OBA: PLP Leaders Putting Politics Before Country

March 12, 2014

[Updated w/PLP response] “The work of the Parliamentary Select Committee on Elections has become another example of PLP leaders putting politics before country,” the One Bermuda Alliance said this evening [Mar 12].

A recently released Parliamentary Select Committee report questioned whether the election of Minister Bob Richards and MP Jeff Sousa were “legally valid”, and recommended that “Parliament act to bring clarity on the eligibility” of Minister Richards and Mr Sousa to continue to sit in Parliament.

An OBA spokesperson said, “Toward the end of the 2012 election campaign, the Progressive Labour Party sought to disqualify two One Bermuda Alliance candidates, Mr. Jeff Sousa and Mr. E.T. (Bob) Richards.

“The PLP questioned whether the two candidates had declared any interest in Government contracts that they might have had, as required by law.

“The OBA, at the time, confirmed publicly that the candidates had no interests to declare.

“The PLP had an opportunity to further pursue their ploy by filing a petition in the Supreme Court within 28 days of the December 18, 2012 election challenging the candidates’ subsequent election, as stipulated in the Legislature [Qualification and Disqualification] Act 1968. They did not.

“The work of the Parliamentary Select Committee on Elections has become another example of PLP leaders putting politics before country; distracting from the extremely serious challenges facing the Island.

“The Government will keep focused on the people’s business, working for the recovery and renewal of Bermuda.”

Update 8.53pm: MP Walton Brown said, “The OBA continues to deflect and distract from the growing evidence that they believe in two Bermudas: One where they can break the rules, bend the truth and break promises without remorse and another Bermuda for the rest of us.

“Parliamentary Joint Select Committees are drawn from members of both parties. In this instance it included OBA MPs Jeanne Atherden, Glen Smith and Susan Jackson.

“The purpose of Parliamentary Joint Select Committees is to have members work across party lines without fear or favor for the good of the country. Unfortunately the OBA doesn’t believe the rules apply to them.

“If the OBA believes that OBA candidates pocketing government contracts don’t have to be open and transparent about it, they should just say so. Divisive attempts to deflect from the good work of this committee are a distraction from them getting on with the business of getting Bermudians employed,” added Mr. Brown.

The full Parliamentary Select Committee report follow below [PDF here]

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  1. Mike Hind says:

    In other headlines: Water is wet.

    • BETTTY TRUMP says:

      “Lets do away with the Political Rhetoric as espoused by the OBAubp and examine the facts”:

      1. This is a Parliamentary Joint Select Committees which are drawn from members of both parties. In this instance it included OBA MPs Jeanne Atherden, Glen Smith and Susan Jackson.

      2. On Joint Committees are REPORTS are signed off and APPROVED by ALL Members of the Committee. It is therefore accepted by OBA members as well as PLP members. It is not presented until all members agree on the report.

      3. The purpose of most Joint Select Committees is to have members work across party lines without fear or favor for the good of the country. This also happens with several other government joint committees where both members sit on it.

      4. The purpose of joint committee is to ensure that all participate from both parties ensure that the rules are not set in favour of one party over another.

      5. All members from both sides of the house are to conform to the regulatulations that are set out by the committee.

      These two MPs are called out because the Joint Committee indicated clearly that:

      6. While candidates with an interest in government contracts running under the Progressive Labour Party Published such interest in accordance with governing legislation, no such publication was made for any candidate running under the One Bermuda Alliance. This led to allegations that at least two of the OBA candidates were in breach and therefore disqualified as a candidate. On December 16 2012 the OBA issued a statement that the two candidates had taken legal advice and neither was in breach of the governing legislation. (page 1 of the document)

      Why is a government whom pushed for Transparency now not willing to follow the guidelines which are in place that ensure such to happen?

      The OBAubp are deflecting from acting in a manner that ensures good Governance, and once again have proven they are not willing to hold true to GOOD GOVERNANCE NOR TRANSPARENCY OR ACCOUNTABILITY.

