Warwick Collision Victim Flown Overseas

May 18, 2014

The 25 year old man injured in the collision in Warwick this weekend has been flown overseas for medical care, after being initially listed in critical condition in the ICU.

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A police spokesperson said, “At last check the 25 year old Warwick man seriously injured in a collision along Middle Road in Warwick near the junction with Ten Pin Crescent that occurred around 12:15am Saturday, May 17th was initially warded at the Intensive Care Unit of King Edward VII Memorial Hospital, before apparently being flown overseas for further medical treatment.

“And the other person injured in the incident, now confirmed to be a 26 year old Warwick man, was recovering in stable condition on a general ward at the hospital.

“Preliminary information received suggested that the collision involved a motorcycle and a pedestrian. Enquiries are ongoing and any witnesses should contact PC Michael Charlton at the Somerset Police Station on 234-1010.”

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Meanwhile, the 29 year old Sandys parish man seriously injured in a motorcycle collision along South Road in Paget yesterday [May 17] is in critical condition at the King Edward VII Memorial Hospital’s Intensive Care Unit.

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  1. Soooo says:

    And we wonder why our insurance keeps going up!!

  2. Confused says:

    I pray for the speedy recovery of all those involved in these accidents…but must ask the obvious question…WHY is everyone in such a hurry to go nowhere? Better late than never!!!

  3. never ending says:

    When are people going to stop driving like idiots? How many people have to die? Come on people, even if you don’t give a crap about your life, there are people on the road that do….

    • Legal beagle says:

      Never Ending, the answer to your question is the same answer to the question, “how long is a piece of string?”

  4. Brenda Correia says:

    Sad about the accident, and the critically ill person flown overseas for further medical treatment. Speedy recovery.

    Is there a religious cult here in Bermuda that has amongst its commandments……Thou shalt drive as close to the vehicle in front of you, regardless if traffic is light, and overtake only to be in front of them …usually catch up to them, at pedestrian crossings, stop lights, what’s with all this tail gating?

  5. Street Smart says:

    When are people going to stop driving like idiots? I presume when the BPS stop driving like idiots!! I agree with Never Ending, some people have got to consider their loved one before they attempt navigate Bermuda’s dangerous roads at high speeds. And the BPS are not helping matters by speeding on our roads with audible warning devices activated! They are supposed to set the example for safe driving on our roads! My prayers go out to the young person involved in this accident, as well as his family!!
    God Speed in his recovery!!

    • Legal beagle says:

      Um ok Street ‘not so’ Smart… You don’t want the police to ever speed?? Contrary to your belief, you can speed and still be safe. Hope you never have to call the police or fire dept or ambulance in an emergency and wait for them to arrive as they drive at 35 kmh….

    • Let's Think About This... says:

      “They’re doing it so I can too” is never an excuse. Doesn’t matter what BPS is doing, you should drive with care. Also, by your “not helping matters by speeding on our roads with audible warning devices activated” statement, are you saying that they shouldn’t have their sirens on when exceeding normal speed? That doesn’t make much sense then as drivers wouldn’t know they’re coming through…

  6. S.M.H. says:

    My heart goes out to all the families involved but ppl stop assuming its always the riders fault all the time. Ppl need to stop j walking n use the crossing that are provided for their safety. I hoping for a speedy recovery for all.

    • Legal beagle says:

      Smh… There is a video circulating of the collision… It Was CLEARLY the riders fault…….I have no sympathy for the rider at all.

      • SMH says:

        I hope and pray that one day it isnt one of your family members that get hurt in an accident like that. The rider doesnt need your sympathy…they have to live with what happened. Its a shame what has happened and we should be thankful Bermuda didnt lose another young life! No one knows exctly what happened that night…that video showed parts of the events that took place..and if you want to get technical the video i saw showed the person wasnt anywhere near the crossing… So lets stop assuming bad on people..These boys are friends/family and their family members dont need to hear peoples bad comments!!

      • stupid. says:

        How the hell you gone say you don’t have any sympathy for the rider? If this happened to you, and someone or I wrote a comment on the accident and said i have NO sympathy for you how the hell would u feel???? I bet you i’ll comment and say i have no sympathy for ya a**. get ya life and get it fast. Cause your a joke.

    • annoyed at the ignorance says:

      People do use the crossings and still get hit so they cannot be blamed. Please pay attention as the crossings in a lit of areas arent lit so it is sometimes impossible to see them until its too late.

    • Let's Think About This... says:

      Recovery and well wishes for all victims involved in this weekend’s incidences.

      It is the responsibility of the drivers to pay attention when approaching a pedestrian walk to see if anyone is standing there, then slow down appropriately. Those behind the vehicles immediately in front of the pedestrian walk should pay attention as well so that when the first car slows, they can slow down/stop as well. It is equally the responsibility of the pedestrian to make sure the drivers see them and stop/are slowing down before stepping into the road. Have to use the road as if no one else is paying attention.

  7. Ruthless says:

    Only a matter of time before a school student dies at the Francis Patton school crossing. I would like to know the idiots that came up with putting a school crossing on a corner.?! I am extremely cautious in this area but not everyone rides like me!

  8. haha says:

    please pull thru bra….

  9. JUNK YARD DOG says:

    Lets see if this works !

    If a bike rider struck a wall last week end , I feel so sorry for the wall.

    I recon that the last smash up will cost somebody near $50,000. which may include the jet, forget the bike, and $83,000 per year there after.


    I was at the Daytona race track where I asked a motor cycle racer how do you feel going 120 M.P.H around those corners ? he replied “TERRIFIED”.

    You don’t need insurance to drive a car or ride a motorcycle at 80 MPH on the M-1 ,because if you hit something you will not be alive and kicking to collect.

    Vehicle crash tests are usually done at 3O mph in order to completely demolish the front end of the vehicle this usually pushes the engine up into the drivers front seat,the air bag is there to let the occupant know the engine is in transit.

    A drunk driver caused a head on car collision with such force that my friend had his brake pedal leg pushed completely out of the socket, his wife did not survive, the two kids in the back landed up in the front seat .

    BPS put ALL the bikes and car wrecks on show at Crow Lane round about, leave all the others on the side of the roads.

  10. onlyme says:

    Excuse me, small minded Bermudians,that don’t know s*** mind your own business because its starting rumors that clearly ain’t true. How the hell could you make comments that you don’t know crap about. -OTF. Have a nice day. :) family is everything.

  11. Karma says:

    It is all of their faults, it was not an innocent person walking their dog at 12:15am people. they were racing. the person standing there watching was part of this nonsense. Thank god there wasn’t anyone innocent driving home on middle road when this happened.

  12. JUNK YARD DOG says:


    Speeding and reckless riding / driving is the business of every law abiding citizen of this entire country .

    We have traffic laws to govern us while traveling on our roads.

    When riders / drivers have absolutely no regard and a complete disrespect for the safety of other law abiding road users, they, deserve the consequences.

    “family is Everything” you bet it is, and it is most unfortunate for the “family” when when it comes to paying the medical bills.