329lb Bluefin Tuna Caught On Challenger Banks

February 7, 2013

Earlier today [Feb 7] Darryl Steynor and Brian Hines — co-owners of the fishing vessel “SpellBound” — reeled in a 329lb bluefin tuna in the Challenger Banks area.

The two — who have been fishing together for over 10 years — caught the giant bluefin at around 9am this morning. Using an 80lb test line, the fish took about an hour to land, with Mr Steynor calling it a “decent fight.”

Mr Steynor and Mr Hines with the Bluefin:


They brought the fish ashore to Elys Harbour in Sandys, and four people combined to get the 329lb fish on to land. They then used a backhoe to move it,and transported it away via truck to the Hamilton restaurant which had purchased it.

This is the first bluefin tuna that Mr Steynor and Mr Hines have caught, with Mr Steynor explaining that they are not as commonly caught as other species of tuna.


Last year a 489-pound bluefin tuna made international headlines after it sold for a record $1.76 million at a Tokyo auction, after being caught off the coast of northeastern Japan. The year before a 593lb bluefin tuna was sold in Japan for over $735,000.

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  1. Bermuda Girl says:

    Poor thing, I don’t know why they look so pleased with themselves. Disgusting!

    • Inspector Gadget says:

      You eat fish? It’s not like a Marlin which would go to total waste. Tuna is the chicken of the sea… Get over it. It’s about to get eaten!! YUMM!!!

    • mixitup says:

      And you’ve never eaten tuna fish in your life??

    • Pitts Bay says:

      Vegan I assume??

    • Tooth Fairy says:

      Says , the Sushi loving Bermuda Girl

      • chop stix says:

        Rumor has it that this big guy has found a new home at Harbor Front sushi bar…..

      • Just us says:

        Do they test fish this size for mercury before consuming? How long does it take for a fish to get that size?

    • Judge Dredd says:

      They look pleased with themselves because they are HUMANS who accept the law of nature which dictates that we have to eat LIVING species in order to sustain human life and that includes VEGETATION. While you’re boohooing like a nincompoop over the poor widdle tuna fishy consider that tuna eat other small fish to survive. Now extend your empathy for those other fish called humans. Idiot!

      • Educated Fish Eater says:

        We are not sustaining life, we are overfishing the blue tuna species. Because of consumer demand the numbers of this incredible fish in the Atlantic are low and the Pacific Blue Tuna is even more threatened. Get the facts, use google choose to be part of the solution by being an educated fish eater.


        • Judge Dredd says:

          An educated fish eater knows the difference between line fishing and troll fishing. Using lines to fish has NEVER been a threat to any species and neither can it ever be defined as “overfishing” so you can eat your own sarcastic uneducated ambergris. These men are not contributing to ‘overfishing’ because they used a line. Your definition of overfishing would have us stop fishing all together. Why don’t you first learn the definition of overfishing before you start pulling your scales out here. Overfishing is:
          1. The practice of commercial and non-commercial fishing which depletes a fishery by catching so many adult fish that not enough remain to breed and replenish the population. Overfishing exceeds the carrying capacity of a fishery.
          2. Catching too many fish; fishing so much that the fish cannot sustain their population. The fish get fewer and fewer, until finally there are none to catch.
          3. Fishing with a sufficiently high intensity to reduce the breeding stock levels to such an extent that they will no longer suppport a sufficient quantity of fish for sport or commercial harvest.
          It’s called ‘over’fishing to distinguish from reasonable fishing as an industry which these men are doing. They caught one damn fish. Do you eat fish? When there are shortages of water it doesn’t mean you can’t use ANY water, it means you cannot be excessive. So hush your fish lips and in your own words ‘Get the facts’

    • jon says:

      I guess u dont eat tunafish in the can

    • Donna says:

      It is not like there are tons of these fish being caught in Bermuda! If you want to complain then complain to the Japanese who are wiping out these fish. Only 3 have been caught here in the last 15 years and these guys have families and bills.GET OVER IT! (And make sure you never eat another tuna sandwich or sushi again!)

