Man Charged With Possessing Gun, Ammunition

June 21, 2013

A 26 year old man appeared in Magistrates Court this morning [June 21] charged with firearms offences in connection with the incident in Sandys on Tuesday [June 18].

Ramano Mills was charged with possessing a firearm without a licence, possessing ammunition, possessing cannabis that was intended for supply in an Increased Penalty Zone and violently resisting arrest.

Mills — who did not have to enter a plea as the matter can only be heard in the Supreme Court — was remanded in custody by Magistrate Archie Warner.

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  1. Examples says:

    What a crying Shame. When are you young children going to learn that in life, when you try to take a life the father does not sleep and because of your bring up you should definetly no better.

    Like I said the people you are hurting are your family, because at the end of the day your friends dont care. Its just another friend gone West.

    I hope it was really worth the time and energy to put yourself through this.

    Family all you can do now is just keep him prayer the rest is up to him.

  2. Nuffin but da Truth says:

    GOOD! more scum of de streets!

    • Ljrmills says:

      How would u like if someone called one of your family members scum? You need to shut up and do something better with your life, instead of posting on every article! Find another hobby!

      • lockemup says:

        Now now mother. He may not b scum but he sure wasnt being a positive member of society now was he??

      • Fruity says:

        You may not like the name but that name among others surely apply; he SURELY wasn’t doing or having anything positive if he had that item on hand/body! Family, friends & strangers don’t like negativity toward them usually but each individual makes a decision to that generally displays their being.
        This wasn’t a good choice for the young man if he did it; but its his choice.. Why support what could cause death (and so clearly); sorry I have nothing for him. And if my own decide to go that route beyond my control, I too would pity them. This island is too small for these things.
        AND if even for protection… wrong is wrong. Find another way as hard as it may seem. Times ARE tough but there are others ways of handling..
        - Just my opinion; hope you understand not a judgement, not that that should matter.

  3. bermyfootball says:

    F*** bra No!

  4. Duhh says:

    Friends do care everybody thinks they know it it we young black man that grew up together from ya high and we sticking together not a gang ***** Dunkley and his anti gang bs ank no gangs in bermy u people dizzy we jz Tryna survive PS the reason living this life they wan kill us so we Gona protect ourselves plain and simple u dnt know what it is to b in our shoes save me your replies I can care less what any of u sheep got to say

    • Claudio says:

      How many of ya bredrens have actually tried to the violence?

    • should be ashamed says:

      WOW, this entry should embarrass you. How do you expect to get your point across and be taken seriously when not one person can read and understand this? You could use a huge dose of grammar, spelling and punctuation skills!

    • Joey-Bag-O'doughnuts says:

      You sound like a complete fool and idiot! Trying to survive!? Hey, look for a job and stop trying to take from those that are working for a living. Better yet, you don’t sound like a fool, you are a fool.

      • bermyfootball says:

        U kno nothing about reality. Try havin someone shoot at u. It will change ur life clown

    • Verisimilitude101 says:

      * Eagerly awaits reply/translation from Andrew*

    • Bee says:

      Young man. Have pride in yourself – understand your worth. You are worth more than what this life has to offer. Start today by picking up a book and finding treasures within.

      Dont give up on yourself.

      Set a positive goal for yourself. Like, to start and complete learning a trade – get qualified. Volunteer to be someone’s apprentice (someone who learns 1st hand). Never let failure determine your future. Little steps can be taken to make your goal.

      I dont know you, BUT, Im sending you this reply with LOVE. Love for YOU!

    • ed says:

      Then shut up then

    • Fruity says:

      Feel you and its really hard, so I can only pray for you & truly hope things become easier.

  5. Bermudaneedshelp says:

    If you knew Ramano, you knew he wasn’t a bad person! It makes me sick to my stomach to see him allegedly make these bad decisions! My heart goes out to his family. I know they didn’t raise this him to make these decisions if he did!

  6. I'm just saying...... says:

    At the end of the day this was a well rounded individual with a Plan for a better life for his Mother & Sister he is from a loving family not perfect but they try, This young man made bad choices but this is a road that so many of them tend to walk just to survive we as a community need to stop sterotyping and start helping, Stop judging and Pray for Our young Men because wither we like it or not they are our future.

