Digicel Offering Delivery Service In Hamilton

April 2, 2014

Digicel has expanded its delivery service to a personalised connection service that is available to all customers activating a postpaid line. Upon request, Digicel will come to customers within the City of Hamilton and the hospital area, bringing their necessary documentation, SIMs and devices.

The delivery service began with the launch of number portability last month and has proven to be a hit with customers. One porting customer, Brian Sharp, commented, “It was actually an easy process. It took a day and Digicel delivered my new SIM to me, so it was really convenient.”

Jabari Gilkes and Shade Simmons-Wolffe have been busy making deliveries

Jabari Gilkes and Shade Simmons-Wolffe have been busy making deliveries ...

Now, with the expanded personalised connection service, new postpaid customers or existing customers opening new lines can also have their new Digicel SIMs and phones delivered to them. The delivery agents are able to authorise the necessary documentation upon delivery.

“When we looked at how to make our sign up process even easier for customers, SIM card and phone delivery presented us with an excellent opportunity to take our customer service to the next level,” stated Digicel Bermuda Customer Care Director, Jakai Franks.

“Our stores can be busy during peak periods like lunchtime. It’s now possible for customers to avoid the lines; they can sign up or switch their numbers to Digicel without stepping foot in the store.”

For more information on Digicel’s personalised connection service, please visit digicelbermuda.com or call 500-5000 to speak with a Customer Care agent.

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  1. tricks are for kids says:

    Nice touch……..

  2. watcher55 says:


  3. ella says:

    Awesome. I like!!!

  4. Soba says:

    Great service comes to Bermuda :)

  5. ByeDigihell says:

    I wish the cellphone data service was as good as the delivery service! I’ve been with Digicel since I was 12, well it was AT&T back than; I’m 27 now. For the past two months the data service has sucked! I am switching to CELLONE and so is 2 of my co-workers because the data gets very slow at least 2 days every week while at work. NONE of my co-workers that have CELLONE have problems with their data. I’m just so glad I am able to switch servers and keep my number! Finally I can ditch Digihell!

  6. Family Man says:

    It’s not hard to spot the posts by the Digicel staff is it?

    • Tricks are or kids says:

      LOL…Really?…..I can’t tell….

  7. XanthanGum says:

    Digicel, get your act together and fix the slow data around town before I jump to CellOne. And while you’re at it, fix the dead zone from Brighton Hill to St Patrick’s church on South Shore Rd.