  2. I hope they got a good chuck of money for it!

  3. Nuffin but de Truth! says:

    Hopefully the next one they go after takes their hands off!
    These are protected fish!

    • maybe says:

      Nuffin but de truth and Bermuda Girl need to find out which restaurant has this tuna so that they can go and fill their mouths with it, then we won’t have to hear the trash that thay are talking. I guess they live in a bubble and they are perfect. Maybe someone should tell you that they next time you drive that you should end up upside down.

      • Nuffin but de Truth! says:

        as a matter of FACT…I DONT eat fish…
        so stuff your words up your ass lil non person “maybe”

        • M.P.Mountbatten JP says:

          @Nuffin… The blind man seems to think that’s all you eat .

          • drewson says:

            Have any of you heard that Tunas are almost extinct… The amount that people eat daily is killing a remarkable animal. Yes I eat tuna every once and a while, but I am thinking twice now since they are close to extinction…

    • Pitts Bay says:

      No they are not. Line fishing is not the problem. Get your facts straight

    • Judge Dredd says:

      Wow that’s evil!

    • nooneinparticular says:

      not protected. regulated, albeit poorly.

    • Dentist says:

      I bet if you said that to either of those dudes faces, you’d loose your teeth!

  4. Victor says:

    It’s worth approx $50,000.00 in Japan. Catch a few more boys and we have a viable industry.

    • tim says:

      I doubt that

    • Tommy Chong says:

      I’m not too sure about that. Most fish are usually cheaper in Japan than the rest of the world. Beef is really expensive there due to the lack of land for grazing cattle. Hence the reason why people in Japan eat more fish than red meat.

  5. sugra says:

    Pretty work guys!

  6. Know it all says:

    329lbs is chump change for Wicked Tuna Dave on Tuna.com !!

  7. Eyes Wide Open says:

    “Nuffin but due truth” and “Bermuda Girl”…… U guys just had a blond moment.. Hahaha

  8. Wicked Tuna says:

    @Victor Is it really worth $50,000 in Japan? You should watch Wicked Tuna 10:00pm Sundays.

  9. Happy for them!!! says:

    To wish someone bad luck is disgusting. These 2 men would never wish anyone bad luck. Father’s out making a living to support there beautiful children. If you met these guys in person you would understand just how nice they are.Anyone in there shoes would of kept the fish also. If you were fishing for a living. Love ya boys!! Great Job!!

  10. Concerned Citizen says:

    That’s what Marc Bean has been saying, but anyway, I totally agree…….beautiful fish, certainly worth going to taste it at the restaurant……bernews, please find out for us……..a bit of sushi to start, then a grilled piece of loin for the main course! @ Bermuda Girl and nutthin, shut up! Some of us humans actually eat fish. It’s called FOOD!

  11. owner4comment says:

    Alwayz a h8tin A** loser who comments in the negative light no matter how positive the story is! #SMH!! Congratz you lot!

  12. sushi lover says:

    That is a great fish. And a well deserved catch for these guys.@Bermuda Girl and nuttin, r you honestly going to tell me youve never had a piece of tuna or tunafish. F’in hypeacrites yes these fish r in decline its a fact but its not due to rod reel fisherman. Its japans long liners raping the ocean. U wanna get ur panties in a bunch pick a good cause. Congrats u bies. I know where im going for dinna tom nt!

  13. PROMOTER says:

    goverment, we can export something, please act asap

    im not jokin,

    Bermuda needs to get hip to the times

    Have u seen WICKET TUNA

  14. Judge Dredd says:

    Man you guys must feel awesome, that’s a MASSIVE fish. I hope you got a pretty penny for it.

  15. indeed says:

    Really? We’re referencing Japan?? Maybe we should start killing the humpbacks too. Typical. Don’t these two so called fisherman know that BLUEFIN TUNA ARE ENDANGERED!?? MORE LAWS IN BERMUDA… REGULATE THE FISHING INDUSTRY.

    • Runaway says:

      include yourself in the idiot catagory ! Let me guess, your the wife of a scientist. This country has “ZERO” effect on fish stocks on this planet. GET OVER YOURSELF !!

