Cup Match Summer Splash Lineup Released

April 30, 2014

441 Productions and Veterans in Action have released the itinerary for Cup Match Summer Splash 2014 in the City of Hamilton, with a line up including a Michael Jackson tribute band, Tarrus Riley, Luciano, Machel Montano and more.

A spokesperson, “This highly anticipated second annual event promises three nights of world class entertainment leading into the holiday. Cup Match Summer Splash is being presented by the City of Hamilton, whose partnership helped to make last year’s concert series one of the most talked about events of 2013.

“Cup Match Summer Splash 2014 begins on Friday, July 25 with the City Music Festival, a free family concert featuring local talent and headliner ‘Who’s Bad’, the ultimate Michael Jackson tribute.”

Who’s Bad – Michael Jackson tribute band promo:

“On Saturday, July 26, the One Love One Life concert will be headlined by Tarrus Riley and the Black Soil band. Joining Tarrus will be Mr. Dean Fraser, world class saxophonist. Also returning to Bermuda is reggae legend Luciano, one of the most in demand Jamaican entertainers. The One Love One Life concert will have a surprise guest artist, who will be announced shortly.

“The culmination of Cup Match Summer Splash is Wednesday, July 30. Headlining Cup Match Eve, all the way from Trinidad, the King of Soca, Machel Montano and the HD family! Special guests performing with Machel will be Patrice Roberts, Farmer Nappy and host DJ Young Chow of Hot 97 NYC.

“The event organizers could not be happier with this year’s talent lineup. Beres Hammond is a tough act to follow; however Cup Match Summer Splash 2014 has something for everyone.

“We are particularly excited about the Friday night, a family friendly event where everyone is encouraged to come out and enjoy a tribute to the late King of Pop, Michael Jackson. The venue will feature all kinds of activities for kids, vendors and a variety of food.”

Musician Tarrus Riley:

Tarrus Promo Photo - 2014

“While Friday night’s admission is free, the organizers are offering package tickets for the One Love One Life concert and Machel Montano. The first wave of ticketing will be released on May 1st and available online at as well as bdatix outlets located at Fabulous Fashions in the Heron Bay Plaza and Pulp and Circumstance in the Washington Lane.

“1,000 general admission and 100 VIPs tickets will be available at a considerable saving. The 1,000 tickets are $100 and include admission to both Saturday, July 26, Wednesday, July 30 events.

“VIP tickets are $300 with admission to both concerts featuring headliners Tarrus Riley and Machel Montano. VIP tickets will include access to the front of stage with private bar, bathrooms, a welcome cocktail, food and water.

“For more information please contact”

Tarrus Riley “My Day” official video:

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Comments (29)

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  1. I heart 441 says:

    Machel gonna mash up Bermy!

  2. I only wanna see machel montana the rest are mug they need to bring celebrities in for young people

    • empera says:

      Vanity u like taste me love

    • BOOM says:

      who would you like to come that will appeal to everyone and young people?

    • Me says:

      I’m young! Buh you need to learn to appreciate talent. Bares Hammond last year and now Tarrus Riley?! We’re being spoiled!

    • whatanidiot says:

      obviously you are not too smart hence your name.. free a boy who murdered someone with a knife at 15 years old? ..and now you are saying that tarrus riley.. dean fraser and others are “mug? …your parents should be ashamed!

    • I heart 441 says:

      …With a name like Free Rashun, you pretty much summed up your maturity level.

      Tarrus mug, boy you maddd, Some guy gonna be rassing your own gyal when Tarrus hits the stage cause she gonna be hypnotized by his sweet sweet music.

  3. buzz says:

    Over Priced !

  4. mixitup says:

    Niceness They will sell out before the end of May! I’ve waited far too long for Machel!

    • PBanks says:

      They’ll probably sell out well before the end of May. Plus, people are going to be buying new outfits, shoes, accessories etc.

      A bumper boost to the retail industry, for sure.

  5. Boo Yah!! says:

    Summer Time in Palm Tree Living Bermy!!!!! Can’t wait!!!! sounds wonderful!!!!