      This means that the RULES APPLY to OBAubp as well as PLP. What we have here is the blatant disregard for the RULES by the OBAubp. Why do the OBAubp act as if they are above the LAW ?

      7. This process allows for TRANSPARENCY as the OBAubp have pushed for, here is the opportunity for them to exercise TRANSPARENCY on a high level…and they have failed. They are running away from following the rules as if they are above the law.

      OBAubp STOP acting in a manner that does not reflect TRANSPARENCY and do the right thing according to the regulations.

      • BETTTY TRUMP says:

        OBA continues to disregard the laws and wills of the electorate, this will result in their own undoings. As I mention they will do it all by themselves, it will not be the result of what anyone does or does not do to the OBAubp government. They are doing a it all by themselves. No need to blame the PLP, or anyone else, it is the doings of the government’s own actions that will end with them falling on their swords. This is something the UBPoba followers are blind too. This is just another step in that direction. The chess pieces move again…

        • swing voter says:

          LOL I was waiting for you to show up…..tat bit late on this aren’t you? why do I hear circus clown music in my head?

        • X man says:

          Lol – how about all the Laws the PLP broke — like I said I have no political connections to neither Party
          but Betty your truly forgetting what the stuff the PLP done –the party I voted for twice – but again you seem to
          be such a fanatic about the PLP that you can’t see no wrong they done.
          Like I said to you before at the end of the day it’s about putting a roof over my head,my 2 children,Car payments,
          and a decent quality of Life for my Family by having a job. I was about to lose all that ‘ choices had to be made.
          All political the Parties be the past ,the present or in the future will break laws – hey ‘ what would have have happened to
          me if I bought in 4 illegal to Bermuda – I would have been just signing up for my Parole after doing time in WestGate.
          Betty your to one-sided – but you are the Blogging Legend – [ in your own mind ]

          • Rhonda Neil says:

            let’s granted that the PLP broke laws…should we accept the OBA breaking laws… should there just be no laws for politicians…

          • BETTTY TRUMP says:

            It is clear you do have a political attachment, if not you would call out the OBAUbp bloggers whom post more than myself on this site and other media e.g. Kangoocar, Mike Hinds whom comments after everyone makes a statement..etc… I could list many more whom write daily.. They out rule me by a long shot. This is why your comment is not genuine, nor factual. REALLY

            I think your overlooking where the one-sided but you are the Blogging Legends truly are..but that’s okay I understand where you stand..

            • Toodle-oo says:

              Betty , you forgot the tra la la la , I love you too’ bit .

            • Mike Hind says:


              Why call my name? And why spread lies, “Betty”?

              I’ve explained, many, many times, that this “You’re an OBAUbp blogger” thing is false, and I’ve shown exactly WHY it’s false.

              And the difference between you and me, besides the fact that you are a partisan party hack sent here to spread misinformation and propaganda, is that I don’t lie. You do. Constantly.

              Try honesty. Try coming out from behind your hood.

              • Speak Truth says:

                Looks like Mike just proved Bettty’s point. Well put Bettty now I see what you are saying is true. More Spin as usual from Mike, folks now ignore him, but I have noticed folks ask for Bettty if she does not comment.

                • Mike Hind says:

                  How did I prove her point? I explained how, exactly, she is wrong.

                  You’ve lost your mind.

                  “She” called my name!

                  Try an ounce of honesty. Our country deserves better than these lies.

      • Terminator says:

        Walton Brown and Kim Wilson provided a Minority Report, Ms. Trump. Their opinions did not reflect the opinions of the committee’s report, thus a “Minority Report.”

    • JUNK YARD DOG says:

      Water is not wet until you fall in it.

      • inna says:

        Just like the sun not shining until you are outside?

        • BETTTY TRUMP says:


          First lets debunk the “Political Rhetoric” of the diehardblindfaithfulness followers of the UBPoba:

          1. The OBAubp promised us the people they would lead in a fashion that ensures us TRANSPARENCY AND ACCOUNTABILITY.

          These were the words as promised by the OBAubp pre-election. Today what we have is a government whom is not willing to follow these key words, more so to govern according to them.

