Queen Approves England’s Gay Marriage Bill

July 17, 2013

England has become the latest country to legalise gay marriage, with Queen Elizabeth II giving her royal stamp of approval today [July 17] to the bill, which the British House of Commons passed on Tuesday.

The UK’s Telegraph reports that, “MPs cheered in the House of Commons as it was announced that royal assent had been given to the new Bill, paving the way for the first same-sex weddings next spring.

“The Queen, who is the Supreme Governor of the Church of England, gave her formal approval to the Bill – one of the most radical pieces of social legislation of her reign – this afternoon.

“But it marks the end of the centuries-old understanding of marriage as being solely between a man and a woman in the UK.”

BBC reports that, “The Conservative, Labour and Liberal Democrat leaderships all backed the proposals, which were finally approved by MPs and peers earlier this week. It is expected that the first gay and lesbian wedding ceremonies will take place by summer next year.”

The law does not come into force immediately because government departments need time to make changes. New processes must be drawn up for registrars, and new forms will also have to be drawn up, CNN said. The government expects to announce a more formal timetable for the implementation of the law in the fall.

Premier Craig Cannonier has stated that same sex marriage will not happen in Bermuda under his leadership.

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  1. Day says:


  2. Speak Truth says:

    Oh my dear – trying to kill off the Human Race………. What a shame, what a shame, what a shame !!!!!!!!!!

    • Um Um Like says:

      The Queen is not mandating homosexuality, you fool! If it’s such a shame to you perhaps you should reconsider living in a UK colony. Maybe you should move somewhere like Cameroon where your hatred and stupidity might actually be respected.

      • Robert says:

        Is this marc pettingale ???? Lol

      • Mazumbo says:

        They probably would have been living in Cameroon if the Europeans didn’t steal their ancestors(that’s if their of African descent of course. LOL

    • Sandgrownan says:

      That’s a pretty stupid comment.

    • DC says:

      “Oh my dear – trying to kill off the Human Race”… With over 7 Billion plus people on the Earth, that is highly unlikely!!!

    • mixitup says:

      You sound truly ridiculous! What an embarrassment to the human race you are.

    • DarkSideofTheMoon says:

      An empty barrel makes the most noise.

  3. Sir George Somers says:

    The Queen has no power!! This is just a ceremonial role, If any legislation is passed in both houses, to come into law it needs to be officially signed off by the Queen, but she has to sign everything her govt. gives to her, she has no say what so ever!! She can’t refuse to sign anything!

    • Robert says:

      Thank you sir George

    • Sandgrownan says:

      Well she can….actually, but doesn’t

      • Sir George Somers says:

        Il rephrase

        She can’t refuse to sign anything unless her govt. tells her to do so!

    • DarkSideofTheMoon says:

      See this is why not everyone should have an opinion…

      • Sir George Somers says:

        And this is why you should read the article you have posted a link to!!

        A Buckingham Palace spokeswoman said: “It is a long established convention that the Queen is asked by parliament to provide consent to those bills which parliament has decided would affect crown interests. The sovereign has not refused to consent to any bill affecting crown interests unless advised to do so by ministers.”

        So she has to provide consent to bills that affect the Crowns interest, and she provides consent unless her govt tells her to do otherwise! As in that article you posted in 1999 her govt told her to veto a private members bill that would take power from the queen (prime minister) in declaring war, and give it to the house!

  4. sooooooo says:

    The important point is that “The Conservative, Labour and Liberal Democrat leaderships all backed the proposals”

    Unlike Bermuda’s mp’s that dont have the ball. S to do the right thing.

  5. Nuffin but da Truth says:

    eventually Bermuda WILL have to allow same sex marriages,anyone thinking it will never happen is has their head in the sand!

  6. This is great news,since we are still under the British crown. So my suggestion is that we ship all the homosexual community to the U.K. and they wont have no problem in living their life in a land that accepts them.

    As for Bermuda, we should never signed this garbage into legislation,not now, not ever.I hope British airways puts on a special one way seat sale for them all to go to the U.K, Please take the politicians along with you.