    • watching-n-listening says:

      I wasn’t gonna even respond too this,but I felt I had too has a fisherman,@ indeed,fist of the bat blufin tuna,aren’t an endangered species,yeah they aren’t abudant like say 10,even 20 years ago but too say endangered,and protected is utter nonesense,and too go a bit further,its not from Bermudian fisherman,either its from those forein fishermen I.e japps,comming within our waters and using there long lines literally raking the bottom of every and anything,and that’s a fact so @ indeeed no your facts before”you”just say”anything,secondaly do you know how much money it takes too troll in order for you too catch a fish of that magintide,and size??how costly the fuel alone can be afyer all we are talking challeger,and argus banks which is 18-and 24 miles off Bermuda,just too leave the dock too fuel up can cost in the thousands,and who says when you go out trolling,your even gonna catch a tuna,??so add all that up,and also keep in mind fisherman fish for a living not for fun,or free,I would suggest @indeed you watch wicket tuna,on sundays,at 10pm too get a better”understanding before you just run your mouth,and say anything,sometimes it takes weeks,months of”fruitless”trolling too produce fish like the tuna,you see there just wanted too sate a few facts too you,too two men who caught it well done…pa,and yes bernews,it would be nice too know the resturant cause fresh grilled tuna nothing like it ijs….

      • indeed says:

        Get my facts?? I’m going by the WWF website. You are correct, Bluefin tuna are not on the endangered species list, which I never said they were, BUT they have been over fished so much to the point of extinction. So, if that can’t warrant to be described as endangered, I don’t know what can. Secondly, organisation are trying to amend the list and put Blue fin Tuna on that list and Bermuda should be actively playing a part in been more aware of what species in our waters are under threat, and who is fishing what, so we can protect our oceans longevity. But, Bermuda is so far behind in this world and for the size of it, we can’t even police our roads, let alone oceans, so your right in a sense, no point in running my mouth in a society that doesn’t lead by example. Just a shame that the public and the politicians don’t take more note and actually think about some of these comments, because people who leave comments that go against the flow, are actually offering constructive criticism to better Bermuda.

        • The Truthsayer says:

          @ Indeed

          “Don’t these two so called fisherman know that BLUEFIN TUNA ARE ENDANGERED!??”

          Ummmm…yes you did. Now EAT your words ya dummy!

        • jredmond says:

          what an arse. read ya first statement

        • Donna says:

          so you call catching 3 of these fish in the last 15 years in Bermuda overfishing??!!

  16. Runaway says:

    Congrats “SPELLBOUND” landing the Bluefin. Hope its at Harbor Front ,heading there tonight.

    @Bermuda Girl and nutthin put you energy towards the Russians and Japenese fishing fleets and leave Bda. fisherman alone you complete idiots !!!

  17. Triangle Drifter says:

    How come that 330# Bermuda caught bluefin looks bigger than the 500#ers caught on Wicked Tuna?

    • uncle sam says:

      Good eye there @drifter. Wicked tuna is a joke of a TV show. Over exaggerated to the Max. I love these comments thought, its very interesting to hear all these “facts ” from the peanut gallery.

      Great work Spellbound!

  18. Suspicious says:

    Great job guys this is sustainable fishing ,since they only took 1 fish.

    • Tommy Chong says:

      So true! If posters Bermuda Girl & Nuffin but de Truth! want to weep over fish they should be sad for the ones caught of Bermuda’s docks. There are groups of people who catch hundreds probably even close to thousands of fish off our docks every week with nets. The fish these people catch haven’t even come close to reaching full maturity & some aren’t even big enough to fill a sandwich. These people are the ones destroying our ecosystems food chain & shouldn’t be so greedy & just keep the big fish not the babies.

      My family likes to go down to the docks on the weekends to teach my children to fish. What we catch we release unless there’s enough meat on it for three sandwiches or more. If we don’t get there before these others I mentioned above we can’t even get a bite. We see their women on the side filleting piles of these small fish as they continue to trough their nets in to catch more & more. Even seen them catch & keep parrot fish which I’m pretty sure is illegal to do.