  6. DK says:

    More whack reggae/dancehall artists who probably charge $3000 and a bottle of Hennessy to perform. Same ish, different year. Boringgg!!

    • BOOM says:

      Tarrus is wack???? he is probably one of the biggest reggae artist out now? and Machel? Not sure what you listen to my friend but i’m sure both artist will put on great shows. Remember you dont want the same artist you had last year or the year before. And because Bermudians are so damn hard to please and entertain you cant bring in someone like Popcaan for cupmatch because people will complain. With that said I think the promoters should stop trying to outdo each other and collaborate. Make one big show. There is always soca vs reggae but make one big show with 5-6 artist that ends at 4-5 in the morning. not a one artist show that gets shut down by police at 245 or something. We are an island…lets party like islanders. READY FOR CUPMATCH – BRING ON SUMMER!

      • DK says:

        I don’t listen to that crap! There’s a reason they come to Bermuda like twice a year, they aren’t hard to get…meaning they aren’t that good. But I know Bermudians think they are Jamaicans or something so they love all this crap I’m sure.

    • Ralph Sampson says:

      Clearly, all you can afford is a bottle of Hennessy to suggest artists like this cost $3000. Most international DJs charge more than that. Black Kat, Stonelove and other established sounds beyond $3000. These are artists with bands etc….Stay at home that night and post negativity – although it is your opinion. Facts not correct.

      • DK says:

        Clearly you’re a dumba** who is butt-hurt for some apparent reason. Oh my bad, not $3000 but $4000. Feel better? You’re right international DJ’s probably do make more. Meanwhile real established artists worldwide charge $500,000 at the very least. Don’t you worry I’m not wasting my money on whack artists who make whack music. I’d rather not pay to be tortured but you enjoy!

        • I heart 441 says:

          I’m curious, who would you like to see perform in Bermuda instead?

        • john silvester says:

          You really believe what you are saying?
          There are only a handful of artists charging the sort of money you are suggesting. They will never perform in Bermuda because we don’t have enough people, point blank.
          1000 people at something is a lot in Bermuda.
          If you have no interest, why would you post anything?

  7. some people need a musical education says:

    From a few of the comments above, clearly some people don’t know real music, Luciano and Taurus Riley are mug??? Luciano is a reggae legend, some people are idiots, but what some of the younger generation call music is garbage anyway, I guess they want 2 Chainz, or Tyga

    As far as the price, at the early bird rate, $50 per show is a good price, but you can’t please everyone.

    Simple solution, if you don’t like the artists or appreciate real music, don’t go.

    But there is merit in the idea of all the promoters collaborating for cupmatch, so that you don’t end up with shows clashing like last year when people had to choose between Beres or Allison Hinds/Shabba

  8. SallyAnn says:

    @DK – hello ignorant Bermudian….. they command far more than 3k to perform, and if you pulled your head out of the sand you might start to understand basic concepts of supply and demand and basic marketing. Clearly this show is not for you. Until then….go watch some more television.

    • DK says:

      Hello ignorant Jafaican I understand supply and demand quite well but I don’t see the point of your stupid comment. Enjoy wasting your money only terrible music that will be cut short because some silly wannabe thugs will ruin the show. You know your worst fear based on your comment below! LOL!

  9. Irritated says:

    To all you stupid little boys out there who think you are gangsters…. PLEASE DO NOT RUIN THIS SHOW FOR US!
    Get a life.
    Get a job.
    And stop having babies with loads of different women that turn out just as ignorant as you!


  10. wow says:

    overpriced smh

  11. love soca says:

    I wanna see Machel soooooo freakin bad, but $100 ? Ehh…

    • I heart 441 says:

      Its not $100 only for machel, its $100 for both shows combined. That’s a really great deal.
      I once went to a machel show in Boston, that alone was $60.00

  12. Bermyboy says:

    DK you really sound like a “DK”!! How can you say Taurus Riley is wack? Its obvious you do not know much about reggae music based on your comment. I wonder if there is any reggae artists out there that please you? SMDH!!

  13. Bermudians dame if you do dame if you don’t!! If don’t like the music stay home and keep your negativity to yourself.