Marc Bean: “Stand Up To Protect Democracy”

July 14, 2014

“No matter our differences in political belief, race, faith, or the walks of life we may come from, we must come together and stand up to protect democracy in our island home of Bermuda,” Opposition Leader Marc Bean said.

Mr. Bean added, “We invite you to stand for Bermudians this Tuesday, July 15,,2014, at 5:30 PM, at the Langton Hill entrance of Government House. Join us, as we stand together to peacefully protect the future of democracy in Bermuda.”

Mr. Bean speaking on the matter outside Parliament on Friday:

Mr. Bean’s full statement is below:

On July 4, 2014, we saw a motion tabled and passed in the House of Assembly that stated a Commission of Inquiry should be established to look at “historic losses in Bermuda of citizens’ property through theft of property, dispossession of property, and adverse possession claims.”

Through the democratic process, a Commission of Inquiry was to be set up to investigate and further probe into these concerns of the people of Bermuda.

On July 9, 2014, the Governor responded, in a letter to the Speaker of the House, that those concerns “are not clear enough or urgent enough to require a Commission of the type proposed.”

That decision is for the lawmakers, the representatives of the people, and the people of this country to determine, not an un-elected Governor. That is the hallmark of Democracy. The stance taken by the Governor is an affront to that very democracy

Martin Luther King once said “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.

Bermuda, we must stand up to protect our democratic right, and we must stand up for it now. This time, in denying the commission, the Governor has violated democracy by refusing to adhere to the will of the people expressed in parliament. What will it be next time?

No matter our differences in political belief, race, faith, or the walks of life we may come from, we must come together and stand up to protect democracy in our island home of Bermuda.

We invite you to stand for Bermudians this Tuesday, July 15,,2014, at 5:30 PM, at the Langton Hill entrance of Government House. Join us, as we stand together to peacefully protect the future of democracy in Bermuda.

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  1. hmmm says:

    I’m beginning to wonder if a weakly termed motion was prepared intentionally so that it would never be commissioned.

    When something is that important you would do it at the first opportunity. 3 PLP Governments, yet it was never important.

    When something is that important wouldn’t you ensure that the terms and financing arrangements were sufficient to get it done? Yet the PLP didn’t

    The motion wasn’t refused or denied, read the Governors letter.

    I don’t understand how the PLP can think this ends democracy in Bermuda, perhaps they don’t understand that democracy doesn’t mean “DO AS I SAY”

    • Standing UP ! BETTTY TRUMP says:

      “Love does not consist in gazing at each other, but in looking outward together in the same direction.”

      - Antoine de Saint-Exupery

      Lets stand together, now is the time…

      I think you fail to understand how Parliament works:

      I will highlight a few key Facts as pointed out by a few folks that shed some real light on this issue:

      1 As indicated by Sen. Rabain, “What seems to be missed is that this Motion was passed unanimously with NO ONE dissenting. So to claim the PLP passed a flawed Motion when there was not one OBA member who voted no is indeed hypocritical. The motion was passed with not one MP dissenting or voting no, so the HOUSE passed the motion, not just the PLP.” As Mr. Williams so brilliantly puts it… “He know very well that to return this to parliament will be a forlorn effort as your OBA government will not did not support a commission of enquiry except for one Brave heart.”

      2. The Governor has acted outside of his remit by undermining the people’s will. The Governor is not supposed to reject a decision which was voted upon in the house of Assembly. He did just that, and thus he must be called out for it. Everyone knows that taking this back to the house, and voting again will not be successful, so it is therefore an unfair request by the Governor.

      3. The Governor has effectively just said and shown us that regardless of the will of the elected representatives, he will do what he wants to do.

      4. According to Mrs. Valirie Marcia Akinstall:

      July 12, 2014 at 7:56 am
      “In my humble opinion, the Governor’s decision is subject to an overview and comparison in its legal, diplomatic and international affairs context by the British Foreign Office. Moreover, the ultimate swiftness of his decision vis a vis his recusal of his ‘honourary membership’ at Mid-Ocean Club on a motion from the House of Parliament is quite troubling. His reasons that he leaves the door open as he swiftly closes it? In other words, he reasons that there is little to no substance to the claim of the motion (my paraphase), yet he is prepared to revisit it? Would that be with equal swiftness and dismissiveness? There can be steps taken by the Governor to explore and/or remedy the issue of evidence needed. Why has he not made a concerted effort to extend and employ a more dedicated will on this motion?

      People we must make a Stand. It speaks to Democracy in Action. It is key that all come out and join us. I hope to see many from the OBAubp as well, as this issue impacts some of their family and Bermuda overall.

      Love you all.

      • Sandgrownan says:

        You’re lying again. A random quote and a bulleted list doesn’t make it true.

        • HERE IT IS AGAIN says:

          “CS Have a Right to March”

          CS CIVIL SERVANTS… HEAD OF THE BPSU Mr. Ed Ball has reported ..ON HOTT.102 that all CS do have a right to March. NO one can stop you. Please do not listen to the false information put put there by others. Stand up for Justice.

          • Sandgrownan says:

            Betty – listen sweetie….calm down, you said the Governor has acted outside of his remit. No he hasn’t, you may not like what he said, but he gave you an option and you chose not to listen to it.

