Premier, Governor & PLP On Attacks In Paris

November 13, 2015

[Updated] Following the attacks in France which have left over 100 people dead, Premier and Minister of National Security Michael Dunkley said “that the people of Bermuda join with the rest of the global community in condemning this heinous terrorist attack.”

Premier Dunkley added that this is ‘truly a tragic and shocking incident”, and said he has been kept abreast of the matter by the Bermuda Government’s London Office, and he has reached out to the French Consulate in Bermuda this evening [Nov 13] to offer the Island’s assistance.

The latest report from CNN said that over 150 people were killed in the shootings and bombings, while other reports vary.

French President Francois Hollande said a state of emergency would be declared across France and national borders shut following a spate of attacks in Paris on Friday evening.

“It is horror,” Mr Hollande said in a brief statement on television.”A state of emergency will be declared. The second measure will be the closure of national borders.”

The NY Times reports that French television and news services quoted the police as saying that around 100 people had been killed at a concert site where hostages had been held during a two-hour standoff with the police, and that perhaps dozens of others had been killed in apparently coordinated attacks outside the country’s main sports stadium and four or five other popular locations in the city.

Witnesses on French television said the scene at the concert hall, which can seat as many as 1,500 people, was a massacre, describing how gunmen with automatic weapons shot bursts of bullets into the crowd.

A mandatory curfew was instituted in Paris, the first since 1944, according to the Associated Press.

Update Nov 14, 1.28pm: Governor George Fergusson said, “I am horrified at the attacks in Paris last night and express my solidarity with the people of France and the French community and French visitors here in Bermuda. The Prime Minister, Mr Cameron, has spoken to President Hollande this morning and has offered all possible assistance”.

Government House also said anyone concerned about family members and friends who are Bermudian or British passport holders and who may be directly affected can call the Foreign and Commonwealth Office on +44 207 008 0000 .

Update 2.18pm: A PLP spokesperson said, “The Progressive Labour Party stands in condemnation of yesterday’s tragic events in Paris. Our thoughts and prayers are with the people of Paris during this challenging time. Our condolences go out to everyone who has lost a loved one in this attack. “

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  1. Hmm says:

    So much hatred in the world, and more as the God of love is shunned. End times… So sad.

  2. Widget says:

    Put is to bed @Hmmmmm. This was simply a cowardly and horrendous act on innocent people by radical nut bars who wish to push their agenda on everyone else. Religion is not a bad thing i suspect for those people with a normal way of processing logic. However we all know what’s in line for those that take it to the extreme.

  3. Question says:

    “he has reached out to the French Consulate in Bermuda this evening [Nov 13] to offer the Island’s assistance”

    Can someone please tell me how Bermuda can assist. Normally we would offer prayers but since 40% don’t believe in God or a higher power what can we offer? We can’t even deal with the social problems here with a population of 60K+ :(

    • Question says:

      ….and that 40% will be the first ones leaving a living will so that the Preacher can say nice things about how their in heaven now resting.

      Romans 14:8
      If we live, we live for the Lord; and if we die, we die for the Lord. So, whether we live or die, we belong to the Lord.

    • Tolerate says:

      You do understand the meaning of a gesture right?

    • Hurricane says:

      I read and questioned as well. What assistance, this is not like a weather something where we can send the regiment to assist. Exactly what assistance, MD?

      This reminds me of Walton Brown advising the walking public and motorist to exercise caution when walking through Back Watch Pass. Exactly what in the way of caution was he suggesting.

      Inquiring minds want to know, despite the 22 dislikes………..

      • Derek A. G. Jones says:

        Not only are there many French residents in Bermuda year around but there are quite a few French nationals on the island for the Rugby Classic. Many will have family and friends in Paris and might need assistance in finding out information. For starters, Bermuda’s Police Services can find out detailed information if necessary. Not only is it an important gesture of goodwill there are some things that can be done to help put people at ease.

        • Hurricane says:

          @ Derek Jones, thank you for that, I was at a loss.

          Two heads are better than one and you always seem to come through with well thought out, logical conclusions.

          • Derek A. G. Jones says:

            Not a problem. Thanks for the comment. I find this whole situation with Paris very sad. I fully agree that two heads are better than one and that it’s important to ask the question in the first place.

