‘Gaming & Ganja’ Town Hall Not A PLP Event

April 9, 2013

The Progressive Labour Party has clarified that the “Gaming and Ganja” town hall meeting which they said was “erroneously promoted” as a PLP event by the organizers, is not affiliated with the party, PLP branch #34 or area MP Kim Wilson.

The event had been posted on a social network stating that this Thursday [Apr 11] PLP Branch #34 will present an Open Mic event to discuss topics of concern including gaming and marijuana.

However this afternoon the PLP issued a statement saying, “Please be advised that the town hall meeting Gaming and Ganja erroneously promoted as a PLP event by organizers, is not affiliated with the Bermuda Progressive Labour Party, MP Kim Wilson or PLP Branch #34.”

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  1. here's a thought.... says:

    uh huh. not plp. nope.

  2. Flip Flop PLP says:

    ………..”erroneously promoted”

    How can Chris Famous and the PLP promote an event and then back track when they see the controversy?

    PLP you guys are a laughing stock

    so you got push back from who?

    • sonoso says:

      not marc bean im sure!

      • Concerned Citizen says:

        And not from mark Pettingill either!

        • Black Soil says:

          PLP have no conviction to stand up for what they believe and then follow through. They lost the election because they morphed into a populist party. If their supporters all said plough over the golf courses to make way for farming, the PLP would push that sh!t…..and then backtrack when it looks like that topic is no longer supported.

    • ABM says:

      Get a grip dude, was never promoted by the PLP.

  3. Um Um Like says:

    but will green kool-aid still be served?

  4. Pass the Spliff then Flip Flop PLP says:

    ……………we didnt have the courage to legalise it so now its the OBAubp’s job to do it for us their first 100 days should correct everything that went wrong over the period 1968 – 2012

    Pass the Spliff then Flip Flop PLP

    you guys should do stand up comedy hour at robin hood

  5. Family Man says:

    Nope, nothing to do with the plp. And those ‘spontaneous’ worker marches are nothing to do with the biu either.

    • I like how you’ve picked-up on the similarities…I compared them to when one’s feeding birds in the park; you toss them a few seeds and wait.Seeing them scattering about in search of the last seed…(Or as we boatmen say “any Port in a storm”) The Re-gressive Labour Party(formerly P.L.P. “are trying to pull a rabbit out of its’ hat” once again.

      • Black Soil says:

        Agreed Ray…PLP is a reactionary party. They will fail if they continue to be so. People loose confidence in reactionary parties.

  6. The Grand Architect of the Universe says:

    It is about time that cannabis be legalized. Thousands of years it was legal until 1930s propaganda films came out in America, portraying blacks and hispanics as murder-crazed when on the “devil’s weed”.

    The cancer-killing properties of cannabis were known for over 40 years but supressed until just recently as it would destroy Big Pharmaceutical companies who profit trillions. Cannabis chemicals have been PROVEN to KILL cancer in NUMEROUS proper studies done at prestigious and respected establishments worldwide.

    It can treat over 200 diseases or problems, and that is how many it is currently being PRESCRIBED for worldwide. There would be thousands if not hundreds of thousands of people ALIVE today if cannabis was legalized decades ago and not supressed.

    Cannabis is found on every continent, and is very ancient. The most ancient cultures on our planet used it for numerous purposes. One of the oldest words in the Chinese culture is the word for “cannabis”.
    CLOTH, PAPER, ROPE, MEDICINE, are just a few ancient uses. Nowadays it can be used to make plastics, and almost anything you can think of.

    Its seeds are one of the ONLY plants on our planet that contain all amino acids. That means you can eat JUST cannabis and be nourished fully. Unlike most other crops which fail to do so.

    Sustained cannabis crops worldwide would feed not only animals, livestock, and the millions and millions of humans starving and dying from malnourishment.

    No other plant on our planet can hold up such a dignified resume of qualities, characteristics, and achievements. Not to mention NOTHING ON EARTH KILLS CANCER, but Cannabis DOES! What does that tell you?

    Cannabis cures asthma, as it opens the bronchial airways. It has so many uses and benefits. Doctors even recommend cannabis for those who need to enlarge their lung capacity.

    Cannabis was made illegal in order to put large numbers of minorities in prison during the 1930s onwards. As segregation wore off, enforcement ended up putting the rest of the population demographic in prison for it too. And why?

    Cannabis is non-lethal and CANNOT kill you. Almost a million items that we use everyday can kill us, and do. Tylenol kills. Name it, it does damage. But the weed? Nope.

