Robinson Murder: Dill & Hewey Found Guilty

February 25, 2013

[Updated with video] Both Jay Dill and Devon Hewey have been found guilty of the murder of Randy Robinson. The jury started deliberating earlier today [Feb 25], and returned the guilty verdict at approximately 4.20pm.

At around 8.30pm on March 31 2011, 22-year-old Randy Robinson was shot multiple times in the Border Lane North, Pembroke area, and was pronounced dead on the scene.

A talented footballer, Mr Robinson represented Bermuda internationally at the 2009 Island Games, was nominated for the Bermuda Football Association’s [BFA] Young Player of the Year, and was selected for the BFA Academy team.

JM8_5359 DONE

Jay Dill [24] and Devon Hewey [25] were both convicted of the premeditated murder of Mr Robinson and with using a firearm to commit an indictable offence. They were originally charged with the offence in May 2012, and the prosecution saying that Mr Dill was the actual shooter, and the motorcycle was being ridden by Mr Hewey.

During the trial the Court heard that gunshot residue was found on one of Jay Dill’s jackets, however his brother Kofi Dill claimed that his brother [Jay] was wearing his top the night Mr Robinson was shot dead. Kofi Dill is presently incarcerated for handling a firearm.

The jury was shown a video clip from Kofi Dill’s phone, which showed him and other individuals passing around what appeared to be a firearm, while saying phrases such as, “F&^% Parkside, hate Darkside, kill a Darkside,” as well as referencing names including Jahkiel and Prince.


The Crown alleged that Mr Dill and Mr Hewey were part of 42, which is a rival of Parkside, while murder victim Randy Robinson was said to have cousins who are affiliated with Parkside.

Both men displayed no expression as the guilty verdict was read out. They were remanded in custody, and will be sentenced at a later date.

Update 4.36pm: Photos of both defendants leaving court today added above.

Update 4.51pm: Speaking after the verdict, Detective Chief Inspector Nicholas Pedro noted that people came forward to assist the Police and Prosecutions Department to bring these “two dangerous killers to justice.”

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  1. jake best says:

    see ya,,42freaks

    • Black says:

      Grow up and shut up.

    • underboss says:

      say that to there face

      • What? says:

        Tell them to send a pass and I will be glad to. ASS!! “Say it to their face?” What type of retard comment is that?! It’s very funny that you thug wannabes think people are actually scared of you. Lol

    • Plato says:

      After following this case and the evidence presented i do not believe that they were convicted beyond a reasonable doubt, there are many problems with GSR mainly that it can be transferred by touch wind and “cross contamination” by the PRIVATE FOR PROFIT testing labs, also there is no solid motive, no witness that can identify either defendant, an all white middle aged jury (ridiculous), only GSR which is not enough to ruin a potentially innocent persons life. Appeal with a decent defense lawyer.

      • jon says:

        ur entitled to your opion…

      • A photog says:

        actually a witness who could not be named identified them

      • bermuda shorts says:

        Shut ur a#s – I followed that case and if I was on the jury I would have found them guilty.Let’s see if it was ur little brother if u would have had the same mind set .There alibies or nothing checked u want to make it racial -so what if it was a predominenantly white jury -it would have made no difference if all the jury members was all black.Its some coincident that gunpowder resin so happen to blow on his coat- u need to go look at CSI on Tv cause ur an idiot.

  2. Bermy Gooner says:

    RIP Randy…

  3. Milli Basden says:

    this is some bullsh*!
    why you tryna hype up the war with all this slack talk.

    real freaks are dem bimperts from parkside

  4. ns says:

    f^%$ jay smh!!!!

  5. ns says:

    yaaa what milli said..f^%$#@ for real!!!

  6. lmnop says:

    F%$# the system n F%$# THAT SIDE!!!!!!! How the f%$# ya gonna pick a all white jury……..

    • Makes No Sense says:

      Set up!!

    • What? says:

      Black Blue Pink Purple! It’s over, now you can go ahead and get over it and stop trying to bring race into this! At the end of the day, the blacks are more sick of this s^%$ than the whites so please do yourself a favor and go long with that talk.

