PLP Host Town Hall Meetings On SAGE Report

November 24, 2013

The PLP have announced that this week they will be hosting a series of town hall meetings on the Spending And Government Efficiency [SAGE] report.

The first will be held on Wednesday, November 27 starting at 7.30pm at St. Paul’s AME Church hall. The second meeting will be held on Thursday, November 28 starting at 7.30pm at the Dalton E. Tucker Primary School

“The purpose of these meetings are to explain the contents of the SAGE Report and to listen to Bermudian’s perspective on how we can reduce government spending and pay off the debt,” PLP Leader Marc Bean said.

“We encourage Bermudians to come, bring your ideas, hear the PLP separate facts from fiction on SAGE and how we are fighting to protect Bermudians.”

The PLP town hall meetings start at 7.30pm at St. Paul’s AME Church Hall. The second meeting will be held on Thursday, November 28 starting at 7.30pm at the Dalton E. Tucker Primary School

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  1. CBA says:

    I’m sorry but the PLP should be embarrassed to be talking about reducing government spending and paying off debt.

    Now that they’re the opposition they suddenly care about reducing spending! Wasn’t the case when they were the government!

    • Lebron says:

      Quite, Marc Bean what planet are you on???

      Don’t you see your party caused all this?

      This is insane, Mazumbo and all your cronies, explain this to me, I’m clearly missing something.

    • lifetime says:

      The PLP have always been an EXCELLENT OPPOSITION!!

      • swing voter says:

        i really donno whatelse to say other than I didn’t attend rhe SAGE town Hall Meetings and its cold as hell outside ;-)

    • tainted visions says:

      Liars Liars pants on fire. OBA promised transparency, not civil service job cuts, 2000 jobs etc etc etc. What’s your point?

      • Mike Hind says:

        And they’re on track with the jobs, with the 420 new hires a little while ago…

        What’s YOUR point? Are you saying that the PLP ISN’t responsible for the debt we’re in?

      • Inside Track says:

        T.V. You call yourself the correct name, “Tainted Visions”. What do you recommend? Keep going as we are until we collapse or begin service cuts to save our economy?

    • Tolerate says:

      Separate facts from fiction? Wait; are these facts based on the PLP mindset of reality? The same mindset that was behind the reason we are where we are today?
      Damn, the koolaid will be strong at this function.
      They should start by stating all the mistakes and lack of finance sense in their party that lead to Bermuda current situation.
      Come clean and than one day I may listen to you again.
      As the saying goes “fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me”.
      Bermuda; don’t be fools….

    • CommonSensenBda says:

      Can anyone remember why (then)Premier Paula Cox initiated a sudden cutback to the budgets of the Government of a proposed slashing of ten percent?

      Also her Ministers refused to comply with her wishes more than four years ago now, anyone brought up by an reasonable economic realised the perils we were heading towards, but unfortunately she was unable make the necessary changes.

      In humble opinion, the only way forward was the unpopular position (or not)of allowing the OBA to win the election, let them do the dirty work of making the necessary changes to fix our Civil Service, put the blame squarely on the now governing party as being Anti-Bermudian, and come back five years later and label the OBA as being the cause of all our trouble.

      Seems crazy right? The Republican Party in the U.S. has been doing the same thing to Democratic President. Everything that has been going wrong is HIS FAULT. Everything that is succeeding has been in spite of his leadership…..not because of it.

  2. Dano says:

    Smething tells me they will become The RAGE Meetings.

  3. Triangle Drifter says:

    Oh great, the people who created this financial disaster are going to explain how it needs to be rectified.

    Makes perfect sense to me.

    • Top5 says:

      You forget about the things upb f-?$ed up before pulp got in power!? Ie.. School system

      • Mike Hind says:

        I don’t think anyone has forgotten how badly the UBP messed up the school system. Many of us voted them out because of how badly they DID mess it up.

        But… what does that have to do with the financial disaster?

