PLP Call For Premier Cannonier To ‘Step Down’

February 19, 2014

The political row continues to rage on, with the PLP issuing a statement this evening [Feb 19] calling for Premier Craig Cannonier to “step down.”

The controversy began Friday with strong allegations made in the House of Assembly by both Opposition Leader Marc Bean and PLP MP David Burt, which they both subsequently repeated outside of Parliamentary Privilege.

Earlier today the Premier said that “in view of the reckless allegations” he sees “no other option, but to enforce my legal rights against both men and to seek full damages through the Courts for slander.”

Citing the fact that it is now a legal matter, the Premier said he had no further comment and did not take any questions from the media.

A party spokesperson said, “On the Sherri Simmons Show on Magic 102.7FM today, Tourism Minister Mr Shawn Crockwell stated that the Premier’s Business Manager was a participant in the meetings held with the investor, the Premier, the Attorney General, and the Tourism Minister.

“Minister Crockwell’s revelation contradicts the claim of Premier Craig Cannonier that his Business Manager was only ‘bumming a ride’ to Washington D.C.on the investor’s private jet.

“Once and for all, we are calling on Premier Cannonier to come clean with all of the facts surrounding this trip to Washington, D.C. The public has the right to know who all the participants were, what was discussed, what deals were brokered [if any] and any other pertinent details.

“For us to have to pry it out of Premier Cannonier and Minister Crockwell shows a blatant lack of transparency and no regard for the general public.

“It is not in the best interest of the government to act in this manner. It is obvious that Premier Cannonier has no problem with misleading the people of this country, and his version of events has now been contradicted by his own cabinet minister.

“The Progressive Labour Party renews its call for Premier Craig Cannonier to step down as Premier of Bermuda.”

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  1. Chaos Theory says:

    You have been saying that since December 2012 since you lost the election. Ho hum yawn

    • Betty Trump says:

      “Wow looks like Minister Crockwell reveal a great deal on the Show. He also seem to throw the Premier under the bus to save his own butt.”

      Shawn Crockwell stated that the Premier’s Business Manager was a participant in the meetings held with the investor, the Premier, the Attorney General, and the Tourism Minister.

      “Minister Crockwell’s revelation contradicts the claim of Premier Craig Cannonier that his Business Manager was only ‘bumming a ride’ to Washington D.C.on the investor’s private jet.

      Guess this validates the Premier acted in unethical manner and failed to follow the code of conduct for Ministers. Time to Go…
      YES !

      • Truth is killin' me... says:

        IN YOUR DREAMS!!!!!

        • Black Soil says:

          Brother Terry is working something. Stay tuned. Oh yeah… Marc Bean is done…dun!!!!…

          • Mazumbo says:

            Now just imagine if Dr. Brown took one of his ace boys on a private jet on Government business, attended the meeting as a civilian, didn’t tell all his Cabinet about the trip and when asked how many people went on the trip and we were told 3 and after 9 months find out its 4.
            JET GATE.

      • Hmmm says:

        Betty Trump needs to be outed.

      • Spittal Pond Skink says:

        Here’s a deal Ms. Trump… You get Ewart and all his flunkies to come clean on the Club Med deal, the Dockyard docks job, the Jazz Fest, Berkeley job, Lantana, The Uighurs, Heavens where to stop, and I’ll ask the Premier to tell us about the trip to DC that cost us tax payers nothing!!

        • me says:

          spittalpondskink–you stink , where have you been , former premier appeared many times on radio to answer any questions. I know cause I asked..Maybe not satisfactory as far as agreeing with certain things, but EB always addressed public and entertained any and all questions as well as other members of the now opposition who continue to speak wit the public and answer questions, they ahve never hid from the public but oba/ubp supporters are always afraid or dissapear when the interviews were conducted.

          • Dark Side of the Moon says:

            Where the heck have you been living Me, under a rock somewhere? That man was the biggest.. that ever was, and we all found out the hard way. Sneaking in the Yighurs,him and Col Burch going to America with two and coming back with 6. Is that not a lie? Did you go to that protest? I happened to be there and wanted to be there cause I knew he was ruining our country with his big arrogant self. 4 body guards!!!!what was that for? He wasn;t the President of USA or Queen of England! He was and still is a broken man.

    • Kangoocar says:

      Hi betty, just wanted to show you how it is really done by jumping to the top of the thread, you are pathetic!!!!

      • Betttty Trump says:

        @kangoocar…..and the others…..It tells me the character of the UBPoba diehard fans. They have shown their true colors, and it is expected. This provides evidence that there is no real change in Bermuda. This kind of Behaviour and personal attempts to attack me, is expected, as I realize you are operating on the level of a kindergarden students., REAAAAlly…

        It is also clear your not capable of intelligent, constructive dialogue. WOW…

        • AbsolutelyINSANE says:

          Betty Trump… Youre NOT intelligent therefore intelligent conversation would not be recognized by the like of you. You are a constant source of laugher to most that read your statements…. Eventually thoug,h we all become ill at seeing your name in posts… Please stop sharing your unintelligent rants and comments they are useless to the senses….

          • Dark Side of the Moon says:

            Betty stopped her blogs on RG, now we have her on BN constantly. Thought we lost her for good, but that was not to be. Betty knows everything about everything, just like Laverne Furbert, hey, there’s a clue…..