            • Black Soil says:

              The biggest irony is that the PLP claim to be defenders of democracy. ALL THEY WANT IS POLITICAL POWER FOR THEIR OWN ELITE. When a political party is on the wrong side of human rights, it will fail. They fought BAD and the keeping on conscription, they fought gay rights (and were soooo proud of that!), they fight gay marriage (and are soooo proud about that too), and they fight ways to grant citizenship to Bermudian residence who have been here for decades on end. The PLP elite don’t want to say to you many of their parents and grandparents WERE NOT BORN IN BERMUDA.

          • Hmmm says:

            Nobody said they couldn’t it is after work hours.

            Why are you toying with people and trying to rile them up.

            • Ringmaster says:

              “Betty Trump” aka Alaska Hall has one consistent trait. They always post as a reply after someone has begun a thread but they never start one. Always second never first. Never the Leader, just a follower. Sounds about right.

              • Luis Suarez says:

                Marc Bean, this has nothing to do with democracy or the Governor.

                This is bullying politics, or how you think a credible opposition should work.

                Since you have been in opposition, I have not heard you say one constructive thing, one good idea.

                All you’ve got is shouting down others.

                It’s you who should resign.

                • Hmmm says:

                  Anyone who marches should be ashamed of themselves. They march to the beat of a lie. They should be marching against the PLP who did nothing about this issue in 14 years.

                  This march has nothing to do with democracy.

                  The governor hasnt refused but the PLP have thrown their toys out of the pram pretending that the door has closed.

                  • Hmmm says:

                    What are folks marching for ?

                    is it for the decision to request more clearly defined terms ?

                    If it is anything else you are at the wrong march.

                    the PLP are using you to cause unneccessary disruption. If you march , you got played.

                    Why is WALTON BROWN is speaking as the main mouthpiece and leader of the PLP in areas that have nothing to do with his shadow role. Now WALTON BROWN is saying they will go back to the house and work.

                    Has Marc Bean been booted???????

                    Better throw a quick speech from him up somewhere.

            • Grizz says:

              @Hmmm actually someone was telling them they couldn’t march. It was those same people that called the Union to seek clarification.

              • Hmmm says:

                I can understand if they are in working hours, then they should be at work. What people do in their own time is their own business.

                This was organized out of most peoples work hours.

                If you are mean’t to be working at that time, please don’t abandon your responsibilities, as I can’t see how that could be justified as OK. this is not a labour, union or workplace issue.

                The issue is that Governor has requested more defined terms, PLP don’t want to supply that.

                If you are going there for some other reason, then you are in the wrong place.

        • GOD1ST says:

          Betty trump

          Marching for empowerment isn’t the way to go. If you want to get the attention of the oligarchy come from out of their institutions.You have got destabilize them financially if not you will be marching for the rest of your life.I am black pan African I don’t support marching asking my enemy to retreat.

          Betty trump when you are ready to create wealth and advance the cause of black people unapologetically only then we can talk.

          • Hmmm says:

            Only thing that advances weath is working hard for it.

            Anything given is not appreciated in the same way that something that is earned.

            There is absolutely nothing stopping anybody from starting a business.

            Capital can be raised from self, from banks, from community, small business support bodies exist, mentors exist to get business off the ground.

            See a need, meet a need.

            If you can prove your sacrifice and viability of business, then go for it.

      • Tolerate says:

        Wow… I had a similar exchange of words with Mrs. Akinstall under a previous blog and your fourth point quotes her “humble opinion”
        Guess it must be gospel…

      • Onion says:

        If that’s what Sen. Rabain actually thinks is important then he’s not fit to be in government.

        The Governor clearly left the door open for better wording and more clarity.

        • Ringmaster says:

          Senator Rabain is an unelected person, so based on Marc Bean’s own disdain of unelected people, Senator Rabain should be ignored.

      • Build a Better Bermuda says:

        Actually, the Governor acted entirely within his remit, it was the PLP’m failure to adequately define the requirements wherein the commission must act and how the commission was to be financed, that lead to it being sent back. The governor cannot do these things, the motion must include them. The fact the PLP has failed to act on the Governor’s reasonable response is an indication that the PLP are less interested in reaching justice on this issue and more interested in playing politricks with it.

      • Build a Better Bermuda says:

        I also do find it entertaining that you say

        “Everyone knows that taking this back to the house, and voting again will not be successful, so it is therefore an unfair request of the Governor”

        I thought this was the will of the people by its elected officials, I thought you said it passed unanimously. Surely if these were the cases, it would pass again.

        Only the legislature has the authority to define the financial resources for such a motion, and since the motion failed to address the financing aspect of the commission, the Governor had to send it back. That is unless you want to hand the government’s financial responsibilities over to the Governor to dictate.

      • Hmmm says:

        Betty , are you David Burt ??????

        Truth Yes or No ?

        • Cleancut says:

          No….. its LaVerne Furbert with a hint of Dr. Brown…..BT & BETTTY TRUMP.

        • Put pupils first says:

          What a ridiculous question.
          How on Earth would Burt find the time for these monotonous rants at this time of year?

      • CommonSensenBda says:

        “As indicated by Sen. Rabain, “What seems to be missed is that this Motion was passed unanimously with NO ONE dissenting. So to claim the PLP passed a flawed Motion when there was not one OBA member who voted no is indeed hypocritical. The motion was passed with not one MP dissenting or voting no, so the HOUSE passed the motion, not just the PLP.”