  4. This should be interesting. I think everyone who voted PLP since 1998 should have to pay off our National Debt. Call it the PLP tax. The more times you voted for them, the more you pay.

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      That is an idea I have put forward a number of times on talk radio, when I used to call. For some reason it never went over well with the PLP supporters. Apparently they are like their MP masters. They don’t like accountability either.

      Somehow they feel that others should pay for their voting mistakes.

      Nice idea though. Too bad votes are not traceable sometimes.

    • Hmmm says:

      Its good to know how you people really think about the voters who effectively put the OBA in power!

      • Triangle Drifter says:

        I am confused. Are those the FORMER PLP supporters who saw the error of voting PLP & voted OBA or are they the FORMER PLP supporters who have had enough of their s*** & sat on the fence this time & did not vote at all? The second group are more likely fed up political parties & politics in general.

        • Mazumbo says:

          Not really it was people who got duped in the OBA/ubp propaganda “vote for jobs ” campaign!

          • Come Correct says:

            At least they weren’t duped into voting for Paula’s “the recession will fix itself” campaign.

          • Mike Hind says:

            How were they duped? 420 new hires recently puts them right on track…

            Is this another lie from “Mazumbo”?

    • Hmmmmm says:

      Voter accountibility is an interesting concept. If it could be done, where you had to foot the bill based on a number of metrics, it could work.

      Sadly it would leads to most people not voting as a greater weight is placed on the fear and pain of losing than not losing. this would leave the country open for extremist groups to muster enough support to gain governance.

      Perhaps a rewards system for succesful voting…still the reward would have to significantly outweight the potential loss for people to vote. It would make the Government work much harder, but be costly for the public purse.

      In conclusion I don’t see a rewards / punitive based voting system being succesful in the long run, so I would ermm….vote against it.

      • Triangle Drifter says:

        There used to be a ‘rewards’ system if it can be called that, years ago. Those who owned property had 2 votes. The reasoning was that those who had more to lose from bad Government would be much more careful when considering who to vote for.

        The current situation at the COH is a good example of what happens when the vote is taken from those who pay the taxes & given to those with little to lose through bad management.

        • Indepedent says:

          @ Triangle Drifter,

          IF you call the system that was setup a reward, you have problems. That system was setup to keep black people from voting.

          I wonder how your brain works, even saying something like that. You should be ashamed of yourself.

          • Mike Hind says:

            The system before was atrocious. There’s no denying that.

            But the one that replaced it is just as bad.
            Why didn’t they just add the folks that were unjustly not allowed to vote, rather than replace one with the other?

            It reeks of punishment and that’s not fair. And, no, one unfairness doesn’t make another ok.

          • Triangle Drifter says:

            Got nothing to do with race. Many of both did & did not own property. For those who did not it was an incentive to invest in Bermuda & buy property.

            One has only to look at property values today & see how they have plummeted under the PLP to appreciate the folly of electing an inept Government.

            • Indepedent says:

              @ Triangle Drifter,

              Keep believing those lies, God is watching.

              I have family who were alive during those times, and for some reason, they don’t quite see it the way you do.

    • It was a joke……

  5. Terry says:

    “Facts from fiction”.
    Fact; 14 years of PLP led us to this.
    Fiction; ….what they are gonna tell you.

  6. Propaganda says:

    More,we will do this and that.Just vote for us.Do not think that we put Bermuda in the mess we are in,we now have all the answers.

  7. Redemption says:

    Please, apologize for ruining the future of my grandchildren,and then go away.

  8. Hmmmmm says:

    How they are going to protect Bermudians…The PLP did this to us.

    How dare they … do they think we are idiots !!!!!!

  9. Alvin Williams says:

    The PLP spent the money on the people; after years of social neglect on the part of the former United Bermuda party government No’ and I for one will not blame them for that.
    If you keep on insisting that only one section of this community is responsible for this country’s debt; let dispense of the niceties; the divide is already here; I am a cool Aid Drinker and my enemy is the herd mentality. This divide was in existence before I was born. So let’s get on with it; there is no ground for agreement or peace. We can do a India/Pakistan or better still how about a Cyprus. They are Island just like us divided between Greek and Turkish Cypriots . Only one thing left now is to decide who will get which part of Bermuda to officially create two communities. The choice is between negotiations or war.