    When you are from a place were dog eats dog wtf do you expect.
    This is Sad…….

    God Bless His Family

    • Toodle-oo says:

      –This young man may have made bad choices but this is a road that so many of them tend to walk just to survive –

      Where on God’s green earth do people survive , or even think they can survive, by allegedly choosing to make ‘bad decisions’ ?

      People who get ahead and succeed make smart choices and decisions in their life . Of course here in Bermy they get called a lot of names and assumptions are made because of their smart choices and decisions.

      As someone I know says , ‘The harder I worked the luckier I got’

      • I'm just saying...... says:

        @Toodleoo who feels it knows it Bra!

  7. FamilyFirst says:

    @bermudaneedshelp, we the family thank you for your positive comment, you’re right he wasn’t raised that way

  8. Duhh says:

    Sheep go take your 8 9 different type of prescription pills ya doctor told u to take for stress anxiety and so on….. Sheep ya we do know that it feel like to b shot at and ya I do have a job and yes I do know proper grammar keep focusing on the small things listen to what’s being said sheep

    • Whayadumb says:

      @duh , I feel you , I live it.. I was just a country youth starting CBA n getting picked on n harrased cause I was from west. 1 thing I’m not a punk so I handled mine. Because I was basically kicking ass (at times get jumped by 3 to 5 punks) I was automatically labeled as MOB . They would follow my school bus putting up gun signs and a few times they actually had 1 , this happened every week. I left school got a JOB n these asses and the kids would still harass me come on my job sight n threatening me.I was just a regular nice black bermudian now I’m caught up in this trap trying to survive on the rock.

      • Fruity says:

        So sorry to hear its this bad and probably worse.. Keep ya head up & “try” stay positive!

  9. Big Boss says:

    To all Bermudian families,

    As parents, I believe that we all try our best to raise our kids correctly. However, once they become adults, they are gonna make their own choices.
    At that point, they have to deal with the consequences of those choices, good or bad. His parents, should stand by him but at the same time, recognize that this is his choice (fault) and he must deal with the consequences. Please don’t try to defend his alleged actions, because there is no logical reason for his actions if he is guilty

  10. tricks are for kids says:

    Yes he may have beem raised by a good family, yes he may have beem a goos boy BUT that does not take away from the FACT that he has been charged for being caught with a gun and it was just a matter of time……

    To his so called friends STOP defending his BS because its no secret that 9 times out of 10 he…so deal with it…reckless choices result in consequences. ..

    To his family……..he may have been some wsy around you but clearly he lived another life and in time that will be tevealed…….lets see how many of his so called “ace boys” come forward and “serve his time”……..

    Our young black male need to WAKE UP!

  11. Whayadumb says:

    To the family stay strong…….. Monno is a good person n like so many caught up in this trap. Keep your heads up n have his back n to Moms u did a good job don’t let the media get to your head.

    • I'm just saying...... says:

      DO YOU KNOW WHAT IS TRULY SAD ….this boy picked his self up n went abroad on his own to get a higher education and graduated.
      to come home and find no job.
      He allegedly CHOSE THE WRONG PATH a n now he will pay.

      My question to all you that know it all how do we stop this from happening to the next Good Youth man looking for a better way..

      Tell Me can U….

  12. Unbelievable says:

    When reading these comments Im instantly aggitated. As a young black male growing up in Bermuda you really only have two options be a gang member drug dealer or get an education then job. However the sad reality is that although the more viable option would be an education and job its not so simple. He is the perfect example of how this society has failed our young educated black man. Hes educated he had a job which he had to quit because his postal code match the location of his workplace. What then does he continue to risk his life to find work because now hes labeled. So hes been given the title of gangster before actually becoming one. The sad part is he tried to do better he wanted better but the ills of this island caught up to him first. Everyone makes mistakes no mistake greater then the next remember that and the society we afe living in was created by the same ones that so much to say. Keep ya head Mono.

  13. nok says:

    @joey how do you know he takes from others? You sound like the real idiot,n a real stereotypical prejudice ass at that.

  14. I'm just saying...... says:

    at the end of the day God is the only true JUDGE N I PRAY THIS LOVELY YOUNG MAN CAN GET HIS LIFE BACK AFTER allegedly MAKING TERRIBLE CHOICES.

  15. I'm just saying...... says: