Driver Arrested For DUI After Van Flips On Side

February 17, 2013

[Updated] At around noon today [Feb 16] there was a collision involving a van on South Road by the entrance to Botanical Gardens, which resulted in the van flipping over onto its side.

It appears the driver was alone in the vehicle, and he appears to have sustained relatively minor injuries. Both the police and fire service personnel responded to the scene, and as of 12.35pm, the truck has been removed from its side however traffic restrictions remain in place.

Update Feb 17, 5.53pm: The police have stated the driver — a 49 year old Paget man — was arrested on suspicion of impaired driving. The full police statement follows below

Around 11:45am on Saturday, February 16th police and first responders attended a reported single vehicle collision on South Road in Paget near the junction with Happy Talk Lane.

It appears that a van was being driven along South Road when the vehicle collided with a wall and overturned.

The driver, a 49 year old Paget man, received minor arm injuries and was treated at the scene by EMTs. He was later arrested on suspicion of impaired driving. Traffic was temporarily diverted away from the scene due to the location of the damaged van.

Inquiries into this collision are ongoing and a court appearance for the van driver is anticipated in due course

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Comments (21)

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  1. Micro says:

    Guess he thought he’d try doing a little off-roading and the wall said “you shall not pass!”

  2. Just us says:

    Man! I should have never answered that call…

  3. Hal Kempe says:

    The Men in blue investigating the Men in Blue.

  4. Nuffin but de Truth! says:

    Bermuda walls have to be investigated

  5. Smh says:

    Cell phones use is de main reason behind most of deez single vehicle car flips

  6. Opressed says:

    Are these walls, LTR’s, guest walls, expat walls??? They’re taking jobs away from perfectly capable local walls.

  7. Sorry Sir says:

    No front end damage…. How the hell do you flip a van to it’s side on a straight road????

  8. Triangle Drifter says:

    Better straighten out one of the longest straight sections of road on the Island. While you are at it, lets make it a 4 lane. Some folks just need the space.

  9. res says:

    maybe he was wearing the magic sunglasses !!!

  10. here's a thought.... says:

    must have been that forcefield from over on barker’s hill…..just pushes people all around…..

  11. Soooooo says:

    Bernews… Any info on the accident at Somerset Bridge last night?

    • Bernews says:

      No sorry – not even aware of it. If it was serious the police may have some info on it in the weekend report, which comes out today…

  12. Time Passages says:

    This perfectly straight road is an accident waiting to happen. To navigate this obvious danger, a driver has to be able to negotiate its straightness and not hit the left or the right walls? I mean that’s not one but TWO walls at the side of this perfectly straight road. Its as if government doesn’t care. Bermuda needs to build safer roads than this perfectly straight death trap. This is government at its very worst – imagine building a straight road – what were they thinking???

  13. Smiths says:

    Hope it a guest worker who will loose his job not a bermudian.

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      And why should a Bermudian keep the job after destroying company property. He will be lucky to allowed to drive a broom.

  14. Ty says:

    The man is hot by 11:45 in the morning. That could only mean a few highballs with bacon and eggs that morning. Should have eaten the toast.. Would have helped soak up the alcohol..

    • Tooth Fairy says:

      Im guessing drinking while watching FA Cup games at a local bar.

  15. sweet emotion says:

    Smiths – grab a dictionary and mind your ignorance. That is just shallow and disgusting to say.

  16. Tooth Fairy says:

    A friend of mine works for one of the companies in the AIG buildings and said that if you look in the rear (and hidden) parking lot of a neighbouring bar / restaurant you will regularly see many comapany vans in their parking lot for hours at a time, not just for lunch.

    Its disgusting how often company vans are seen outside local bars during big football games or during happy hour on Friday. These vehicles are not private vehicles and should be home when not used for work. This is not my opinion, its part of the guidelines listed by TCD.

    TCD please assist the police and the public by noting trucks and vans that are parked afterhpours and near bars and report it to the employer with a warning. One day you might save a life.