    • Build a Better Bermuda says:

      There may not be much we can do for France, but there are French nationals among us, and there may be a way we can assist them if needed should they find themselves affected by this heinous crime. So while it can be taken as a symbolic gesture, to discount the offer because you don’t see any possibilities could be considered shortsighted.

  4. Vulcan Trash Cleaner says:

    Hopefully France has by now captured or killed or these terrorists.

    We must all hope that Bermuda never has terrorists on the Island,many residents have no idea of real terror and the carnage committed by these terrorists and go about their daily lives blissfully unaware of the rest of the world,it would be a real awakening to them.

  5. Kangoocar says:

    French President Hollande has declared war and has stated ” it will be a merciless war!!! ” well it’s about time?? Pain is the ONLY thing they understand!!! These POS radicals need to be completely wiped off the face of the earth along with anyone that sympathizes with that thinking!!! The world became soft on these parasites not long after Obama refused to call them radical?? Well they are radical and he was wrong once again!!! The sad part is the world is heading into a very turbulent time but for the good of the world this must be done!!! This war must be won and the radical eliminated!!!!!
    I am saddened by the fact that my age would prevent me from helping in this effort!!! If I could volunteer and fight I would be signing up this morning!!!

  6. Family Man says:

    Another shocking case of absolute barbarism to add to a long list of atrocities carried out by religious fanatics:

    School massacre in Beslan – islamists
    School massacre in Peshawar – islamists
    Attack in Nairobi shopping mall – islamists
    Twin towers in NYC – islamists
    Bali nightclub bombing – islamists
    Madrid train bombings – islamists
    London bus bombings – islamists
    Moscow metro bombings – islamists
    Mumbai attacks – islamists
    Kenya university slaughter – islamists
    Tunisia beach massacre – islamists
    Russian plane bombing in Egypt – islamists

    The list goes on and on. Wherever you find them around the world they one thing in common. It’s like a brain virus and its time the world woke up and eliminated the problem.

  7. Philip says:

    And to think Bermuda persecutes homosexuals here on the island all in the name of religion pretty sure that’s not the way of any God , hitler the klan and now IS all used their twisted religion to spread hate ,in the words of Michael Jackson if you wanna make the world a better place take a look at yourself and make that chanhge

  8. Keepin' it Real!...4Real! says:

    Hear what mainstream media won’t tell you

  9. KATT says:

    look up the definition of assistance. yes we can do something no matter how small or seemingly insignificant, if it brings the IS to its end

    • Tolerate says:

      Thanks Derek and KATT. Why this is requiring explaining, I wold never know. There has been a tragic event and the leader of our country show goodwill towards the victim, and it’s questioned as to it’s extent? I am baffled as to why this is even being discussed??? $h1t, it was a gesture.

  10. ImJustSayin says:

    If only the Palestinian children who are killed and left homeless and the starving children in Africa got this much attention they would be a lot better off. But it’s France and now the whole world has to stop. And these politicians jump on the band with their empty comments because it’s what’s trending right now. Governments are part of the problem.

  11. ImJustSayin says:

    CORRECTION : Palestinian children who are either killed or left homeless.

    • Kangoocar says:

      @imjustsayin, let me help you with your misguided opinions concerning the Palistineans!! Firstly, they themselves are the cause of their own being killed, when you stop and think about the fact that if they put down their weapons, the killings would stop!!! If the Isrealis put down their weapons, Isrealis would continue to be attacked and killed!!! Secondly, not even the Palistinean Arab neighbors want anything to do with them, what the heck does that tell you about the Palistineans??? I shake my head in disbelief everytime I read or hear of opinions like yours??

      • aceboy says:

        Yep. Take a look at the Syrian refugees. Arab borders are closed to them, just like the Palestinians. Why?

  12. Yes I says:

    The attacks in Paris were bad and tragic, but so has the ongoing mayhem in Syria, Palestine, Kenya. Why do we make public offers of sympathy for this? Seems a little lop-sided bias going on.

  13. akki says:

    Those paris attacks(peace be upon the victims) had similarities to the 9/11 controlled demolition, i mean… terrorist attacks.. Don’t let the media make you fell like islam and all its followers are terrorists, the real terrorist are the goverments who kill thousands of innocent men, women, and children in the muslim regions, in the name of “fighting terrorism”
    Spread peace and love, allahu akbar