    • Sundry says:

      Does it matter what color skin you have? As junior reed says “ONE BLOOD” we’re all the same.

      Stop being so racist imnop…. Plus I think your colleagues of equal color are getting pretty vexed at your friends childish and stupid behavior..chances are they would have settled for guilty too.

      Not sure what YOU do for a living (nor do i care) but these ppl you are defending need to grow up or else they can “follow de leader leader” straight to jail.

    • lol says:

      You wanted a white control system now suck on it.

    • wolf says:

      you don’t pick members of a jury, idiot

  7. nok says:

    Good up the river they go many many more to go!!!!!!!good job police service.

  8. cool says:

    Not my Sons!!!!Mommies it is your sons!!

  9. Makes No Sense says:

    I still don’t believe Jay did this. It all just don’t add up.. hardly any physical evidence… why would be stay in clothes he just shot someone in let alone go to Heweys house which is constantly being raided by the police.. I smell a set up!! Smh

    • DUMB ASS says:



      R.I.P. RANDY


    • Ty says:

      @makes no sense – As much as I too think there were some unanswered questions you should ask ya boy that very question when you see him again.

      Your quote “Why go to Heweys house which is constantly being raided by the police”.

    • bermuda shorts says:

      U asked the question- why did he go to Hueys house that is constantly raided- Show me ur company and I will tell u who u are.U live by the gun u die by the gun-if he was so innocent he would not have had the company that he had.Now wise up – I hope u aint smellin urself u say u smell a rat

  10. Observant says:

    Could that first dude not have at least pulled up his trousers to appear in court?

    • bermuda shorts says:

      Precisely u go to court trying to get off of a serious charge like a murder and he goes in there with a gang like thug mentality with his pants down his ass and think its cool.I wonder who he had for a lawyer -dumb move-that probably help convict him-

  11. What? says:

    Are you people feeling ok? No, seriously, some of you ghettofied asses need not be on bernews or any other news feed commenting with this foolishness! You all sound so flippin STUPID! I didn’t think it mattered where the hell you came from when it comes to a murder! I don’t care if queen Elizabeth committed murder, she too would be classified as a low life. Get your minds right please because that idiot talk don’t even sound real. Grow the f$#@ up. RIP RANDY!

    • lmnop says:

      Clearly u never set in court n listened to the trile the evidence didn’t add up at all!!!!! Even the judge said ” if the shooter was left handed it would have been more gun shot residue on the left side of the bike.” All they found was little spectacles of it on his clothes n the left side of his bike.

      • What? says:

        And clearly you are right because clearly I don’t give a s$%^% about any of these ppl to have been in court to listen to any of the buffoonery. Furthermore, my comment had to do with all the friends and family who get on here commenting stupidity before and after the facts have been proven. So please tell me, what are you talking about, because everything you just said has nothing to do with my post.

      • Sundry says:

        Wind factor my friend. Why would he have ANY gunshot residue on his clothes? Play with fire you gunna get burnt….^^^ prime example.

      • Will says:

        you pretty much just answered your own question…what the judge said is right…even if they only found spectacles, guess where it was; on the left! guys can clean a bike you know, they’d be stupid not to.

      • jon says:

        so the judge is a GSR expert?…how about this, if GSR is so easily transferred as the defense stated with wind as a possible option, dont you think most of the GSR would have blown off the bike and or his clothes while speeding away, hence the reason for only finding a few particles ON THE LEFT SIDE as you stated. The lesson in this case, make better decisions on where and who you decide to associate with.

    • Ganja mon says:

      They found blood splatter on their clothes. Where do u think tha came from?

      • bermuda shorts says:

        Ur right I guess the blood splatter just rained down from the skies-it rained blood as they drove by -Verdict Guilty

      • wanda says:

        police set them up you see Trent and the police crew they know Chris Parris is guilty.

  12. RawOnion says:

    Those boys are guilty…..good riddance to them. All of you crying for them now, where were you when you knew they were out there doing a pack of nonsense? The only persons I feel sorry for are Randy and his family.

    • Sick and tired says:

      I agree with Raw Onion, Randy’s mother and father will never see their child again. I’m sick and tired of people making excuses for bad behaviour, surely there is no smoke without fire or BPS wouldn’t have gone after these 2 and the jury wouldn’t have found them guilty.