          2. The Joint select committee which consist of both the UBPoba and PLP W. Brown and K. Wilson. OBA MPs Jeanne Atherden, Glen Smith and Susan Jackson goal is to work jointly together. When joint committees are requested to work together they also sign-off on the final document that is produced. The document is not released until all persons agree on the final outcomes within the document. So this is not a document that is only produced and stamped by the PLP, but by both parties.

          3. Today we witness the OBAubp fail to up hold the process that allows for our politicians to act in a fashion that is TRANSPARENT. One would think that the OBAubp whom promised Bermuda they would act in a Transparent manner, and govern differently would have NO problem with doing what is required of them. Instead we see the OBAubp running away from standing on HONEST grounds AND MORE SO TRANSPARENCY.

          4. Bermuda should be outraged at the ACTIONS of the OBAubp government for failing to live up to what they promised Us pre-election. This is not acceptable by a government whom promised us they will do Politics Differently.

          Instead what we read here, is the Diehardblindfaithfulness followers of the OBAubp defending the negative actions of a government regardless if they do RIGHT OR WRONG. THIS IS HYPOCRITICAL AT BEST !

          Thanks Joint Committee for standing up and doing your job, regardless of which side of the fence you sit on. Now it is time for the government to stand up and be held ACCOUNTABLE.

      • Mike Hind says:

        No. Water is always wet.

        • Valirie Marcia Akinstall says:

          @Hind and Junk Yard Dog:

          Hind: In other headlines: Water is wet.

          Junk Yard Dog: Water is not wet until you fall in it.

          Hind: No. Water is always wet.

          Yes, but you do NOT get wet until you fall into water.

          Point, counter-point, Mr Hind?

          London, England

          • Mike Hind says:

            That doesn’t stop water from having the quality of wetness. “You”, the person getting wet, has nothing to do with the water’s intrinsic wetness.

            • Valirie Marcia Akinstall says:

              Are you channelling Rene Descartes (father of modern philosophy)?

              Water is wet – basis and agreed.

              But the only way to know the quality of ‘wetness’ is to experience it. Additionally, the definition of ‘wetness’ or the quality of being ‘wet’ is defined from experience.

              Thus wet or wetness has everything to do with “You”.

              I think therefore I am – dualism from Rene Descartes

              Honestly, the adage – water is wet – seems pointless as the first post to this article.

              London, England

              • Mike Hind says:

                How are you missing this?
                It’s a very old joke, brought out when a news organization posts something so obvious, it shouldn’t have to be said.

                Water is wet. The sun shines. The OBA says PLP leaders put politics before country. PLP leaders put politics before country.

                These are all things that are just obvious.

                Get it?

    • “A smart person knows what to say, a wise person knows whether or not to say it”

      • Mike Hind says:

        “He wrapped himself in quotations- as a beggar would enfold himself in the purple of Emperors.”
        – Kipling

  2. nuffin but the truth says:

    the defunct plp had only one agenda…Friends n Family!

    • Jonah says:

      Please – The defunct UBP created the model – The new OBA is defacto, the defunct UBP…

      • Build a Better Bermuda says:

        Perhaps, but the UBP knew how to better budget their cronyism, the PLP treated government like it was a free pass for their friends at the Playboy mansion.
        Frankly both parties are out for their own. The PLP love to keep telling us the OBA is just another UBP, but would have us believe that they managed to completely change their spots overnight… Hah. No, they would rather expend more energy trying to destabilize the government, than finding reality based ways to fix the country… why, because they actually fear the OBA might start to succeed. If the OBA can prove they are able to fix the country with their friends and family, it would certainly beat that fact that the PLP completely failed too with theirs.

        As a point to the OBA, should our economy start to improve again, the most important thing you can do, is use the benefits of that success to improve our children’s education. They our future.. our future leaders, engineers, teachers… and they need all the help we can give them in this globalizing climate. Remember, when our economy was successful last time, the PLP ignored our children’s education, and let it collapse, while they frolicked with our money. The reprocussions of that failure will echo for generations to come, and we cannot afford that crime again.

