‘Escalation Of Lawlessness In The Old Town’

April 25, 2017

“The numerous incidents in and around St. George’s over the past few weeks are a clear sign that the current approach simply isn’t working and as a result, criminals are getting bolder,” Shadow Minister of Municipalities Senator Renee Ming said.

Recent incidents in the east end include buses being left damaged after the fare vaults were stolen while parked at the St. George’s bus terminal, two robberies and an attempted robbery involving taxi drivers in St. George’s, three or four suspects assaulting two male guest workers at a St. George’s guest property , and a man using an ATM being attacked by another man.

Renee Ming Bermuda TC April 25 2017

Senator Ming said, “Reports of a violent robbery in broad daylight represents a frightening escalation of lawlessness in the Old Town.

“With promises of a fully operational, fully staffed Police station and the introduction of CCTV throughout the town remaining unkept, St. Georgians are wondering if there will be any action to improve safety and security within St. George’s.

“The numerous incidents in and around St. George’s over the past few weeks are a clear sign that the current approach simply isn’t working and as a result, criminals are getting bolder.

“The level of responsiveness of the Police Service to the needs of St. George’s is also being questioned. In fact, a constituent complained to me about being unable to reach anyone at the Southside Police Station and ending up having to call the Somerset Police Station to get transferred to Southside, where there was still no answer.

“Fortunately, this was not an emergency, but a genuine attempt to provide our Police with information about suspicious activity in the East End went unanswered. This is unacceptable and is symbolic of the neglect of St. George’s.

“For law and order to be restored, more visible, regular and consistent foot patrols are required throughout the day and evening. CCTV systems must be fully implemented and manned and more attention must be paid to the safety and security needs of St. George’s.”

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  1. San George says:

    The arc of the moral universe is long, but it points towards justice.

  2. wassup says:

    who started all this by closing the police station? One guess …..

    • Really? says:

      Who has the power to open it again and haven’t? Guess who…

      • Izzypop says:

        Same game different players. Guess what, after next election police station will still be in StvDavids and nothing in St G

    • Keepin' it Real!...4Real! says:

      Who started robbing..?

  3. Cowboys in the East says:

    We known this for a long time now. The people out St George’s act like cowboys in a Wild West movie! Was a ghost town just last year…I know the route of it all…It’s the Tourism Authority’s fault!! Just barge in and bring all this talk of big new money and new developments into St George’s and how to revitalise the place. Shame on them!!

    Too bad St George’s don’t use the apparatus they already have to provide a deterrent to this anti-social gang warfare that is happening – the stocks, pillory and ducking stool! The BTA can make that it a tourism event too!

  4. Jeremy Deacon says:

    It always amuses me to see columns like this which try to airbrush history out. It was, afterall, the PLP which started this process by closing the St George’s police station.

    • Breathe says:

      Governments don’t close police stations, Police close police stations. Its an operational consideration within the sole discretion of the Commissioner. Think about it for a moment: if Governments closed them then this Government would’ve opened St. George’s station in 2013. Nice try, but the only airbrushing going on here is of the Constitution and the clear separation of powers in this area.

    • Cowboys in the East says:

      Deacon is #woke

    • inna says:

      This reads more to me like a facebook post, pandering to the converted.

    • Really? says:

      It always amuses me when people try and make everything a political argument. Why would they need to mention that? The OBA had 4 years to re-open the police station and they haven’t. I’m not surprised at a comment like this coming from you. Says and confirms a lot really.

      • Zevon says:

        The PLP closed the police station. In their 14 years, that is what they achieved. Plus they refurbished St Georges police station at a cost of $650,000, and then kept it closed. What a success.

        And one of the “crimes” she is “concerned” about was a minor family altercation, where the police arrived three minutes after the call.

    • Micro says:

      Well the OBA haven’t reopened the station either.

      But I mean, do we need a police station in every parish? Would that actually deter anyone? Doubt that very much.