          • Bettty Trump says:

            Only because I do not share the same political ideology as you and the rest of the UBPoba diehart bloggers. It is not surprising state what you do, but many others seem to agree with my comments… I not concern by the usual suspects of the UBPoba, this behavior is typical coming from folks like you.

            Have a great night, and a good cup of English Tea.

            Much Love and your comments are of little concern in regards to myself. I understand the impact my comments have upon the UBPoba and goes against your political beliefs…lol

            I will not FEAR your empty threats, like your party throws out daily….those days are gone…

  2. Kangoocar says:

    I can only guess the plp now think, the best form of defense is a strong offense??? They just will not stop with their nonsense!! My suggestion would be for the plp would be this, beany and rum swizzle step down for the betterment of all of us!!! Hopefully the justice system will finally work for a change????

    • Impressive says:

      Hello Kangoocar, despite you subjective views, do you not have an issue with the fact that what the Tourism Minister stated today on live radio, contradicts what the Premier sad regarding the reasons why this individual travelled with the others?

      Do you not have an issue with the fact that an ordinary citizen was at a meeting and privy to information that should only be privy to members of the government???

      Do you really not have issues with these events? Additionally, do you not think this impacts the credibility of the Premier??

      • Sandy Bottom says:

        So they go to see businessmen to try to get investment in the island and you think it’s outrageous that someone else is on the plane with them.
        Got it.

        • Impressive says:

          Sandy Bottom, you can downplay it all you like, its not ideal protocol, for lack of a better term, and despite the fact that admitting it makes you feel uncomfortable, doesn’t change the fact that its not right.

        • Bum Yujan says:

          Dust your Sandy bottom off and get the sand out of your eyes. Shawn Crockwell contradicted Cannonier. You can’t blame the PLP for that.

        • Who says:

          And you don’t? Do you comprehend whats happening here? Go watch electric company because you are certainly out of your league here.

  3. Onion says:

    The Premier should apologise and have nothing more to do with the person from whom they accepted the jet ride and never do anything like that ever again.

    Then he and the others should get on with fixing the mess the PLP left behind.

  4. BlueFamiliar says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong but, we the people of Bermuda didn’t pay for the trip, and nothing has come out of it, so…. why should we care about this ‘jetgate’ thing?

    And while the OBA needs to go with transparency, hearing the PLP call for it is kind of laughable given they still won’t tell us things we’ve been asking about for years.

    • Jus' Askin' says:

      So going forward, OBA should get away with deceit because PLP did it because UBP did it?
      For you to dismiss OBA’s lies and deceit because PLP lied and deceived will not help this country go forward ;-)

      • BlueFamiliar says:

        I’m not dismissing the OBA’s ‘lies and deceit’, I just haven’t seen anything yet that I feel warrants any outrage. Actually, I haven’t seen or heard anything that falls under ‘lies and deceit’ yet.

        The PLPs lies and deceit remain relevant because they’ve yet to answer for them, the OBA is dealing with the fallout from them, and the PLP is now the opposition who seems bent on theatrics over the work of the country right now.

        If they have proof of wrongdoing, let’s see it otherwise they need to shush until they have something productive to say.

        I’m not certain why you bring the UBP into it given how long ago they were in office, and that they’re no longer in existence.

        • Jus' Askin' says:

          The reason UBP was included was because die hard PLP supporters use to use them, to gloss over PLP’s wrong doings. Now die hard OBA supporters, like you, are using PLP’s history to gloss over OBA’s dirt.
          We obviously have different definitions of ‘lies and deceit’. As long as you continue to turn a blind eye like people did with the PLP, we will not go forward. When you continue to hide behind “Well PLP did it…” and not take on what is happening, you continue the problem.
          OBA will be the shortest ruling party in history as it’s own supporters will back them no matter what. That is sad that you truly are Anti-PLP and blinded by your hatred.
          There is no doubt Bermuda is in trouble. There is no doubt we will stay divided ;-)

          • BlueFamiliar says:

            Your first mistake is to call me a diehard OBA supporter. I’m not one, though I doubt you’ll believe me.

            Your second was suggesting that I said ‘well the PLP did it’ as a means to excuse something the OBA did. I didn’t. say that at all.

            What I said was that it was laughable of the PLP to call for transparency, and it is. But by no means does it let the OBA off the hook. If anything, it means they are under greater scrutiny.

            Your third was to suggest that I’m anti-PLP. I have nothing against the party, and there are members within it that I have respected in the past, and a couple I respect today. I just happen to believe that Mr. Bean is a puppet for the man who did the greatest damage to both the PLP and the country.

            And, finally, your fourth error, to suggest that I am blinded by hatred. I don’t hate anyone. I have neither the time nor energy for it.

            I’m just opinionated, and completely unoffended that you disagree with mine.

            • Jus' Askin' says:

              Dr. EB was by far the second best Premier this country has ever seen, as far as playing the game. Sir JS played the game the best and is number 1. Craig will take Paula’s place for the worst ever ;-)
              Your mistake, you thought the post was for YOU :-D

              • BlueFamiliar says:

                Well then.

                My apologies, but darn it, you put it as a reply to my post.