      Randy I never knew you but I hope your soul will rest in peace.

  13. Setai says:

    At least one of these worthless bums bothered to pull up his pants. Or maybe the police did that for him. If so, thanks for that too, police.

  14. M.P. MOUNTBATTEN JP says:

    Hunt down and punish severely all murderers .

  15. O.B. says:

    And how much did this trial cost the taxpayer?

  16. duh says:

    Damn Jay!!! Dnt be stupid n take d fall!

  17. gaza says:

    Free them n^%$#!

  18. Lisa says:

    Well done BPS and the justice system. Now give them 38 years or more!

  19. Confused says:

    I dont usually comment but, I’m a little confused. From following the newspaper articles, I don’t think the prosecutors proved their case beyond reasonable doubt. Isn’t tht what’s supposed to happen. No hard evidence all circumstantial, am I missing something?

    • 17 Year old Girl says:

      Exactly what I was thinking. I even sat in court a couple times. The Case didn’t seem strong enough to me either.

    • Get It Together says:

      I agree with this whole heartedly, none of the evidence produced was concrete.

    • tricks are for kids says:

      I was thinking the same thing. ..

    • jon says:

      well clearly the jurors dont share your opinions, so you must not have been in court the whole time to hear all the evidence

    • bermuda shorts says:

      No hard evidence u better take ur head out of ur,,.where the gun powder resin come from-oh it was raining gun powder resin that day and where the blood splot come from- oh check ur coat u mite have some on ur coat too.U better go look at CSI on tv cause either ur dumb or u lost ur mind

  20. Funny says:

    F^%$# parkside its clear you—- how many people from up st.monicas been murder an you solve none but can lock every body from the hill up I from town an can see what’s going on let prince an fari out to — inna

    • peer says:

      they out already! this is when it all begins!

    • Clarification says:

      SMG its funny how cameras have been on Court street since before the shootings yet we still got drug dealers on court street …park side and the blue suit work together I’m convinced!

    • Pray for them says:

      This is the reason as to why things happen on this small Island. Calling names on Bernews hyping up people with the Blogs. I feel sorry for everyone who has lost a loved one but at the end of the day their is a lord up above and believe me it will be on there concience and oneday justice will be served. But who are people to judge people that have already be in custody and still have nothing on them as far as murder. So before people go of off people gossip stop trying to make people who have served there time have to feel that they are a target whether it be West, East, Central wherever and let the justice system do there job.

      Geesh then you wonder why people are getting killed, stop assuming unless it its factual and if so report it to the authorities otherwise don’t have anything to say unles it is positive. Alot of people are passing away over WHAT can a real thug explain that.

    • Bubbles says:

      So true abt everything! Why 42 ALWAYS gets locked with up with little to no evidence?! ? Parkside aLways gets off their cases with a slap on the wrist and they are always ______ing or terrorizing ppl!! I’m TIRED of this _______ system!

  21. Nuffin but de Truth! says:

    Many would like to hear this:-
    It is the sentence of this court that you be taken from whence you came and Hanged by the neck until you are Dead.
    And may the Lord have in have mercy on your souls.


  22. Just One says:

    Hewey undressing already? Sad for Dill tho, who took the fall…

  23. PROMOTER says:

    sad day for bermuda. no one wins. for all u other youths : GOD DONT SLEEP;

  24. Linda says:

    For goodness sakes! Not all moms say ‘ not my child!’ stop assuming. Certain moms have tried talking with their sons. Do all 2 year olds listen to good reasons?

    • Hey says:

      Ain’t about parents talking and telling them what to do…they are not robots….YOU GOT TO LISTEN TOO ! Listening, guiding and encouraging is the most important part… If it is YOUR RULE and you don’t value their concerns fears and thoughts, then they sure as hell won’t LISTEN or VALUE yours. An open dialogue is key to raising a child !

      • Think What You Want... says:

        BETTER BELIEVE IT!! Ole SKOOL is unfortunately over, and if you’re not listening as much as you’re talking don’t be so surprised by what happens…my parents talked a lot, but they weren’t especially very good listeners, and that’s an entire different topic for another time.