        BRAVO Betty, don’t let the TRUTH get in the way of a BLATANT LIE!

        The vote was 14 – 13 (In what reality is that UNANIMOUSLY !!)in favor of the motion with 3 people who the Speaker had abstain from the vote due to potential “conflict of interest”….Micheal Dunkley as a member of Mid Ocean Club, and two PLP Ministers who’s families would be affected by a Board of Inquiry.

        “The motion was passed with not one MP dissenting or voting no…”
        Please explain to me if 13 members of Parliament vote “No” to a Motion that came up for a vote, how can Mr. Rabain’s statement be FACTUAL ?!?


        • 32n64w says:

          Interesting remarks from the same PLP stalwarts in place today when the senate debated the Tucker’s Point SDO.

          - David Burt – “hears and understands the cries” of those campaigners. But he added: “We are unable to undo the past but we can certainly take steps to ensure the future wellbeing of our people.” Sen Burch praised the PLP’s democracy in bringing the debate and said the SDO should be supported if only because tourism “must be in the national interest”.

          - LaVerne Furbert – “I find that very strange because in my research I found that many that lived in Tucker’s Town didn’t live in Tucker’s Point property they lived in Mid Ocean Club property.”
          She said it was important for people to understand that Tucker’s Point consists of different areas. She said the people that were moved out of Tucker’s Town were slapped in the face a long time ago and many had since passed away. “In fact they do not even have he a face any more. They have souls, but do not have a face.”
          Sen Furbert also hit back at claims by the Bermuda Environmental Sustainability Taskforce that Tucker’s Point has foreign investment. She said most of the Island’s hotels had some kind of foreign investment agreement, including Elbow Beach and 9 Beaches.

          Amazing (but not surprising) how hypocritical the PLP can be when they don’t have access to the public purse and are relying on a wedge issue to whip up emotional support. Hopefully they can repeat these same words tomorrow afternoon to ensure the concerned citizens who show up realize the PLP have no interest in the issues and are more concerned with political advancement.

          PLP – party before country since 1998.

        • InMyRightMind says:

          Actually the vote was 15 (no) and 13 (yes) to the amendment meaning the OBA counter motion which failed. You MUST vote on the counter motion first!

          The original motion, the one submitted by Walton Brown was then voted on and it carried unanimously as the aforementioned nays could not vote on the original motion as they were defeated.

          Furthermore, Dr. Grant Gibbons also abstained out of a conflict of interest as a member of the Mid-Ocean Club. Perhaps you need to listen a little more carefully to the proceedings of the house. Learn the rules. On a side note, there are NO PLP ministers, the OBA are in power. You know not of what you speak.

          Senator Rubain is absolutely CORRECT!!

          • Build a Better Bermuda says:

            Correct in that the motion was carried, however if over half the MP’s were no longer able to actually vote, 15 out of 36 MP’s hardly qualifies as unanimous. And if over half of are elected representatives weren’t able to vote, how can that mean that it has the will of the people. Astounds me still how the PLP can turn a truth into lie.

          • Onion says:

            So to say it was “unanimous” is the highest kind of deceitful.

            Abhorrent behaviour by Rabain to attempt to justify the unjustifiable.

            • InMyRightMind says:

              Okay guys, try this for size, pretend the OBA won the motion. Now everything is right in the world.

              You (plural) are truly asinine

      • fred says:


    • Sandgrownan says:

      It has to be a setup, they really wouldn’t be this stupid would they?

      Present the Gov. with something they know he’ll reject, then get all upset when he does so…..looks too manufactured doesn’t it?

      • Redman says:

        Yep I said as much in the original article last week. Put something forward that they knew would fail, que false indignation and ratchet up the rhetoric. Right out of the PLP’s playbook.

        Policeman to crowd, “… move along, move along nothing to see here.”

        • Unbelievable says:

          Well the PLP does have a history of poorly worded documents: legalisation bill, conscription bill, the PRC loophole, etc.

    • REAL deal says:

      1. This was the ideal from a new MP Mr. Walton Brown

      2. PLP not attending parliament is not big deal as the OBA would of passed all the bills they wanted to anyway. They are not about seniors and youths.

      3. The Governor responding out of his realm of responsibilities asking parliament to go back and clarify – the commision would of sort that out for him.

      4. They all know the bill would fail as the Suzie H. was embarrassed in the house of assembly in front of the gallery, the opposition and her colleagues by her own OBA colleagues. Minister Crockwell, Pamplin and the Premier chastised her with foul language in front of all, even threatening to take away the deputy speaker position. They called her “stupid” with earshot of her colleagues. So guess what? She would not dear vote against her OBA party if she wants to little extra money she gets as dep. speaker and she needs it as she has surly vexed her employer Dunkley Limited.

      5. So they are all playing games with this issue.

      6. Many older Blacks are saying why march, it will not solve the problems.

      7. This is a protest and if they don’t stand up now what should they do? Lie down and let the OBA just have its way until we all explode?

      • cj says:

        wish they would televise this stuff so that we would not have to take anyones word for it.

      • Moojun says:

        Regarding your point 7… This is exactly the issue. We as Bermudian’s DO need to stand up before we explode, but this is the WRONG ISSUE, and the PLP know it, that’s why they did nothing about it when they had the chance. This is a decades old wrong and it will dwell for years in the legal process, making many lawyers and English Lords rich, all the while with no benefit for anyone who suffered loss, least of all the tax paying majority (we Bermudians) who will ultimately foot the bill.

