Videos: England C Team Defeat Bermuda 6-1

June 4, 2013

[Updated with videos. England C won the game 6-1. Bermuda's goalscorer was John Barry Nusum, while Antoni Sarcevic, Marlon Jackson, and Andre Gray all scored one goal for England C, while James Norwood earned a hat trick.]

The England C vs Bermuda [team pictured below] match is underway at the National Stadium in Devonshire this evening [June 4], with the players being greeted by dignitaries before the game got underway. The visitors came out roaring, and scored in the first few minutes to take a 1-0 lead.

Bermuda vs England C Football, April 4 2013-3

England C were then awarded a penalty a short while later, which they converted to make the score 2-0. The stands are not packed full at this time, however those that have attended are enthusiastically cheering whenever Bermuda makes a move. The match is still in the first half, and we will update as able as the game progresses.

Update 8.19pm: Bermuda’s John Barry Nusum scores! Game now 2-1! Photo of Nusum heading the ball in below.


Update 8.31pm: It’s now half time, and the score remains 2-1.

Update 8.42pm: Quick first half report: In the 5th minute Antoni Sarcevic from England C gave the visitors a 1 – 0 lead. In the 21st minute England C doubled their lead, when a foul in the box resulted in a penalty that was converted by Marlon Jackson. Bermuda got on the score sheet in the 40th minute courtesy of a goal by captain John Barry Nusum.

Update 8.49pm: The second half is now underway

Update 8.52pm: England scores again. Score now 3-1.

Update 9.09pm: England has scored again….the score is now 4-1, with about 20 mins left to play.

Update 9.21pm: England C were awarded a penalty, they converted it, and the score is now 5-1. England’s James Norwood now has a hat trick.

Update 9.30pm: England C scored again right before the final whistle, to end the game 6-1. Both teams received strong applause from the crowd as the game ended.

England’s goal scorers were Antoni Sarcevic [5 mins], Marlon Jackson [21 mins], James Norwood [53, 70, 86 mins] and Andre Gray [90 mins]. Two of England’s goals were from penalties.

Update 10.08pm: Video of John Barry Nusum’s goal for Bermuda

Update 10.57pm: Quick second half report: In the 53rd minute James Norwood got on the end of a cross and headed the ball pass a stranded Dill in goal for Bermuda to put England up 3 – 1. In the 70th minute Norwood beat the off side trap and calmly slipped the ball pass the advancing goalkeeper to give England the 4 – 1 lead. England C were award their second penalty of the game in the 80th minute as Norwood stepped up and completed his hat-trick making the score 5 – 1. The final goal of the game came in the 87th minute when Andre Gray scored from close range.

Update 11.58pm: Two of England’s goals are below.

Update 12.57am: 8 minutes of general footage from the first half added below

Update 2.27am: 6 minutes of general footage from the second half added below. Includes one goal [penalty].

Bermuda: S Dill, D Ming, J Nusum [D Leverock], R Lee, T Manders [D Bascome], D Coddington [L Simmons], T Burgess, J Smith [A Russell], R Lambe, K Bean [Z Lewis], S Smith

England C: P Edwards, John Hunt, M Jackson, A Cook, H Beautyman, A Sarcevic, R Jackson, S Clucas, M Demetriou, A Acheampong, F Franks. Subs: M Walker, D Bradley, C Stokes, A Gray, J Norwood.

A photo slideshow can be seen here.

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Comments (44)

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  1. Nuffin but da Truth says:

    Lambs to the slaughter!

    • James says:

      Bermuda are playing really well against good opposition. Happy to see same age quality opposition vs the typical seniors that visit and beat up on our Rugby boys.

      • Beyond2 says:

        The classics are for “older” and retired pro players, hence the name classics….
        Why put down another team to make yours look better?

    • Nuffin but da Truth says:


  2. Chickle says:

    ????I wish I had known about this game. I would have gone to see it!

    • swing voter says:

      yeah, I had a brown grocery bag on my head after 20 mins.

      • Nuffin but da Truth says:

        yes,I saw you!

      • George says:

        Um nominating you for hat of the game! Can’t beat a home made spacial!

  3. Hmmm says:


  4. Come On Man says:

    Not surprised.

  5. Luis Suarez says:

    Having been to the game, what struck me was that the England lads were so much more composed on the ball, they ere prepared to knock it about and their first touch was spot on. More than that was the difference in physicality, the Bermuda boys need to get down the gym, I thought it was the mascots walking out when the teams lined up!

    • Intelligent Growth says:

      Isn’t Suarez a racist?

