Two Year Suspended Ban For Treadwell Gibbons

August 22, 2013

Treadwell Gibbons  Bermuda, August 13 2013-2[Updated] Treadwell Gibbons has received a two year ban from the St George’s Cricket Club, which is suspended, as a result of his actions during the second day of Cup Match.

During the 2013 Cup Match Classic, Gibbons was ruled out by an umpire and initially refused to leave the field, at one point waving the cricket bat around and being restrained by another player.

The 28-year-old cricketer held a press conference last week during which he apologised to everyone for his actions, and said it will not happen again.

St. George’s Cricket Club President Neil Paynter said Gibbons has received a two year suspension, which has been suspended for two years.

“What that means is he is banned from St. George’s Cricket Club, but it is suspended for two years,”  explained Mr Paynter. “Which means that in the event of any other incidents in cricket with Tready his ban will come into effect immediately.”

Gibbons has also had 50% of his match fees deducted.

Update 2.13pm: A statement from the SGCC said, “After reviewing the reports that were prepared by the match umpires and the chairman of cricket for the St. George’s Cricket Club the club management met and reached the following decision:

“The St. George’s Cricket Club has banned Mr. Treadwell Gibbons Jr. from playing cricket for the Club for two years and the ban is suspended for two years, and he has been deducted 50% of his match fees. Should Mr. Gibbons have any infractions within the two year period the ban will be activated.”

Mr Paynter said, “In light of all the evidence presented from various parties the committee came to a unanimous conclusion. The St. George’s Cricket Club is willing to work with Mr. Treadwell Gibbons Jr. to help him achieve his goals.”

“He immediately apologized to the club and he has been extremely apologetic to all of Bermuda. He has demonstrated genuine remorse and we are satisfied that this situation has been resolved appropriately.”

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  1. Kim Smith says:

    It will be interesting to see if this approach impresses this young man enough that he works on figuring out what his temper is all about. I hope it does make an impression on him… there are a lot of people watching.

  2. concern says:

    I’m sorry, but this is not the first time Mr. Gibbons has displayed negative behavior. The SGCC President is not setting a good example by merely giving him a 2 year suspended sentence. Mr. Gibbons should be suspended from all cricket for at least one year and during this time he needs to seek some assistance for his attitude and then he should be placed on probation for at least 3 years. If Mr. Gibbons breaks that probation then he should be suspended for 5 years.

    We need to set an example for the young people today, and demonstrate to them that this type of behavior cannot and will not be tolerated.

    • well well says:

      @concern I agree with you – it appears this young man does not learn from previous mistakes.

  3. first one says:

    I am pleasently surprise with this ban. I have faith that Mr. Gibbons will comply.
    All the negative talk and press needs to stop because the decision has been made. Lets keep him in our prayers that he will grow from this experience.

    • concern says:

      @first one I am a person that does believe in second chances. However I also believe that past performance does predict future behavior. Mr. Gibbons has a poor disciplinary record that includes: fighting a team mate, and showing serious dissent at an umpires decision.

      So tell me how is it that this young man deserves or has even earned the right to play cricket for Bermuda, his club or anywhere else???

      • first one says:

        We have two years to see
        We are quick to take thr speck out of someone eye what about the specks in our eyes. He who is without sin cást the first stone!

  4. What the hell says:

    So…..if he acts like a player is supposed to act like for the next two years..nothing happened.
    This is a joke…..but I expect nothing else from cricket in Bermuda

    • Gypsy Mama says:

      If anything, Treadwell did this dismal country a favor, by spicing up your boring, old, archaic, and very much dated celebration of supposed FREEDOM.

      How confused, bemused, and disturbed could one be to believe the state Bermudians live in is anything close to true freedom?

      As you all continue along your daily lives, enjoying your collective delusion, mistreating the youth, and wondering why they grow to be so bitter and angry.

      OLD Bermuda needs to wake up.

      The youth of this country are more in tune with the Universe than the old ones will ever be; hence their continued rebellion against all the rules forced upon them without their concent.

      Until you people learn how to treat one another, you shall never be FREE.

      • Truth is killin' me... says:

        Ok Gypsy Mamma…sooooooooo the next time I have an altercation, I’ll pull out my bat and start swinging it at somebody like Treadwell did at Cup Match. If everybody listened to you we’d all be in jail. You’re full of it!

      • Dave says:

        Gypsy Mamam, keep defending the indefensible….

  5. Albert says:

    The not so genuine sniffing as if to hold back tears while still smiling didn’t exactly make the apology seem believable. At 28 years old, a man should be able to convey some sense of sincerity and realistic remorse. Oh well, a sign of the times…

    • Family Man says:

      Future politician in the making.

    • Gypsy Mama says:

      “At 28 years old, a man should be able to convey some sense of sincerity and realistic remorse. Oh well, a sign of the times…”

      You are mental.

      You SHOULD be able to keep your comments to yourself, when it comes to matters of others’ sincerity.


      End quote.