    • Robert says:

      Duane, you are crazy….please stop !!!

    • oh wow says:

      @ Duane— you are a real piece of work you nasty piece of crap.
      Maybe you should get on that British flight and take that one way trip yourself

    • Sandy Bottom says:

      Duane, weren’t you part of the rabid dogpack howling when Pettngill said that bigots should leave Bermuda, or words to that effect? At that time you, Marc Bean, and every narrow minded bigot in Bermuda said it was disgusting that Pettingill said such a thing.

      But I guess it’s different now that you suggest that all gay people are “shipped to the UK”. Because it’s a “land that accepts them”.

      I wonder if the the people who thought Pettingill was wrong will come on here and vilify you as well? Probsbly not, given that they’re a bunch of hypocrite cowards.

      And you are a disgusting little jerk and a hypocrite. Just in case that wasn’t apparent already to everyone.

      • Mazumbo says:

        Even though I don’t agree with it people can choose to do what makes them happy. I just don’t want to see them in public holding hands an kissing off each other.

        • campervan says:

          exactly what was said about mixed race couples not so very long ago.

        • Sandgrownan says:

          Why? Are you afraid of catching gheyness? Do you feel threatened?

          • Mazumbo says:

            No it’s just like I don’t want no one smoking around me and I’m sure there are something’s that you find distasteful that you don’t want in your presence and mixed marriage is still not excepted in society it’s just tolerated

            • Sandgrownan says:

              Mixed? You mean interacial?

              See how stupid you sound.

            • Let's Think About This... says:

              Much like you can do with those smoking around you as it isn’t illegal to smoke in public, move away from those kissing. No one is forcing you to stand there looking at them. And no one cares if you’re looking or not. Not very many people kiss for someone else’s benefit.

    • Zombie Apocalypse says:

      Duane, maybe you should be shipped off to Uganda, where homosexuality is punishable by death. You’d apparently like it there and it would be a land that accepts you. Take all the bigots along with you.

      • Mazumbo says:

        His people where already shipped out of Africa now you want to ship him back LOL

  7. Robert says:

    First, she can not and will never be the head of any church !!!! Let England do what the hell they want, doesnt mean we have to follow. The english are the root of all that is wrong in this world. Go bda, follow that wicked country !!!

    • Sandgrownan says:

      Head of state and head of the church, whether you like it or not

    • DarkSideofTheMoon says:

      No matter what you believe she is the head of the Church of England. (Sidenote: You are not important)

      • Field Negro says:

        Last time i checked that old white ***** wasnt either

    • Deliverance says:

      England is not the root of all that is wrong in the world. Stupid people like you are, Robert. Why don’t you and Duane move to Africa. They kill homosexuals in Africa. Pick any country on the continent and don’t come back.

  8. navin johnson says:

    Duane you doth protest too much….although you may have a point as we would eliminate much of the former Government

  9. MAKE MY DAY says:

    This greatly surprises and disappoints me at the same time!! I did not think the church of England and definitely the Catholic church would approve of this “gay marriage circus”!!!

    I wonder if this was approved by the **majority** of the UK’s residents – or was this just to kow-tow to the EU by the UK parliament???

    I’ll have to contact some old English mates and find out what went wrong – as certain countries in the world have gone mad!!

  10. bun out says:


  11. campervan says:

    This is most welcome news.
    Can we assume that Bermuda, as a colony, will now have to follow suit?
    If a Bermudian same sex couple, or a gay Bermudian with a foreign spouse have their marital rights denied, then surely they can appeal to the higher courts in the UK?
    The UK has previously imposed restrictions here on perceived HR infractions, such as capital punishment.
    I look forward to the first local test case with relish.
    Bring it on!

  12. swing voter says:

    Back in the day, I would refer to my parents as happy and gay. Nowdays I jus call them happy. All jokes aside, the current legal definition of marriage is to rigid to include man on man marriage. So you homophobes and bigots and ex-gay ministry ppl need not worry LOL

  13. Kindley says:

    Government making things legal does not make it right.