    • Hmmmm says:

      Are you declaring war? Are you making threats? Please clarify?

      • Victor says:

        Hmmmm, I think the crime you are thinking of is Inciting – to violence or riot or murder, etc. Of course, Alvin knows nobody will prosecute for fear of upsetting fence sitters who stand idly by while their neighbours are persecuted. Just as nobody with any power had the courage to do anything when Premier Ewart Brown called 37% of the population Plantation owners in his vile, sick and perverse 2007 election campaign, ( which ironically enough was when and where the OBA 2012 victory began).

    • Mike Hind says:

      More outright lies from Mr. Williams.

      No one is blaming “only one section of this community”. They are blaming the Government of the day… the people that ARE responsible for the debt.

      There is absolutely ground for agreement and peace, but people like you, who are willing to lie and defame and denounce people solely for the colour of their skin, make it very difficult to find that ground.

      The divide was caused by people that think like you and is continued by people that think like you.

      Not everyone is as filled with hate as you are. It’s not a choice between negotiation or war. The ONLY choice we have is togetherness.

      Hate isn’t the way forward.

      • Hmmmmm says:

        Can you please extend your lecture to your fellow OBA supporters and especially those on this site who spew nothing but hate for anyone who supports the PLP. This cuts both ways.

        • Mike Hind says:

          Not an OBA supporter. But you know that. I know you can’t wrap your head around the fact that someone who speaks out against the lies of PLP supporters isn’t an OBA supporter, but it’s true. I saw what you did there.

          I will, however, and do, when I see it.

          But please… show me a similar post to this one on the OBA side. Show me someone on the OBA side who has outright falsely defamed and lied about people like Mr. Williams has. Show me someone on the OBA side who is calling for war and continually makes threats of violence.

          This doesn’t “cut both ways”. It’s NOT equal on both sides.
          Show me the “Mazumbo”s and the “Betty Trump”s on the OBA side, lying and trolling whenever they can. Show me the outright and blatant racist comments like “It’s in the blood” and “Your forefathers…”

          If you can do that, then you’ll see me standing up against them, too.

          Until then, stop trying to pretend like it’s even on both sides. It isn’t.

          • Hmmmmm says:

            So let me see if I understand this. Are you seriously saying that Kangoocar, Triangle Drifter, Hmmmmm (the fake), and others have never “outright falsely defamed and lied about people”? Really? Ok.What do you think they mean when they say “everyone who voted PLP should be made to pay something back towards the debt” ? You’re no outraged at their insinuation that the exercise of a democratic right like voting be subject to their scrutiny with a view to imposing a penalty for disagreeing with their point of view? I guess not. Who do you think that is for; cause it sure ain’t directed at the likes of you……that’s for me and others like me. That’s what they intend and that’s what I hear. When a white man says “black and white” in a sentence he’s “reaching across the divide”. When a black man says the same words he’s “divisive”. You might fool some people with your pretend middle of the road stuff on here but not me.

            • Hmmmmmm says:

              Please show evidence of when I have defamed and lied about people.

            • Mike Hind says:

              Are you seriously comparing “plp voters shoud have to pay back the debt” to some of the things Mr Williams has said? Seriously?

              I asked you to show me the posts from (what you think is) “my” side and you didn’t.
              Surely, if it truly does “go both ways”, it should be easy to do so.
              You accuse people of things, but don,t show specifics, then happily pull out the race card, hoping it’ll make your point.

              How you interpret what someone says is on you, not on them.
              However, there’s only one way to interpret a false accusation that my forefathers were slaveowners and that I long for the days of slavery.