  3. Kangoocar says:

    OBA, just please ignore the nonsense of the plp and continue on with your quest to get us out of the fiscal mess the plp put us in!!! Funny how the plp members of this committee don’t mention the two plp members that did not declare their interest in certain things either??? The plp continue to be a hindrance to all of our well beings and should just be ignored and put to the side, just like anyone would do with a bad meal!!!!!

    • Ya Crazy says:

      do you have any interest with any OBA members? Troll

      • Mike Hind says:

        You REALLY need to look up what that word means, ‘cuz you’re using it wrong.

        You see, when you sign something, you usually separate the signature from the body of the message.
        And it’ spoil the to close with “best regards” or “yours sincerely”.

        So, your post should read:

        “Do you have any interest with any OBA members?

        Yours sincerely,


  4. Cleancut says:

    Has anyone seen Dame Paula Cox yet? maybe her head is still buried in the sand. Speak up! Speak up! never will happen, will it? to proud! Party first, Country ( PEOPLE ) second.

  5. Time Shall Tell says:

    As though this course of action is all a one way street. Come on both sides are playing the same games & the only ones getting played in the end is the voting public…

    • ABM says:

      EXACTLY!!!!!! Supporters are too blind to understand that one!!!!!!!!

  6. wondering says:

    plp is mad that the oba beat them at the polls with the same voter base that elected them in 1998.
    crying over spilled milk and throwing a teddy at the oba who only have a teddy and don’t know what to do with it.

    • Ya Crazy says:

      No your wrong! The OBA never beat the PLP.The same voter base that elected them in 1998 chose not to vote yet the margin of victory for the OBA was narrow! Nothing to boast about!I CAN ASSURE YOU THAT IT WONT HAPPEN NEXT ELECTION KNOW MATTER WHAT THE OBA DOES! The people will not be fooled again! Enjoy your 1 TERM OBA.

      • inna says:

        Just like you were fooled with 14 years of PLP?

      • Mike Hind says:

        They didn’t beat the PLP?
        Then how are they Government?
        I thought that’s how it works?

        • Ya Crazy says:

          Im not going to make you feel relevant like some that go back and forth with you!Some will never see further than their ski jump.

          • Mike Hind says:

            It’s not back and forth, it was a simple question.

            It’s odd that you’re being so evasive about a simple request for elucidation.

            It has nothing to do with me feeling relevant.
            Trust me on this, you responding or not has nothing to do with any sort of feelings of relevance.

            The only feeling this is causing in me is pity that you feel the need to post ridiculous statements like this, then go on the offense because you’re defensive ‘cuz of fear of having to answer a VERY simple question about your premise.

            It’s such a shame you don’t have the courage of your convictions.

          • It's about time! says:

            You keep believing your “pipe dream”….The PLP lost by over 2000 votes and the total voter turnout was only 1000 less than the last election. Try doing the math sometime instead of believing the “hype” that’s being shoved down your throat!!

            All the OBA has to do is make an OUNCE of difference and your precious PLP will not see the light of governance for a VERY long time!!!

            They ain’t stupid though…they see the writing on the wall…that’s why they will try to throw ANYTHING and hope it sticks…desperate times call for desperate measures.

            As your very own party leader stated…one of the major “perks” of governance is the lucrative “contracts”….it don’t take a rocket scientist to figure out his train of thought!

  7. Citizen Banned says:

    PLP is finished. Anyone (and I mean anyone) who thinks a return to a PLP government would help – needs help.

    Taxi to St Brendan’s!

    • Mike Hind says:

      “… In their current incarnation…”

      It’s not the party, it’s the current and past few administrations.

      • inna says:

        the current and past few administrations that… make up the party! there is no separating party from people sir!

        • Mike Hind says:

          Sure there is. There are supporters that believe in the core values of the party. Values that have been hijacked and ignored.

          Don’t judge the supporters based on the demagogues on here.

  8. Smh says:

    Good thing the OBA will only be the Govt. for 1 term!!!

    • Mike Hind says:

      You DO realize that just saying that over and over won’t make it true, right?