        • Truth Seeker says:

          BlueFamiliar, trust me if you were truly seeking the truth you would easily find it as it’s right in front of you. The current Government says there’s no money, yet they will use our money to wage a childlike battle in a court of law. They get paid way more than the average citizen and they get perks, free car and the like. If we were truly broke then why not use their own money. We the taxpayer lose all round as the Premier still gets his large salary which will not be affected by this silly action. But guess what, while you are supporting him in this action we the taxpayer will pay for it later and the civil servant worker will get hit extra hard with more than likely another furlough day. Sad sad sad.

          • BlueFamiliar says:

            You’re presuming that I support the Government paying for the law suit. I actually don’t. While I understand how it can be viewed as a Government suit, I do believe it’s primarily a personal one and that the Premier needs to cover the cost himself.

            Honestly, I’m not even certain I agree with a full on suit as it will just keep the nonsense in the news that much longer.

          • BlueFamiliar says:

            Oh, and one furlough day a month is nothing so I’m not particularly sympathetic to the civil servant worker. They need to face the same issues as the rest of us in the job market.

        • Cleancut says:

          Nothing comes close to Smuggling into the country 4 Chinese Muslims from Guantanamo Bay.
          Can you imagine if Cannonier went to Cuba on a private Jet and did the same thing?

          The PLP/BIU would close the island down.

        • me says:

          BlueFamiliar–maybe you need to familiarise yourself with the facts.. the Premier and Mr. Crockwell were the ones to bring out this whole situation last year in the absence of the opposition leader, shouting allegations,and in last session actually endearing the opposition to repeat his rebuttal outside the house!So when the opposition and Mr. Burt do what they were dared to do, who is whimpering?

        • Who says:

          If someone tells you that 3 people were on the plane when in fact there were 4,What do you call that?
          The Premier also stated that his man was unknown to him and that he was bumming a ride and that people bum rides all the time BUT in fact he is a friend and partner of the premier…More Lies!! Mr premier I hope you give Shawn Crockwell a RAISE for a job well done on the Sherry J Show….NOT!!! You should be RAISING your foot up his *** because he certainly threw you under the Bus! I know that’s one tape that exists!! Sherry J should play it back for ALL to hear and I guarantee thatyou will get Drama,action excitement and a whole lot of COMEDY all in 2hours. Make sure you have your popcorn ready!

      • Jon says:

        Nor will continually harping on this relatively tiny issue

        • Jus' Askin' says:

          The word of a leader should not be a tiny issue ;-)
          People truly voted for change and now find themselves in the same situation they voted to get out of. So whether lies and deceit maybe tiny issues to you, it is not to the people that really care. Craig and the OBA gave people hope and everyday he and his party are showing people ‘They Are No Better’ than the Liars we were under before.

        • Jus' Askin' says:

          People truly voted for change and now find themselves in the same situation they voted to get out of. So whether lies and deceit maybe tiny issues to you, it is not to the people that really care. Dec 17th 2012 Bermudians gave them a chance and everyday, this party shows the people ‘They Are No Better’ than the Liars we were under before.

    • Unbelievebale says:

      you know what? That;s a great point. What was gained by that trip.


      Present that in court Mr Premier!

    • We the people!! (1st) says:


      My previous comment was not accepted because I gave some legal facts on the legal consequences this jetgate trip could have for Bermuda. Bernews, I got your message and you were right for not accepting my comment because of the legal details I had in it. The last thing we both need is a lawsuit. :)


      Lets just say this; the jetgate trip could potentially have some serious global legal ramifications for Bermuda. Just research it online why a potential investor paying for government officials travels is a global taboo.

  5. 32n64w says:

    The childishness continues.

    PLP – party before country, one unemployed voter at a time.

  6. john doe says:

    Plp go lay down

  7. somuchless says:

    I just poped my Orville popcorn. This is crazy.

  8. O'Brien says:

    I’ll support the Premier — for now. At least until actual evidence of positive wrongdoing emerges.

    But I want to know this: why was this fourth man on the airplane? Why did he attend those meetings? You three were elected, so I can’t object to you speaking to a potential investor on our behalf. But nobody voted for this other gentleman. He had no right to accompany Government ministers on official business.

    So I ask again: what was he doing there?

    • Come Correct says:

      Fair enough question but I haven’t seen or heard anything yet that states he attended the meeting. Still, you shouldn’t just get to bum a ride…unless he’s taking me next time ;) .

      • Blame the PLP says:

        Crockwell admitted it today that he attended the meetings.

      • Hurricane says:

        You gotta keep up, Come Correct. If not you’ll get lost in this whole mess. SS has said that this bloke attending the meeting.
        I’m ok with bumbing a ride, hey, it was a private aircraft. But we all know he had no business being at the the meeting. Maybe he did though and that would partially why hand outs could have been made later. All personal stuff.

        • Come Correct says:

          It’s pretty easy to get lost in this mess when you’re working and not attending “meetings”, but thanks for the update guys.

    • Come Correct says:

      I stand to be corrected though.

      • Vote for Me says:

        MP Crockwell stated that the ‘fourth man’ attended the meetings in Washington when he was on the radio today.

        Just happened to ‘bum a ride’ and then be invited to attend a government meeting… and oh by the way he is an employee or business associate of the Premier!!

  9. paul says:

    The PLP want the premiere to resign, I want the opposition leader to resign !!!!! this childish behaviour has got to stop.
    FAC. please step in and take over this corrupt Island….. Lord we have had enough of these idiots in charge …

  10. Bettty Trump says:

    “Minister Crockwell’s revelation contradicts the claim of Premier Craig Cannonier that his Business Manager was only ‘bumming a ride’ to Washington D.C.on the investor’s private jet.”