              So… I’ll ask again. If it truly does “go both ways”, then show me the people that are saying things like Mr. Williams, “Betty Trump” and “Mazumbo”. Show me the outright lies. Show me the defamation of people based on the colour of their skin.

              No false outrage, no accusations. Just show me the posts.

              • Hmmmmm says:

                Have you ever railed against those posters who have habitually called people who vote(d) PLP stupid or too stupid to understand this or that? Or the suggestion by one poster on here that Beyonce came to Bermuda to perform for “Dr. Brown and his friends”.Really, like the other 3000 people who were there didn’t count. If someone wants to call that a waste of money then do that. To suggest, without evidence, that it was a private party is gratuitous, defamatory and alleges more than just imprudent financial management. But I bet you think that’s ok. Would it have been ok if he brought half-rate talent for the Music festival or is his crime wanting the best for Bermuda’s then signature event?

                • Mike Hind says:

                  So, no, then? You can’t show any examples? You were wrong when you say “it goes both ways”?

                  That was my point.

                  (And, for the record, yes, I did argue for top quality talent at the Music Fest, and took a lot of crap for it. How does that work into your little narrative?)

                  This is just more faux outrage to try to make your false point. Pretending to be as outraged that someone should accuse Dr. Brown of being self-serving doesn’t equate to the stuff Mr. Williams and the rest say on a regular basis.

                  Now… Will you be showing the examples of equivalence, or will you continue on this track?

                  Remember, YOU are the one that implied that it was the same on both sides, not me. Burden of proof is on you.

                  Oh, and, just so you can see how it’s done, I can give an example of your side saying that people who are against them are too stupid to understand… The former Premier, Mr. Scott, said that people who signed a petition didn’t,t understand what they were signing.

                  Did YOU speak out against that?

                  Come on. Put your money where your mouth is. Show us the examples that prove your point.

                  Or take it back and admit you were wrong.

                  • Hmmmmm says:

                    I guess since that tree fell in the Amazon Jungle and you didn’t hear it then it never happened. Example provided from this thread quoting someone in this very thread today and you choose not to answer. No problem.

                    • Mike Hind says:

                      Nope. Evading it with a logical fallacy is not a real response.

                      Not once have you show “it goes both ways”.
                      Nothing you’ve shown is an example of what I’m talking about.

                      You haven’t shown a single example of something on par with the things Mr, Williams and the rest say on a regular basis.

                      I DID respond to everything you’ve posted. Making things up doesn’t make you right.

                      So… Will you be showing us how “it goes both ways”? Or will you be letting the falsehood stand?

                      If you’re right, it shouldn’t be difficult. And yet…

                • Sandy Bottom says:

                  Are you seriously defending PLP over spending by saying cheaper music festival acts would not have been good enough?

                • Come Correct says:

                  I don’t think they were suggesting it was a private performance, I think they meant they performed for his ego, which was a giant public event.

    • Nuffin but da Truth says:

      Becarful what you state Williams,you wont like the later!

    • Felix says:

      You are everything that is wrong with Bermuda!

    • Sandy Bottom says:

      Another threat of violence from Alvin.

      Raving nutcase.

    • Tricks Are For Kids says:

      Thank you Alvin…When the. PLP came into power they had to fix the wrongs by the UBP but people seem to have short memories………they may not have been issues like we have now BUT they were issues none the less…….now that the Old Boys Association (OBA) are in power all the blame is being cast on the PLP……….I for one feel let down by BOTH parties because the OBA haven’t been very forthcoming on their platform promises either………..

    • Ringmaster says:

      Spending on the people? Like $1m to bring in Beyoncé to perform for Dr. Brown and his friends? Spending to employ about 3,000 more people in Government to do and produce nothing? The current deficit is $300m a year and yes it is spent uselessly on people. That is why Bermuda is pretty much bankrupt. Thanks to the PLP having no idea of finance and spending on people and not infrastructure to generate income. It is coming round full circle. By not investing prudently means there is no income generation. Despite the best endeavors of the PLP to pretend otherwise, money doesn’t just appear magically. There is no way to prevent the coming layoffs in Government.