      • Luis Suarez says:

        Don’t know about that. His Grandpa was black and 2 Man U players supported his version of events.

        No question that he eats human flesh though.

        Anyway, back to Bermuda football, which could use a bit of his bite.

  6. Hey says:

    Some very good one and two touch passing by Bermuda following the second half substitutes. England set up shop well and were very dangerous of though balls. The team learned alot about themselves and showed up with some great team play. Early days, but great signs of the level of football that this country can be capable of playing. Fast one and two touch football showed promise against a fast, well drilled set of full time professional players. Well done Bermuda, keep up the good work!

  7. Wake up call says:

    I don’t know how much gov is investing in football but someone should be held accountable. Our players aren’t fundamentally sound, spacing was horrible, weak passes, and I’m sure we could’ve fielded a stronger squad.

    I personally don’t expect us to match up with everyone physically. Most of our players, if not all, only play football part time however the showing tonight was embarrassing.

  8. bermy football says:


  9. Common Sense says:

    So. We have a team of professional football players from a country with a population of 57 million people playing against a team of mainly amateurs from a country with a population of less than 70,000, and ‘Wake up call’ wants to hold someone “accountable” for this result. We have reached a new low in whining and complaining about everything anyone ever does in our country!

    By most accounts our boys came out and did their best against a much stronger team. Our Bermuda national teams have played against much stronger teams from abroad for decades and it gives them an opportunity to compete at a much higher level which can only be good for their development. We have lost some of these matches by scores in the double figures or close to it, but so what! Surely they benefit from the experience, and maybe we might have one or two of our own players who go on to bigger and better things.

    I would like to say congratulations to our boys for giving their all. I just wish that we had more supporters turning out for their matches – lack of support is the reason why we’ve lost out on having the Hogges bringing better quality opposition to or shores.

    • jon says:

      I agree with you on the whining, but it goes further than that. 1st if you look back at the old days (60′s,70′s,80′s) Bermuda fielded much better players who worked jobs the same way as our players today, yet Bermuda had a much better team and competed very well with professional teams as well as national teams. What we see today island wide are athletes throughout sports (mainly football and cricket)who are local stars who think they have arrived but are not willing to put in the work to improve and compete at international level, instead they make excuses for their performances, like “I have to work or you need to pay me for my time”. The rest of the world has developed their athletes, while ours have stayed local stars who can’t perform on the international stage, but they think they are the best and should be treated like gods. Add that mentality to a country that has no viable development plan for its athletes and you will continue to see poor performances against 3rd tier teams, But they will continue to expect us the public to blindly support our athletes. I still support all our teams, my expectations are just very low.

      • Ole says:

        @ Jon – There is a plan . In fact an excellent, well thought out plan that this current Executive dismissed when they came in, without a viable alternative..

  10. swing voter says:

    does anyone have video of the mid and late 1970′s BDA National Team in action against Mexico, Canada, USA, and other Pan American countries. Maybe they’ll learn basic football skills from watching how it used to be done back then

    • Bieber says:

      Yeah they have the skills, but lack the basics. They will get better with time together and more match experience to work the kinks out. These guys have not played much at all as a unit and they have to adjust themselves to Bascome’s brand of football. Keep your heads up guys. Better results will come with hard work,dedication and commitment.

    • Ole says:

      No video, however it was a pretty darn good team

      Arnold West – G Keeper

      Woodgate Simmons/ Wolly Baxter – E Lambert – – Joe Trott – Frankie Brewster – Defenders

      George Brangman – R Calderon – D Seymour – MF

      Gumbo Bean – Bumla Bell – Mel Bean / Andre Amory – Forwards

      • swing voter says:

        ah, good old days, brings back fond memories when Skills outweighed Egos and Bermuda was taken seriously in the Pan Am region ;-)

    • jon says:

      for sure, i just mentioned that in my last post. you dont have to be a professional to have a better performance than what we have seen in the last 20 yrs.

  11. Xman says:

    Right from the Start the English C Team won.
    I was at Grotto bay to a function when the English C Team came to the Hotel and they were staying.
    they were
    [1] very well behaved
    [2] extremly disiplined
    [3] a appeared to be very dedicated
    [4] the Coach didnt have to worry about over emotional Mothers traveling with them
    [5] these guys looked and meant business

    Some of the Bermuda team
    [1] Mama’s spoiled boys
    [2] lack of rel dedication
    [3] unruly ,dont listnen or respect the Coach
    [4] worry more about ace boys than the commitment to the game
    [5] worry about a puff
    [6] just plain ouright desrespectful
    [7] don’t understand desipline
    [8] don’t know the Game because they think they know it all
    [9] become frustrated Quick [ spoiled brats ]
    [10] Selfish as hell

    I should know because one of the Bermuda Players is my Nephew and another one is my second Cousin.
    Were lucky the score was’nt 15 – 0

    • Truth is killin' me... says:

      @Xman…oh well…if you know so much why don’t you sit them down and have a talk with them and set them straight if they’re your family! That’s the problem…too many complainers and not enough DOERS!!!