        What we should be doing NOW is marching on the House to ask why we are ALL forced to pay 3.5% per annum cumulative fees to the local insurance companies on our defined-contribution pension schemes when all they return (before fees) is in the region of nothing to just a little bit! Factor in inflation and we are all losing out big time year over year, and yet the silence on this from our politicians (both sides) is deafening.

        Request to the Gov’t: give us control of our own pensions and let us invest it directly with mutual fund companies without having to be being raped by the local insurance companies.

        By all means fellow Bermudians, fight for what is right, but the PLP does not have your best interests at heart by any means. Think for yourselves, do the math and fight for something that is costing you personally thousand of dollars a year for no good reason!

    • Huh says:

      Simple explanation why PLP bringing this up after their 14 years of self indulgence:- De Guv and the DPP must be getting close to the bottom coat so PLP need massive emotional distraction on how “the old oligarchy” took our peoples property to justify 14 years of PLP gangsters “helping themselves to the public purse”…..

      • yes sir says:

        14 years in comparison to…….

        • LOL (Original TM*) says:

          so what they had the power to do something real about the issue. Now they don’t that is his point.


    • Kunta says:

      About time somebody had de B@lls to make de call to wake up de PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Kunta says:

      TODAY ya gonna get a taste of PEOPLE POWER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Build a Better Bermuda says:

        Still isn’t going to change the fact that the Governor can’t act on the motion the way it was written. Only the legislature has the authority to finance the motion.

  2. DeliverUs says:

    Marc Bean clearly has nothing better to do than look like the idiot he is.

  3. Standing UP ! BETTTY TRUMP says:

    “You have to develop ways so that you can take up for yourself, and then you take up for someone else. And so sooner or later, you have enough courage to really stand up for the human race and say, ‘I’m a representative.”

    Maya Angelou

    • Put pupils first says:

      This selective use of quotes makes a mockery of the genuine freedom fighters that coined them.

      Another example is where Mr. Bean above quotes the great Martin Luther King yet has openly discriminated and verbally attacked homosexuals.

      • Onion says:

        Let’s not forget attacking others and calling them “demonic” and “puppets”, sentiments that are the opposite of the messages of inclusiveness and common cause that made the Civil Rights movement a success.

      • Tolerate says:

        Yes, agree….. Guess if you can quote some-one famous or respected, it solidifies your cause. What it really does is discredits the manner in which the quote was originally intended and proves the person making the quote a fool.
        I’ll quote Jesus but I don’t want to come over too high and mighty.

    • hmmm says:

      Yet you didn’t for PRC holders.

      You don’t even talk a good game Betty. Read the quote and apply it properly.

      “stand up for the human race”


  4. Put pupils first says:

    Where does the march start?

    If you just turn up to the location, it isn’t a march. The PLP promised a march. Another broken promise?

    • Standing UP ! BETTTY TRUMP says:

      “Martin Luther King once said “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”

      Come join us on top of Langton Hill, take a stand it is democracy at work. Be apart of history to make a real different in your country.

      • hmmm says:

        Isn’t he on vacation….what purpose does this therefore serve.

        How does it make a “real difference”

        PLP had three governments to make a “real difference”.

        people should be marching AGAINST the PLP. Perhaps that’s whwere the real difference is required.

        • Onion says:

          It’s so they can act insulted if the Governor isn’t there because he’s on a well publicised holiday.

          • HERE IT IS AGAIN says:

            There is deputy Governor in place whenever the Governor goes on Vacation. This Acting Governor, has all the same powers and ability to act in the Governor’s absence… So do not let that stop you…COME OUT and join hands with us….COME STAND ON JUSTICE….

            • Kangoocar says:

              Trying to boost your numbers betty??? 3 posts above, very strangely has the same character pic attached to it??? You really are pathetic!!! Your support numbers are very small betty!!!!

              • Bettty Trump STANDING UP !! says:

                As I mention before, there are few folks from PLP that write on the blogs, more so read it… they are sick of folks like you…and so stay away from it…I hope you will come out and join in the movement for Justice..

                • SMH says:

                  I have no problem with them marching but they shouldn’t expect to be paid.Lets who would turn up under those terms

                • Ganja mon says:

                  What a troll ! Same picture means same email or IP address.. Really pathetic you are writing as 2 or 3 different peolple!

                  • SMH says:

                    and based on the IP address methinks the troll(s) are located at the BIU headquarters…mmmmm?

                • Hmmm says:

                  There you have straight from the mouth of the PLP.. The PLP intentionally flood these blogs with propaganda.

                  WOW. So underhanded.

              • Al says:

                PLP getting caught “astroturfing” again.

        • SMH says:

          Ahhhh! This is too funny. Marching after hours when no one is in town against the Governor who’s on vacation. Ahhhhh, the stupidity is endless.

          • Bettty Trump STANDING UP !! says:

            It is you who is silly…There is deputy Governor in place whenever the Governor goes on Vacation. This Acting Governor, has all the same powers and ability to act in the Governor’s absence… So do not let that stop you…COME OUT and join hands with us….COME STAND ON JUSTICE….

            • cj says:

              so the plp are scared of the real govenor then?

