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June 4, 2014

Premier Michael Dunkley, Minister of Economic Development and Education Dr. Grant Gibbons, and Shelby Weldon of the Bermuda Monetary Authority recently discussed the role of insurance and reinsurance in Bermuda and their effort to increase Bermuda’s attractiveness with A.M. Best TV.

Premier Dunkley also addressed the developments that led to the recent resignation of his predecessor, saying, “This government is stable, strong, and very unified in moving forward.

“No one really knows the twists and turns that can happen in political parties and things like that, but our team is still very committed to doing all of the things that we promised when we were elected.”

“And certainly the key to that is turning the direction of our economy by focusing on some of the challenges that we have, bring a stronger, more stable government structure, getting direct inward investment capital in here, and showing the world that we are open for business.

“Thankfully, the One Bermuda Alliance government team is very strong,” added Premier Dunkley.

The interviewer mentioned recent changes such as allowing businesses to purchase real estate and asked can they expect to see these types of moves continue, to which the Premier replied: “Life is about change. Some people don’t like change, but the successful people, the successful jurisdictions…change.

“We had dire challenges in Bermuda, and unless we freed things up in certain areas and listened to the industry and what the populace  of Bermuda wanted, we wouldn’t be successful going forward. In Bermuda we are leaders, not followers and we will continue to do that.”

The 5 minute video from A.M. Best TV is below:

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  1. Jo Blo says:

    Very good, well balanced responses in these interviews.

    • I concur, well balanced. “History repeats itself when one fails to learn the first time…”
      As mentioned once before, in reference to comparing life to driving a car.”You have a small mirror to peek into from time to time to view where it is you’ve been and what maybe approaching from the rear and then, we have this huge window up front to make it absolutely clear as to where it is we are heading”.