    “Once and for all, we are calling on Premier Cannonier to come clean with all of the facts surrounding this trip to Washington, D.C. The public has the right to know who all the participants were, what was discussed, what deals were brokered [if any] and any other pertinent details.”

    WOW it looks like Mr Crockwell reveal much on the talk show. It almost seems as if he has distance himself from the Premier to save his own butt.

  11. Jus' Askin' says:


    • Jus' Askin' says:

      “Jets, Lies and Audio Tapes” ;-)

      • haha says:

        Sounds like the sequel to “Jets, Lies, and Playboy Gate”

        • Jus' Askin' says:

          Spin-offs from the classic “Blacks, Whites and Surrogates” :-D

          • haha says:

            Formed from the masterpiece “Uighurs, Bullets, and the BHC”

            Budget: $800 million

  12. Common Sense says:

    Yawn – the PLP should have a look at why the Republican Party in the US doesn’t go all in on calling for the impeachment of Barack Obama – because it makes them look ridiculous and only bolsters the position of the Premier

    The main thing is look at Craig Cannoniers track record. This is one sound, honest man.

    Craig – if there is one takeaway from this it is this: No one kicks a dead dog.

    As long as you continue to show leadership you will have massive critiscm, if you don’t and you don’t do anything it will probably go away.

    • Know it all says:

      Sound and honest? He is enjoying his power trip.

      I think that politicians need to come clean about their personnal finances and business financials, as when there are troubles, chances for excessive risk and reward become good ideas.

  13. Navin Johnson says:

    No one cares but the PLP MP’s…..they need the money

    • Impressive says:

      Thats a childish statement and doesn’t address the situation at hand. I thought you had more substance than that.

    • Gotham says:

      More true than you could ever I
      Agine Navin.

  14. more than enough says:

    crockwell tried to distance himself, poorly i might add, from knowing what was going on with the golf pro, but i know, he knows more.
    poker player eh? i know a bluff when i see one.
    and the premier? you don’t get a better example of friends and family than this crap.

  15. Sad Times says:

    Marc Bean needs to resign as Opposition Leader and be replaced by Marc Daniels.

    • Jus' Askin' says:

      I nominate Chris Furbert :-D

    • 21 BLACKJACK says:

      Absolute BS from the PLP as USUAL, and they want to help Bermuda out of the hole they put us in, what with asinine calls and bitching like little 2 year old children, No disrespect to a 2 year old child. Amazing nothing ever transpired from the Great Dr E little BS moves. Go get a life. Am sure the Betty Trumpet will sound loud on this

  16. Coffee says:

    As The Honorable John Barritt humbly apologizes to his former constituents for the horrible mistake he made by giving away his seat .

  17. Ethics101 says:

    As someone who has studied ethics in some depth, the responses of some politicians and commentators on Jetgate is nothing short of surreal. Accepting a trip on a private jet from someone with whom the Government is likely to or might possibly later engage in negotiations regarding a hotel licence or casino licence (or similar) is a breach of ethics at the very least; breach of the Ministerial Code of Conduct; a bribe in some jurisdictions; illegal in others. The fact that the Premier has deliberately withheld the truth from the country about his own employee being on that flight speaks volumes. The fact that Cabinet Minister Crockwell today said that the Premier’s private sector employee PARTICIPATED in discussions with the Premier, Cabinet Ministers and prospective investors after the plane landed also speaks volumes. Crockwell suspected something was wrong (he said he had concerns on air today and documented those concerns) and he was right. Where are those OBA supporters who spoke out so fervently against allegations of corruption in the previous regime? Can it be that they simply can’t bring themselves to believe that their Premier has been accused of this highly questionable conduct? The Premier has not been forthcoming to the people and has persistently failed to disclose WHY a private sector employee of his engaged this way. Without answers, the implications as to why he was present are fairly obvious. The PLP has every right to pursue this until a full explanation is forthcoming. In fact, every voter – irrespective of which Party you supported – deserves an explanation.

    • Kangoocar says:

      You actually had to study ethics??? I learned ethics from my parents and the good people I associated with all my life!!!

      • Impressive says:

        You mights as well change your name to “windshield” because you be doing some deflecting bye, cheesh.

  18. Wow says:

    Why is everyone getting so silly over this? The Uighars arrived in the middle of the night on a private jet ! Jennifer Smith was relieved of her duties within 48 hours of the PLP winning the election, we were told that we had to deceive you ! Like everything else in Bermuda, it has a one week shelf life. The budget is due on Friday and Bermuda will be kicking up about that. So what ? His employee got a free ride and because they were discussing golf they asked his opinion , for real ? Everyone got their knickers in a twist over that ? Move on everyone, there are so many other issues at hand, why even waste your time ? They are politicians, all of them, they are for themselves, like the UBP, like the BDA, like the PLP, like the OBA ! Why is everyone so surprised ? Hmmmmmmmmmm ! Now it’s a problem because the ruling party is doing it ? Wake up ! Every party has done it ! Get over it and let’s move on to the next subject that will ruffle everyone’s feathers next week !