              • Ringmaster says:

                Big talk about disrespect yet waits until the Governor leaves and now brings his demonstration when a lady is the Governor. Street cred just gone in a moment. “I took on the Deputy Governor” (a lady) and still lost. In the real world Marc would sink into oblivion in disgrace and loss of face.

            • Allspice says:

              “COME OUT and join hands with us….COME STAND ON JUSTICE”

              Where shall the standing be done then? On the head? The rib cage?

        • theothersidebda says:

          They did make a “real difference”…there’s a real difference in the debt levels pre and post PLP!

    • If the people of Bermuda don’t need the Governor to authorize an investigation then why have a protest / march, especially in front of the gate at Government House?
      “Only foolish dogs rush in where wise men fear to tread”.

  5. Yahoo says:

    Absolute gibberish.

    Walton better start walking now if he wants to make it to the top of Langton Hill by 5:30pm Friday.

    • The location has now been changed to the North shore Road entrance, (flat grounds) :-)

      • P.S. With the weather forecaster predicting RAIN! I hope there’s enough room in the bus shelter to keep everyone dry :-(

        • Kunta says:

          Its only water, plus getting wet is nothing compared to what our FORFATHERS went through, I guess your forfather was one of de Oppressors in de day so Life goes on!!!!!!!!!!! LMFAO

  6. 32n64w says:

    This is classic PLP misdirection. There must be something big coming down the (legal) pipeline for them to go out this aggressively with such little substance to back it up.

    Looks like a few chips have been called in and the recipients of hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars paid out to former PLP insiders for no-bid contracts are now being asked to make some noise to distract the electorate.

    The lesson here is not to watch ‘this’ space, rather keep an eye on ‘that’ space to see what has gotten the party so worked up and fearful.

  7. GIVE ME A BREAK says:

    stand up for democracy??? are you JOKING?????? doesn’t anyone see through this fool?

    • sonso says:

      Unfortunately, my guess is a quite a few will be there with him tomorrow.

      • HERE IT IS AGAIN says:

        Published on Oct 3, 2013 “There is clearly a moral case for Reparations”. The Mother Land UK…

        October marks the start of Black History Month in the UK and this year’s commemorations have been dominated by the issue of Britain’s role in the trans-atlantic slave trade and the period of Colonialism that has followed. Folks are seeking some form of reparations. This issue is still ongoing. It is been looked at and how it can be done.

        Stand up People for Bermuda. We must stand up, we must come together, this is an important issue.

        • Hmmm says:

          What does that have to do with this????

        • LOL (Original TM*) says:

          So after all this bad talk from the PLP towards white bermudians and now you want us to stand with you. Durring their Government they hated on us before they where Government and now just look at the last thread as evidence (note I can actually show the words of PLP supporters haten) this is pathetic want someone to blame ……………


          • shutthemdown says:

            I dont want you to stand with us ….F you

            • LOL (Original TM*) says:

              I sooo offended that a racist like you and your group dont want me to stand with you.


  8. Islandgirl says:

    I have always and will always agree with the fact that there has been land stolen from Bermudians however I side with the Governor there are far more importanant issues to review at this time. We are in a econimic crisis and we need to urgently address this as well as our tourist product as there are businesses and families suffering.

    PLP has this totally timed wrong!!! This really upsets me as a PLP supporter…

    • Onion says:

      Yeah, this is all manufactured outrage by the PLP. If they actually cared about righting historical wrongs they’d have taken some action when they were in power instead of giving SDOs and tax breaks to allow a foreigner to build residential real estate.

      I think we do need to right historical wrongs – but we need to do it the right way through inclusiveness and healing, not political showboating.

    • HERE IT IS AGAIN says:

      A little HISTORY, over the past few years Many Countries have been seeking Justice. It has taken place in just about every country on the Global. There is no time limit on when one seeks Justice.

      Here is just one example: Posted on Friday, 03.21.14

      The Caribbean’s quest for reparations expands to seek compensation for the genocide of indigenous people

      Fourteen Caribbean nations are suing the governments of the United Kingdom, France and the Netherlands for reparations over what the plaintiffs say is the lingering legacy of the Atlantic slave trade.

      Beckles said reparations isn’t about standing on a street corner and handing victims a check.

      It’s about the legal and moral obligations of Britain, France, Spain and the Netherlands, which benefited from slavery and colonization, to “return and participate in the upliftment and development of this region.”

      “The governments of Europe have a responsibility to put to an end the continuing harm and suffering resulting from the genocides from the indigenous peoples, the chattel enslavement of African peoples and the apartheid which was put in place in the century after emancipation,” he said.

      After the native Caribs were expelled from St. Vincent by British colonizers — who wanted their land but not their labor —their fertile plains were transformed into sugar plantations. The city of Georgetown, carved out of the Caribs’ land, became the center of the sugar.

      As an example, Beckles said, the survivors of the genocide, “are the most marginalized people in Caribbean societies. They are the most disenfranchised people in the Caribbean largely because they are seeking to rebuild their societies.”

      Beckles said the reparations commissions — 14 of the 15 member countries have them, with Britain-dependent Montserrat waiting it out for now — have chosen to focus on the European governments because they “were also owners of slaves and also involved in the trading of slaves.”

      We can not in Bermuda make up Excuses to justified that as Country we should not be seeking justice. It is falsehood that some want you to adopt, more so to accept to prevent them from being held accountable in regards to this matter.