    Alcohol kills people every day, and makes the people here drive like murderous fools who know no boundaries. Cannabis makes you relax, enjoy music, and appreciate subtle things. Perhaps you will paint, or read a book, or study something you enjoy. Perhaps you will do some exercise or just lay down and take it easy. Studies proved over and over that it only ENHANCES the safety of your driving, and does not impair it. Many people drive sleepy, which is potentially fatal – yet legal. Yet studies did not correlate cannabis use to sleepiness behind the wheel. Infact concentration and focus are increased, as studies prove that both hemispheres of the brain are synchronized at once while on the drug. This is normally not the case in people, whom have one or the other hemisphere dominating at a time.

    Cannabis should be legal as carrots and tomatoes are. Tomatoes can kill you and make you hallucinate, did you know that? They contain a deadly poison. So many common things and plants do.

    The childish and petty excuses for why cannabis should be illegal have had their time – in the era of ignorance. Now that the light is finally shining with the help of SCIENCE, BILLIONS of people around the world and DOZENS of nations are embracing the beauty and benefits of this blessed plant. It truly is sacred to our planet, and if mankind were to lose it, we would be losing potentially our greatest asset.

    That one plant alone can sustain economies, industries, and such – replacing numerous other crops. It could feed millions. It could educate and enhance the life of everyone who takes the time to get to know it. Don’t believe the hype and propaganda.

    Major heads of government and police forces around the world have admitted now that the war on drugs was a failure. It caused more harm than good. If Cannabis was legal, and you could grow or simply posess it (which makes less sense than growing it with permit) then ALL the gang-related cannabis dealing would INSTANTLY CEASE to a dead stop.

    Half the population uses cannabis at some time. The other drugs – those which ACTUALLY HARM YOU – are in far less demand and would not sustain the large gang-activity by itself. And with Cannabis being legal, a large majority of HARD DRUG users would swap to Cannabis instead. And this could save lives, and stop crimes. Also many POTENTIAL hard drug abusers would be satisfied with the gentleness of Cannabis and not move on to hard drugs.

    The Gateway drug theory has been squashed ages ago, proven a fallacy by study after study. It is up to the individual. Cannabis does not make you want to use hard drugs. And by the way, ALCOHOL is a hard drug.
    It can kill you in one night. I know someone who died in college, drinking. DEAD. I knew hundreds who smoked cannabis, and none of them died. I almost died from Alcohol poisoning. And you know what? You can still legally go buy that poison in a bottle labelled “Booze” from a myriad of stores here.

    It is time we wake up and smell the roses. Common sense is shining on us now, like the sun – so let us take this and move forward and give the people their RIGHT to use this safe, beneficial, and enjoyable plant.

    Stop the drug dealers, the gang activity, the crime. Make it legal. Give permits to grow a few plants on your property. Come on, it is not that hard to think of something that will work! It is common sense!

    Don’t let rumors, propoganda, dogma, or conjecture blind you to the awesome fact of Cannabis. It is a pathetic joke that it has been so supressed for almost a hundred years, in such a tyrannical and dictatorial fashion in numerous nations.

    BLESS YOU ALL!!!!!!

    • Bermy says:

      Amen to that!

      • Black Soil says:

        Dope does kill people. Smoking dope is bad for your health and your brain……that aside it should be legalized.

        • Spilt milk says:

          Nobody has ever died from cannabis.. Smoking is bad yes.. And studdies have shown certain canabinoids can help protect the brain against cancer n “oldtimers”….. Lol But you can vaporise and Injest it as well as smoke.. Infact smoking it only allows about 60% of the affect were as there other 2 are closer to 100%. Space cakes anyone? Lol …..try health canada website I bet there’s an ailment there that you have where they would give you your medi card.

        • Ride says:

          @Black Soil

          How does cannabis use kill people? I’ve never heard of a case of a person over-dosing on cannabis. What I have heard is that that cannabis is sometimes laced with a harder drug to induce a dependency to that particular seller. I’d expect this sort of activity to end in an era of decriminalised (or legalised) and regulated cannabis cultivation, distribution, sale (no minors), and usage (no driving under the influence and so on).

          On the flip side you can over-dose and die on the most popular legal drug; alcohol. Also, tobacco is a known legal killer and I don’t think there are any laws preventing local cultivation for personal use. Actually, that could be a way around the heavy import duty. Grow tobacco and make your own cigarettes.

          Hummm, can any learned readers comment on the legality of growing your own tobacco?


        • Sorry Sir says:

          Not one documented death from marijuana. More people have dies from Advil and Monster Energy drink than people who have died from marijuana.

          Not One.

        • Worker says:

          its currently a cure for alzheimers disease which is memory based so thats incoorect, dope is heroine btw

  7. Claudio says:

    Nothing changed… anything controversial and progressive they shy away from.

  8. Suspicious says:

    All plants created by Mother Earth , not for man to regulate.

  9. fidel says:

    FYI- the human body was not designed to inhale smoke no matter where it comes from!!!!!!!!

