Group Assaults Man At His St George’s Home

February 22, 2013

Shortly before 1.30pm today [Feb 22] police responded to a residence in St George’s after a resident reported being assaulted in his home by a group of males. One man is in custody, and the investigation is ongoing.

Barrack Street St George's, Bermuda February 22 2013 (1)

A police spokesperson said, “At 1:25 today (Friday) a complainant attended the Southside Police Station and reported an assault.

“Details surrounding this incident are sketchy but it appears that the complainant was at his residence on Barrack Close in St. Georges when a group of males entered his dwelling and an assault took place.

“A man is in police custody assisting police with this inquiry and police are appealing for witnesses or anyone with any information on this incident to contact Eastern CIU on 295-0011.”

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Comments (19)

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  1. nok says:

    These fools act like they wanna get caught and go jail!They must miss their boyfriends in jail.a$sholes

  2. Karma says:

    Or Maybe the guy they attacked is reeping the consequenses… but wen it happens 2 him he calls police…sMH

    • hugs says:

      Smh sh!t d ….. up count hope the police get you contect info hiding behind a name

  3. St. George’s is not exonerated at ALL.So tell that man who keeps calling Gina Spence’s talk show and running his mouth because he has nothing else to do. Take a look around after he opens his eyes n ears to the real deal in Bermuda. You have in St. George the very same problems we have after you pass the airport. Stop talking crap when the crap is right in your own backyard. St. George might be a quaint old town, but you don’t have to match that quaintness even if you are old. You are antequated/obsolete. Try a new hobby.

    • Not buying it says:

      Statistically St. George’s is far less impacted by violent incidents. That is not to say that they don!t happen, just that happen far less often than other parts of the island.

    • Friend says:

      No we don’t its de rats that come cross the bridge that start stuff . Same as the x mas shooting

      • Ganja mon says:

        That’s is true! It’s always morons coming down here to start trouble.

  4. Suspicious says:

    Row row your boat to north rock big white shark waiting for you.

  5. Nuffin but de Truth! says:

    Anyone wanna try breaking in my place bring a body bag for your dead a$$!

  6. sminks says:

    Where is the love?

  7. Rock Watcher says:

    That’s the problem people spend too much time listening and calling talk shows
    instead of working – or looking for a job!

    • Blood Clot says:

      I agree ..most talk shows are a waste of time and have very little positive influence on society. Traditionally they are a place for complainers and negative people to call and talk while the people that truly want to help DO instead of TALK or Complain!

      I remember when I used to listen to them while driving the work truck. There were a handful or vocally recognizable individuals that called every show almost daily. We all know who they are. I was amazed that they could find the time in their day to listen to all these shows and even call in with their opinions and complains , all while they got paid by the taxpayers.

    • Ottojr says:

      What a shame to waste ones’life blabbing on these talk shows. Be a part of the solution…if not..SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Islander says:

    It’s a done deal in my neighborhood – you may walk in but you sure as heck won’t be walking you will either squirm, crawl, creep or be assisted by ambulance or EMS. Life is to showt to be stessed by someone who is not my family or neighbor. Separate yourselves from the wrong compamy, spend time with your family

  9. backbush says:

    @rock watcher i feel u that is the biggest problem in bermuda. we only talk instead of trying fix the problem. how hell is just talking going fix anything it not like you get different callers you get the same callers call every day talking almost the same thing they talked about yesterday

  10. Chris P Bacon says:

    I’m sure they are all fine young men really – never ever been in trouble, just turning their lives around etc etc etc blah blah blah.

  11. Tricks are for kids says:

    Details ARE (according to this acticle AND reports received by Police)sketchy at this time so I will WAIT until full details are released before I assume anything. I have questions of course; Was it a break and entry? (can’t deduce that by the article because it just says “suspects entered” and ” I can “enter” a friends home after being let in)…..Was it a retaliation to something the victim may have done? Was it a robbery?….there are so many conclusions that can be drwan because the article is so vague…So like I said I’ll wait as I don’t want to speculate……Bernews is sure to get ALL the DETAILS as they never fail to disappoint….

  12. SINGLE MOM says:

    @ veryone who commented on this article…obviously you all leaving in a time zone…ppl talk on those talk shows too air out some of the problems our ppl are facing that we kno hardly n e thing about!! Judgemental …self centered ignorant ppl…we are!! SMDH..and we wondering why Bermuda ain’t gonna change!!! # Umjustsaying

    • Jam that Clam says:

      Bermuda’s not going to change with that grammar of yours.