Photos/Video: Delta’s Inaugural LGA Flight Arrives

April 8, 2013

[Updated with video + photo gallery] Delta’s inaugural flight from LaGuardia Airport in New York arrived at around 2.30pm this afternoon [Apr 8], receiving the traditional welcome of sprays of water when it touched down.

delta flight 2013 (1)

The daily flights will depart LaGuardia at 11:20am. and arrive in Bermuda at 2:30pm [including one-hour time difference]. When the flight was announced last year, Government said “the introduction of the La Guardia service means that Bermuda will have four daily, non-stop flights from the New York area during the 2013 peak season, up from the three that we have at present, thereby increasing the number of daily available seats from 450 to approximately 600.”

delta flight 2013 (2)

Update 5.10pm: Tourism & Transport Minister Shawn Crockwell said, “It gives me great pleasure this afternoon to welcome the inaugural Delta flight from LaGuardia Airport to Bermuda’s LF Wade International. This daily service will no doubt prove a very popular service for east coast residents looking for a quick getaway to experience some of our famous Bermuda hospitality. And also for locals to travel to the east coast and one of the main gateway airports with connections to at least 50 further destinations.

“It was a couple of years ago that our friends and partners in the tourism industry expressed some reservations as to whether or not Bermuda had sufficient airlift out of the New York area – of course, our number one visitor market. And therein began the search for an airline partner willing to step in and take advantage of what we believed, was an opportunity to be realized. It wasn’t long before one of our closest and longest serving partners, Delta Airlines, decided to take another chance on Bermuda at a time when perhaps doing so was not such a slam dunk that it once may have been.

“You see, it was a couple of years ago that Delta first opted to introduce a Bermuda service from New York LaGuardia and we didn’t quite see the results that we both wanted to. Despite that – despite the incredible pressure airlines have, to realize immediate success in an industry faced with rising costs, consolidation and intense competition – Delta held steadfast, its belief in Bermuda; concluding once again that New Yorkers coveted a LaGuardia connection to the Island.”

Minister Crockwell continued, “This Government, the Tourism Board and our industry partners, remain committed to making this flight a success. Following a wave of advertising support by the Department of Tourism at the start of March, lead bookings for April have gained 9 percentage points, with summer bookings falling in where we need them to be.

“To succeed in turning our tourism fortunes around, we must first re-establish our presence in New York. Today, ladies and gentlemen, represents an important step forward in accomplishing that goal. With the arrival of flight 437, Bermuda now has daily, non-stop service to each of the three major New York airports – JFK, Newark and once again, LaGuardia.”

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Comments (11)

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  1. smith says:

    Are we paying for the empty seats on this flight just like Jet Blue?

  2. mixitup says:

    I’m interested in passenger loads on this flight any numbers Bernews?

  3. nuffin but da truth says:

    I would never fly Delta

  4. SoMuchMore says:

    Before it was Northwest who operated this route until Delta and Northwest merged. I think Delta will make it work since they can offer connections from Laguardia.

    • mr g says:

      Northwest never operated that route Northwest went to Boston from bermmuda…Delta did this route about two years ago….and the load factor was not there so they canceled the route….i hope that the Government didnt give them a guarantee….i never understood why government would do a guarantee…..if the load factor is low that means we have to pay the airline….but if it high do we make money as well as the airline…..just saying!!!!

  5. Did he do it? says:

    Now LaGuadia just need to fix that dungeon hole they call an airport! Specially the baggage claim area! :-(

  6. what next ! says:

    does this mean cheaper flights

  7. This here is an opportunity for Bermuda Govnt. Delta and our hotels/ guesthouses to all come together offering a package deal to families that would without any doubt love to visit our, Bermudaful Island at a rate within their means. I do believe if the airlines were to come down on airfares and hotels / guesthouses were too do the same as well, then Bermuda can not only attract, but capture far more visitors this season and possibly, in our future seasons as well.
    If the “parties” concerned are not making top dollars presently, then maybe a new tack is required…Though not making the big buck off of an individual all parties will, (in the long run) make a profit on volume.