  5. NO MORE WAR says:

    A police station doesn’t stop crime officers do. More officers are needed on the ground. Free up those officers who have to guard the House of Parliament the Premier and the Governor and put them on the best where they actually belong. Let the regiment do those types of duties. Even if we built 20 police stations having little to no man power will not make any difference. The senior officers are planning piss poor and allocating their men as if they had unlimited. Get rid of the top cop (lol) and put a real officer there who knows the streets and can properly direct his or hers officers to get the job done. Anywhere else in the world and the chief officer would have been forced to resign.

  6. Count Dooku says:

    This is no different from what is happening in Smith’s, Devonshire or Warwick on any given day. St. George’s is not that special, there’s a station in the East End within the Parish. An extra Police Station in the town will do nothing but add cost to a Government purse that is already strained, this is throwing money at a problem, not a solution.

  7. Joe Bloggs says:

    Thank you Senator Ming. Much of what you have said was said by others when the St. George police station was closed, but it is worth repeating.

  8. Ya serious says:

    Well let’s see! The biggest gang in Bermuda is 150m away the Hamilton Police Station. Hasn’t stopped them from doing anything they like? We all saw the recent videos on Court Street. People need to realise that these types of guys nowadays don’t care if there’s a Police Station nearby or not.

  9. Stgeoyoung says:

    I just feel like locking people up wont help. St george needs economic investment… The new surge of crime is more monetary than anything. If you dont want to create jobs cool.. But make it possible to open our own businesses and have a shot at survival. In my humble opinion.

  10. Politricks says:

    Sorry but the PLP destroyed St. Georges. During their reign they:

    - made no true effort to get cruise ships back to the Olde Towne;
    - closed the police station that they complain about not being open;
    - stripped the Corporation of their biggest revenue stream which prevented the upkeep and revitalization of the Olde Towne;
    - closed/privatised a golf course prematurely that enticed many people to venture into the east end;
    - forced a closure of a Bermudian beach business for a hotel development that was never developed
    - ended the ferry runs to the east end
    - focused all their energy and time into Dockyard forgetting about the need to upkeep our one and only UNESCO Heritage Site

    The OBA:

    - reinstated the Corporation’s revenue stream and granted funds to the Corporation for infrastructure maintenance
    - issued a small gas tax with all proceeds going to St. Georges for infrastructure maintenance and revitalization
    - successfully enticed cruise ships back to the east end
    - successfully got the cruise ship line to reinstate the ferry back to St. Georges
    - hopefully will get the hotel finally developed (awaiting planning amendments approval)

    Sorry, Ms. Ming, but the facts show that the OBA has done more for St. George’s in their small 4 year reign than the PLP could be bothered to do in 14.

    Can’t argue with facts.

  11. Real Onion says:

    The Old Towne needs a FULLY operational Police Station like it had before with regular Foot and Mobile Patrols…until then,there will be more incidents.

  12. property owner says:

    Mr bascome will get it open he did champion that cause. If they don’t give him what he wants he will threaten them to go alone. That should work Bascome you have them where you want continue to use your power

  13. The hearts and minds of men need to change first, then and only then change will come and crime will decrease. We need to stop pointing fingers at churches, organisations, police, politicians etc and take a look at the man in the mirror and ask ourselves if we are genuinely happy within ourselves and the lives that we live. Hearts have waxed cold and those in position who do wrong and and get away with it are being emulated. So… lets examine ourselves first before we point fingers at the police, churches, politicians, clubs etc.

  14. aceboy says:

    Is the *lawlessness* a knee jerk press conference reaction to the story about the guy getting assaulted at the ATM. That turned out to be a family dispute.

  15. Diem says:

    Let’s stop arguing an open the station St.Georges. This is a town of course and an open station is necessary. Just close the one in the wilderness and move!

  16. Royal Flush says:

    It might make sense re-opening the Cop Shop once the Casino opens in 2031 but in the meantime… Welll you see it’s all about Bob and saving money, or really just about Bob who in three years has nearly doubled the debt without the promised jobs and economic growth. Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the OBA government is not fit for purpose.

  17. Up D hill says:

    Um who closed the St George police station in the first place!!! Remenber Col Burch!!