      • jon says:

        @truth is killing me
        did u see his post about they think they know it all or u decided to ignore that fact

        • Truth is killin' me... says:

          @jon…seems to me that “they know it all” runs in the family!

          • swing voter says:

            LOL @jon….’they know it all’ is a national problem, not limited to the ‘national team’

    • andre says:

      Says a lot about your family.

  12. Football Dad says:

    There were times of good football played by our boys and I feel that they just need to continue playing together against good opposition and this will help this team gain experience and improve their game.

    I also feel that we need to get behind OUR teams and stop all the critisim they are representing us and deserve our respect and support.

  13. Winnie Dread says:

    it is what is is, I enjoyed the game and atmosphere. What I did not enjoy is the usual unorganised way the entry and exit of the Stadium was conducted over the bleachers side. Went early long line, no one walked the line to announce seperate entrance for tickets, no sign. When it was time to exit only one side of one gate was opened, why all because of lazyness, i’m sure this is not the standard as outlined by FIFA. If we are doing something why not do it the correct way. Ah well its the BFA.

    • England fan says:

      And to add to that, no prices advertised ($20!!!), no concessions at all on the bleachers side, no indication that there were any concessions on the Grandstand side, and when we finally got there, the queues were horrendous. It really isn’t rocket science, and the BFA missed out on a lot of income last night.

      Good game though, and some of the Bermudian team could be pretty useful if they added some body mass.

    • Rockfish#1and #2 says:

      @ Winnie Dread and England Fan,


  14. Ole says:

    I actually thought that up to the 60th min the Bda team was quite competitive..It was a good game to watch, the level of opposition is exactly what we need on a regular and the crowd for the most part reasonably supportive..

    It is obvious that without regular competitive matches we are going to struggle against a decent professional team, with significant incentive to do well ( playing for contracts , etc )…

    When our coaches have limited access to players such as Jonte Smith ( who was impressive ), Reggie Lambe, Zico Lewis ( very promising ) , Nahki Wells , Dale Eve, etc, and don’t have a strong local base, we are going to find it tough to compete internationally.

    One massive area that needs to be addressed is the development of good defenders. We apparently have to convert forwards to defenders – Nusum, Laverock, Ming , Burgess readily come to mind and this indicates / suggests that our club coaches are not spending the right amount of time working on this aspect of our game. It was once the strength of our football – Joe Trott – Richard Calderon – Wolly Baxter – Lance Brown – Lorenzo Symonds – Woodgate Simmons – Frankie Brewster – Johnny Nusum – Dennis Brown – Alan Philpott – Larry Simmons amongst others competed for 4 national team spots in the seventies / early eighties. They were all really good defenders and as a group, arguably the best this country has ever produced…

    Overall, it was a reasonably good outing and I look forward to watching this team play in the Island Games.

    • jon says:

      too many years of poor results, now we find ourselves with a lack of money to bring teams to our shores to play regularly. Top that off with me spending $80 to watch my team get murdered is not an easy thing to swallow. IMO we need a whole mentality change from players, coaches administrators and supporters if our athletes are to improve. No one is going to continue to spend money on teams that are constantly getting slaughtered.

  15. Sandy Bottom says:

    Looks like the $12m invested in the Bermuda soccer team was money thrown away.

    • swing voter says:

      12M ?????? ARE YOU SURE????? (yes I’m shouting)

      • Hey says:

        Wasn’t that the Cricket team?????

        • Ole says:

          Def not the football team.. budget was sliced and diced in quick time…it was an election ploy ..and it worked..

  16. Cleancut says:

    The BFA could have filled that stadium last night. Bad preparation and planning. BFA lost out big time, as usual.

    • Truth is killin' me... says:

      @Cleancut…address your concers to Larry Mussenden then!?

    • Ole says:

      BFA Executive are excellent when planning trips to FIFA meetings and a tad lacking when it comes to handling real football matters, that involve, well, football players and coaches, aka the important groups..

      We often do best when we are motivated and engaged.

  17. Paget Grecian says:

    Anyone else see the Plymouth Argyle England flag? Must have been a treat for the owner to see a big crowd.