  14. Sandgrownan says:

    I’m stunned by the rampant homphobia and bigotry on display, rooted of course in the idiotic ramblings of holy books that are so stupid even children see through them.

    Shame on you.

    • Sir George Somers says:

      I was watching a documentary the other day about Scientology, and was thinking whoever believes in aliens and all that stuff has to be crazy! Right!

      Then I started to think about my own religion, Anglicanism, and what people must think of me believing in god, and the New Testament!

      I’m all for gay marriage, as long as it is performed by the state, and not forced by government to be performed by the church! Just like two non religious heterosexuals get wed in a civil hall, this is where gays should get married as well, and have the same rights as a heterosexual married couples!

      • Sandgrownan says:

        Yeah, you’d have to be willfully ignorant to be believe in that…..

        No one really cares what the church, any church, thinks about this, the church is again on the wrong side of history, morality and common sense.

      • Mike Hind says:

        Who is calling for the churches to be forced to perform wedding ceremonies?
        In fact, who is talking about weddings at all?

        This is about marriages, not weddings. The church has nothing to do with marriages.

  15. Ride says:

    Lets see …

    Sun rose this morning? Check.
    Tides are rising and falling? Check.
    Air is breathable? Check.
    Birds are singing? Check.
    Global warming still in effect? Check.
    Bills still need to be paid? Check.

    Hummmm. It seems the World has not ended. Where is the Ghey Apocalypse that this should have wrought on England (and the many other places where gay marriage and/or civil union has been recognised for some years)?

    I’ve heard it said that the religious anti-gay zealots only have themselves to blame for this sort of thing. That they obviously did not sufficiently entreat the omnipotent powers of their [G|g]od(s) to intervene in this instance (and all the other instances in the past and those yet to come). That they should be ashamed for their lack of faith and insufficient prayers. I think that is a bit of a harsh and inflammatory interpretation to make.

    Instead I think perhaps their [G|g]od(s) are merely showing them that there is nothing wrong with gay marriage and/or civil union. This could be the reason there this no divine intervention on these issues.

    Or, it could be evidence of the divine working in mysterious ways.

    Or, it could be a sign of the end days (which have been ending for some time now). After all, we’ve been in the last days for centuries.

    Who knows what it is in the context of the ancient scriptures written under divine direction thousands of years ago when women were property and slavery ordained.

    But what we do know today in the present and for the foreseeable future is that homosexual marriage and civil union does not end the world, nor nullify heterosexual marriage, nor manifest any apocalyptic wave upon Mankind. It simply allows a great many couples to legally formalise their commitment to one another and allow themselves to live their lives in dignity and equality in their communities. I don’t feel threatened by that.


  16. Nuffin but da Truth says:

    There are more CLOSET GAYS in Bermuda than boats on the Bermuda Waters!
    you can find many in the plp and biu,one of them has earings and a handbag!

  17. Field Negro says:

    It aint no suprise. The royal family are no stranger to nasty s***..They have been inbreeding with each other all this time.

  18. MAKE MY DAY says:

    The day I want to marry another man…. Someone PLEASE call St. Brendan’s and have me committed until I come to-my-senses!!!

    Just the thought of a “bearded” and beer-belly hairy man next to me “naked” in bed – would give me “nightmares” for a lifetime!!!

    Praise the Lord for the opposite and feminine sex!!! Hallelujah for all those sexy, feminine chicks we have access to!!!

    That’s why they have Miss. World and Miss. Universe pageants!!

  19. MAKE MY DAY says:

    Nuffin but da Truth says:
    July 18, 2013 at 2:32 pm

    I wonder if he used to be “connected” to the BDA regiment???

  20. Mike Hind says:

    So much hate.

    I have to ask again, since no one has given me any sort of answer yet:

    Is there a REAL reason to oppose this that doesn’t involve other people having to follow the rules of your religion or your personal “ickiness” about the subject?