  19. Victor says:

    My $50,000.00 estimate may have been too low – see article below from NY Times:

    FISH January 4, 2013, 10:15 am 33 Comments
    Bluefin Tuna Sold for Record $1.76 Million in Tokyo ‘Auction’*
    Jan. 5, 12:42 p.m. | Read updates below |

    [9:07 p.m. | Update | The first Tokyo tuna auction of 2013, on Saturday, saw a single 489-pound bluefin sell for astonishing $1.76 million, according to the Associated Press *:

    The winning bidder, Kiyoshi Kimura, president of Kiyomura Co., which operates the Sushi-Zanmai restaurant chain, said ‘‘the price was a bit high,’’ but that he wanted to ‘‘give Japan a boost,’’ according to Kyodo News agency. He was planning to serve the fish to customers later Saturday.
    Here's the post as filed this morning, when $700,000 was considered a big number for the ceremonial first sale:]

    European Pressphoto Agency
    A 593-pound bluefin tuna sold for nearly $700,000 in Tokyo last January.
    Here’s a quick note from the global tuna conservation team at the Pew Environment Group:

    Within the next few days, the first giant Pacific bluefin tuna of 2013 is expected to be auctioned in Tokyo for an astronomical price. Last January, one fish sold for a record $736,000 and made headlines around the world. Purchasing a single bluefin for such a remarkably high price has become an annual cultural event in Japan. But, the fanfare surrounding this event masks a real and pressing problem: the population of this majestic fish is a fraction of what it used to be, and management is practically non-existent.

    Scientists are expected to come out with a new stock assessment for Pacific bluefin on Monday, January 7. According to our sources, the new results are alarming and indicate further decline of the species.

    • uncle sam says:

      It was a marketing deal. The purchaser was promoting his restaurants. No Fish is worth that
      .. tink about it.

  20. unreal says:

    @indeed/nuffin but de truth/Self. Before you start lambasting two local fishermen for harvesting their first ever bluefin, do some research first! Comparing this catch with the global decimation of this species is so stupid it’s actually quire funny. The fish was caught on rod and reel,not but net, harpoon or long line. This is what decimates a species and this is why they are threatened (not endangered)! Their catch is notable because it is quite rare to hook one more or less actually land one in BDA. They are transient to the island and that’s why they are not caught here regularly. The catch is note worthy and news worthy, so think first before you spew more verbal diarrhea.

  21. nooneinparticular says:

    nothing wrong with local guys taking one bluefin. you want to worry about conservation of this and other species in Bermuda’s waters, you need to worry about the illegal fishing of foreign fleets. they are stealing Bermuda’s resources, resources that belong to each and every Bermudian, and they are making millions doing so. that’s the big problem and that’s why we need to get behind Blue Halo, to stop these thieves and put money in our pockets each time we do.

  22. sushi lover says:

    Hi all.Just happened to go L’Oriental for a sushi chow down with the Mrs. last nite…..was told by the sushi-chef Harvey to try a piece of ‘local bluefin,caught today!’Had 2 orders of it shashimi-style….I’ve been spoilt!! delicious

  23. sushi lover says:

    Oops-congrats to the 2 fishermen too…hey Darryl,thanx for filling my belly last nite.Your a skilla!Sent a link so Vince could see it in the UK in case he missed Bernews today.

  24. G Man says:

    Yo all are crazy. Fish are on the earth to eat! in abundance! If we all went out and caught one ourselves once in a while and grew our own crop maybe we’ll have cash in the wallets!!

  25. G Man says:

    In addition, Everything that God creates reproduces…. Give it a rest!!

  26. Marthoga says:

    WICKED TUNA!!!!! Good catch you guys. Don’t listen to all these hypocrites. First they complain about the dogs now the fish. People need to use their common sense, but then again, common sense ain’t common any more. These men are making an honest living. What the hell do you want them to do? Sell drugs? Be for real people. How often does a Bermudian get lucky and catch such a big fish? I hope they catch some more. Good Luck you guys.