Live Blog Day #2: OBA Hold Another Meeting

May 18, 2014

[Updated] The One Bermuda Alliance appears to be meeting again today [May 18] with cars known to belong to various OBA MPs and Executive Members lined up outside OBA headquarters, while the same blue car that Premier Craig Cannonier drove to yesterday’s meeting is also there, giving the impression they are all huddled in another meeting inside OBA headquarters.

To see coverage of yesterday’s meeting click here and we will update as able about what appears to be another meeting today below.

The meeting is over, the updates are below starting from the beginning

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  1. Cleancut says:

    Well done OBA “break every chain”

    • BETTTY TRUMP says:

      Great Reporting Bernews !! But I do not expect much will take place, as the OBAubp are known for Non-action.

      The REAL Problem the OBAubp have is their attempt to think they can call out an action by the PLP, as good enough reason, rationale or justification for them to engage in unethical, crooked, fraudulent form of corrupt politics. How in the world can anyone believe this is good enough justification, defense, or reason for the ineptitude, stupidity and incompetence actions of the OBAubp government? This is the weakest form of defense to present for any government. REALLY !! Past actions of any government is not good enough reasons for the present or future governments to think it is okay for them to act in such a manner.

      This has to be taken to a higher level of discourse and folks must learn to except the government has fallen on their swords. This situation require serious critical analyses of Bermuda moving forward. The government has taken the wrong pathway, and now we in Bermuda are faced with a really bad situation.

      The government must stand up and be held ACCOUNTABLE. The Premier & JETGATE 4 must AWAKEN UP and realize their actions has serious ramifications moving forward.

      • Terry says:

        How much do you get paid Betty.
        I’ll bet you my 2.1Million dollar house and my 120 acre estate in Fredericksburg that your a paid consultant.
        Your ISP speaks volumes.

        Stop the spread of hate and threats of “serious ramifications.

        Figured you’d chime in.

        More deception on the part of the deceivers.


      • 300k Premier Manual for OBA/UBP says:

        Craig this is why you failed as Premier. You forgot to read the book bie.

        As CV Jim Woolrdige stated, “These white boys don’t mind a black boy being in charge as long as they can tell him what to do.”

        I can see the boys now “dam this puppet is trying to take over.”

        • terry says:

          Hey 300k.
          When was the last time you had a drink or dinner with JW Swan.

  2. Creme Brûlée says:

    In the interest of full disclosure, it would be helpful if Mr. Marc Bean could confirm that his party have never accepted donations from any overseas developers and in particular from Mr. Nathan Landow. He should also clarify whether this also true for himself and the four previous PLP leaders. Afterall, as the Doc said, you gotta pay to play.

    • Evie says:

      Just so you know it’s not about accepting donations it’s when no one knows one was made go back to sleep lololololo SMDH

      • Steve Biko says:

        I think he was sleep writing.LMFAO

        • BETTTY TRUMP says:

          Is the birthday party still going on… a thank you card for attending saying, “STAY IN LINE” Do not step outside the required rules of “Speaking” !! Pass the cake please.

          Another meeting to appease certain folks, while nothing will be done. I think this will be a great move. As you know whom will ‘benefit’ from nothing happening in the end.

      • Alsys says:

        Is that what it’s about today? Last week it was about Landowner quid pro quo, the week before about the fourth passenger and the week before that about not telling Parliament about it until asked even though nothing came of it and we didn’t even pay for it. I get so confused when the PLP supporters and members keep moving the goalposts. Just make sure you keep up updated about what it will be about next week.

        Oh! And don’t forget to spend all your in and out of the House talking and asking questions about the thing that happened which no one got, gave or received anything and continue ignoring making the country better, m’kay? Wouldn’t want the MPs to waste their time on actually earning the pay cheques we pay them to actually get work done….

        • Alsys says:

          * spend all your time, lol

          • terry says:

            They brought you Alsys?
            Must be desperate.

        • Watching says:

          Haha was wondering when Alsys would reappear! You do realize this is an OBA Meeting right?? Nothing to do with PLP. Had cousin Craig spoken the truth when asked maybe his birthday weekend would have been more enjoyable.

          • Signs of a Weak Foundation says:

            I guess your cousin Craig was of the mindset that he could run with a lie and hide from the truth…he has since learned otherwise. When one enters the world of politics, it’s country before self…he has only himself to blame for the position he now finds himself in. If he’s not having an enjoyable birthday weekend, he’s doing a good job hiding his problems behind his smile.