    • Victor says:

      Mr. Williams, I am obliged to correct you. Three successive PLP Governments, especially the last elected one, spent the people’s money on themselves, their cronies and various hangers on – which is one major reason why this present economic downturn is so severe and intractable. The crumbs thrown to the hard working citizens of this country by this peculiar combination of carpetbaggers and incompetents were precisely that.

      Also, I trust the usurped former Premiers, Dame Jennifer Smith and Mr. Alex Scott will be on hand for these meetings to explain where things went wrong, especially the former given her role in the SAGE a Commission. The PLP would gain much needed respect if it repudiated and apologised got the recent past and looked to these two eminent citizens as role models.

      • Argosy says:

        ….do you mean the same Alex Scott who, time after time, right up to the final phase, told us that Berkeley was “on time and in budget”?? My, you do have a short (make that conveniently distorted) memory!
        What do you guys put in that cool aide?? Obviously, Mr. Williams drinks it excessively also….

        • Victor says:

          Agreed that Alex was in over his head in many, many ways, but my point is that he is a reputable, honest person who like his predecessor was usurped by a thoroughly unscrupulous blunder (he failed to get the Prize in his first coup).

    • Come Correct says:

      No ground for agreement or peace? It’s only negotiation or war? You’re a very weak minded individual aren’t you? Did you club your wife over the head and drag her into your cave too? You could try walking upright like the rest of us instead of dragging you club around growling at everything that’s different. Grow up and stop trying to turn everything into a civil war, most of us get along just fine with a bit of respect.

    • Kangoocar says:

      Alvin, I have the perfect place for you on this island, it is the island that the North Rock tower sits on. You can have it all to yourself, as long as you agree to not own a boat!!,

    • Rockfish#1and#2 says:


      Your rants suggest a change in your medication should be seriously considered.

    • swing voter says:

      Alvin I respected your editorials and columns in the WV and BDA Sun back in the day. Your Letters to the RG Editor where reasonable and poignant. Sadly, Of late your comments make me question your sanity!

    • campervan says:

      Alvin your comments are like Bermudas love affair with fog lights.
      They are distracting, unnecessary and in bad taste.

    • Tolerate says:

      29 dislikes for a truly irresponsible immature rant. You Mr. Williams are exactly what is wrong with Bermuda today.
      After the election when BERMUDA decided it was time for change and gave the OBA an opportunity to lead us (and thats ALL of us) forward; the sore losing backwards thinking fools like you could not handle the thought of a Bermuda other than the twisted one that exist in your mind. To think from your comments you would condone the possibilty of a divided Bermuda, only shows your selfishness and inability to truly exist with ALL your fellow Bermudians.
      Shame on you for these comments. I see you as a traitor to my country.
      If these are truly your thoughts; you should consider relocating if indeed you still reside here.

      • Tolerate says:

        And take the 6 idiots who clicked “Like” with you.
        For Bermuda to have any chance moving forward we need to rid ourselves of dead wood like you.

    • looking and listening says:

      @alvin. Let’s get on with it? Well spoken by a man who is stuck in yesteryear. Time has moved on and many of us have moved on with time. Look around you and you will see who our worst enemies are. Got a mirror? Start there. No shackles on our bodies but plenty on our minds. The PLP of yesteryear no longer exists. I believed in the PLP of then but certainly not the PLP of today. So you get on with it Mazumbo…. whoops I’m so sorry I meant to say Alvin.
      But it is very hard to tell the difference between you two… drinks a lot of Kool Aid with a herd mentality.Now please go away and take the rest of the herd with you.

    • Suzie Quattro says:

      Perhaps next time Baldwin Spencer comes here for the BIU banquet he will highlight Alvin’s posts in his speech. They deserve special mention in the “disgusting, vile and racist” category.

    • God Grant me the Serenity - please says:

      @Alvin: you make the case why we should steer clear of the marijusna discussion. Kool Aid and Marijana make a lethal concoction!!!

