda craig you better walk away from politics now before yuo end up living on st.brendans road.by the way when is the next meet the press

  13. Um says:

    Hmmm, i’d beg to differ. Have u ever seen a picture of the OBA? It is mostly black!

  14. Encyclopedia says:

    Mr Cannonier should order Mr Dunkley and Mr Gibbons to hold a press conference to answer at length all questions.

    Mr Cannonier should threaten to resign as the leader if these two gentlemen do not hold a press conference today.

    There is very little time for the OBA.

    Political masterstroke by PLP.

    • Sledge Hamma says:

      Why not ask Mr. Furbert – he was the leader! He must have known about it and maybe commissioned it!

    • Wake up Bermuda says:

      Mr. Cannonier should resign as the OBA leader….the way he presented himself yesterday was completely unprofessional; to think that he wants to lead this country.

      Mr. Dunkley and Mr. Gibbons are doing exactly what the report required of them…stay in the background and let the black surrogates take all the heat.

    • Clarity says:

      @encyclopedia – Amen to that. The swing voters will be going to the otherwise if he doesn’t.

  15. Familiar says:

    @mixitup… Just a thought, maybe the reason that the white community doesn’t join with the black community in social clubs, events etcetera, is the same reason that the black community doesn’t join in with the white community at similar things.

    Not because of skin colour, but more of a cultural thing, meaning different interests, likes and dislikes, and behavioural norms.

    I’m not saying that there doesn’t continue to be a certain number where skin colour is an issue, I’m simply suggesting that it’s not always, and probably not even mostly these days, an issue.

    In general:

    What continues to disturb me about all this business is the failure of the PLP, news media and a lot of people in general to actually understand what the document in question is, who wrote it, and the actual meaning of terminology in the document.

    1. The document is a post mortem which includes advice. It’s not a ‘secret plan’.

    The UBP heirarchy at the time needs to be asked if it was, indeed, taken up as the UBPs plan and if they believe it is still under way. I find it odd that no one has asked this yet. Or if they have, I’ve missed it.

    2. It was written not by the UBP, but by a hired consultant, quite likely a non-Bermudian.

    3. Surrogate simply means a replacement or a substitution. It doesn’t mean that the surrogate is valueless or a token. Consider surrogate mothers who give something very valuable.

    It’s frustrating for me, and no doubt more so for people like Mr. Cannonier who is clearly passionate about his beliefs and his country, that the voting public and media are more interested in the hype than the facts.

    I wish we could stick to the more important issues that we should be looking at leading up to the election.

    Like education, jobs, crime and the economy.


    • M.P.Mountbatten JP says:

      @ FAMILIAR ..See what isn’t familiar to you , is the word surrogate . Surrogate is synonymous to WET NURSE to black people . Black women in particular . It is and should be deeply offensive because , black women were force to use their bodies to feed white babies and ignore their own offspring . That is why today , we have so many sickness in the black community … Ever wonder why diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure are so prevalent in the black communities here and the United States , but relatively unheard of in Africa ?
      It is not your fault , so I’ll give you a pass on your ignorance , you simply didn’t know or couldn’t see the connection .

      • alsys says:

        “Surrogate is synonomous to Wet nurse to balck people”?? Where did you get that from. I’m black and a woman and I can assure you the only time I had heard of surrogate used before now was when someone needed a person to have a baby for them due to infertility. What a crock you all come up with.

        Frankly, I’m with Private Pyle on this one. Whether there was a consultant report, who actually saw it, whether it was followed or whether Wayne and Swan are both trying to benefit from the fallout two weeks before an election… WHATEVER. If you’d rather let this rigamarole be the focus of this election time instead of the issues and proceed to vote for the party who consistently refuses to show us ANY plan to get us out of the messs they presided over, then you’ll get exactly the party you deserve. and more power to you. Frankly I’m so tired of hearing about everything BUT the issues. Please, can we stop acting like children fighting over a doll. This is our childrens’ futures we are actually fighting over.

        Whether you choose the PLP or the OBA or even an Independent, just please vote for a person you believe will actually move the island foward, not the one who succeeds in throwing the most mud. /rant over

        • i gotta be me says:

          you said it sista alsys

        • M.P.Mountbatten JP says:

          Whatever !