    • Huh? says:

      @wow….are you stupid? You sound like a scene from the wizard of oz! ” pay no attention to the man behind the green curtain…..” Take the Jedi mind trick crap somewhere else! Some of us actually want our leaders to be honest, above board and walk in true integrity! Excuse us if this annoys you but if you own your own business, then maybe you can go ahead and hire all the unscrupulous ppl you want to work for YOU! In the mean time, those who work for “us” in the govt. should be held to a code of conduct that is worthy of their post.

    • Hurricane says:

      Because we were suppose to voted for CHANGE, Wow…..duhhhhhhhhhhh

    • shutthemdown says:

      Lets try to put the Uighar thing to bed.

      Bermuda enjoys a benefit of no visa travel to the United States. This is part and parcel to our history of working together.

      In order to retain this realtionship we may have been asked to take on these men and this is what Bermuda did.

      Keeping in mind there was at that time some serious questions to what the US would do about Lower tax countries like Bermuda.

      We did what is necessary to keep our benifits.

      I can only wonder what would have been done if we had lost that benefit of free travel. You ubp/oba people would have for sure blamed that on the PLP.

      so grow up
      simple as that

  19. cool says:

    We haven’t forgotten about Dr. Brown and the Uighurs’ ‘jetgate’ scandal.

  20. Nuffin but da Truth says:

    the plp are so broke and desperate they will try anything

  21. San Geoge says:

    Play on Mr. Cannonier – the Ref. hasn’t seen a thing.
    Keep setting your field.

  22. Islander says:

    Marc Bean needs to resign……

  23. Hudson says:

    Wow – fabricate a story, and then call for a resignation? Amazing.

  24. Slim Shady says:

    The Premier and OBA have the complete confidence of many’ many people, it is the PLP who have sunk to yet another new LOW…..didn’t think it was possible!!!!!!

    • Jus' Askin' says:

      They really don’t ;-)
      At this rate, if an election was called today, OBA would lose. I would bet you all my bitcoins PLP would win.

      • haha says:

        Only because you lot take Bean’s word as the Gospel. Where’s his PROOF?! Oh right, he ank got none. Lay down already.

        • Jus' Askin' says:

          Who is ‘you lot’?

          • Triangle Drifter says:

            I take ‘you lot’ to be the blind PLP faithful. Why, who do you think ‘you lot’ could be?

            • Impressive says:

              Do you not think you fit in the category as the Blind OBA faithful who support the current government, because the previous government got away with similar activities??

          • Anbu says:

            I knew u were gonna ask that question. U cant help but make it racial. Lmfao u sound like robert downy jr in tropic thunder. Now shh

  25. Gariboldi says:

    PLP are clearly running scared over the progress the OBA has made. The problem is there are so many entitled PLP voters in the freakishly overloaded civil service working from within to bring down the government. They may not even realise that standing around talking all day is what they’re doing, but thats what is happening. Witness Marine and Ports walk out today and tomorrow.

    Stand Strong Bermuda – remember why you voted these clowns out in the first place.

    • Impressive says:

      Those are strong allegations on the working class mate, very strong. You don’t have an issue with the Premier misleading the country, but you want to allege that members of the civil service are working from within to bring down the government?? Mercy.

  26. blackberry says:

    was it steve decosta from esso the manager..that went on the jet ride??

  27. Come Correct says:

    I say, wait until the court case is done, Bean and Burt guilty, resign. Craig guilty, resign. No court case happens, Craig resign. Summer 2014 on the horizon…TURN UP!!!

    • frank says:

      that is the way it is going to be played out just watch
      craig’s shelf life will expire june30th 2014 no longer can be used

  28. Blah says:

    It’s all nandi’s fault. LOL

    • frank says:

      she is another one that will be gone
      young woman ain’t got a glue

  29. Take it Easy! says:

    As opposition they have a lot of mouth as Government all u heard was a pin drop! Is it just me?

  30. Kangoocar says:

    Last thought on this nonsense!! You have to remember back in 1998!!! The UBP at the time at least gave the plp time, and I mean years, for the plp to sort themselves out before they attacked them in any way, now that is the way any political party with any ethics/dignity would handle themselves after a loss and change of government!!! But we now have a desperate and can’t get over their loss plp continuously creating havoc on our day to day business with trying to get Bermudians back to work, what does that tell anyone with a brain??? I will answer for those that don’t have one!!! The plp are more concerned with themselves than you!!! They don’t give one thought to you or anyone else that is unemployed because of their screw ups!!! They only can see they have lost power and want it back at all costs!!!

    • me says:

      kangaroo—how are plp stopping this government from getting on with the job at hand? please explain.. the opposition leader and shadow finance minister are only responding to the PREMIER who launched the whole charade? and further asked the opposition to repeat themselves outside of the house.. if you ahve a problem it should be with the present gov. because they are obviously easily distracted.

  31. Wow says:

    Yes it was and so what ? He is not a partner, he works for him ! So he got a chance to ride on a private jet , for free! Nobody helped to fund it ! It was a perk ! I would do it and I don’t support any of them ! Why is everyone dragging him over the coals ? He did what any one of us would do if offered a free trip on a jet ! And they were discussing golf which they knew nothing about. He has 20 years golf experience in Bermuda and happened to be there ! So he helped ! Big deal ! What did it cost us ???? NOTHING!!!!!!

    • Derek A. G. Jones says:

      It’s a pity that this wasn’t disclosed at the time this all came up as it makes perfect sense to have someone knowledgeable about golf travel with them. That being said, it would probably have been better to bring someone like Kim Swan along, especially as he has a vested interest in seeing St George’s thrive again and is a respected golf pro.