  10. theothersidebda says:

    “listen to Bermudian’s perspectives on how to reduce government spending”?? Was not the SAGE commission Bermudian? Did they not host meetings to get other Bermudian perspectives time and time again? Did they not have commercials on the radio requesting Bermudian perspectives be sent to them? Did they not have a website to receive all thoughts?

    Why is the PLP now asking the public, or dare I say ‘real Bermudians’ for their perspective after the fact? The time for ‘thoughts’ is long over, now is the time for implementation. At the end of the day, when all is said and done…more is said than done!

  11. navin johnson says:

    Mr Williams I believe your Party spent the money on themselves…you speak around the issue of a Divide which I would guess is your veiled attempt to draw race into the discussion….so let’s discuss it as I would submit that the PLP set your race back by decades and only a select few advanced….in the long run does anyone benefit if the PLP turn as the Government ended what was a growing economy where everyone was employed to an economy that is more likely to continue its slow death spiral?

  12. Malachi says:

    I really believe you’ve lost your bloody mind man – you are sounding stupider and stupider week after week!

    What is in your Kool Aid?

  13. Kangoocar says:

    This would be an excellent opportunity for the plp for once too be totally honest and apologize to the audience for being a bunch of incompetents who suffered from hearing problems while they were the government and take full responsibility for the disastrous state we are in today!!!!!

  14. M3ke says:

    I think this is good opportunity to have a discussion about the future of the this country with my fellow countrymen.

    • swing voter says:

      The discussion already happened. What else is there to say? Like another blogger lamented, judging from Beany’s response to the Throne Speech, its probably likely that the meetings will be turned into a RAGE Commission ;-(

      • yesman says:

        Why don’t you show up?

        I’d be glad to have a conversation of substance with my fellow countrymen. You can even raise points, concerns and suggestions and be heard. It’s a great way for people to unite and share thoughts and ideas.

        You can even rant of how you dislike the PLP and how you believe they caused the debt. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Why hide behind a computer screen. Show up and be part of the community.

        • Mike Hind says:

          … says the guy hiding behind a computer screen…

          • yesman says:

            Bernews can you start to block this internet troll Mike Hind from replying to my posts?

            • Clive Spate says:

              Freedom of speech??

              I also find it amusing that you don’t use your name yet accuse somebody who does of trolling.

            • Mike Hind says:

              Par for the course. Nothing to say in response, so he just stamps his feet and throws out insults as if they were true.

              Here’s an idea…

              If you don’t want me to call you on your hypocrisy? Don’t be a hypocrite.

    • Victor says:

      The rabble will shout you down.

  15. tricks are for kids.... says:

    Looking at this thread you can clearly see who is OBA versus PLP…..SMH…..

    • Terry says:

      And clearly looking also one can see whom those are spreading hate.
      What else to you expect from former BBC members.

    • Malachi says:

      Nothing is THAT clear Sir.

      I am neither PLP nor OBA.

      Stupid rhetoric, however, is stupid rhetoric no matter where it comes from.

    • Suzie Quattro says:

      Really? What would you say I am, out of interest?

  16. Hmmmmm says:

    The only thing the PLP is guilty of is failing to dismantle a system that was never designed to help people or do anything other than allow big business to succeed. Their flaw was that they simply tried to pick up where the UBP left off and run Bermuda on PLP terms and with the UBP’s template. The system inherited by the PLP assumed that everything in Bermuda was just fine and that no infrastructure improvements were necssary, that people enjoyed working three jobs to make ends meet and that people should just make do with whatever was pushed at them.So, the system was never designed for convenient fast ferry travel, new schools, a child daycare allowance or pension increases to seniors. The system was designed on progressive tax breaks to the wealthy in the vain hope that some of the crumbs from their success would find their way to the less fortunate masses. If the PLP had changed the tax system and made it more equitable and just, then we wouldn’t be where we are. They tried to make a bad system do good and that was unsustainable.