        • Outa touch Sista says:

          Alsys – you sound like an uninformed Sista! Mr. Swan would NEVER has never spoken ill of the OBA. Stick with me Sista, He was NOT the 1 that brought up this – Gary asked him a question on national TV and he responded. End of 1st story.

          • alsys says:

            I’m sorry, I’m confused by your statement “Mr. Swan would NEVER has never spoken ill of the OBA”. Is that a double or a triple negative?

            I never said he brought it up. However, if you check the 2009 interview with Dunkley in the RG that is being referred to below, you’ll see that this issue was already discussed ad nauseum THEN. So why did Wayne and Swan both make statements to the press about some new information now and not then when they BOTH would have had more credibility? Why did Swan do this big article on defending the record of the UBP like six months ago on bernews if this was such a big thing? You can’t wait until now to bring up this stuff to get the most momentum and not be called out for it. It’s dirty electioneering and frankly I used to think more of Kim than that.

            I’m not the uninformed one, I just choose to think that focussing on actual issues like crime stats, debt ratios and social services to make your decision on who you think is best to run this island’s government is a lot smarter than worrying about this stupid “he said, no he said” alleged report.

      • i gotta be me says:

        OMG! who ARE you?

      • Terry says:

        What a crock of s..t mountbatten.
        A frica vs the west. Garbage.
        They don’t eat the crap we eat over here.
        Get real.
        Absolute crap.

      • Familiar says:

        @mountbatten… I do hope you do your research far better than your post to me suggests.

        You should be aware that more than black women were used as wet nurses. Wet nursing is a practice that’s gone on for hundreds of years, in most societies, in some cases it being quite a respected position. No doubt female slaves and indentured servants of any skin colour were also used as wet nurses, but it’s highly unlikely that a woman would be forced to neglect their own child simply because of being a wet nurse to another child. I suspect there would be different, and more appalling, reasons why a mother would be forced to neglect their own child.

        Now, on to your medical comment. The reason there are so many sicknesses in the black community in the western world is a combination of genetics, diet and culture, which you should know as a black person. The reason they are relatively unheard of in Africa is due to a drastically different diet and lifestyle along with a different set of genetic influences.

        I do appreciate your pass on my ‘ignorance’ but I’m not certain whether I can do the same for yours because I do believe you should know better.

        • M.P.Mountbatten JP says:

          The historical data is certainly available to anyone who may be interested … Slave narrative docs..

          • Familiar says:

            @mountbatten. I presume that you mean regarding the wetnursing.

            Are the slave narrative documents Bermudian? American? Or from elsewhere? Because, of course you are aware, we all have different histories.

  16. Argosy says:

    This from the same person who wanted Bermuda to have a “stop & let me out” week!

    He obviously has his priorities right.

  17. CHEEKUMS BIE says:

    How can Craig call a document fake when he never served in the UBP???? Or in the political arena?? If anything shouldn’t he say I know nothing of a document like that..instead he labels it as fake…why would he take a position to speak to the document and saying that it is fake when he supposedly has nothing to do with the UBP and he is all OBA??
    The white community on a whole have never voted PLP or supported the PLP but like that guy Dread says Blacks have always voted for either or.
    When Zane Desilver joined the PLP and went campaigning look at what he and his wife was called “N___A LOVERS” and this is in the year 2000, so don’t act as if this has nothing to do with race, and the document provides proof that a racist mindset and plan is put in place to manipulate the minds of voters.
    And this guy Glen Smith receives a document out lining how to fool black people and how to push blacks up front while he and other whites take a back seat and control from the sidelines…..please…..
    ლ(ಠ益ಠ)ლ cheekums bie yall think people is stupid………. (゚o゚)ノ PLP!!

  18. Argosy says:

    This stuff is important and will save the island and reduce our debt and stop the shootings and heal the racial divide and set our unethical politicians straight and get our students ABOVE the 95% pass rate and create jobs and bring back tourists and bring back IB….

    No wonder the PLP are hooked on it.


    • M.P.Mountbatten JP says:

      @ Argosy … You are a record .. A broken one ! So why don’t you just RUN ?

    • A Bermudian says:


      You think the OBA can fix all that? I admire your optimism.

      • Argosy says:

        At least they have a chance….most of the electorate appear to agree.