    • stolenland says:

      I have land that stolen and about 5 years ago I went through the process of trying to prove it was mine…………….guess who the Government were? Yup, PLP. So don’t talk your FULLISHNESS to me now about stolen land.

      Concentrate on stolen jobs please and do some real work. Concentrate on the rights of all Bermudians, Black, white and other for a change and let’s get people working and tourists to our Island.

      Tired of dazed (or buzzed) out Marc Bean and his witch hunt. I have officially switched party, I am so embarrassed by this crap. The funny thing is I believed it for so long and now know that they know Bermudians well the ones that support them like gossip and rumors so they just keep feeding it!

      • HERE IT IS AGAIN says:

        @stolenland……Sounds like the court system failed you, or a good lawyer. This is now the time to gather all your documents together and bring your issue forward again. I am sure that a Commission would be the best way to address it. As the focus would be specifically on your concerns. Justice needs to be serve for your lost. Please come forward, as the battle is not lost yet… come and join in and fight for your land. Do you have all the documentations, if so I do not see how it can not be a win, win situation… I want you to get your land back…. regardless of your ethical or racial background.

        Never give up !! Stand Strong !!!

        • stolenland says:

          Thanks but I paid out money I could not afford and I was relentless and I sat in meetings with people who was more concerned about being important than really helping me. I had all my documents and the Government had nothing and they sill denied my application until I took that piece of land off the plan (which cost more money to change). land is not on my mind right now. I love the way the economy is picking up and people are now working. My neighbor finally got a job, now she won’t lose her house. Stop this crap would you and concentrate on our needs. We are tired of this political mess. Find something worthwhile. I don’t care who flew on what jet and did what, I just care about my family and friends and the state of our economy. Sorry but I think there are more of us starting to think this way. Are you truly listening to us or again irritated you lost and now on a witch hunt?

        • LOL (Original TM*) says:

          I’d wager that you would not even bat an eye lash at this issue if the races involved were changed. Nothing you’ve said has indicated you would, I might be wrong (more like hope I’m wrong) but as many PLP ers today have said there will be no peace and the older ones call people on about inclusiveness are just “silly”

          LOL says alot really

  9. As always .... says:

    As always, Marc is completely ignoring the Governor’r response. He did not say that he wouldn’t establish a Commission, only that the submission he received was inadequate to allow him to do so. He further said that, if he received a proper submission (which would include details of the remit of the Commission as well as an explanation of how it is to be funded) he would consider it.

  10. Terry says:

    Ewart has his finger on the pulse.
    The ravages of the 60′s and 70′s and 80′s coming back; peering their heads.

    There is a new militant in town with his cronies.

    Plus you have that Communist J. Starling throwing things under the bus in disguise.

    Good luck Bermuda.

    Good luck.

    When you have fools like this threatening HRH representative…………….
    There is a word for it and sedition comes too mind but I will stick with ‘dark and stormy’.


    • looking and listening says:

      We are dealing with a severely derainged individual

  11. Pastor Syl Hayward says:

    Let’s pretend the Governor said,”Yes sir, yes sir, three bags full sir…but Bermuda has to pay for it. Out of what? The Consolidated Fund, of course.”

    But that’s underfunded, isn’t it? And isn’t it also earmarked to help top up short-falls in the Pension Funds?

    “I guess you have to choose which one is more urgent. Pay for the Commission of Inquiry now, or ensure that pensions are covered for the future.”

    • Onion says:

      Pensions, Civil Service salaries, road paving, etc. etc.

      The solution would obviously be to establish an additional tax levy to pay any claims.

  12. @ Betty T and all other pop/biu advocates of lies, fiction and miss representation. If the pop/biu was such a GOOD governing party when in office, why did they not address the issues they bleat on and on about then???To busy frittering away the cash reserves left by the former govt??????????????????? At least the so called 40thieves left money in the kitty and progressed the island forward not down the toilet like your oh so democratic party.

  13. Truth is killin' me... says:

    Fake a** dribble!

  14. Pastor Syl Hayward says:

    Because I am a suspicious and cynical soul beneath it all, I am asking myself, why this? and why now?

    Looking at other news and headlines, I see the possibility of Bermuda hosting the Americas Cup. Hmmm. Can’t have that happen! That would mean jobs and an economic turn around, and credit would go to the OBA. Naaah! Must find a way to scupper that!

    Oooh Look!! We can kill two birds with one stone! Write this motion in such a way the Governor can’t do anything else but tell us to re-write it. We can then protest and renew the arguments for independence!

    Great thinking.

    • ole Onion says:

      Dam are we prejudice against Bermudians ,white ,black ,mixed , oh & foreigners ? Or just plain stupid ?

    • Gotham says:

      You nailed it Pastor, what scares the Bean clique most is that the OBA succeed. Bean and Co genuinely want Bermuda to fail, to be impoverished, because when the smart money and brains are gone, what’s left will be theirs… This entire exercise is about chasing away investment and destroying wealth for petty, private, and frankly vile and degenerate purposes.

  15. BlueFamiliar says:

    Well, as silly as I might think their position is, I don’t have a problem with a peaceful protest given with plenty of warning, and it’s nice that it’s not in the usual 9 to 5 working hours.

    But I can’t imagine anyone in the neighbourhood is going to be thrilled, not to mention the whole parking limitations up there.

    I also hope that there are no funerals going on at St. John’s during that time period.

    • Terry says:

      Usual working hours.

