Minister, Shadow Minister On Teacher Transfers

August 13, 2013

Minister of Education Nalton Brangman said that the Ministry of Education is presently engaged in a process of setting out proposals to resolve the issue of teacher transfers and parental involvement in schools.

The Minister was responding to Shadow Minister for Education Walton Brown who yesterday said: “The entire issue of teacher transfers needs to be resolved by the creation of a framework that has buy-in from the Ministry, teachers and parents. What we have seen on an annual basis is far too much dispute over a matter that should be fairly routine.

“The Ministry wishes to make teacher transfers to ensure its strategy for improved public education is carried out; some teachers seek school transfer for a wide range of reasons; and parents have views which should be acknowledged and respected when it comes to the education of their children.

“In an effort to create such a framework, I have extended a hand of cooperation to Education Minister Brangman to assist in this undertaking. Every time there are issues with transfers—particularly when they spill out into the public domain—the steady improvement in public confidence in public education suffers. We need to focus our energies on our students and ensure the appropriate environment for their success is our only priority.”

Minister of Education Nalton Brangman said, “I am thankful to the Opposition Member for his offer of assistance. It is good to see that the Opposition are seeking to be supportive instead of just opposing because of the nature of our politics. Both he and I can agree that matters related to our children are above political differences.

“However, I can advise Mr. Brown and the public that the Ministry of Education is presently engaged in a process of setting out proposals to resolve the issue of teacher transfers and parental involvement in schools.

“It is our intent to engage our stakeholders – principals, teachers, PTAs and the broader community in a consultative process on the matter of parental involvement in schools shortly after school reconvenes in September. I certainly welcome Mr. Brown’s input and that of the entire community once we bring forward our proposals on the matter.”

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  1. Double Standards says:

    This can’t be true…

    Bermudian politicians actually having a civil and mature discussion on an issue and refraining from childish jibes and rhetoric?

    Well I never….

    • That’s because Jokers like you are not a part of this process, just a thought.

      • Double Standards says:

        Why am I a joker for being suprised that our politicians finally act in a civilized manner towards each other? Or am I joker because you don’t agree with my points of view?

        It doesn’t happen often, that’s for sure.

        Please explain…

        • No need for explanations if you have not been on here long enough to understand cheek and tongue, but as for the politicians acting civilized toward one another,please don’t be fooled.

          The politicians on both sides of the floor thresh out things in the public view, but in private have their business interest together in partnerships,They even attend private functions together both at home and abroad.

          So to answer the joker part of it is to see that you really don’t see through the smoke screen at all, and I actually gave you credit for using a name like double standards, but I guess that name is not all what is cracked up to be either, after all you do bring many valid points to the table at times.

  2. Tom says:

    I am actually quite surprised that the Minister of Education can carry out an educated conversation at all with the Opposition considering that he himself is not an educated man. As an outsider with two beautiful God-Children from Bermuda, it is no surprised that I had to tutor and edit their papers in school to help them “catch-up.” An Education Minister of my Beautiful Bermuda without a simple Bachelors Degree?! Disturbing and completely disrespectful to the process of how teachers can embrace their boss. In addition, completely disrespectful to not only the Black Bermudian children but also the White and Portuguese ones as well.I am shocked that I do not see more about the lack of qualifications of an Education Minister of a country. WAKE UP PLP and say something! I do not mind “playing nice in the sand-box” but this is politics and the future of Bermudian children. In education-EVERY DAY COUNTS!