        We KNOW the PLP/BIU party has NO chance whatsoever of fixing anything except further enriching themselves plus friends & family. People could perhaps forgive/forget mistakes, but the big TURNOFF is combining these with lack of ethics and downright corruption.

        The Bermuda/PLP triangle – DREB, Zane & Dennis. How do PLP/BIU supporters feel about that setup, I wonder? Are you comfortable with it? You made it happen…..


  19. sharon says:

    OBA fans should be ashamed…

    • Ah hem says:

      Ashamed of WHAT exactly?? (1) THE UBP DID NOT WRITE THE REPORT. So they asked a consultant to explain to them why they lost the election and the consultant wrote the report. How can the UBP be blamed for what some foreign consulant believes or suggested??????? (2) Craig Cannonier was NOT a member of the UBP, he has NOTHING to explain. (3) A report is NOT A PLAN. If there was a written response to the report that stated the reports suggestions would be implemented then THAT would be somthing to talk about, BUT there has been no talk of a written response to the report! (4) Its like blaming someone for someone elses beliefs! Get a clue

      • ABM says:

        No they did not write it, but they did instruct someone else to write it.

        • Keturah says:

          Um…you think they paid a consultant a whole pile of money to take dictation?

        • Rick Rock says:

          You don’t really know what a consultant is, do you.

      • sharon says:

        You sound like a broken record! Because you keep repeating something don’t make it true! Ashamed at the name calling of Kim Swan! He only spoke the truth!

    • Hey says:

      there are no fans, you vote for which political party will do the best For Bermuda and Bermudians and you over the next 5 years, look at what the current party have done are doing and look at alternative offerings from the other party (or independents)

      Fans…ANY PARTY that is in power for too long will achive nothing for the benefit of it’s people, be that OBA, PLP or otherwise. The OBA will be working with PLP colleagues on issues and getting things done. The PLP will be a closed book with no transparency….You choose, it is your right to choose for the next 5 years, do you want more of the same or change.

    • rock says:

      why do people treat this election like a football game. Everyone is a ‘fan’ and has allegiances. That sort of thinking needs to end. Vote for who will do the best for Bermuda.

  20. ella says:

    Ok Mr Cannonier – please dont f*&% up your chance to get in. As a Bermudian, we ask for the truth, even though we may not like what we hear but don’t you think it would be lots better if you do tell the truth? Trying to give your party a chance here.

    • LMAO2012 says:

      Mr.Craig can sleep all day on the 17 and on the 18 would of won his seat. he’s no fool, he made sure they gave him the safest seat. Can’t blame him to have to take all this stick for them, they will probably have to empty their pockets. you go craig

  21. StopBeingIgnorant says:


    • swing voter says:

      yah and the joke would be on us….all of us…..if people like you don’t rescue this island on Dec 17th from a ‘Caricom’ future

  22. Law abiding citizen says:

    I agree that UBP/OBA didn’t write the report in questioned. However they are surely followed the “blue print” set out in that document.

    I truly beleive the OBA has little chance of “swinging the black vote” after this document surfaced and Mr. Cannonier short fuse response which was displayed yesterday.

  23. sunspear says:

    thank the Lord the truth about the political desires of the OBA white power base has been laid bare. Thank you white Bermudians for your honesty you have delivered us from the frightening prospect of white political domination today, thank from the depths of my soul for showing us that Greg Cannoniar is basically a tool like a hammer oops sorry let me be politically correct he is a great example of a “black surrogate”.

    • Just tired says:

      Amen to that!

      Let this be the last election where a white party is deemed to bbe the contender!

      Then we will see progress!

    • Hey says:

      You got all that from a report you have never seen, that was a report someone gave to the UBP, which had nothing to do with the OBA…wow, the PLP sure tricked you easily AGAIN.

  24. another law abiding citizen says:

    You might be right, but I sure hope you’re wrong.. I highly doubt it that someone is gonna give their vote to the PLP based on what happened yesterday. I believe most voters have already made their minds up on who they’re gonna vote for. The issue is the 1.5 BILLION $$ debt that we’re in, ppl living in cars and not being able to feed their families. A consultant document is secondary, and let’s not forget that the PLP have spent nearly 10 MILLION $$ of the taxpayers money on consultants over the years

  25. jim bean says:

    Think about this – Kim Swan was leader! He received the report. He was the leader – all questions should be directed at him. What did he do with it? did he try and implement the findings? why would he keep the ubp alive?? is he a puppet of white people? what about wayne?