          • Alsys says:

            Okay, this stalking really needs to stop, mate.

      • Wazzzzz Up says:

        That’s the point, the public don’t know who paid the PLP to play.

        • Unbelievable says:

          We know who paid the PLP. It’s on a website called Offshore Alert. If what’s contained in the article is true, then the PLP really has no leg to stand on.

          • BETTTY TRUMP says:

            Nothing more than DEFLECTION STRATEGY OF THE OBAubp to remove folks from focing on the negative actions of the present GOVT. REALLY

            Failure to accept the OBAubp have fallen astray and off track. I understand the pain this is causing many, as many had great hopes, but today are faced with disappointment. It has “tarnish Bermuda’s image,” and likely delayed the possibility of a new Hotel Development which is needed so badly in Bermuda.

            Often when one is not able to accept a problematic situation they are faced with or entangled in, the first method to deal with it, is to bring up someone’s else weakness of faults, but failing to except their own. This seems to be the Political strategy of the OBAubp fan base and MPs, except MP L.Scott whom at least has a conscious and is TRANSPARENT and HONEST.

            • Sandy Bottom says:

              Oh yeah. Bringing up the millions paid to the PLP by John Deuss is a “deflection strategy”.
              Of course Betty, of Chris Famous, or whoever the hell you are.

              • Dontworryboutathing says:

                Wasn’t John Jefferies alleged to make donations to the PLP campaign and then get a 125 year lease at Coco Reefs.
                Politics is a game and corruption (to get things done) is part of it.
                UBP did it, except they were still able to balance the books, so it did not really matter. Also during their tenure, you did not have the access to information etc like we do now, so proving things was a lot harder. The PLP then got there hands on the purse and after Eugene Cox passed, did it and screwed up the books, leaving the country in debt. Remember the saying “Its not illegal just unethical”.
                Now you have the OBA, who has ministers that have accepted gifts (free airplane ride and I am sure food, champagne, hotel etc), saving the tax payers money, however being very unethical. Remember campaign promise of transparency. My concern is where did the $300,000 go.
                If we get a change of government it will be the same thing, they are all looking out for themselves. Do you really think that any of the Ex Premiers have to worry about jobs, money etc??? When in Politics you set yourself up for when you get voted out and don’t have the power anymore.

          • Johnny says:

            How can you say you know then say “if it’s true”. You mean you believe it because you hate the PLP. By you outright ignoring OBA actions and going straight to some old s*** shows that you believe the stuff about OBA but you are choosing to ignore it because they are your beloved.

      • Creme Brûlée says:

        That is my point, we need to know about all donations…

        • Who knows it feels it! says:

          Point being….irrelevant. Let’s maintain focus here! Smh…always trying to flip the script. Very obvious there was a deal…money for casino to which investors are no longer interested as it took too long! As stated by Mr. Investor himself. Now what will come of the $300k that was invested…where’s their ROI!

          • Sandy Bottom says:

            How can it be irrelevent? It’s the same, only the amounts Duess gave the PLP and Jennifer Smith were much larger. It’s absolutely relevent.

            • We the People (1st!!) says:

              The problem is not with the donations made to any political party. This is not the issue with the $300,000. The police are not doing an investigation on the donation, your own chairman is doing an internal investigation because no executive members or OBA members for that matter even knows where the donation went or what it was used for.

              No one cares who donates to each political party, there are no laws that require the political parties to disclose who their downers are, so the donation is not the issue.

              The donation is just a small issue compared to the many other questions that need to be answered about this entire Jetgate fiasco.

              Why are people, PLP supporters or not, wrong for questioning or having concerns about this Jetgate issue, when high ranking officials in others jurisdictions, with no political affiliations in Bermuda, share the same concerns.

              Come on Sandy, I know you can come better than that. You are creating an issue (donations), that is not the actual issue.

              If you do not understand that, I am sure someone can explain it to you,

              • We the People (1st!!) says:

                Thanks to auto correct on Apple I put downers above lol. It should read donors.

              • Sandy Bottom says:

                So what was Deuss promised in return for the $2m?

                • “Pissing into the winds” Asking for any explanation/s or proof from the Opposition reference to donations or what became of the monies that might have been paid for the 4 smuggled to Bermuda from Cuba by our former Premier Dr.Ewart Brown and associates without any questions answered…
                  The 4 men retained residence and employment while our fellow Bermudians ate, “do-do” and slept in the bushes.

