Photos: ‘Eclipse’ Super Yacht Moves To Hamilton

January 30, 2013

[Updated with additional photos] The world’s largest super yacht has made its way to Hamilton, after arriving in St George’s yesterday morning [Jan 29].

The ‘Eclipse’ is owned by Russian tycoon Roman Abramovich and features two helicopter pads, several jacuzzis, two swimming pools, a private submarine, armour plating, a special missile detection defense system and more. Read more about the super yacht, and see our first photo gallery and video here.

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  1. Y-Gurl says:

    Awesome awesome ship, complete with a missile detection system, Hmm wonder where this guy made his money

  2. Suspicious says:

    Now we know who’s financing the waterfront development.

  3. M.P.Mountbatten JP says:

    It’s mine I tell you !

  4. Just think about it ; this little cruiser would almost pay off your country’s debts!

  5. that´s a REAL TOY for the boy´s ,,wow , i need says:

    That´s a REL TOY for the boy´s .,,wow i need a job on it PLEASE;;

  6. BermudaGirl says:

    Absolutely breathtaking! So who is he here to see?? What deals are being made??

  7. The Skink says:

    A wonderful piece of machinery. A work of art. Just because this ship is here does not mean the owner is here. I think most of the populace have no idea of the organizational structure of the super rich. This is one of five yachts he owns. Yes he owns it, but the day to day operations are the responsibility of the crew who have a manifest to follow no doubt. These guys are sailors of the highest calibre. Bermuda is the port of registry for this vessel. I think we need to stop reading into this vessel’s visit anything ulterior.