  26. Truth is killin' me... says:


  27. Yng Black Mind says:

    People of Bermuda:

    This is the bottomline:

    1. The document is real and references can be made of the similarities of the foundation of the OBA with the recommendations in the document.

    2. Kim Swan is simply providing the information AFTER the threat of legal action against Bermudian media (Gary Moreno, Royal Gazette, BBC, etc.) – not for political points.

    3. Any election is never fully about the issues – - (point out any election in history that was, I dare you) – - thus it is important for the OBA to deal with this situation, instead of deflecting.

    4. This is an issue for the OBA not the PLP – - the longer they wait, the worst it is going to get.

    5. Our country needs people who understand our issues and are willing to work together to solve them – - I DON’T CARE IF THEY ARE WHITE, BLACK OR WHATEVER – - they need to be trustworthy, honest and above board – - thus, both the PLP and the OBA need a real “gut check” as they both smell like rotten eggs after Halloween.

    Deal with the circus or lose the election – OBA.
    Get focused on the plan to solve our issues or get the hell out – PLP.

    Any questions>?

    I will be watching now and after December 17 – - whoever is government. If there isn’t any movement or solutions, there will be issue.

    Yng Black Mind
    (those who know understand, but those who understand and don’t listen will feel)

  28. Phillip Wells says:

    “Confirming a document does in fact exist, former UBP leader Kim Swan called it ”bizarre” that the OBA Leader claimed that a report given to the UBP years ago is a fabrication”

    It’s not bizarre at all, Kim – Craig was referring to the document on ubpleaks.com which you yourself have said was not the document you saw.

    • CHEEKUMS BIE says:

      The document on ubpleaks is what UBP done bottom line, it is not a fabrication and for Craig to address it as a fabrication SHOWS THAT HE KNOWS THAT ONE EXISTS……IF A DOCUMENT DID NOT EXIST THE CRAIG WOULD SAY….
      “I know nothing whatsoever about a document”..

      (゚o゚)ノ PLP!!!!!!!

      • navin johnson says:

        Kim Swan said it was not the REAL document…if not what is it? PLP fooling people for years…..

    • No to OBA antics says:

      Limey, both documents are real. only the cover page of one document was doctored to look fake and persoanlly I think the OBA did that to throw the media off their track. the surprise came when the real document with emails to dunkley, gibbons and smith were located. go rest on that Phillip, you can’t vote anyway and you would prefer to vote for lies than a man of integrity. Keep beating down Mr. Swan and you will see how we soliders will rally around this man of God, Truth and consequences.

    • No to OBA antics says:

      If Craig did not see the document how does he know it was a fake?

    • Helper to all says:

      Phillip as a blogger and writer, I’m sure if you were in threat of a being sued and Kim Swan had evidence that could help you; guess what, he wouldn’t see nothing more than he had in his possession the truth to set you free. That is the kind of Man the Hon. Kim Swan is.

  29. Terry says:

    Have a town hall meeting.
    This is ridiculas.

    20 odd thousand potential voters who know all the others bitching and moaning.
    One large family having a feud.
    No wonder we can’t move on.
    I gotta get a piece of the action.

  30. Small fry says:

    And the Premier said she was “only a cog in the wheel…” when pressed on overspending by the PLP Govt…

  31. Bermyman says:

    Are Zane and Johnathan ‘white surrogates’? Since they replaced black PLP candidates?

    The OBA did not write the plan and they did not create the language within it, the media company that produced it did! The version that appeared on UBP leaks was a fake. A real one does exist but not that version and most former UBP members will/have admitted that an official version exists. UBP leaks was a divisive plant by the PLP who have no problem putting out false information in order to defame and go on a great white which hunt. Distract the voting public from the real issues.

    Bottom line, whomever gets in power. If we don’t have a government capable of properly managing our economy and our people going forward. We as an island will see some very desperate times ahead. The bubble of foreign investment will burst and we will be fishing and farming just to survive

    r.v. (-gt) sur·ro·gat·ed, sur·ro·gat·ing, sur·ro·gates
    1. To put in the place of another, especially as a successor; replace.
    2. To appoint (another) as a replacement for oneself.

    The word means replacement. It is not derogatory by nature.

    • Just Curious...smdh says:

      Exactly – to be a ‘Surrogate’ mother could be an act of selflessness and virtue.

      Why would the ‘surrogate’ be derogatory?

      • mixitup says:

        Amazing how people will only read what they wish to see it as. Reminds me of the punctuation of the phrase.

        A woman, without her man, is nothing.
        A Woman: Without her, man is nothing.

      • Judge Dredd says:

        To “suck $#!+” from a babies mouth is an act of virtue too but there aren’t many contexts in which sucking $#!+ is virtuous is there? Stop with the semantic games. If your wife/husband got a surrogate spouse while you were away that’s not quite a good thing, now is it? BLACK SURROGATES/puppets of white elites sitting in the background is NOT £u©k¿ng virtuous ok!? You’re making me mad now. Just shut on up please.

    • Rick Rock says:

      Paula Cox is using surrogates all the time. She can’t go out and speak herself because she’s so unpopular, so she sends candidates who are likely to lose their seats. They are her surrogates. And all of them are black.

  32. MaybeWeNeedAPlan says:

    A consultant’s opinion?! PLP… why don’t you come clean with all the consultants’ opinions we received over the years?
    - How and when to play the race card to maximize impact.
    - Methods of keeping the Bermuda population divided to keep control.
    - How to redirect attention aware from our biggest mistakes and corruption instead of just dealing with it.
    - Ways to keep stringing along the population who were so desperate to believe and vote the ways their parents and grandparents did. The timing of false promises of housing, jobs, new hotels.

    I don’t believe that I still have access to a copy reports but I will look when I return. I do know several people who do, and I am surprised that several have not come forward.

    I am disheartened at what has become of my party and I will not be voting for them this time. Things need to change in Bermuda, and things desperately need to change within the PLP.

    I haven’t decided if I will vote at all. Just as the PLP has some bad apples, the OBA/UBP does have members who are very passionate about Bermuda and all Bermudians. Bermuda won’t be in bad hands while the PLP regroups. Maybe we need a new ‘secret plan’ that will help Bermuda prosper.

  33. Too passive! says:

    To the OBA members, namely Mr. Dunkley, Mr. Gibbons and even Mr. Richards! What is your collective problem? You needed to get in FRONT of this story the minute it cracked. Here we are some 11 days later and we are still talking about the “document”. The issues of the day are now totally being ignored. There is so much (mis)information that is being put out there about the OBA you can’t sit back and be quiet. The damage is continuing and causing you to haemorrhage potential votes. Craig’s performance yesterday didn’t help at all. Explain your position! Say something, anything at this point, but no more lies. You have practically handed the election to the PLP and I am now forced to endure 4-5 more years because you are all to d@mn passive! I understand that the document was at a point in time and frankly there are portions of that document you cannot defend but I understand that the OBA continues to use the same Consultant? What!?

  34. Useless says:

    You’re becoming dead weight Kim Swan. Just hurry up and join the PLP already.

  35. George says:

    Anybody studying psychology or interested in doing so? I’ll give you some monies to do a study of the political Bermudian psyche, analysing the ends to which people will lie, deceive, coerce, fabricate, try and manipulate others (and themselves) in order to maintain/gain control of political power in a small ‘developed’ modern Island state! There you go I have come up with the title for you – now for the meat of the thesis………. a fascinating study of how warped the Bermudian political pysche is/has become!

    You need to take a step back and listen to yourselves! It is indeed frightening! Why has it become so?

  36. Familiar says:

    I’m going to state now that I may well have been wrong in how the term ‘surrogate’ was used in the report in question. And I do so, not because I believe that there is anything wrong with the term itself, but in this particular instance it seems it was used and understood with a negative bent in mind.

    I say this after reading an article written in 2009 which references this report.

  37. The Truthsayer says:

    1. THE UBP DID NOT WRITE THE REPORT. They asked an American consultant to explain to them why they lost the election and the consultant wrote the report. How can the UBP be blamed for what some foreign consulant believes or suggested?