    Wantonly closing Lamb/Foggo without any regard for the human beings; now that’s good old UBP stuff; Bermuda Inc in action. But things have changed OBA.People are no longer buying this crap that working three and four jobs is somehow an indicator of economic success. It never was for a certain class of people in this country so why was it an indicator for me and mine? SAGE has some good stuff, but to simply slash and burn, cutting without regard to peoples lives is never going to make sense.

    Reading you people sometimes it seems you want a balanced budget at the expense of 5000 working people in this country. That comes with social unrest and that is not a threat; that is an historical fact.

    • Mazumbo says:

      This is one of the most sensible comments on this topic.

    • Sandy Bottom says:

      The PLP did not “use the UBP template” once Brown/Cox were in charge. They went down the borrow, spend, enrich yourself at costs route. In 7 years they ruined and crippled a country that used to be the envy of the world.

  17. Know Thyself says:

    People amaze me how they are either die hard PLP or UBP and now OBA. You either have one or the other’s vales covering your eyes so much that you can’t ever see reality. Bermuda is a corporation and no matter which party is administrating for the corporation, they only work for and in the best interest of the corporation. Yes they sometimes take care of the employees of the corporation i.e. anybody with a Bermuda birth certificate or status. Yes, we are all employees of The Government of Bermuda. What do you think your social insurance number is? It’s your employee number for the corporation. “The Somers Isles Company was formed in 1615 to operate the English Colony of the Somers Isles, also known as Bermuda, as a commercial venture.”
    Do your research on societies and maritime law, it’ll blow your mind. I know 99.99 % of you will disagree and that’s fine, I’m not here to teach or convince anybody about anything but sometimes a spark is needed to get people to think and research for themselves and stop going by what’s popular to say or think. Democracy is two wolves and a sheep voting what’s for dinner. The majority 51% could literally vote to kill the other 49% but they say we’re all equal. Think about that….

    • Terry says:

      Still gotta eat.

    • Hmmmmmm says:

      Sadly the political parties are seen as teams by alot of people. The system is mean’t for people to vote for a party that they think will do the best for the country and its future.

      In the media age, that Politicians exploit the vunerabilities and emotions of the populace in order to win votes. It then becomes a side show where everthing done by the Governments is geared towards winning votes and retaining power. The PLP had lost the last two elections from their actions, but their media machine won them one and nearly the second (IMO)

      A Government should govern for the benefit of the people and their future, not for the benefit of the policians future.

      It is terrible when we read thinks like “… All the way”, it means that people are not considering the parties true ability in governing.

      People should be switching votes over their lifetime.

      A party in power too long is working off old ideals. The world has moved and the needs of a country and it’s people will have changed.
      Our votes should recognize that too. They did, when the UBP got voted out, I don’t know if the same rang true when the PLP got voted out. The OBA vote should have been much higher given the circumstances.

      • Malachi says:

        Someone once said:

        “Politicians are like diapers; they should be changed often, and for the same reason.”

  18. Ex PLP voter says:

    I will not go to a meeting organized by the PLP again.

  19. Mark Roberts says:

    This just makes me laugh this party turned Bermuda into another carribean nation within a matter of 14 years and now they are talking about saving money and paying off the debt. Pure jokes when they were in power they couldn’t care less, at least the OBA is trying to cut costs and get the country back on the right track for every Bermudian not just certain groups or segments of the community.

    • Tina says:

      talk show hosts in Bermuda suck !!!!! the only one that is worth listening to is Shirley Dill,the other so called hosts could take a page from her book.

  20. Realist says:

    Now the PLP have all the solutions, HAHA HA HA HA!