        • Super says:

          You aren’t paying attention The OBA has a problem with the Premeirs ethics. If the money was supposed to go to the OBA why did it go into a different account

    • Thanks for “calling a spade a spade” Creme Brulee…As Bob Marley stated: “Who the cap fits let them wear it etc. etc…I throw me corn me no call no fowls, you sit and cluck cluck cluck, cloc, cloc, cloc.”
      No, “u’lot have the bull by its tail attempting to get milk” but it aint gonna happen!

      • Steve Biko says:

        Bob Marley also stated, “Don’t let a politician grant you a favor, cause they will try to control you forever” It takes a Revolution to make a Solution.

    • Bermudian. says:

      Boy Oh boy, your missed the boat, you really can’t defend this. And looking in the rear view mirrow is a no no.

  3. WOLF says:

    OBA is going to dissipate within the month.

    • haha says:

      And you think this is a good thing?! Do you really want to go back to the last 14 years, because you know damn well that will happen!

      • Da plumber says:

        At tha most you’ll have transperancy

        • haha says:

          You can’t be serious, I’m not one for what’s going on now with the OBA/Craig but where was the “transparency” for the last 14 years?! Oh right…THERE WAS NONE!!

        • Unbelievable says:

          Yeah at the most….everything else, you can forget about it.

      • WOLF says:

        I’m sorry, I wasn’t aware that the neutral context of my comment had underlying implications regarding OBA disbanding being ‘good’ nor its relativity to ‘going back to the last 14 years’.

    • Wazzzzz Up says:

      And the better alternative that you wish for is what exactly…the PLP? The same party that left $800 MILLION unaccounted for? Or the same PLP that ruined Tourism, Education, and had crime go up! The same PLP that offered gov contract to friends and family or those who paid to play? Thee same PLP involved in Proactive Berkely, Bda Cement Company, Whites Island, Coco Reef, T-Street, Bda Emissions, Quigars to name a few. The same PLP that “had to deceive us”? The same PLP that were involved in unethical but not illegal activities, and nobody was made accountable and the public told nothing! The same PLP that had how many different leaders and Ministers of Education? The same PLP that drove our debt up !!!!

      No thanks? While the OBA may have its issues, they are at least dealing with it and so far $0 missing.

      You want to talk about being accountable and transparent???? Tell us who and where this countries $800million went!

      • Evie says:

        The more you repeat something’s still doesn’t make it true be serious if there was as you say $800 million missing there would be some arrests by now.

        The way people show their disgust toward the PLP please if that was the case do you think for one moment Bob Michael Grant Craig or Patricia would let that stand be real SMDH WHO The H is drinking the koolaid

        • terry says:

          History is a bitch.
          Same people doing the same.
          Masons build.

          Why have they not arrested the “Third Man” in the assassinations of the Governor.

          It’s starting to bite the a** now but all the billions are gone; some just hanging on by a straw and enjoying their millions.


        • CAM READY says:

          @Evie – its a fact. $800 million in unaccounted for which means the accountants could tell where and how it was spent or where it went. Therefore the PLP was involved in a massive scam and theft OR they were incredible incompetent.

          • Evie says:

            That would also mean that the PS was involved too which I doubt and all of the party which I doubt just don’t make any sense just like saying they made tourism decline and education sounds good but if this did happen there are enough people who can see through the scam and bring this to light just don’t make sense

      • ….Surely you jest. says:

        You people are funny. Your own house is burning and instead of manning the pumps your answer is to throw more mud at a house that’s already gutted. This is exactly why your Party is enduring this shambles. You won through hate and falsehoods and now that is exactly what is bringing you down. Get a grip and turn the hoses on your own damn fire.

  4. Coffee says:

    Yesterday was the preliminary heats , today will be the finals .

  5. Crazy Week says:

    This party is the pits. This messy infighting is disgusting and is an affront to all Bermudians who deserve better. OBA sort your mess out!

    Stand up for integrity in this country! Stand up for what is right!

  6. Forgivin says:

    In MY Opinion. I believe the PLP have learned their lessons and will do better under the leadership of Mr. Mark Bean.

    • Unbelievable says:

      I doubt it. He has not shown at all that he could hold his weight against any other Govt leader from anywhere around the world.

      If anyone wants to argue that the OBA is still the UBP, then the argument can also be made that the PLP still has the same people at the top who put us in financial trouble. The OBA may be bad at running their own affairs but the PLP were bad at running a Govt. They were simply bad managers.

    • Unreal says:

      OMG…. You’re opinion is more idiotic than the rest of the Pathetic Lunatic Party ( PLP) supporters… Wow!!!