  6. Truth is killin' me... says:

    You reap what you sow you lot. As for the apology…FORCED and as Bob would say…Time Will Tell!

  7. swing voter says:

    another reason why local cricket is not worth my time. Same for local football. I’d rather watch the real-deal on PPV TV

  8. Just me says:

    Ok Tred don’t worry about the negative comments keep your head up ppl will always judge not knowing the full details about what happen in anything they say you have done that’s just the media for they dwell on the negative.GodSpeed!!!!

  9. Proud to be Bermudian says:

    Only persons of good character, good citizens and those that show promise of being future role models should play or be considered to play on our National holiday.

  10. Smh says:

    It’s sad how much faith the ppl in this island have for their ppl. As a young bermudian who Has made plenty of mistakes, suffered many consequences and still have risen above it all due to great support and encouragement! It’s a damn shame most of you don’t even know the meaning of community, coming together to help, to make a difference in our youth ! All you do is sit up run down and degrade instead of trying to make a difference. The reason why the youth are the way they are is because of lack of support and a stable by backbone in belief that they can get it right despite all the negativity! Shame on you! I know tready all to well and he has come along way, and is getting there! At least he is willing to take that step to better himself! Still always my #1 my twin keep up the good work I believe in you! .xo

  11. Miguelito says:

    This “verdict” is some sort of joke, right?

  12. Gypsy Mama says:

    He apologized. He has been banned.

    What more do you people want?

    The ever-pervasive vitriolic nature of many Bermudians – young and old – will be the undoing of your already dismal society.

    Pick up a mirror and put down the magnifying glass. Take time to meditate on YOUR short comings, and keep your opinions of what the rest of us SHOULD be doing to your miserable selves.

    End quote.

    • Sandy Bottom says:

      He hasn’t been banned. He has the threat of a ban if he does something again. He was essentially given a slap on the wrist.

    • Truth is killin' me... says:

      You’re an enabler Gypsy Mama. You enable people like Treadwell to get away with tooooo much. People like you make the island so much better…NOT!

    • Dave says:

      clearly a friend or family member…

  13. oj says:

    Well this kinda makes sense because if yu look back at cupmatch. What excitement was there besides tre making his first century in cup match. Mr.tucker making his 100 n becoming the leading run scoring. Also the show mr.cann put on about people being in front of the sight screen. So I don’t see why this is a big deal 2 people it may have been wrong but it was excitement 2 the people of bermuda n had us all talking about it.

  14. Prayerful says:

    So sad! We h a d the opportunity to show our young black males that bad behavior should not be celebrated, and we missed that chance.

    Treadwell Gibbons is not a boy, he is a man.

  15. Self Serving People says:

    Both Clubs Now need to look at having Match referees, security for Players and fans and Stop that loud music too many speakers I cant even enjoy the cricket.

  16. Match Report says:

    In Tready’s defense he was asked by the umpire not to walk off the field after initially being giving out. Did anyone see the umpire and the Captain of Somerset have a discussion? What where they talking about? Did anyone see the umpire give him out after the discussion? Obviously, they where talking about the decision! I don’t condone any such unruly behavious but many of you are only making comments based on sideways reporting and what you think was happening in the the middle. Ask a Somerset player what he was saying when he was pointing the bat? (Looked bad) But he was asking the players of Somerset to reverse their appeal which was never going to happen. Anyway, if he should’ve been suspended for eligitly attacking a spectator then i would have thought the spectator should atleast been removed from the ground for making disgrading comments to a player. But that never happen so justice has been served. I believe the public embarrassment is a sentence within it’s self and it will be up to tready to change his behaviour so something like this doesn’t happen again.

    Wish you all the success in the Future… Just not against my Two TEAMS!!

    All the Way

  17. august heat says:

    This is just another thing for Bermudians to complain bout. If there’s a stab u complain, if there’s an accident you complain, if there’s a gunshot you all complain. I’m sure none of you there or know the full story and you all probably never do. Was you on the field with gibbons? Do you know what was said? Was you playing in that unGodly sun for 2 days for hrs on end ? Ok he got a slap on the wrist whoo hoo so flipping what. His a talented cricket player which most of you do from a chair or on the other side of a radio #ijs.

    How bout all the fatherless children out there due to gun violence, or little girls stripped of their innocence, or even the …. You witness our so called “protect and serve people” ( the police ) do on a daily basis. You kno, like turning on the sirens to make a kfc run to avoid traffic.

    How bout you stop complaining and arguing bout the …. And try/do something about it. Oh right you as 1 person can not, so how bout we all just read it let it go and shut the heck up bout it.

    Nothing more to say, ignorance is contagious I don’t wish to catch it.

    • swing voter says:

      Another thing for Bermudians to complain about huh? I guess you weren’t around pre- 1980s when cricket was a gentleman’s game. No wonder we can’t achieve on the international level….jus take licks every tour…..upcoming tour won’t be any different.

  18. Xman says:

    WHY!- because he possibley a friend,Family member of yours that can’t control his actions “and behavior
    or is such behavior accepted by you!