Jamaica Looking At Decriminalising Marijuana

March 3, 2014

Leader of Government Business in the Jamaican House of Representatives Phillip Paulwell said that decriminalisation of marijuana in specific quantities is on the Parliamentary agenda this year, according to a report in the Jamaica Gleaner.

“I met with the group last week and I indicated to them that as House leader, it is my view that the House, having adopted the motion for the decriminalisation of small amounts of marijuana, I believe that it will be enacted some time this year,” Mr. Paulwell told the Gleaner.

Mr Paulwell added, “It is my view that decriminalisation of the weed will become a reality this (calendar) year, arising from the Parliamentary debate and the support by the majority of the members, I believe it will be approved this year.”

The topic of possibly decriminalising marijuana in Bermuda has been at the forefront lately, with the Government signalling in last year’s Throne Speech that they would “produce a public consultation paper on the decriminalization of marijuana and an examination of its wider uses.”

Last month the Opposition tabled a bill in the House of Assembly which calls for removing all criminal sanctions for the possession of 14 grams of cannabis or cannabis resin.

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  1. Whistle Blower says:

    There goes OUR prospective college students for 2014!!

    Bermuda if WE could maintain bars, clubs and supermarket sales of alcohol plus make it more ACCESSIBLE and CONVENIENT for persons to now purchase and consume this FIREWATER than WE as a country can SPEAK up for the DECRIMINALISATION and eventual LEGALISATION of MARIJUANA MEDICINALLY as well as SOCIALLY

    • Redo says:

      Oh please, have small quantities ever really been “illegal” in Jamaica?

  2. mixitup says:

    Jamaica’s going to steal our thunder.

    • hmmm says:

      Do you indulge ?

      • Whistle Blower says:

        What do you indulge in?? Everyone indulges in something!! What is yours? Being judgmental? Gossiping?

    • target says:

      Well Jamaica is out of our league. They already have a name for themself for having the best marijuana in the world. they have girls, food, misic and rastafarians. i think we can only beat in beachs low crime im not going to say firendly people because i dont think we have that anymore to compete. the people we should be looking out for is East cost USA. we beat them is a lot of thinks we need to legalize it befor them so that thire people will want to come to bermuda and once we get them here its over it wont matter if they legalize after us because they will be hooked on bermuda.

  3. Bermy says:

    And the bus goes passing by Bermuda again, in this case we could have not only been on it, but the driver. Lts stop the party squabbling and make some moves forward.

  4. Sara says:

    Just like that so easy.

  5. Keepin' it Real...4Real! says:

    I think it’s time for the people to speak and move on the subjects which are ailing our existence…the indecisiveness of the people who we put there to make these decisions worry me tremendously…makes me wonder if they are truely inept or are they stalling waiting for their next set of instructions by the people who really run this island. It is not rocket science and we’re not asking for licences to enrich uranium for Gods sake! but then again, can’t expect much when they decide to bring so called experts in to talk about a subject which they either are totally misinformed about or is suppressing the truth. Time for the People to Stand Up, or you will be forced to lay down, most of us are on our knees already!

  6. Any country like Jamaica with a quarter of the problems that they do face, (with their devalued dollar)then this just may be the golden egg to lay and get some real value for its dollar. The Jamaican dollar had been equal many years ago…then came independence and their dollar started to plummet quickly so this can possibly aid the Island in such trying times as it faces today :-(

  7. X man says:

    Eventurly Bermuda will have to follow –
    Just imagine the Billions of dollars the Bermuda Authority’s have spent since 1968 trying to stamp out
    or Marijuana and it’s still as popular as ever. lol
    Back in the day I saw Police chase guys over walls,on Roofs,on Boats,in Cars and Bikes just to catch that
    Golden bag of Weed.
    It’s come to a point were our top Reggae Singer is named after it!
    Quite frankly somthings got to give.
    Decrimilise it and it will have no more impact on society than a pack of Cigarettes.- the expensive chase will be over.

  8. Malachi says:

    Remember, decriminalization and legalization are two different things. We could argue that there is, to some extent, a degree of decriminalization already, at least based on recent statements by the police who indicate that first time offenders with small amounts would not be prosecuted. We have also seen this implemented in the courts. The only thing we have to do is write it in law. As it relates to minors, we could follow the same language as it relates to alcohol.

    In spite of its illegal status, it is clear that we have a large population of marijuana smokers here in Bermuda. We also have an even larger population of drinkers, which, one could argue, are cited more in criminal and civil cases than their “pothead” peers. Please note that for the purpose of this discussion, I take no sides as to the “evils” of either vice.

    My point is directed only at the highly irrational disparity in the legal consequences of their use.