      • Bum Yujan says:

        Lol you guys are so full of $#¡+ it’s coming out of your mouth lol.

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      But, but, but, but, but, but.

    • Impressive says:

      WOW, You really can’t be that silly to believe the stuff you just typed. I mean really. An employee being offered a free ride on a private jet? as a perk? then we are informed he attended the meeting? was he there to take notes for his employee I suppose? I mean really,, wow

  32. Robert Burland says:

    We seem to have a fox in the hen house. The smoke screening will not last.

  33. Jamwasea says:

    Who cares about plane rides, really !! The PLP need to say sorry to this Country every time they open their mouths !! Says a lot about the PLP with the BeanBurt childish trash rants. Talk about desperate.

  34. shirley says:

    What happened to Detroit Mayor? Why?

  35. Compassion says:

    Bring back genuine politicians like Sir Jack Sharpe and Dame Lois Browne (may they rest in peace). Even though they were on different parties, they still maintained respect for each other and I’m sure would be appalled at the foolishness of both parties right now. Premier Cannonnier and PLP Leader, Marc Bean need to step down. People are suffering, while they are playing games. My choice for Premier in the current party would be John Barrit (although I know this isn’t possible)as I believe he interested in ALL Bermudians, regardless of their race. My second choice would be Bob Richards. People say he’s not personable, but it would be welcome change from our shouting, uptight Premier.

  36. SMDHT says:

    Cheesh, this is better than Young & The Restless.Who would of ever thought that politics in Bermuda would reach an all time low. The behaviour of the MP’s is just desplorable.Many of them need to resign, not just Cannonier and Bean. When I look back at the MP’s of years gone by, it makes me wonder what they must be saying/thinking about all this foolishness going on. They need to stop the backstabbing,fussing,fighting and get on with the business of the country. Grow the hell up and stop acting like 5 yr olds, because they are watching and listening and looking for role models, and you all are piss poor role models to follow. I don’t have faith in any of you so don’t look for my vote next election. if you can’t stand the heat, get out of the house.(of assembly)

  37. Teed Off says:

    I am not an OBA supporter but I wish we would stop asking for people to resign do you think they will it sounds so cheap let them sink their ship they will screw up

  38. squirt says:


    • Jus' Askin' says:

      Why is that?

    • me says:

      strong word squirt. and a waste of emotion, hope you will draw from the fountain of information and become a big splash when you obsorb more knowledge about what politics is really about..

    • Huh? says:

      I HATE being lied to by anyone, regardless of their party affiliation and regardless of what “excuse” they come up with in order to justify it! When a person lies to you, they insult your intelligence and assume that you are gullible and unable to follow logic and common sense! One of the results of “getting away” with a lie is that ppl then think that they can continue to lie to you whenever it’s convenient for them. That’s why allowing any politician to “dupe” you without getting to the truth is a very dangerous thing for a democracy. I wish this country had some real investigative reporters who were only concerned about the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth so God would help them. As opposed to these seemingly biased journalist who bend their stories and headlines in the direction of their political leanings.

  39. Looking in says:

    Keep up the good work Mr.Premier.
    No one in their right mind wants to go back to the 14 yrs.

    • Jus' Askin' says:

      Some people made a lot of money during that 14 yrs ;-) ;-)

      • Triangle Drifter says:

        Yes, they built houses, bought real estate & expensive floating toys & traveled the world. I would not say that they made or earned the money to do so though.

  40. Need Peace says:

    These bloggers remind me of an abused woman. She knows what her husband does to her is wrong yet she hides her abuse and makes excuses for her bad @ss husband! Obviously you know nothing about politics at all. For years the UBP allowed the PLP to do what they liked because they were a poor opposition and now a poor government. Whatever the PLP did during their tenure was ALLOWED by the UBP. The NEW PLP is not sleeping on the job! Look around you, if there has been any change (another lie) please show me! OBA promised change alright cause that’s all you’ll have in your pocket!

  41. Karma says:

    Sour grapes; nothing else. You lost; deal with it.
    Having said that…I LOATHE politics, politicians, and ESPECIALLY party politics. Elect a person…no party affiliation…and work TOGETHER, FFS!

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      Wouldn’t that be nice! How about stepping back to pre party politics Bermuda? It was not perfect but it sure worked better than what is going on now or for the living memory of most.

      Some sort of proportional representation system whereby each candidate would have a set amount to spend on a campaign to prevent buying elections with glitzy promotions or things like um, lets see, maybe turkeys if the election happens to be around Christmas.

      The elected members would then have to work together sorting out who does what. They would not be one big happy family but they would not be slaves to a political party.

      Just dreaming.

      Back to regular programming.

  42. just saying says:

    Ewert Brown’s ” I hade to deceive you” or whatever ,comes to mind

  43. making a mountain out of a molehill says:

    @ Bean and @ Burt so basically you’re upset that our Premier was networking and shaking hands and making new business connections, and helping Bda grow and be a stronger industry.
    Yes you’re right, shame on him!

    * This is his job I hope he takes more flights and networks with more and more business professionals so they can come here and invest in BDA.

  44. Bermuda Boy says:

    PLP BIU get lost you are trouble makers and will not be happy until the island has gone down the tubes. Keep up the good work Mr. Premier!

