Police Stop Bike, Recover Gun, Arrest Two Men

June 18, 2013

[Updated] Police officers arrested two men and recovered a firearm in Sandys parish this afternoon [June 18].

Police Media Manager Dwayne Caines said that police officers stopped two people on a motorcycle. Following a search of the two individuals and the bike, a firearm was located. The two men were arrested and are in police custody.

The police remain on scene at this time, and appear to be searching the Bobs Valley area. A police truck was seen leaving the area with a motorcycle in the back.

Update June 19: A police spokesperson said, “Around 3:30pm on Tuesday, June 18th police officers on mobile patrol in the Broome Street, Sandys parish area encountered two men on a motorcycle acting in a suspicious manner.

“The officers caused the motorcycle to stop and the two individuals were searched. During the search a firearm was detected and seized. As a result, both men were arrested.

“Both suspects remain in police custody pending further inquiries. A full investigation into this matter is underway and any witnesses or anyone with any information is encouraged to contact the Serious Crime Unit on 247-1739 or the independent and confidential Crime Stoppers hotline 800-8477″.

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  1. Nok says:

    very good bermuda police service they probably was on their way to do something. happy dance.

    • james says:

      **** u

      • Douglas says:

        Whats the problem mate?! This is a good thing for everyone!

      • *sigh* says:

        that’s a strange comment :S

      • Normal white collar guy says:

        Very strange comment, yah guns are good. Think of it this way. When my son grows up, I hope he carries a gun on his bike in Bermuda??. James, either you are very young and have lots to learn, or you are farking idiot.

    • I want to thank the Bda. Police, for taking one more weapon off of our streets…

  2. pickle juice says:

    Its time Bermuda eliminates the dirty laundry. Hang these fools!

  3. cooling says:

    I have one word for you bernews com mentors. S*** my hair cr***!

    • Pure Madness!!!! says:

      You must be one of the A***oles doing dumb SH!+, I’m being hopefully that soon, they come knock on your door. Congrats BPS keep up the good work…

    • d.o. says:

      agree this is an a(*&^^&le probably involved. also must be happy the human rights amendment was passed since he requests something.

    • R@s cl@d says:

      You want Bernews to “sort your hair crabs”?????
      Four words by the way.

    • Chickle says:

      @cooling Are you nervous, that they might tell the police something to save their own butts?! Worried that the police will be coming for you next!

      Bad Boys, bad boys, watcha gonna do…watcha gonna do when they come for you!

      Great Job BPS.

    • BermudaGirl says:

      Can you translate that into English?

  4. smokey says:

    police know that with the growing unemployment rate in bda that drugs are becoming a viable way to make ends meet.These people are operating under a different sent of rules than society dictates.Their weapons are for protection in the environment that they have to deal with.Stigmatizing certain areas in the country as gang areas does not help , especially the innocent ones living there. I don’t condone those that carry guns ,but I understand. We are living in perilous times with double talk from everyone including politians and clergy. No hope of jobs for many of these young men lead to these desperate means of survival. Black men excluded from jobs while black females aren’t by large.GOfigure That’s why many young black families are having problems.

    • jon says:

      nonsense, these young man where carrying guns before the recession hit, stop making excuses. I have relatives out of work too but they not running around being gangstas. Thats an excuse they use to justify wanting to be gangstas.

  5. smokey says:

    Lets for once walk the walk that we talk or we will talk forever with nothing done.

    • I'm just saying...... says:

      tHANK yOU sMOKIE
      wHO feels it know it

  6. Bermuda Boy says:

    congrats to police

  7. cooling says:

    Ya all on here talking ya s***. But ya sons be the ones selling! So all of you stfu! Half of we Bermudians know whose shooting and won’t say nothing. So STFU! Ya’ll just as bad as the ones shooting. So take this F word and shove it up ya a**!!

    • d.o. says:

      illiterate as*$%^l4

    • Douglas says:

      It almost sounds as if you are saying something positive but you lost me mate! Try using plain English and perhaps I can agree with what you are trying to say, I think?!

    • Sandy Bottom says:

      The silent majority are sick of the moron gangbangers. Frankly, we hate their guts. When you walk down the street we don’t fear you. We despise you. We think you’re scum of the earth lowlifes.

    • Voter says:


    • Chickle says:

      @cooling..You say , Half of we Bermudians know whose shooting and won’t say nothing. So STFU! Ya’ll just as bad as the ones shooting.

      Bermudians take note – this is what happens when you don’t pay attention is school and you drink alcohol and do drugs. Your brain turns to mush! Cooling, it is not to late, make something of yourself! Go back to school, pick better friends, lay off the happy grass and other “medicines” and you will be amazed at how your like will change.

      Or, continue protecting and hanging out with these idiots with guns and you too will become a statistic.

    • BermudaGirl says:

      Why, Cooling, you little charmer you!!