    2. Craig Cannonier was NOT a member of the UBP, he has NOTHING to explain.

    3. A report/campaign suggestions is NOT A “PLAN.” If there was a written response to the report that stated the reports suggestions would be implemented then THAT would be somthing to talk about, BUT there has been NO talk of a written response to the report!

    4. It’s like blaming someone for someone else’s beliefs! Thats just foolishness!

    5. The PLP has the same types of reports and “plans.” Why no mention of those??

    • CHEEKUMS BIE says:

      (゚o゚)ノ Listen up Liesayer
      1.THE UBP FOLLOWED THE REPORT!! Which outlined people as a HANDFUL OF BLACK SURROGATES and it dealt with disbanning the UBP and setting it back up under a new name while USING young black and black people as the front pawns all the while the white UBP leaders remain in the shadows dictating the party’s movements

      2. agreed..Exactly!! Craig Cannonier was not a UBP member so he should have kept his mouth shut on the issuie, however he felt the need to address it and say that the document was a false one which suggest that there is a document. Which shows that he and others was part of a UBP scheme to fool people into believeing that the OBA is truly a new party and they are for Bermuda when in fact the OBA is the UBP ..a party that was largly supported by majorty of racist whites who want nothing more than power. And Bermuda voted against them, so they decided to try to manipulate the young voters to try to win favor with them.

      3.Are you dense??? The suggestions in the report was implemented..now what you have to say???

      4.Wrong its not like blaming a person for their beliefs, if you believe that it is ok to manipulate people or refer to black people as “a handful of black surrogates” or refer to black people as “downscale, less educated voters” then that is foolishness

      5.Name the Plan that the PLP has like this please show me this otherwise you are considered a liar
      (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ ===>””,,’┻━┻ (flip)

  38. CURIOUS says:

    Can anyone ever trust Wayne Furbert again with caucus confidentiality?

  39. Just Curious...smdh says:

    Craig Cannonier had a gift horse and didn’t see its true value when the media was asking him about a report that he didn’t know about, didn’t concern him and more importantly didn’t concern the OBA. That was a perfect opportunity to say that the OBA was brand new and break the connection that PLP/BIU has tried to paint.

    To storm out of the press conference did not bode well for him either…why did he get himself all worked up? His response should have been to the Media that in the same way they contacted him, they should have contacted the people who were addressed in the report – Messrs. Dunkley, Gibbons etc. Ridiculous…

    It saddens me that my ancestors worked so hard for me to have the ability to vote. Yet, to vote for either parties would be to squander all what they worked so hard for.

  40. nuts says:

    I fail to see why a report commissioned five years ago for a now pretty much defunct political party written by an independent consultant bears any relevance whatsoever to this election.

    Move forwards not backwards and debate the issues and concerns of the voters!

  41. The Truthsayer says:

    I think the funniest thing out of all of this is the PLP HAVE YET to put a serious plan out for the voters to see, just running on what the OBA is doing “wrong,” trying to distract people!


    NOT THAT SILLY “10-POINT PLAN” (which is just goals btw).


  42. real kid says:

    bermudians are sick . LOL.

  43. Truth is killin' me... says:

    sur·ro·gate  (sûr-gt, -gt, sr-)
    1. One that takes the place of another; a substitute.
    a. A person or animal that functions as a substitute for another, as in a social or family role.
    b. A surrogate mother.
    3. Psychology A figure of authority who takes the place of the father or mother in a person’s unconscious or emotional life.
    4. Law A judge in New York and some other states having jurisdiction over the probate of wills and the settlement of estates.
    tr.v. (-gt) sur·ro·gat·ed, sur·ro·gat·ing, sur·ro·gates
    1. To put in the place of another, especially as a successor; replace.
    2. To appoint (another) as a replacement for oneself.

    • M.P.Mountbatten JP says:

      But in this case surrogate means BLACK DONKEY !!!!

      • Keturah says:

        It means whatever you want it to mean, basically.

      • Barracuda says:

        You are a slave to your own mind.

      • Hey M.P…..I see you’ve been subscribing to the secret PLP plan just released on VSB tonight!!! LMFAO!!! You’ve been “outed” mate….go lay down…along with the rest of your racist donkeys!!