    • jon says:

      well i hope its not 2yr olds doing the shootings

  25. Middle East says:

    System is on some next s%$#. Free them real n%$#@. You all just want somebody to blame. — and feed the streets. Find a real murderer

  26. Senseless killing everybody wants to be a somebody..look at the history between them, guys were cool now just cause he from der n his from der its beef passa war smh hate dis fackin island. Gangsta life only a two way street. Grave yard or Jail.

    • BermudaGirl says:

      Well, now they are nobodies. Hopefully their fellow wannabees are paying attention! You guys are going where they are going if you don’t get yourselves together! NOW.

  27. 17 Year old Girl says:

    It really is a tragedy for both sides.. Both Victim and Two Charged are leaving beind people who care and have love for them. So, how can you really applaude and celebrate them having to spend the rest of their lives in prison.

    In the words of the Bible ‘No sin is greater than another’ so us doing such (above) would make a hypocrite of use all.

  28. 17 Year old Girl says:


  29. Dark Horse says:

    Don’t worry about the pants being half way down. Very soon they be ALL the way down………

    • jon says:


    • bermuda shorts says:

      Ur right cause u know where that pants half way down come from-from jail -inmates use to wear their pants down like that which means they are available for inmates to have sexual relations with them-These fools wear their pants down like that and don’t even knows what it means

  30. left alone says:

    Free my n$#@#

  31. Come On Man!!! says:

    There are some deep sociological and psychological problems with these shooters. Locking them up will not change their mentality. They need psychological rehabilitation. When their (Prefrontal Cortex) responsible for higher level thinking, connects with the (Amygdala) an emotion centre witch goes into over drive when a threat is perceived. If the threat is not real the (Prefrontal Cortex) will send a message to the (Amygdala) to calm down, but if the connection is faulty the calming message may not get through. The (Amygdala) is an almond shaped mass of nuclei located deep within the temporal lobe of the brain. Hence acting out in violent ways. A lot of it is inherited from the parents. Studies have found that nurturing a baby from the mother turns on a gene that produces stress hormones. But if children are neglected a chemical chain reaction shuts down the gene causing stress hormones to soar. I think some of these felons to a closer evaluation.

    • BermudaGirl says:

      You take them in, test them, nurture them, and change them. Thanks!!

  32. white chocolate says:

    You know what’s really messed up. Its not about sides its about a life here. All that nonsense in the beginning up above being said bout 42/ park side is utter ignorance. Most of these kids are related In one way or another. For people t speak and not think is iignorant. Who gives them the right to take a life who makes them god judge and jury. The sad part is both fillies suffer. For they both lose their son.

  33. WOW.... says:

    Everyone saying justice cuz someone got found guilty..what if the real killer out there?!?!…Stay up Jay, Jah kno

    • lisha says:

      I aGree!!!! Jay we luv u x

    • bermuda shorts says:

      If the real killer is out there u better check ur coat for gun powder resin cause it could be YOU.

  34. Looking in says:

    Just looking in on the evidence that was presented to the jury, it was not solid evidence against any of these young men. I think that an appeal can and will be made in this case.

    Lets wait and see what happens. Would hate for the wrong men spend years behind bars if they didn’t commit this crime. With that being said, it is also important that if they know who did do it…they need to speak up. Not just in this case but in all cases.

    Three families have suffered a loss. We need to come up with solutions to gang violence.

  35. That'swhattheyget says:

    That’s what they get B*#@! A$$ n*****$

  36. filobedo21 says:

    “Dill and Hewey Found Guilty”…. Gooooooooooood!!!!!!

    • idk what to say says:

      agreed now lets sentence them correctly life no parole!

  37. knowthyself says:

    There is a lack of cultural identity and knowledge of self in Bermuda and so many of us are turning to crime and violence.

    Read and learn young minds. Overcome the brainwash and you will defeat the system.

    Hopefully we can overcome this present state of affairs.

    Africa unite.

