Videos: PLP Pembroke Town Hall Meeting

December 6, 2012

The PLP hosted two Town Halls this week, with the second taking place last night [Dec 5] at Victor Scott School.The featured candidates were those running in Pembroke: Walton Brown for C#17, David Burt for C#18, Vincent Ingham for C#19, Marcus Jones for C#20, and Rolfe Commissiong for C#21. The videos posted below are all courtesy of the PLP’s Youtube channel.

David Burt:

Walton Brown:

Vincent Ingham:

Marcus Jones:

Rolfe Commissiong:

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Comments (6)

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  1. voterin21 says:

    Rolfe’s whole outlook is based on a win-lose paradigm, on having a battle to wage, an enemy to defeat. Life is a fight. Our society needs everyone to get out of this economic mess. It needs businesses to make money and create jobs, and it needs education and training for workers to stay relevant in the 21st century. It needs to allow the successful to continue to succeed and to support charitable organizations to help the less successful. One does not come at the expense of the other. Unfortunately, Rolfe and many in the PLP don’t see it this way. They need to take from someone else in order to build themselves up. That’s why PLP relations soured with international businesses and why most of the PLP’s campaigning in this election is about how bad the OBA is. We cannot prosper under this mindset.

    • Hey says:

      Excellent well thought out comment.

      • CHEEKUMS BIE says:

        No his out look is not based on a win – lose paradigm, how can u say that when he said he is looking forward to winning the election??
        The economic mess is from USA and once that is sorted out then we can climb up economically, but you cannot deny that Bermuda has done well,
        Oba/uba calling us black surrogates, and less uneducated uses the PLP to stand on a podium to speak instead of erecting their own podium.
        Not to mention the whole UBP/OBA was a great facade and nothing short of trying to manipulate the minds of people who they felt was dumb all for the sake of getting back in power.

        The PLP campaigning has been about standing strong for Bermuda and they did that by showing what they have done thus far and what they continue to do…the OBA/UBP and their supporters have not rested since 1998 and have been doing nothing more than throwing ridicule, defamation of character, lies,ect ect all to try and make the PLP look as if they are not qualified to lead Bermuda, all the while giving us a white face to look at as our savior for Bermuda.
        Not to mention the UBP/OBA’s insidious, undermining, manipulative, callously structured, filled with racist bigotry PLAN.
        Look at how Pala handled the interview, and the press ..pure class THEN
        Look at how Craig handled the press interview, by shutting the reporter up, threatening to end the interview and then arrogantly ends the interview and storms out, We cannot and will never prosper under this type of mindset

        • voterin21 says:

          Honestly, have you even looked at the PLP campaign? I encourage you to start with a clear head and review both sides objectively. After due consideration, I cannot stomach much of anything from the PLP’s campaign for reasons above, and because I have watched the Government mishandle the public purse and our economic relations for too many years. It is too late for the PLP to convince me with any kind of campaign. Their record is on show and cannot be erased, and that is really a disadvantage for them (or any incumbent) in an election. I feel sorry for Paula. She got burned by Ewart Brown’s cabinet and she has demonstrated that she does not have what it takes to lead the country.

          I was not impressed with Cannonier’s press conference behaviour either, but big deal. Lesons get learned and a new broom will sweep clean. There are people and ideas in the OBA that I don’t like, but at least an OBA Govt comes in with a very strong mandate for changing the status quo. A PLP Govt returns to operate in the same way they have been to our great detriment. Your post is sadly so typical of the population that believes the PLP’s fear-mongering hook line and sinker. It can be heard a thousand times over on blogs and talk radio. We will all benefit from a healthier democracy and more responsible government when ALL voters take charge of their beliefs and not merely feed from the party trough.

  2. CJ says - says:

    Well put Voterin21.

  3. wiaruz says:

    Complete bollox.