Government To Table Gaming Referendum Act

November 28, 2013

casino generic ggTomorrow [Nov 29] the Government will table the Referendum Act 2013 which will deal with allowing casino gaming in Bermuda, and the Ministry said that a notice of the date for the referendum must be given within 90 days of its approval.

Minister of Tourism & Transport Shawn Crockwell said this is an “exciting time for Bermuda” and that “approving the introduction of casino gaming may be the game changer that the economy needs.”

Minister Crockwell said: “The implementation of a regulated and dynamic gaming industry, which includes luxury casinos that cater to our tourists, has the potential of creating a brand new industry for Bermuda which will create new jobs for Bermudians and offer exciting entertainment for our guests.

“The Cabinet Gaming Committee is in the process of finalizing the Government’s vision for a new gaming industry. Our research shows that if done correctly the introduction of casino style gaming in Bermuda can generate much needed revenue for the Government and provide jobs and even careers for our people.”

The Minister also said that casino style gaming has been extremely successful in boosting tourism numbers in Aruba, Bahamas and the Dominican Republic, and that Puerto Rico has generated hundreds of millions of dollars in gaming revenues which has been used to fund their Tourism Authority and provide financial backing for hotel development.

Minister Crockwell said: “Most, if not all, of our competitors have introduced casino style gaming as an amenity for their tourists in their destinations. As the Chairman of the Bermuda Tourism Authority recently stated, Bermuda needs to get competitive again.”

The Minister stressed that the Government has “done its due diligence in looking at sophisticated networking systems that will allow it to monitor and control this industry.”

A Gaming Commission will be established to regulate and oversee gaming and every precaution will be taken to mitigate against any negative impact on society, the Ministry said.

The Minister added: “we strongly believe that we have the intellect and commitment to create an industry that will be beneficial to Bermuda and if we all work together we can ensure that this industry will be successful and possibly the envy of the world. Singapore has done it and so can we.”

In the recent Throne Speech the Government committed to holding the referendum in the first quarter of 2014. Pursuant to the substantive Referendum Act 2012, a notice of the date for the referendum must be given within 90 days of the approval of the Referendum Act 2013.

In May 2013, Minister Crockwell said the “Government will lay the gaming referendum bill this session and we expect to hold a referendum at the end of summer or beginning of fall.” The Opposition PLP has previously criticised the Government for “lack of movement” on the referendum.

Gaming in Bermuda has been discussed for a long time, with reports extending back to at least 1912, when then Governor Sir Walker Kitchener rejected a proposal to establish casinos and gaming halls in Bermuda.

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  1. make it legal says:

    They just need to legalise gaming. The churches will spread their propaganda and the referendum will be a pointless waste of money. The churches are scared that they will lose out on collection and bingo money. The church people go to Las Vegas and partake in gaming. None of those are taxed and where the money is speny cannot be controlled. With legalised gaming it will create new jobs in construction, dealers, servers, etc.. The earnings and winnings can be taxed and can be spent on projects that benefit everybody. Look at New York where they just legalised gaming through an election; something like 55% of the taxed earnings must go to education. They also have an investor that is going to build a Las Vegas sized casino near New York city. We need those that want gaming to advertise the benifits so that it beats the church vote.

  2. Verbal Kint says:

    I’m taking a vow to never, ever, vote for another politician who uses the phrase “game changer”. :)

  3. Boremeless says:

    Bout flippin time!

  4. hmmm says:

    Did we elect these people to make decisions? If I hire you to do a job and you decide, well this job is hard why don’t you just do it, I’d probably a) think you were an idiot, and b) not hire you again. In this case the politicians are not stupid, just cowardly. If there is one thing Bermuda does not need right now it’s cowardly leadership.

    • Mike Hind says:

      So… fulfilling their promises is stupid and cowardly?

      Listening to the people of Bermuda and asking their input is a bad thing?


  5. Sigh Of Relief says:

    this is better than gay rights lol

  6. JB BBRYC says:

    1 of my currency equals a billion us dollars. If I was not screwg I would write a check to bail bermuda out.

  7. Y-Gurl says:

    I also vote yes, we need to stop complaining about the harm it can do for our society and look at the good it can do, of course there will be casualties but look at the revenue we can set aside to deal with that should it arise

  8. Inquiry says:

    Just give it to new hotel development with at least 300 rooms.c’mon OBA and premier Cannonier grow some balls!