  38. 101 says:

    no bie not jay the definitely wasnt solid at all

  39. Keep it Up LOSERS!!! says:

    Look at these idiots, take someone’s life and waste theirs and for what? Fools who gained? Their lawyers gained, people that go to school and pay attention in life capitalize off you idiots. Well you wreak Havoc and contribute nothing to society. Don’t blame the system blame your selfs, the system didn’t make the decision for you, you made it for yourselfs. The rest of you losers commenting on this 42, PS, stuff like that’s what life’s all about keep it up, your bound to go far in life all the way to Dockyard from town, wow what a trip.

  40. Curious says:

    I followed this case very closely and I don’t feel they did it. This was a largely circumstantial case and I thought a jury should be convinced beyond a reasonable doubt. As mentioned earlier, the jury was all white and highly paranoid to boot. Before people say race has nothing to do with it, I say don’t be naïve. It has a lot to do with it. How are two young, black men supposed to be fairly judged by a “jury of their peers” when the jury is all white, mainly middle-aged white people? Don’t get me wrong, I am just as fed up and disgusted as the next person, but I don’t want to see the wrong person blamed either. In this case, it seems like the police made a hasty arrest and the jury wanted to see somebody-anybody-convicted.

  41. thinking says:

    This trail is similar to the burchall brothers from FRS but only diff they got OFF… Smh wish d courts were MORE CONSISTANT! Clearly it was not strong evidence so tell me in writing wat made them guilty! RIP Randy Bermy really another world

  42. dread 1love says:

    no jay,you was a gallis back in da day, you didnt have to go dwn this road bra bra keep yh head high doe….Free harry #Northside 4 lyfe 300

  43. lisha says:

    Jay dill did not do this his is not a killer!!!!!!!! Stop with all the slackeness!! I love u nephew stand firm!

  44. Who knows it feels it! says:

    …all I can say reading these comments…”Amazing”. Until we as a people take responsibility for our own children and what they do, we will continue to experience this. We defend bs and expect a good result/law abiding citizen. Regardless of who is innocent who is guilty…who knows it is gonna feel it…Sharon Wilson said it best….call a spade a spade, enough already! RIP youngsta.

  45. —– you no whats the deal. Jay hold ya head up and call the person name, dont worry about anyone calling you no prick bra, free ya self man. #%$# the hold system up and let the public no how they are framing you 42 guys. Do it now bra, it make no sense holding ya mouth and doing time for someone else bra.You are looking at big time for nothing. %$#@ BERMUDA AND THE %$##@ UP FRAMING B^%$%##$$% LIES AND SYSTEM.THE REST OF YOU 42 GUYS NEEDS TO FLEA BERMUDA NOW.

  46. Darrion Simons & Jahkeo Leshore Please Please bring in a QC for your case. Judge,Police and Lawyers they are work together, bring someone in that is new to the system in Bermuda. Parents & Family members of these 2 man, support them to the very end, there is a nasty trend going on and needs to be expose.

  47. RIP Jahmiko Leshore. Everyone keep in tune and watch his case very carefully and you the Public will see and hear what I’m saying.

  48. Judge & Jury says:

    I hope they appeal. Not enough evidence to convict someone of murder. The defense lawyers should get the — checked for gun shot residue . Do the seats get cleaned off .

  49. Nok says:

    Bermy cedar if they did it or not they are apart of the problems with gang violence.We Bermudians law bidding citizens are tired. They are two less fools that would be a pain in the a$$ to Bermuda.

  50. OT# says:

    Hold yuh head jay & hewey time will tell #realn%$#$

  51. ok ok says:

    Ok glad for these arrests but how many more people have to get arrsted so the shootings can STOP? Is it another 30 people that have to be off the streets? Another 40 people? another 60? another 100? I wish the police would inform us with this type of info so we know how much longer this is going to go on for.

    Start making arrests so tourist will want to come back etc…
    This is only the beginning they need to arrest a lot more people and put them away they are way behind and need tog et things going.
    SO how many more arrests??????????????????????????????????????????????????

  52. life says:


    • ok ok says:

      That is why the case went to trial,,12 people found them guilty. The evidence was against them.
      They were known gangmembers as the evidence showed. Accept it ,one of these men would easily kill one of your loved ones or a close friend of yours

      • Plato says:

        12 Middle aged 9-5 work to home, home to work white people, There was no unmovable evidence to convict beyond a reasonable doubt, one was a known gang member, the so called shooter was just an affiliate. This is not justice.

