Police Assist After 23ft Boat Hits West End Reef

June 11, 2013

Officials received a call at approximately 8.20am this morning [June 11] from occupants onboard a 23-foot Wellcraft that ran into difficulties after a propeller hit a reef in the west end.

A Bermuda Maritime Operations spokesperson said, “It appears that the boat’s outboard engine’s propeller came in contact with a reef approximately one mile to the north west of Black Bay in Somerset. This resulted in the engine getting stuck in an upright position and the boat unable to move.

“The Marine Police unit ‘Rescue 1′ attended the scene and assisted by towing the stricken vessel with four persons on board to Cavello Bay. No one was injured in the incident.”

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Comments (9)

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  1. turtle says:

    well…yeahhhhh….the reef got injured…….

  2. Lordgivemestrength says:

    What’s up with all these boaters crashing into things lately?

  3. Jim Jones says:

    yeah, all two of them. it’s an epidemic.

    • Come Correct says:

      All 2? Did you miss the 2 boats that crashed into a whole island? I wanna know what all the hype is about, I’m gonna go write my boat off this weekend.

      • Jim Jones says:

        when that was? a whole island? or a part of an island? if they hit the ‘whole island’, then the island sounds more like a ‘rock’.

        • Come Correct says:

          Lol fair enough. Well the boat was up on the island so they hit an island. Look above at the related articles, first 2 articles are about the most recent one.

        • Your numbers says:

          Drink the Koolaid Jim Jonees…please.

  4. SoMuchMore says:

    first it was car and bike crashes and now it seems we’ve moved from land to sea.

  5. Somerset BIE says:

    I call them Weekend Warriors

    Don’t have the slightest clue about the water!