      They are not doing the peoples work.

      They are not in the House.

      Anybody freekin home…………………………….
      Plus….they will be out of the sun and heat of the day.

      Pussy cats….all.

    • WTF says:

      If there ever was “much ado about nothing”, this is it. Can anybody in the PLP read and actually comprehend what is in front of them? SMH

      I love how Bean (and other mouthpieces for the PLP) are always prattling on about everybody coming together in the interests of all Bermudians while at the same time creating ever more divisiveness in the community. Bean’s yap must be getting tired from talking out of both sides of his mouth.

      • drunken ursula says:

        ya right you poor WHITE OBA supporters cant handle the same crap you did when the PLP was in power

        • Sandgrownan says:

          Well, the PLP were incompetent. At least, while not perfect, we have adults in charge.

        • Hmmm says:

          And out comes racist Ursula

  16. Alvin Williams says:

    One of the biggest land areas which remains out of the hands of Bermudians is the government House lands. So it is fitting that the focus of land seizures and annexations is to be protested at the very gate of government House; land that belongs to the people of Bermuda and to add salt to this wound we pay the people of Bermuda; for the financing of government house to the tune of over one million dollars a year. While it may be quaint to believe that the British governor in Bermuda is the queen’s representative the truth is that it is the British government that appoints British governors to Bermuda and therefore the post of governor is a diplomatic post and that means that we the people of Bermuda is financing the British diplomatic presence in Bermuda which is not the norm when a country has a diplomatic presence in a country. They the country in question pays for that presence; if that were not so than Bermuda would be financing the American diplomatic presence in Bermuda.

    • sonso says:

      Anything else you wish to complain about while you are hot at the keyboard? Lets hear it all mate!

    • Onion says:

      So what does this have to do with the Governor being entirely reasonable and pragmatic in asking for a better resolution while the PLP is juvenile and petty?

    • Yahoo says:

      Another ridiculous rant from Alvin – soooooooo tired.

    • Sandgrownan says:

      That poor keyboard…

    • serengeti says:

      It was the PLP who increased the number of condos available for overseas purchasers by 600.

    • looking and listening says:

      Go away Mr Post Office 101!

    • Skeptic says:

      What is your point? We get great value for the money we spend as it strengthens our position in business and provides incredible opportunity for our people. Bermuda needs to get over the uninformed use of colonialism as a scapegoat for suffering and work together for the success of our community. Disrespecting the Governor for political gamesmanship is either deeply stupid or sickly twisted.

  17. Starting point says:

    My simple response would be a letter of apology stating,

    “The newly elected OBA government would like to on behalf of the former UBP and PLP governments formally apologize to those bermudians, black and white, who suffered as a result of in the first instance government (UBP) policy of reclaiming land from white and black bermudians for political and/or national gain and in the second instance government (PLP) for failing to recognize, and subsequently act upon this original injustice. Previous governments, both UBP and PLP failed to support Bermuda and Bermudians in this instance, on behalf of the former governments we, the OBA government recognize and apologize”

    the UBP can be found to be at fault in this case as can the PLP, the OBA is simply righting a wrong perpetrated by previous governments…easy out. There would never be a financial restitution as the events were to long ago and resources to make amends do not exist in the government finances, a recognition and apology is the best case scenario.

    • Onion says:

      The Tucker’s Town and Airport purchases both predate the UBP by decades.

  18. Alvin Williams says:

    Pastor SyL Hayward since you are concern about taking money of the government consolidate fund to fund a commission of enquiry concerning this issue; than what is your position concerning the tax payers of this country financing Britain’s diplomatic presence in this country?

    • Sandgrownan says:

      I think it represents excellent value, because it represents among other things, British Passports for Bermudians…..Bermudians can have their cake and eat it.

    • looking and listening says:

      @alvin Williams and Pastor syl… pastor syl pay him no mind. You do not fuss with anyone who never passed post office 101!!!

    • Build a Better Bermuda says:

      Given what the cost would to have diplomatic outposts and foreign affairs offices, it is an incredible value for what we get.

  19. Redman says:

    Maybe the PLP MP’s and others who are so outraged with the British and their representative here will take their British Passports and hand them back as well… Yeah Right!! lol.

  20. el says:

    Mr.Bean I am listening to you on the radio and um lovin it, so much passion, real talk,…. People have a right to be free but i don’t think we are going to find it in democracy. the word starts off with a d, dead, demon, ect… anyway wondering how the governor could make a decision on the motion when he was still an honorable member of the mid ocean club and does this make a difference in his so called decision requiring more information.if the other members of the club couldn’t vote why should he be allowed to make a decision, this is total conflict of interest…and are we in a dictatorship ?.

    • GIVE ME A BREAK says:

      did you miss the memo where THE GOVERNOR RESIGNED??? guess you have no problem with EWART being a member – you are all hot under the collar from listening to the radio – so clever with all your ‘d’ words – well done… hahaha. NOT.

      • el says:

        You get no breaks here, the governor did not resign before he took a position and even so resigning just to respond is hypocritical, he is too close to the tuckers point cronies…conflict of interest, cause it is not his business, all of a sudden because the election was so close seems like he doesn’t remain neutral and has taken a side, even though he has four people in parliament that are his appointed….Who did he speak to in regards to his decision, certainly wasnt satisfied with what walton brown and michael scott told him.. Obviously he needs to go!