  21. Legal Eagle says:

    Enough Political sniping+blaming–which accomplished nothing! It’s irrelevent how BDA got into this economic mess-the issue is how to get out of it-by seeing FACTS! FACT: Bermuda is Already Bankrupt!! Local Protests are wasted (except for political pupose)as the BDN Govt has no $$ to give! FACT: As Govt has no $$, BDA is currently ‘existing’ on a 3yr international loan!! FACT:Local protests will NOT succeed in extending this international loan without meaningful austerity+ debt reduction!! FACT:SAGE were all BDN+also solicited +received wide public input!!Further Town Hall Meetings/protests are redundant!!! FACT:The OBA must discontinue wasting more $$-+capitulating to protests!!!! FACT:If BDA officially bankrupts in 4yrs, it will be more severe than austerity!! FACT:Co-operation must replace Politics-in the best interest of ALL of BDA!!

    • Victor says:

      Rubbish. Those who created this mess must be exposed for who and what they are – the PLP leadership.

      • Legal Eagle says:

        Victor!Yes, the PLP’s PAST misdeeds caused BDA’S state of CURRENT BANKRUPTCY, people like you, who wallow upon that past– rather than focusing on the WAY FORWARD-will ultimately drive the final nail into BDA’s economic coffin!

        • Mike Hind says:

          If ALL that people were doing was focusing on who got us into this mess, then sure, that’s wallowing in the past.

          But is that happening? Are people a) only pointing it out and b) instigating that conversation?

          Or is it more that people are pointing it out when hypocrisy like this town hall meeting happen? And isn’t that legitimate?

        • Victor says:

          So the rule of law means nothing to you Legal Eagle? Suspected malfeasance, corruption, fraud, etc should not be investigated, not be prosecuted, not be punished? I guess it’s only small people who cannot pay lawyers’ bills who get persecuted, oops prosecuted I mean, well not really, nowadays.

  22. Hmmmmm says:


    Sandy Bottom says:
    November 26, 2013 at 6:46 am
    The PLP did not “use the UBP template” once Brown/Cox were in charge. They went down the borrow, spend, enrich yourself at costs route. In 7 years they ruined and crippled a country that used to be the envy of the world.

    “enrich yourself” ? does that count as lie, defaming or otherwise or is that ok eventhough there’s no evidence of that?

    • Mike Hind says:

      Hey, Hmmmm.

      I know it feels like Christmas, ‘cuz you think you got me… You must be ready to widdle yourself with excitement… But this is in no way comparable to what I was talking about. I think you know that. I hope you do, else I’m wasting my time trying to have a conversation with someone not smart enough to tie their shoes.

      Please stop trying to change the subject and get back to showing me examples of people behaving as badly as Mr. Williams and the rest…

      This isn’t one of them.

    • Suzie Quattro says:

      Isn’t the $160,000 to Pastor Bean evidence?

    • Mike Hind says:

      Also… Why are you asking ME and not him?

      You’re assuming he doesn’t have a reason to say these things. Maybe he does. Ask him…

      • Hmmmmm says:

        I win. I bet my friends (all two of them) that you’d find a way to justify this and not confront it or the poster. They said you would, I said you wouldn’t. I win. I shall return to practicing my shoe tying as it is time better spent. I win.and by the way, I’m too old to “widdle”; whatever the hell that is.

        • Mike Hind says:

          So… still no examples of “it goes both ways”?

          This is your assertion.

          All the faux outrage about “Someone said something bad about Dr. Brown” in the world is not going to change the fact that your assertion is incorrect and that you are evading answering.

          I know it’s hard to be a man and say you’re wrong, but try it.

          Or.. you could, you know, show some examples of people doing what I described. “They went down the borrow, spend, enrich yourself at costs route.” is not an example of this.

        • Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm says:

          Weak attempt at deflection Hmmmmmm.

          Glad to hear you won something. Sad to hear that you skinned your 2 friends out of money, as you fully knew that your deflection had no relevence to the point of discussion with Mike.

          Perhaps that’s why you only have 2 friends… skinning friends is not a nice thing to do.

          Please can you answer Mike properly. I’d like a response too.

  23. 14years says:

    Does anyone care what the old incompetent govt thinks?

    • Victor says:

      Yes, they are still dangerous and I would put nothing past these liars.