  53. idiots live on this island says:

    first of they arent gonna be judged by a jury of their peers. half of their peers are idiots, dead, in jail, or know them so that eliminates them from jury duty. second of all u need is strong circumstantial evidence to convict someone. if it looks like a duck, quacks, n smells like a duck than its a damn duck. u shouldnt be in a situation where the police suspect u for murder… i dont feel sorry. u shouldnt have clothes with gunshot residue cause handling a firearm is illegal… case closed

    • What? says:

      Wow, someone is actually paying the hell attention! OMG! This right here is what all you “He didn’t do it’s” are missing! Last I checked, and please correct me if I’m wrong, handling a firearm is illegal! How would any of these males have gotten gun residue on them had that not been the case?! PLEASE someone rectify this?! STOP SAYING HE/THEY DIDN’T DO IT UNLESS YOU WHERE PERHAPS THERE TO SEE OTHERWISE!! And if you where, some friends/family you are to not go forward and testify as to who really did! You people get on my nerves.

  54. What? says:

    The most sickening thing to see a person say is “Free so and so” AFTER they’ve been convicted! Whether these people are your relatives and friends or not, that is just so unappropriate to say! If these individuals weren’t leading these lifestyles, they won’t be in this bullcrap! And furthermore, if they didn’t do these heinous crimes, then why take blame and spend the rest of their lives in jail? And then all you people come on here sounding like complete asses talking about “free my n*&^%, cause he’s innocent!” He/they aren’t even defending themselves how you all are so why waste your breath? It’s stupid. If they have so called friends or family who they feel worthy enough to go to jail for, let them! But don’t come on bernews saying free this person or he’s a real n*^%$ while a family will never ever see their child again! That is so disrespectectful! The only real &*^%$ in this case was randy, because he was actually doing things with his life and not holding up no wall trying to plot o who to kill next!

  55. StreetSmart/BookSmart says:

    Dummmiiiiiieeess!!!Jay ain’t did nothing,look at the evidence.If he was on trail by himself he wouldn’t been brought in guilty.But a charge were 2 people are on trail together 1 can’t be innocent and 1 guilty.Would the court look stupid.I say retrail Jay alone and see wat the results are.As I see he was working man who was set upon by Parkside while workin,are they on trail?? Think before you comment,use ya common sense.Some of yall don’t understand the system.

    • Ty says:

      @StreetSmart/BookSmart – Ya kidding right. Its TRIAL not TRAIL -How dare you claim that name or actually drop the Booksmart then you’re good to go.. Should have stayed in school.

      @IMNOP – You are definitely kidding me right. TRILE. Did that even look right when you typed it. Should have stayed in school.

      Too a bunch of you others – Do any of you even know the difference between THERE and THEIR. Should have stayed in school

      We have raised a bunch of ILLITERATE airheads who think they know everything. Your parents should be ashamed of you.


  56. ok ok says:

    12 people found him guily, the evidence was against him, a lot of the killings were cold blooded murders, you are defending someone who would easily kill you or someone close to you and then smile in your face the next day and try to console you about your loss,
    he was a known gang member by many videos and evidence please wake up and wake up soon.