      • whoa nelly says:

        Sounds exactly like fox news in the USA. LOL pushing sh** out to open toilet seats does not grow a country.

    • jt says:

      ……….and then what??

  9. Coffee says:

    OBA continues to disregard the laws and wills of the electorate . It will backfire . They are a party gone mad and what’s interesting is to watch and read Mr. John Barritt distance himself from this ragtag team of misfits .

    • Mike Hind says:

      “The demagogues continue to make a mountain out of every molehill, pretending that the OBA continues…”

      You missed out this part at the beginning of your first couple of sentences,

      The last one is, of course, just more ridiculous, baseless smear from you.

  10. RedRabbit says:

    Personally I think debtors with judgements against them, especially tax ones such as unpaid payroll, land taxes, etc should not be allowed to run or sit in Parliament. Perhaps the PLP could take the lead here and have all their MPs confirm that they are tax compliant. I am sure the OBA guys will move quickly to show that they are too rather than be shown up.

    • Redman says:

      @ RedRabbit

      So we should not permit persons whose businesses are in arrears from running for parliament eh? Why stop there, Maybe we should also say anyone who doesn’t run a business shouldn’t run either. How about if you don’t own land?. lets just unearth more old laws and see how far back to the stone age we can take this?!

      Better still why not just have the Govt take these businesses with tax arrears to court and close them down, I’m sure the economy needs another four thousand or five unemployed persons and the Govt needs to remove all possibility of having those arrears paid up. SMH

    • Now RedRabbit, that’a be putting things (back) in perspective :-)

  11. Rhonda Neil says:

    Okay let me see if I understand this. The OBA don’t disclose their own government contracts, gets in office,decide they will no longer gazetting -50k contracts, regardless who you vote for,what happened to transparency, openness, integrity, and honesty. Even if the lae did not say you MUST declare, and there was some doubt. Why not declare your interest any way. Who is really putting personal interest over the country. Are we headed for North Korea style government. Where the people just trust the government and ask no questions.

  12. X man says:

    One just needs to read about the Political War thats going on between the OBA and the PLP and you simply
    would have to agree with the Headlines of this artical. [ “OBA/PLP are pitting Politics before Country ”
    Nether political has joined forces to solve the main issues in Bermuda – infect many people feel that it has gotten worse
    because the Opposition leader Marc Bean has decided to hammer down any move the OBA and the OBA is paying attention to him.
    Then there is the war of words which includes a Lawsuit from the Premier on the opposition leader Marc Bean – now this they are taking a crack Marc Beans Business.— people are asking when does it stop so we can truly get on with
    our most crucial matters. – and they are crucial!
    While the Political fanatics rumble on about crap like Leadership,Accoutability,Loyalty,Flipflop,Misled,Misguided, how
    about Ecconomy, Jobs, Education, Affordable Healthcare, Ways to make Money without Taxation, and paying off our
    national debt before we find ourselves having our dollar worth 3 to 1 to the US Dollar.

  13. Naive Observer says:

    No proof has been shown that the OBA members were not compliant with the Act. The PLP had their chance to object and did not. Either show proof or move on.

  14. Starting point says:

    So, there were no interests to declare then? Why the F did we have all this noise then?

    If I am to understand this correctly, the PLP have made up a false accusation about two house members, knowing it was not true to simply attempt to cast a negative association on two people for the purpose of political agenda? I assume their hope is that their loyal supporters only read the headlines of the paper and do not wait to seek out the truth?

    First this is a base insult to the PLP voter as it assumes they are mindless drones
    Second it has slandered two sitting house representatives
    Third is has put the speaker of the house in a position where his committee is a fraud or a committee set up for a useful purpose has been side tracked for a witch hunt….

    I would like to hear from the non PLP members of this committee, is there or is there not debate about these two members and their interests in government. Seems a simple question, do they have business with the government that would require declaration? and…Did they make the declaration?

    I would assume the answer to my question is based in the fact the the PLP members have not simply said,Minister A has a contract with Department A and therefore needs to make declaration…..

