Live Blog: Parliament Convenes, Throne Speech

November 8, 2013

[Updated] The Convening of Parliament Ceremony will take place at approximately 11am this morning [Nov 8] on the Cabinet Office grounds on Front Street.

Premier Craig Canonnier and Members of Parliament will gather to hear the Governor George Fergusson deliver the Throne Speech which outlines the Government’s Legislative Agenda for the year ahead.

The proceedings will covered live on the radio and CITV, and we will also bring live text updates through the day.

Live blog over, updates are below starting from the beginning

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  1. Betty Dump says:

    I like that 10% Wednesday savings! I spend $300 on groceries and get to save $30! That’s a carton of milk, juice, formula, and some eggs. Sweet!

    • islandflavor says:

      Now I wish that the grocery stores would allow you to get your discount on groceries with your debit cards!

      • The Skink says:

        Oh no, get your behind in the store with some cash. Give you an inch and you want a mile. Plan ahead go to the ATM and get your cash out like the rest of us!!!

      • media says:

        They will never do that as each card transaction costs them in the region of 2-3%. With cash it costs the store nothing more.

    • Betty Trump says:

      Lets hope the stores do not increase the prices, so that the 10% would actually have that full impact. Increase in prices does not help much !! Will special items still on be sale?

      • Hmmm says:

        So Betty, pop quiz….

        Is the 10% off a:

        A) Good Thing

        B) Bad thing

        Answer A) or B) please

      • The Skink says:

        Oh no! Get your behind in with cash from the ATM like the rest of us who plan ahead. The crown gives you an inch and you want a mile? Get cracking to the ATM on Wednesdays!!! The nerve!!!

    • Betty Trump says:

      I see you like me, so you also call yourself Betty Dump !! good stuff..

  2. DarkSideofTheMoon says:

    Impressive initiatives. :)

  3. Triangle Drifter says:

    Did the OBA arrive in an emergency response vehicle or a salvage vehicle?

    • Observed Customer says:

      I’d just like to mention that I was at one of the Market Place chain stores and observed right before my eyes one of the cashiers whom I strongly believe was underage to purchase LIQUOR was calling for a manager to whom she had a customer purchasing LIQUOR and even as a cashier was underage to serve. He took a while to come to her attention calling him twice. But to that I’d like to CONGRATULATE that young lady. JOB well DONE I SALUATE you.

  4. Somebody's Momma says:

    I like the Premier’s glasses.

  5. Family says:

    Great initiatives! Now lets see them materialize. That’s when the real celebration and cheers will be given.

    A job well done by the Bermuda Regiment Band under the direction of WO2 Sgt. Major J. James A. Van-Lowe. It’s your time, enjoy it. You did a fantastic job? Salute!

  6. Zario says:

    Notice that some people cannot just be happy over a development. They just have to go looking for a dark side.

  7. sage says:

    5% extra discount off 200%-300% mark up,and extra profits on liquor, sales on sundays and holidays,we thank you.

    • media says:

      By your statement you clearly have no idea what running a successful business takes.

  8. Bermudian. says:

    It was a trade off, win win for the grocer, they will get it back with the Sunday Liquor Sales. Elementary Watson.

  9. Chris says:

    I am British, in my 40s and I have 3 children, 2 of which were born here. I work for a large Reinsurer and employ 11 Bermudians, although many more work for our company. Were I to move back to London, several of them would probably struggle to retain their jobs, its hard to estimate of course, and i hope we’d try to retain all, but realistically several would be let go. But I have no intention of leaving, although I’m respectful of the fact that I am not Bermudian, and frankly I’m very proud of being British and could never be anything else.

    My oldest son is 12, he was born in London and moved here aged 2, this is all he knows. So we’ d like to stay, and I’m happy that the OBA Govt have realized that the one thing that that keeps senior expats from buying property or contemplating real futures here is that when my son is 18, although this is all he knows he will be told he has 90 days to leave. It’s not term limits, or payroll tax, or schools or gangs, it is this.

    So it’s great to hear that my younger son and my daughter may be granted the opportunity to stay, but my older son may not be, and being older it is he who will drive our relocation, and probably a handful or more Bermudian job losses. This isn’t meant to sound arrogant, or deserving of anything, it’s just a fact. He leaves, I leave, jobs leave.

    The OBA needs to look beyond this, being born here isn’t enough.

    • Kangoocar says:

      Thank you for your valuable insight, it is regrettable that we have a plp dumbed down support base that just will never get it!! I am a Bermudian employer, who totally understands your point, it really is sad that we have almost 50% of our population that spends each day of their lives clueless!!!!,

  10. Ya got me Rollin says:

    Inflate the prices.
    Give 10% off.
    UBPoba looks good for seemingly doing something great.

    We continue to get reamed at the register.
    Smells like a Belco deal to me.

    • Eyes wide open says:

      Finally, someone speaking a little common sense.

      Which do you think will be greater? The 5% extra savings that the groceries stores give customers on Wednesday (after a significant mark-up) or the 100% increase in liquor sales that they’ll receive on Sundays. C’mon people – THINK.

      This legislation has been made out to be all about the little people, but it’s the grocery stores and liquor wholesalers that will benefit most in the end. They’ve been pushing for Sunday liquor sales for years. Give a little, get a lot.

  11. GOD1ST says:

    Government will introduce amendments to the Defence Act 1965 to eliminate conscription.

  12. watchfuleyes says:

    Now both sides want to take the credit for ending conscription? what is this one-upmanship? when both parties had the opportunity all these years to end it? unbelievable- we don’t care who sets the ball in motion, lets just get it done already.- everything is a political football but Joe public we can see right through it-