  57. FinePrinT says:

    Although, I do not condone someone taking a life, Bermudians need to stop being so naïve and think outside of what is being told to you by the media or gossip being spread. The odds have been against them from the minute their names were blasted in the headlines. That’s exactly what they want you to feed into. They want to portray the notion that they’re guilty so that the naïve ones can agree and ride the wave with them. If your police department was so great, why did it take them a year and a few months to charge these individuals or as they say bring them to justice. They have been roaming free for a year plus after this murder took place. Getting evidence of gun residue does not take over a year; 2 to 3 weeks maximum. Think about it, what were they doing in this time frame?
    All of the witnesses brought forward told several different accounts of what they saw and none of them matched. Since we all like to read the news, we would have read that ‘While the witness could not identify the gunman or the person riding the motorcycle because they were wearing full-face visors, he said they were both wearing dark clothing and the motorcycle was a black Scoopy. Prosecutors alleged that Dill was the gunman while Hewey rode the motorcycle’ If this was the case why could the passenger’s bright colored patterned jacket, that they seized could not be identified. That by no means was dark and could be visible to any eye. Subsequently, tests found several particles of (GSR) on a black shirt taken from Dill at the Hamilton Police, and a single particle in his pants pockets.
    Ms. Murtha also noted that any two of the component elements can fuse together when a weapon is discharged, but such compounds can also come from other sources such as fireworks, brake pad linings or airbag exhaust to name a few. And that misting pattern of so-called ‘blood’ they found, Ms. Johnson noted that Blue Star Forensics also lights up when in contact with some cleaning products, metals or rust.
    Just a few, facts and holes in the case that should be considered. Just because a ‘jury’ of middle aged white people and corrupt police department say that these to black males are guilty, be smarter than that and show them that there are educated not fooled Bermudians out in society. There is a major difference between reading and article and analysing the words put forth to you. At the end of the day I am not convinced by the evidence and lack of solid proof the BPS has presented, and I hope and appeal is made. An outside defence attorney needs to be brought in to stop the foolery of this judicial system.

    • tricks are for kids.. says:

      @ FinePrinT…. I wish there was a “LIKE” button… you are so right…….

    • enough says:

      @Fineprint, I totally agree with everything you’ve said. I did not follow this case on a daily basis but I can say that from what I did read I can say there was not enough evidence to convict these 2 young men. First of all was it anybody that gave evidence and said these were the 2 guys that they saw for myself shoot Randy? NO, they clearly stated they couldn’t see their faces cause they had on dark visors. If Hewey was the accused rider than why did they not test his clothing for GSR, cause clearly if he was that close to the accused shooter GSR would have been on his clothing as well. I’m sure if they did test his clothing and they found GSR on there they would have used that as evidence to convict. Why is it that the clothing Jay had on couldn’t have belonged to his brother? Too much of this circumstantial evidence that causing these men to be found guilty. Show me the real evidence. I’ve sat in on a case very similar to this only thing is no one was murdered. But I tell you one thing the lies that were told on the accused just to try find him guilty was ridiculous and the things they put in the paper to try make the public look as if the persons guilty was even worse. They definitely don’t let the public know of the bs lies those ppl get caught up in trying to frame someone of the offence they’ve charged the person/s with. All I can say is keep ya heads up Jay & Hewey and appeal!!!! Cause someone has been found guilty of something don’t mean they done it, it’s just messed up ppl that don’t do their jury duty job properly. I say it’s time they bring ppl from overseas to sit on our jury.

  58. Clarification says:

    Its not Justice when its a false conviction, same way one family has lost their son to injustice same way the Dill family has lost their son to injustice.

  59. Clueless says:

    You all are clueless, regardless if they guilty or not God is in control! God dont sleep and he’ll work it out if they innocent or he’ll be the judge if they aint!! Who says they aint being put in jail to be protected (if innocent). All um sayin is u never know why!! God is in control whether u believe it or not!!

    • Somerset OG says:

      If your Zeus, Thor, Buddah, Allah, Amen Ra, Almighty God, Jesus, white Jesus, black Jesus, baby Jesus, Obama, Isis, Godzilla, King Kong or is in control, why do the murders continue? Why do so many Bermudians spell so poorly? Why does KFC cost so much if Bermuda has a bunch of free chickens? Why does Blacka keep telling dry chicken jokes on the radio? He should be out there hunting and eating the feral chickens if he loves them so much. He’d be better at that than at being a comedian. Why do women still have babies for these idiots? How come god can’t keep the walls in Bermuda and black male backsides from being magnetically attracted to each other?

  60. Somerset OG says:

    Keep your pants up bra, bro, brother! SMH!
    Kids! Remember not to get gun residue on yourself, or you too can be accused of a gun crime. You wouldn’t want to waste the rest of your life hearing about Somerset CupMatch wins from prison in a room full of old balls. I like when bad guys go to jail. It just frees up more women for the good guys. If the bad guys get out, all they have to look forward to is old, wrinkly, mothball flavored left overs.
    Cold beer for life or cold beard for life? The choice is yours.