    The next headline should read:

    “PLP members of committee falsely accuse OBA members for political gain”


    “OBA members have contracts with government that were not declared”

  15. JUNK YARD DOG says:

    Fiscal Socialism is a wonderful thing until the money runs out.

    Well ! The money ran out some where.

  16. watching says:

    The rules are the rules. How can the OBA, the Government of the day, minimize the fact that the rules were broken by their candidates?

  17. Tell The Truth says:

    Let’s not be hypocrites. If the declarations were not made and the rules say that a challenge should have been made within a time limit, once that has passed, then the opportunity to challenge is over. You shouldn’t expect rules to only apply one way.

  18. logistics says:

    Perhaps it is naïve of me to think this but the government at the time (plp) should have had a full list of all government contracts and their principals. If the individuals in question (or others) had not declared, then they would have had proof of same and should have (and without doubt would have) submitted to disqualify the individuals. I do not understand how this can be an issue 14 months later.

    However, I am interested in what the OBA representatives on this joint select committee have to say on the matter.

  19. you know?….you know that….well you know that they are human beings…with human fault and absurdities…no one is perfect…you might want to make excuses f,f,for them, but erry day?…awll de time?…dere not de sharpest tool in de shed …granted….but…”dull” as a peegs’backside?…..No…I have to draw de line somewhere.

  20. RICHIE says:

    Good for the P.L.P. This small place is GOVERNED by politics. To put country first and politics second is hogwash! The two are intertwined. O.B.A.is excessively self-centered and bent on squeezing out the BLACK BERMUDIAN. It is too clear to see!

    • inna says:

      Please englighten us on these clear examples of how the OBA is trying to squeeze out black bermudians?

      • Mike Hind says:

        Evidence? You’re not allowed to ask for that ’round here!

    • Redman says:


      …squeezing out the BLACK BERMUDIAN. It is too clear to see!

      My bad, I’m clearly wrong, You Can just Make This Stuff Up!! LMAO

      RICHIE, IMO that is Victim Mentality at its worst.

  21. swing voter says:

    Yawn ….. hardly worth the paper its written on. so many more sinister actions have been overlooked…blind trusts, forced turnover of the dockyard cement plant, St. Georges Golf course and the list doesn’t end there….this report is a joke compared to 2006 – 2012 undercover bullshyte

  22. king of the hill says:

    I knew someone would throw race in somehow. …. like the island is just black. .. and whatever happens only effects “black bermudian” it effects all ..this island is so simple minded its ridiculous. .. this coming from a black bermudian

  23. Starting point says:

    I still don’t understand, the OBA is saying they declared no interests……are we now talking about the PLP complaining that the OBA ministers did not declare that they had nothing to declare?

    or do they, the two ministers in question, have government contracts that they did not declare? Someone respond please as I may have missed a part of this discussion along the lines???

  24. looking and listening says:

    The PLP is a not too bright bunch. The days of great politicians are over. Maybe one or two of this group with the right mentorship can be salvaged. The politicians who took the PLP to victory are long gone. That is where the brain power WAS! I trusted them. Well up until the power hungry not so bright ones came along. No more PLP for me anytime soon.
    As for the OBA – who are they? Who are they? Who are they. A bunch of deers caught in the headlights on high beam. Other than the UBP veterans amongst them they are absolutely clueless. Both parties are full of numb skulls. One did not expect to win and resulantly the disaster we are seeing. The other did not expect to lose hence the anger a d desperation. So while they are fussing and fighting over power what happens to BERMUDA and her people? Who is there to fight for the country and it’s people. Who is there to address the issues that matter to the people. The OBA seems to be interested in serving one particular group while the PLP seem to be presenting the interest of yet another group along with the BIU. Who is there to represent us? The OBA is not and cannot do it and the PLP – well just let us say they along with the OBA are hell bent on taking us to he’ll in a hand basket. Somebody – somewhere HELP!!!

  25. Double Standards says:

    If Mr. Brown wants to claim that Richards and Sousa are ineligible he must also admit that his right to his seat must also be questioned.