      • Impressive says:

        wow, thats a mighty big brush you using to paint that wall. my my. I guess your got the money to waste all that paint for no reason.

  7. Bermudian. says:

    I did say from the outset, Rookies.

  8. Please Line my Pocket says:

    Go ask Deuss and Jennifer Smith they did the exact same thing! Dee PLP have gone and open up a can of worms now! SMDH!!!

  9. Creme Brûlée says:

    Not that this is not a serious matter, but looking at Bernew’s pictures from yesterday and today, none of those OBA folks appear especially distressed – odd?

  10. campervan says:

    Meanwhile commercial real estate owners in Zurich and Cayman are rubbing their hands in anticipation.

  11. squirt says:

    Marc will be ousted for Jackazz Burgess as soon as…lol

    • Tired of the Ignorance says:

      Squirt, it is OBVIOUS that you know NOTHING absolutely nothing about the Bermuda Progressive Labour Party. Your comment is politically retarded on so many levels.

  12. Unbelievable says:

    I bet the OBA had a vote today.

  13. the horse has left the barn and gone to another pasture so it is TO LATE to close the barn door now, get a life you lot this country and we the people NEED help from those we elected

  14. Ess Ess Dee says:

    Leah needs to resign her seat! She will no longer be trusted by the OBA / UBP., even tho she appears to have some level of integrity. Craig, Shawn and Pettingil have been and continue to be a disgrace. Nandi and Nalton have no purpose! Can we please call another election?

    • Jones says:

      Pettingil and Shawn are ok.

      Hey be careful Nandi is recording you.

    • Signs of a Weak Foundation says:

      If one of the solutions of the OBA involves transparency, inclusiveness and accountability in governance, and Leah appears to have some level of integrity, why should she resign? Do you think that Craig Cannonier is trustworthy?

      • Valirie Marcia Akinstall says:

        Where is the evidence that the premier’ “…tarnished the country” as alleged by Ms Scott?

        Since we are speaking of “accountability and integrity”, then as a lawyer why hasn’t Ms Scott waited for the evidence to be laid out before her? So, where is the evidence of “deception” that she alleges?

        Ms Scott has allowed herself to be seduced by accusations, innuendoes, rumours and a political smear campaign, but where is the irrefutable evidence that Bermuda was deceived, and most important to her – that she was deceived? Just because three men secretly worked to contribute to the successful conclusion of the last general election, does not make them deceitful men and/or their actions a deceptive event.

        Deception may have semantical shades of secret, but the act (in law) must be unlawful, unethical and/or immortal – where is the behaviour by the premier any of three actions I mentioned above? Moreover his “secret” political actions are more aligned with being private, withheld and not communicated and that makes him untrustworthy?

        Ms Scott is a lawyer and I find it very strange that she, above most MPs, did not wait to see irrefutable evidence of the premier’s deception to the people of Bermuda.

        When the OBA investigated is completed, her return to Cabinet is very unlikely, but her resignation will be most welcomed to the PLP.

        London, England

  15. oh really says:

    wow they are really showing how transparent they are. (tonge in cheek)

  16. oh really says:

    the in fighting is designed to remove Craig C

  17. js says:

    remove Cannonier ASAP

    have a leadership challenge

    elect Richards as party leader

    have a Cabinet reshuffle

    remove Crockwell and Pettingel from their portfolios

    lower the political temperature and focus on building the economy long term

    in short OBA as a government will survive

    PLP for their part are doing a good job as Opposition

    however they may not be ready for prime time quite yet

    • I voted OBA,,,did I vote wrong says:

      Premier do the honorable thing and step down for the sake of the OBA Party and Bermuda. This Island needs a strong leader in these serious times. Right now you’re a liability.

      It’s sad because I voted for change. One man has destroyed the people’s faith and without faith we have nothing.

    • Ace girl says:

      Well said! Short and to the point. I am an OBA supporter, I think, but the PlLP is doing what a good opposition does. Vote them in again, never!

  18. nuffin but the truth says:

    maybe the Guv will say enough of this and take over!

  19. Hello says:

    Does any other investors want to send money to Captain Craig?

  20. Unbelievable says:

    That [reporter] sure has a hate on for the OBA and the Premier. Sheesh.

  21. Coffee says:

    Reporter , please leave Craig alone ! Stop talking about the inevitable and let the proceedings take its natural course . Isn’t enough to see the man walking as if he has shoestrings holding up his pants ?

