Aerial Photo Captures Front Street Revelry

May 27, 2014

Bermuda Aerial Media captured a bird’s eye view of Front Street at the height of Bermuda Day revelry yesterday [May 27], sharing the unique photograph on social media today.

The shot encompasses a very congested Front Street, with celebrants filling the road, bordered on either side by colourful tents.

The Bermuda Day Parade, one of the highlights of the day, drew thousands of watchers, as a variety of floats, classic cars, marching bands, local celebrities, colourful costumes, and more made their way through the streets. For photographs of the parade, click here and here.

Bermuda Aerial Media, the island’s only firm licensed to conduct aerial photography and videography, has put their unique capabilities to work in a variety of ways around the island.

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  1. amazing says:

    i love this! bermuda turnt up!

    • Solidarity says:

      Just to show, we will march against the injustices dished out by government! We are in solidarity with each other.

  2. friend says:

    very very nice to see!

  3. nuffin but the truth says:

    hope they all took their trash home with them!

    • mixitup says:

      You just HAD to find something negative to say didn’t you.. SMH Front Street looked just fine when I drove through today – there HAPPY?

      • Rivio says:

        Thanks to the Great Work of the guys at the Corporation Of Hamilton!!

        GREAT JOB!!

  4. really... says:

    It’s not my scene but it’s nice to see that so many people enjoyed themselves. Just like marking out the street for a favorite spot. Seriously; sounds like folks with FAR too much time on their hands. That being said, if it brings families together and spending time with friends; it ain’t a bad ting. Everyone’s memories are different and I’m sure there are a lot of folks with good ones from this year. Well done.