    Here is an excerpt from an interview with Mr. Brown in April 2013:

    “Opposition MP Walton Brown is refusing to declare his financial interests to Parliament — on a point of principle.

    The Shadow Education Minister says he won’t submit his details for the Register of Interests until there is clarity on what the law requires election candidates to disclose about involvement with Government contracts.”

    It is strange that his eligibility wasn’t questioned in the Minority Report issued by himself and his PLP colleague Kim Wilson. It is also quite peculiar that teh Minority Report noted that Sousa and Richards did not attend any Commitee meetings but omitted the fact that Zane Desilva also blew them off.

  26. ME says:

    Smh white people are such cowards. Pay attention to these comments black Bermudians… These people walk among us and this is really how they feel about us. Its not about a “party” to them, and it never has been. Anyone doing the secret agenda of the white coward will be supported by those who will benefit from their cowardice…. White people. OBA has clearly shown themselvs to have NO integrity yet their white supporters will NEVER stop supporting them. PLP did wrongs and they (white ppl) spoke out against it (rightfully so), But now that OBA is doing wrong, they defend it. Its not about party, its about race. Its about personal gain. Its about conflicting visions of Bermuda.

    • Double Standards says:

      You’re a hateful POS.

      And what makes you so righteous given the fact taht you spew such nastiness behind a fake name.


    • Mike Hind says:

      No, it’d be YOU that is a coward, throwing around racist statements like this, accusing people of your own behaviour, misrepresenting the truth, all the while hiding behind the hood of a fake name.

      You want to talk cowardice?

      YOU are a coward.

  27. Ok look…these politicians are playing us…we do not pay then to pander to our stupidity…I do not react to their nonsense anymore…there are several emotions they incite…anger ,sadness ,perplexion,angst,shame,hatred…and love…these “a”holes pander our sensibilities on our dollar…they condesend to us as though we do not exist…or are not there employers…and this distinction is surely to become more and more prevelent as the basis of our relationship…our requirements as a people with needs and wants….it will come to pass that we will see a more compliant and concise running of our affairs without the “BS”….THAT IS PREVILENT WITHIN OUR SYSTEM NOW.

  28. hey me…i find your comment racist…Shameful and let me just tell you something ….no betternot…but you couldn’t be more wrong!

  29. @ me…people like you pick on people that you can….oportunistic bully…only when you know you can get away with it…..you wouldn’t be that bold if it were someone you wern’t sure you could harm……if there is a coward here it …appears to me…and this is my opinion alone…it is you.panlay sprokee!

  30. Need Peace says:

    The. PLP messed us up real bad. They set the standard for us to never expect good governance so go ahead OBA, have your way with us!

  31. Come On Man says:

    Both party’s have been doing it for years. We have such a passive population where we let these politricsters get away with everything all the BS talk on the talk shows about politics and money and we still lay down and let them do it to us. Any other country ie: Ukraine there be unrest in the streets. The problem is we the citizens of Bermuda are to passive and to civilised.

  32. Looking in says:

    I cannot vote for the PLP.

  33. whoa nelly says:

    Wow people. American expat observer here… I know the current republican-led U.S. congress is the worst group of over-paid bureaucrats since the Kremlin under Stalin. I also see Bermuda trying to emulate the U.S. in too many ways (too many Bermudians looking at FauX news maybe?). I now can confirm in my own mind that, though PLP is the “liberal” party here, it’s just as bad as the “conservative” party in the USA, misleading, undermining, ill-informed, loud…growing worse.

    Anyone ever hear of ousting the far right and far left, getting some moderate countrymen/women into office and getting something done from the “top”?? Figure it out people…quit copying the worst aspects of the rest of the world! (and, by the way…don’t rent stupid electric cars to untrained tourists >> privatize and subsidize a minibus service out of Dockyard, Hamilton and St. Georges for goodness sake!). Love your Island, but we’re wondering if we should go now.

    • Coffee says:

      Ok now piss off back to Broward , Okaloka or whatever county you came from .

    • Mike Hind says:

      PLP is liberal?

      Not even REMOTELY close!