    • Come Correct says:

      FYI-you don’t have to smoke it. People smoke it because it’s the best way to utilize small ammounts. People can only get small ammounts because it’s f@cking illegal. I’m allowed to own unlimited FL OZ of bleach but not a pound of plant material (marijuana) to cook with…smh.

      • Whistling Frog says:

        I agree. Marijuana is a waste if you are going to smoking it just for the pleasure of it… In the bible it states that a man should have bitter herbs for his diet and are a great benefit to his body… But babalon want to eradicate this plant (Marijuana) because of its great powers to heal the nations.

        • Um Um Like says:

          The bible also states that if a man lays with another man, he should be stoned (Leviticus 20:13). Go figure… all this time we have been misinterpreting the bible!

          • Come Correct says:

            I just finished reading Jack and the “bean stalk” too… Both great books if you have the imagination but lets get back to reality where the government should take control of marijuana distribution to gain an extra revenue stream and take the profit from gangs…that’s a real happy ending.

            • Arthur-Atlanta says:

              That is in the works now in the USA. The states of Colorado, Washington and Oregon are all considering marijuana legalization ballot measures this November which, if passed, could effectively end pot prohibition in each state. Other states are also looking at taxing marijuana as a main source of income. Whether or not we agree on legalizing marijuana or not…it is going to happen and when it does, will Bermuda follow suit as we are always quick to follow, quote or use the USA as examples when we want to make a point in other topics. Just food for thought.

    • Please!! says:

      Nope that’s why I make cookies

      • Come Correct says:

        If you have more than one of something you should share…jussayin lol.

  10. Bermyman says:

    We need changed legislation on both!

  11. Bozey says:

    Stop all the legal lies and legalize!!! :)

  12. Ringmaster says:

    Rather telling that it has been the Mark Pettingill as AG to bring the discussion about cannabis to the House in the form of a Take Note Motion. The PLP had 14 years to do something similar and failed to do so. Now a town hall meeting is announced with cannabis as a topic and the PLP quickly say “nothing to do with us”. What a bunch of spineless cowards. No leadership there.

    • ABM says:

      What you said about the town hall meeting is not fact. PLP never claimed this was their meeting, it was the people who are promoting this event who used the PLPs name to try an garnish a big turnout.

      • Zombie Apocalypse says:

        You mean the people who suggested this was a PLP event were totally unconnected with the PLP…people like Chris Famous? I see. Yeah, he has no connection with the PLP at all. Never had anything to do with them.

  13. collins says:

    There has never been any leadership in the P.L.P.

  14. Suspicious says:

    Legal prescription drugs are far more dangerous than some weed , they all come with numerous side effects that often require more drugs to combat the side effects of the previous drugs .

  15. I sense some dissent in the ranks of the PLP…

  16. Enlightened says:

    Well spoken to the architect!!!

    You are not alone brother we must be reading the same information. the pharmceutical companies have not only fought against mariguana, numerous cures have been found to cure cancer but have been suppressed because they are natural herbs, and the big business companies cant patent nature and make money from it. Those reading look up essiac tea, baking soda even cures cancer. Go on youtube and lookup cancer: the forbidden cures it gives you a whole documentary on it. While on there look up the esoteric agenda it will explain alot to those people in the dark.


  17. Yeah i agree also should be legalized!was over in amsterdam a few years back, had some brownies in a coffee shop!!Damn talk about the munchies, so yes there are other ways of trying it, not just for smoking??

  18. nuffin but da truth says:

    de PLP and biu are finished.

  19. street wise says:

    If cannabis was decriminalized, better yet, legalized in Bermuda… our economy would bounce back in no time. So many young (and not so young) visitors would come here to partake in “the holy weed” that the hotels would be full 365 days a year. And the restaurants would do a booming business (from the munchies). “Bermuda, the new Amsterdam!” has a nice ring to it. Let’s think outside of the box! We have to! Our Country may have no other choice but to legalize marijuana! How else are we gonna repair our economy unless the Gov’t creates a whole lot more revenue — over $300,000,000 more in revenue PER YEAR? How are they gonna do that? Seriously. How else are they gonna do it? No one knows. However, if we legalize cannabis, and legalize gaming — and TAX them — our economic problems would be quickly solved.

    Which would you rather have: thousands more out of work, crime spiraling out of control, a devalued Bermuda Dollar as a result of the IMF coming in, and more hard times — OR — lots of smiling tourists smoking the holy weed… and enjoying themselves in new hotel casinos and restaurants. This might even spur more hotel development!

    • Spilt milk says:

      Let’s not forget industrial hemp! We could be making our own fuel and fibers right here in bda.

  20. A Rumor Dem Spreading says:

    A Lie they are telling against I and I!

    A Rumour Dem Spreading.

    Empowerment speak blah blah

    ………pass the puf puff cough please

  21. Bermudian says:

    Tough to believe from the same party who refused to undergo drug testing.