        I wanna know how you’re gonna wiggle ya way out of this one!!!!! NO pun intended…but it’s out there now…in “black and white” for all to see…the PLP are the ones who are dependent on racism!!!

        c.c.- Dredd….this one’s for you too…spin ya crap on this revelation!!

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      Bermuda is another world. It also has its own dictionary. Just ask all of the PLP parrots the definition of surrogate. They of course know better than any of the recognized dictionary definitions. All they have to do is check with their handlers. They would not deceive.

  44. Givemeabreak says:

    I wonder how many Bermudians have googled the definition of “surrogates” in the past week………

  45. Oh Well says:

    Why is that imbecile Walter Roban giving his 2 cents worth. OMG

  46. Oh Well says:

    Wayne Furbert is a trader and a snitch. If the PLP do him wrong he will turn on them too.. Don’t tell him any secrets its just sour grapes with him..very unprofessional..

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      Dec 18th he will be out with the 3000 looking for a job. Dec 19th he will be forgotten by all.

  47. Fooled once, never twice says:

    The white OBA supporters on this site are doing a good job of ruining their parties chances. The whole point is not this report but the OBA’s response to it. Some of us black undecided voters do feel that this is an issue and deserves an answer. Yes the economy, jobs, the debt, etc is important to us but also not returning to the UBP era is even more of a possibility that we do not want to go back to. For you to pretty much tell me that I shouldn’t worry/be interested in the truth of this report and it’s contents is disrespective to me as a voter. That’s like a candidate coming to my house canvassing and after I tell him or her the issues I’m concerned with they tell me that those concerns aren’t important and that I should worry about the issues that they feel I should. Just doesn’t make sense now does it? And for all of you to tell us who are concerned about the truth that we should move on cause this happened in the past. This is actually the same thing you say every time the race discussion comes up.

    I would have respected the leader of the OBA if he would have come out and said that he knows little to nothing about the report if he didn’t or their was a report after verifying with Dunkley, Gibbons and Smith and that the wording was vile in nature and is not a position the OBA stand for. But no….. He came and said the document was a “fabrication”. But now it turns out that there was a report. So now he looks like a liar and the guilty parties (Dunkley, Smith & Gibbons) are still hiding in the shadows. The more this goes on the more votes the OBA are losing. My advise is to stop telling us our concerns are unimportant, confirm there is a report, allow the recipients to speak and if there have been any improprieties, then the appropriate action be taken. That is the only way the OBA can gain some integrity and appear to be a viable option to the PLP.

    • Keturah says:

      Please don’t let the handful of fanatics sway you…there are a few on both sides

      • Fooled once, never twice says:

        Stop that!!!!!! Please stop that! We want to vote for “change” not the same as we have had all this time with the UBP and PLP. For you all to say “well they did it too” and ” what abt when so and so did/said that”. We have to mature and do things differently. Until then there will be no “change” just the status quo that exists today….. Mercy!!!

  48. astalavista baby OBA says:

    Sorry when you snitch on the white man it’s called being emotional. That was in the secret plan with reference to black people. : )

  49. Bermudican says:

    The many voices represented in this thread , the diversity of points of reference even the ideas of what is or is not relevant seems to have helped me feel just a bit saner to day than i have in a while…

    because for the most part , it seems that newspaper articles are about “dumbing the people down”..yet , in this instance it has brought out an array of perspectives.

    I am going to now spend some time reading something worthwhile.


  50. Katlyn says:

    I’m sick of all the back and forth.Wayne Furbert really can yo be trusted hell no….If you were still the Leader of the UBP what action would you take for someone leaking information?
    Mr Furbert I still remember so clearly your statement when there was a march to the cabinet grounds,quote”you looked out and what did you see a lot of white faces in the crows”What you should have said i saw a lot of Bermudians…
    You are a shallow person.

  51. Knobby says:

    Voting PLP or OBA is like choosing between Cat S**t and Dog S**t. Either way it’s S**t.

    Now would you like gang violence with your s**t, or $1.5Bn debt with your s**t or would you prefer just s**t so long as it floats as opposed to the s**t that sinks?

  52. David says:

    All this chatter and still no movement on jobs, debt reduction, our children’s future, our Islands future, gang violence, etc. etc.
    when are we going to fix it?

  53. GOD 1st says:

    @ Justathought i agree with you