    Maybe this is a good thing? Not only did Bermuda take two murderers or even two future murders off of the streets (if they are innocent of this crime), but also prevented two allegedly worthless individuals from breeding and leaving a few single mothers to raise more wall crawling vermin to continue the cycle of destruction!

    • bermuda shorts says:

      Why would someone have gun resin on their clothe if guns are illegal in Bermuda-what a bunch of dumb asses if they think they are innocent-

  61. goserveyourtimeandstopcrying says:

    Here is the issue..if jay did not pull the trigger well he knows who did so he deserves to be in jail!!!! If he is willing to go down for something he did not do he deserves to be in jail!!! If he is a member of 42,MOB,KH,PARKSIDE,ORC or any other gang of wanna be thugs be deserves to be in jail!!! If he has handled a gun or even knows where one is he deserves to be in jail!!!!

    He is the last of 3 brothers all in jail for gun related crimes, something is seriously wrong!!!!

    Bad choices will always require a consequence so this is his and Mr Hewey’s….throw away the key!!!!

  62. goserveyourtimeandstopcrying says:

    And to all those saying the Dill family has lost a son to injustice…wth do you say to the fact that they produced these thugs that have caused pain on several other families….

  63. Here are two ways to determine if someone is truly guilty of a crime;

    1. they show no emotion when found guilty

    2. they don’t find anyone credible to give them an alibi to come to court to assist them to get off. (not one person at boat club came forward to help their friend…what does that say?)

    When you get a convict to come to court as your star witness, they realy need to be on point…unfortunately, his brother was probably the one that sunk him. He was very unbelievable.

    Look at Jay’s picture…head down, never raised it. Guilty…38 years…check you later.

  64. tricks are for kids.. says:

    I was actually SURPRISED at the outcome considering the evidence that was presented.In speaking to someone AFTER the verdict was read I was told that the members of the Jury paused in the middle of deliberation as they too had questions that they needed to be answered before making their decision….In reading some of the comments I’m surprised that we have any crime considering the “experts” that we have posting on Bernews…..I always try and deal with an “open mind” because the majority of the time what is printed is what they WANT you to know and having sat in on numerous cases I can tell you for a FACT that not ALL is reported….sensationalism is what sells and thats all that you are sometimes privy to.

    At the end of the day it’s sad to say but there are no winners. In this case a guilty verdict nor years in prison will bring Randy back (may he rest in peace)…sad thing all around……

    I’m still stunned and although I am never one to say, “Not my child” I cannot believe that Jay (former student of mine)that was found guilty is the same Jay that I had in school not to long ago…just not in his character…..

  65. Come On Man!!! says:

    Why are so many Bermudians living in denial. “No not my precious, not my brethren, he’s a nice boy I can’t believe it”. Reality is, anything is possible.

  66. Lol @ theez eeeediots says:

    Sooo this is pretty funny. Im just laughing at comments. Where do i start…. 1st ya boy could have pulled up his pants. 2nd whether it was sufficient evidence or not he hd gun residue on hia clothes! In case ya’ll didnt know thats illegal. 2nd if they didnt do it they know who. So for them to take the fall i guess that boost their streey cred right? Aight ao that makes them “real n&#%*s” ok well they are real n&#%*s in a real jail serving real time! I giess that means more to them then freedom how real is that? And lastly wasnt kofi snitching to get his jail time down i swear he snitched on his own brother some months back and then took back his statement. Unless i was mislead. Anyway. If they dudnt wanna speak up on their own behlalf n reveal the real culprits…… Judtice was served. Lata

    • j... says:

      You speak of “freedom”…half of the reason why people don’t “speak on what they know” is because the confidentiality isn’t all there. What makes them “snitching” and someone who is already FREE “snitching” any different? Them taking the fall and being alive could be the difference between them “snitching”, being free and getting shot dead then we’re left to have another murder to solve. If truly guilty, then they got what they deserved but if wrongly accused, the real murderers will get theirs. God doesn’t sleep, AT ALL.
      RIP Randy, definitely missed. xo