  22. terry says:

    Irony is.
    Your gonna get paid next week.

  23. islandguy says:

    Is it unethical!!
    Burnem if tha guilty! All of em, even the guy that hitched a ride on de plane.Thats what he said he did. Didnt know you can hitch hike a ride on a plane.Where was he at the oil docks,or north rock.

  24. Myislandinthesun says:

    It amazes me how many people make assumptions but believe them to be fact. This is how rumours get started and lies are spread! There is so much unnecessary chaos on this island! Obviously the OBA is waiting until they have all their ducks in a row before making a statement, which is the smart thing to do. The OBA may not be perfect but at least they have good intentions.

  25. Devonshire Doggs says:

    Thank you Bernews… As a resident living overseas, this reporting is Superb!

    My personal opinion is Gary hit the nail on the head asking Is the premier avoiding the inevitable. I feel that There will be a vote of no confidence and then Mr. Dunkley will become the new Premier. This in my opinion has been the plan all along. Lets Hope that Ms. Scott doesnt walk the floor and Join the PLP which would give them the majority… To me this is a very possible scenario.

  26. Looking in says:

    I voted OBA and will next time.
    The 14 yrs of living,cheating and deceiving can never come back,my children are at stake.

    • Tired of the Ignorance says:

      Please tell me that your reason is because you are nothing but a racist. I can respect that as a cause for your sheer ignorance. This island grew immensely under the leadership of the PLP ask David Dodwell.

      • haha says:

        You’re a dummy if you believe that one lmfao!!!! Tell me how it grew?? I’ll wait……more like the debt grew foh!!

  27. Need Peace says:

    The OBA was a poor Opposition and an even worse Government! I do remember that Mr. Mark Bean made a comment outside of Parliament which saw Mr. Cannonier initiate court proceedings against him. Months later we hear a reporter uncover the same mess that Mr. Cannoniere has been accused of by Mr. Bean. Ms. Leah Scott hit the nail right on the head and should be commended for her statement! She expresses the sentiments of every right thinking person in Bermuda no matter what their political affiliations are. Good job Ms. Scott!

  28. Need Peace says:

    …..So if you OBA die hearts are willing to allow your Government to get away with anything, the same way they ALLOWED someone to (as you say) take $800m, then you also need a lesson in Politics 101 to first recognize that We, the people are responsible for who we allow to represent us!

  29. shutthemdown says:


    75,000 black
    75,000 black
    150,000 white


  30. Bermuda Boy says:

    From a certain unpopular doctor, THIS TO WILL PASS. PLP / BIU will do or say anything to get their hands on our money again. STAY STRONG OBA!!!!

  31. J Herald says:

    We should all pause and give thanks that we live in a time when we can criticize our government and hold them accountable.

    Just imagine for a second if this had been a PLP government.

    They would have deflected by saying something like:

    “You’re a racist dog”
    “That’s a plantation question”
    “I’m fed up with listening to people who look like you”
    “We had 400 years of you people stealing from us”

    …and my favourite – the good old reliable:

    “You’re a racist”

    At least thsi government is being forced to come clean. That’s something the PLP never did.

    • I agree with what you’ve mentioned J Herald…”Had the shoe been on the other foot”:-(

  32. MAKE MY DAY says:

    After today’s meeting, Mr Hollis said: “It was decided we wanted to continue these discussions because there are things that we need to clarify and that we are working on!!

    What they are actually doing is trying to put-together a plausible and believable story for the Bermudian public – whom they have blatantly lied to on several occasions concerning this $300K payment – that was perpetrated rather “clandestinely” through *Individuals* with OBA connections – allegedly through a Butterfield’s bank account!!

    The Premier, the AG, and the Tourism minister (plus Cannonier’s “business partner” DeCosta) are all complicit in this Jet-Gate affair!! We ALL know what is going on and what they attempted to do in this “tacky” alleged under-the-table deal!! They are now trying to figure how they can *Spin* themselves out of this mess – without too much political damage!!

    One thing is for sure – you (BDA) are certainly NOT getting all the *Transparency* that you were promised before the general election!! Certain people in the OBA were looking for-bigger-things ($$$) like the controlling interest in any future business – if they were able to convince the majority of Bermudians that this Casino idea was in the Islands “best interests” – but, you were not supposed to know anything about that fact!!

    As the expression goes… It is what it is!!

  33. brutus says:

    What did we get from DeussGATE and GlobalhueGATE, AtlanticCONDOGATE,UighersGATE, more to come from the plp