    • Bozey says:

      @cooling…Try using proper english and just maybe someone will be interested in what you have to say….then maybe not!!
      To the BPS, thank you!! Finding these guns will hopefully help solve some of these murder cases!!

  8. New bermuda says:

    Great work Bermuda Police!

    Hopefully these ‘bis’ get the time they deserve!

  9. cooling says:

    You mad my *****?

    • d.o. says:

      try to speak english,then you may be understood

    • LaughOrCry says:

      What wrong cooling? Ur mom didn’t love u enough as a kid? U had a ‘funny’ uncle? U didn’t have any friends? U a closet homosexual? All these are valid reasons for u to be so upset. Hahahahahahahahahahhaahahhahahahaha

  10. Django unchained says:

    Great work to the officers involved.

  11. blackberry says:

    good stuff one by one! one of them will sitting down

  12. Cal Blankendal says:

    Keep up the good work BPS! You will continue to receive many complaints but every time you intercept a firearm, you continue to save a young persons life.

  13. Andrew says:

    Allow me to translate:

    “Ya all on here talking ya s***.” = “Dear fellow commenters: It appears to me that your commentary on this matter is lacking in substantive expression.”

    “But ya sons be the ones selling!” = “Although you may not be fully cognisant of the facts, some of you may very well be the progenitors of the unlicensed vendors of whom you speak.”

    “So all of you stfu!” = “I strongly encourage you to refrain from further comment on this matter.”

    “Half of we Bermudians know whose shooting and won’t say nothing.” = “A significant number of the native populace are acquainted with the malfeasants yet remain unwilling to provide the authorities with meaningful information regarding these antisocial acts..”

    “So STFU!” = “Again, I implore you to refrain from further comment on this matter.”

    “Ya’ll just as bad as the ones shooting.” = “Your lack of substantive expression and unwillingness to cooperate with the authorities renders you equally culpable in these crimes.”

    “So take this F word and shove it up ya a**!!” = “So please take this euphemism for copulation and insert it in your rectal orifice.”

    • Lordgivemestrength says:


    • Sands says:

      Thanks Andrew I needed that laugh. I highly doubt he/she could even pronounce half of what you wrote.

    • Eyes Wide Open says:

      I couldn’t have said it any better…. (made my day tho) :-P

    • DreamCatcher says:

      Please send a response in his language and translate in ours so we can keep up to pace. ***Popping the popcorn****

    • jussayin says:

      Lofl there shud be a like button

    • Verisimilitude101 says:

      The unfortunate thing is… The brilliance of this comment will likely go right over the original poster’s head.. Thanks for the laugh though!

    • Fruity says:

      hahaha gotta be my Drumello… And yeah probably right over his head..

    • BermudaGirl says:

      Andrew, thank you for that laugh! (As well as the translation.) I needed that laugh!!! Cooling will soon be cooling his miserable little heels up Westgate. I wonder why all little creeps also have to be angry, hostile little creeps?!

    • Ty says:

      @Andrew – That was funny as hell.

      @cooling. See – that’s how you write a proper sentence in English. You should have stayed in school.

    • lmfawooooooooooooo, good one

  14. Voter says:

    Nice one BPS :-)

  15. Truth is killin' me... says:

    More to come after the canaries start singing!!!

  16. micro says:

    I’ll they’ll be up on charges that’ll later be dropped, and they’ll be back on the street in no time… sure hope I’m wrong.

  17. Dark Horse says:

    @cooling Your illiterate rant shows that you are a major part of the problem. “Cooling” is an appropriate title as I am sure in the near future you will be cooling off in the slammer along with the rest of your ace-boys. Good bye and good riddance to you and the rest of the scum.
    keep up the good work BPS.

  18. second says:

    Great work BPS! They need to start naming these individuals as soon as they are arrested so we know what we are living amongst. Make it fully understood that they are innocent until proven guilty and alleged to have committed a crime but they should be named.

  19. Ljrmills says:

    Reading some of these comments are very hurtful! It’s so much malicious people in this world! One gun gone…what about the many still on the street? What about the supplier where they got it from still supplying the guns to more? One gun won’t change a d** thing! So to all the nasty comments I read please before judging someone you need to remember everyone has a family! Try showing some consideration for them before posting nasty comments or just stfu!!!!!

    • BermudaGirl says:

      You mean “I implore you to not make any more comments on this subject matter, thank you.” hahahahaha!

  20. Xman says:

    All we need to know now is there names and were they live.

  21. tricks are for kids.... says:

    Negativity just adds fuel to the fire…….

  22. Uncle Bob says:

    All we need now is the BPS to set up sting operations for those broke chain snatchers that go to party’s and carry out their chain snatching exercise.

  23. Muff diver says:

    Great work by The Police Sevice.
    Book them Dano,and lock them up!