  45. ugh says:

    The PLP undermine this country, and progress, by constantly putting party before country. This government is never going to run effectively until they stop being so childish. I feel like all I ever see is articles about bickering between members of the PLP and OBA, as opposed to articles about either group actually getting anything done.

  46. Annoyed says:

    In my opinion these back and forth allegations are not helping no one! This is completely childish. We should be working together instead of fighting against each other. Just my two cents

  47. Bermudabie says:

    “We had to deceive you” and the person making that statement stayed until HE was ready to go. This too shall pass…

  48. Unbelievebale says:

    Nothing anyone says on here matters. The day in court will come and if Bean and Burt can prove the Premier did anything they have accused him of, the Premier must step down. If they can’t then their credibility is shot.

    The Premier laid down the gauntlet today.

  49. Mark says:

    It’s black history month , why are our politicians acting like kids fighting over candy….shameful behavior.

  50. maris says:

    the plp should disband since 14 yrs they have been a liability to Bermuda leaving with a broken down island with crime,unemployment in every corner,ineptness,Uighers,billions in debts,WHAT A SHAMEFUL bunch and now got the audacity to create false accusation to poke holes at the govt…..IT IS TIME FOR THE plp to go far if they got some shame left..BTW you hypocrites who still supporting this thugs plp are all useless ppl on this island..You are no way has any ounce of FEEL THE LOVE FOR BERMUDA but HATE…go with plp…misery likes company!

  51. noplp says:

    the plp got their foot soldiers…like disgraceful C.famous to organize his dumb and dumber groups to call in with their idle nonsense…the plp should go …they are now a official liability to the survival of Bermuda..

  52. noplp says:

    Plp has hit rock bottom…accused a strong leader who done more for the country than they did for 14yrs.
    Plus with audacity asking for him to resign…if anybody needs to is bean&burt!!!

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      Oh no they have not. Everytime you think they can stoop no lower they find another step to go down. Their creativity for outrageous behaviour has no limits.

    • payattention says:

      “accused a STRONG leader…” LMAO!!!!!! ‘Gota’ love the humour of some of you die hard UBP supporters.

  53. John E. Thorne says:

    I would suggest for the good of the country that all 36 members of parliament resign, get rid of party politics, hold another election where we can vote in the best 36 independent candidates who can start running this country like a company without all the childish and unethical behaviour, power plays etc. If we continue as we are, we are all doomed. When will the supporters of the PLP and OBA realise that unless we start working together we will all go down together. If something doesn’t change fast, I am going to suggest we start a petition to get rid of all members of parliament and I am willing to bet their would be a lot of support. Can the Premier and Opposition Leader please sit down with their colleagues and start doing the job that we voted them in to do and are being paid to do.

    • Herb Adderley says:

      John, It would only take 9 people to run this country, plus 1 elected President to represent us overseas etc. 9 fulltime honest men/women who would be accountable to all Bermudians, and when they arent they can be relieved of their position and we put someone else in their place. That would be a start as far as rules etc that they must govern by. anyone else have any suggestions to add to this??

      • Triangle Drifter says:

        There are so many ways that could be done. Proportional representation for one. Set the number of elected people needed. elect from a pool of say double that number. The top ones get in.

        Weed out the ‘don’t have a hopes’ by requiring each candidate at least a set number of nominators to get into that pool of possibles.

        Once in that pool of candidates, all have same limit of campaign funds to use. No using personal funds. Have to raise money from supporters.

        So sick of party politics.

      • John E. Thorne says:

        I agree as long as we do away with party politics and the jokers we have in the house presently. It is time for Bermudians to take their country back.

  54. Smh says:

    Good thing the OBA will only be the Govt. for 1 term!!!

    • Keepin' it Real...4Real! says:

      and then what..? do you all think that bermuda will prosper then,do you think bermudas problems will be suddenly dissolved and the racial divide will diminish..? no wonder other countries call us stupid,thanks for your input.

      • 4real??? says:

        Who cares what ” other ” countries call us!? ” other” countries call America stupid, Britain stupid, Russia stupid, Germany stupid, Greece stupid, Venezuela stupid, etc! The truth is, no one has the market cornered on stupidity or intelligence! The truth is whether it’s the ubp, Obama, ppl, nlp , rich , poor, black, white; as long as there are ” elitist who think that they are better than others in mind, body, soul and value then we ALL are cheated of the strength, capabilities and success that are the results of true unity, respect and positive collaboration!

  55. Lone Wolf says:

    Come on people, let’s be real here.
    Although I fully understand the utter amazement with PLP supporters’ very short and extremely selective memories, that doesn’t make it ‘okay’ for the OBA to do it. Weren’t we all taught that two wrongs don’t make a right? Well, most of us anyway.
    It seems that our Premier has become ‘caught up’ and is stooping to the lower levels of his accusers. Sad, but true.
    We know the PLP ultimately want to regain power. Why wouldn’t they? They are the opposition, that is their main objective. Just as it was the OBA’s objective, pre-election.
    Their childish ways of going about it is somewhat alarming (and oddly amusing at the same time) but ultimately that is to be expected.
    Since their main gripe these days is with the Premier and their main concern is for him to step down, why not just step down? I think we ALL know he is not the best member the OBA has for the job anyway. I don’t think anyone from either party REALLY believes he is. That is my opinion and I could be wrong but …. really?
    So step down. Give someone else in there a chance at the top.
    On the same note, Mr. Bean has sunken to a new depth of low that I never thought possible. He should step down as well. They are both causing quite a ruckus.

    • Impressive says:

      Kudos, for you, you must be an accountant, you really balanced them books on that post ;-) . An objective poster, how nice.

  56. X man says:

    So PLP’ after Cannonier Steps down it’s stiill going to be OBA running the Country and your still going to be opposition.
    How about if Marc Bean steps down – the Govt. just might be concentrate on getting the Country back together.
    When the PLP ran the country threre Leaders done a lot of madness — one such PLP Preimier traveled constanntly and
    enjoyed life to the fullest on the people’s purse and I can clearly remember that same that same Premier being helped
    in the GP Car because they were so drunk! – Oh how about the the Premier that broke every rule there is including
    sneaking people here without his own Govt.,Cabinet knowing, and the People of Bermuda, – how about that PLP opposition
    Leader – lol ‘ and your making all this noise about Premier Cannonier! – LOL’
    This back and forth childishness has got to stop because it’s taking the focus from the real issues of Bermuda.

  57. Redmen says:

    PLP Call For Premier Cannonier To ‘Step Down’.

    Why because you want another election called so you can see if Bermudians want to shoot ourselves in the foot again by making the PLP the next Got.? Yeah like were not in enough $h*t as it is.

    You’ll get your chance for that in four years. Hopefully Bermudians will ensure your stay as opposition until you get your act together cause this behaviour is not filling us with hope that you have.

    How about this: Bermuda calls For PLP To ‘Disband’ – Yeah I’m not holding my breath for that one either.

  58. Progress outsude HoA says:

    Seems like Craig Cannonier and Marc Bean will be busy with lawyers and personal problems for the foreseeable future. Similarly, the one media, Famous, Starling, Trump, etc. will all stay focused on their personal agendas.
    There is great news and great progress for IB and Insurance from Grant Gibbons today in the business section!
    And Shawn Crockwell and the Tourism Authority are making good progress for Bermuda Tourism this week!

  59. Lone Wolf says:

    Come on people, let’s be real here.
    Although I fully understand the utter amazement with PLP supporters’ very short and extremely selective memories, that doesn’t make it ‘okay’ for the OBA to do it. Weren’t we all taught that two wrongs don’t make a right? Well, most of us anyway.
    It seems that our Premier has become ‘caught up’ and is stooping to the lower levels of his accusers. Sad, but true.
    We know the PLP ultimately want to regain power. Why wouldn’t they? They are the opposition, that is their main objective. Just as it was the OBA’s objective, pre-election.
    Their childish ways of going about it is somewhat alarming (and oddly amusing at the same time) but ultimately that is to be expected.
    Since their main gripe these days is with the Premier and their main concern is for him to step down, why not just step down? I think we ALL know he is not the best member the OBA has for the job anyway. I don’t think anyone from either party REALLY believes he is. That is my opinion and I could be wrong but …. really?
    So step down. Give someone else in there a chance at the top.
    On the same note, Mr. Bean has sunken to a new depth of low that I never thought possible. He should step down as well. They are both causing quite a ruckus.

  60. BDAGIRL says:

    To my Mr. Premier,
    “He who aggrevates you masters you”. Tomorrow I wish for you just to ignore Marc Bean, and hopefully he will go away…… Don’t waste your breath on him he will have his day trust me!!!!!

  61. Lois says:

    OH PLEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASE OF COURSE THE PLP DOESNT LIKE THE PREMIER! They dont like anyone who doesnt have their selfish interests and money making schemes at heart!!

  62. Tired says:

    So, where does this leave Mr. Crockwell? He really did a job on the Premier. Is he getting ready to cross the floor? I can’t see him being in the OBA much longer. (Wether he spoke the truth or not).

    Now that this is a legal matter, can you children please get going on fixing Bermuda?

    I agree with the others that say, get rid of both parties and start over.

  63. Kismet says:

    This is my take on what happened.
    1. the PLP can see that the OBA is making headway with tourism and IT for the future benefit of all Bermudians, and are desperate to find some way to deflect and diminish these accomplishments.
    2. the PLP dream up a scheme to be timed precisely just before the Budget and it goes like this – cause a furore in the House – with the Bermuda public and with future investors in this island by making claims of corruption against the Premier and making a huge issue of one man riding free jet (no public cost). (You have to wonder where they were when PLP was in power and travelling all over the place and not answering questions about huge disappearance of funds and spending spending spending till nothing left in the coffers)
    3. dream up a reason for BIU to issue strike order (what no overtime?)
    timed precisely to wreak further havoc despite the fact that they (BIU) never called a strike during PLP reign when all maintenance on ferries was stopped entirely – now we have nastily broken down vessels – how come they ‘waited’ till now – it’s all in the timing. (remember Chris Furbert saying something like wait and see what’s going to happen next!)
    4. Keep things stirred up so that the budget
    becomes another huge crisis with more hysteria from Marc Bean Bet you anything he talks about ‘my people’ – If he cared about them he’d being doing everything he could to get this country back on its feet instead of doing his utmost to sink this place to rock bottom.
    Conclusion – it’s all about the budget and hard decisions having to be made for the future welfare of this island people. It’s a total set up – mark my words – for the PLP to launch ‘call an election’

  64. Looking in says:

    And this to shall pass!