    • sonso says:

      Is that your only justification for this PLP tirade? That the governor was still a member of MOC? I think that you seriously need to sit back and contemplate your life right now, and why the country is in the situation we find ourselves in! There are FAR more important things to be worried about on our little speck of rock we call Bermuda than researching all historical land grabs and find out if the parties involved were paid fair market value!

      Most of us level headed Bermudians really want to see the country succeed with you included. But clearly you enjoy being held back by a group of people that do not. Last time i checked, the PLP teet ran dry; i dont understand why you’re still attached to it..

  21. Crab Mentality says:

    I fully support Marc Bean and the PLP as they represent 100% of me and my nature!

    • sonso says:

      Please elaborate! Is it the ganja tea you can relate to?

      • Malachi says:

        @sonso: I believe “Crab Mentality” is being sarcastic – or do you understand the meaning of “Crab Mentality”?

      • King Crab says:

        Crab mentality – The metaphor refers to a pot of crabs. Individually, the crabs could easily escape from the pot, but instead, they grab at each other in a useless “king of the hill” competition which prevents any from escaping and ensures their collective demise. The analogy in human behavior is that members of a group will attempt to “pull down” (negate or diminish the importance of) any member who achieves success beyond the others, out of envy, conspiracy or competitive feelings.

        This term is broadly associated with short-sighted, non-constructive thinking rather than a unified, long-term, constructive mentality. It is also often used colloquially in reference to individuals or communities attempting to improve their socioeconomic situations, but kept from doing so by others attempting to ride upon their coat-tails or those who simply resent their success.

        Let me know if you still don’t get it SONSO!LOL Funny – you’re first thought is ganja!

        • ole Onion says:

          Exactly why we can’t get along !!! Bermuda has so many CRABS with 2 legs !! Our mentality will be the death of us !!

  22. Young Bermuda Voting Block says:

    I applaud those that stand up for democracy and the human rights and dignity of ALL people.

    If the plp are now shifting their stance to be representative of ALL Bermudians and the rights of those whose are being trampled then well done.

    If not—then the votes of a growing young Bermudian power base will flow elsewhere.

    • Bettty Trump STANDING UP !! says:

      Come out and stand for ALL Of BERMUDA with us tomorrow. Yes we will fight for all of Bermuda! Justice is the fight for ALL of Bermuda.

      • Creamy says:

        No. It’s a fight for a small percentage of Bermuda. The rest of us think you’re idiots.

      • Hmmm says:

        You just lost another voter with your lie. Don’t treat young Bermudians as stupid.

  23. el says:

    meet you at the bridge Mark…glory in your spirit!Truth is indisputable.

  24. el says:

    honour thy father and mother that thy days shall be long.. i.e. remember the ancient Mater, and mother ,whose naval we came from remembering the past so that it can be corrected.. With you Mark.

    • aceboy says:

      I’m sure Mark umbilically agrees with you.

  25. campervan says:

    I’m trying to think of a good side to all this….
    A march up Langton Hill will help put a dent in Bermuda’s massive obesity and diabetes problems.
    Phew took a while but found one:)
    For goodness sake have the St John’s ambulance at the ready though!

  26. Creme Brulee says:

    Logistically speaking, I think it would be better if this protest/event/whatever was held somewhere nearby, say Bernard Park or possibly inside the grounds (if permitted) over the wall on North Shore – the Langton entrance is very small and cannot accomodate a large number of people, the road there is very bendy and therefore not pedestrian friendly, and folks living on both sides of Langton Hill will be sorely inconvenienced coming home from work…

    • Creme Brulee says:

      Better still, call the whole thing off Bean before you make a total fool of yourself.

  27. Killuminati says:

    Only way I’m marching ..if they’re handing out goodie bags with weed tea and pre rolls in them!! Bore me less !!

  28. Steve Davis says:

    None of this is important or Relevant to the Country right now. What is important is reducing debt, lowering healthcare, stimulating economic growth, improving education, training the workforce for an expanse in the hospitality industry (America’s Cup) and working to improve welfare for those that need it.

    The PLP/BIU are a drain on us emotionally and the Peoples Campaign are a mouthpiece for their spin. This country is in a bad state due to decreased economic activity, and the PLP/BIU are doing everything in their power to keep us in that trench.

  29. Sort it says:

    I think that people need look at the bigger picture throughout all of this. If the PLP had put a decent case together regarding the enquiry that they wanted the governor to look into then I am sure that he would of worked with Bermuda and the correct authorities. But they didn’t as they needed an excuse to undermine the honest hard working Bermudians, governor and the UK.

    At a time that all of Bermuda should be pulling together to help each other out of the financial struggles and support the growth and future instead of looking back. What has happened has happen including the indiscretions of MPs and cabinet and let’s make the country great again.

    We all complain that our youth don’t respect each other and there is too much violence and this is probably as hostile as you can get without a riot. I urge all Bermudian that honestly love the island and each other not to turn up.

  30. Your joking says:

    Martin Luther King once said “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere

    Funny the PLP use this quote….they are the ones that imposed a $1200 fee to those who married foreigners who then moved into their house or wished to purchase a house and we’re limited to only buying one home ….so if they get there way are all persons screwed by current and passed governments going to be refunded..and if so where is all this money coming from????
    This is nothing other than to create a disturbance….

  31. cj says:

    Mr Bean exposed his real agrenda and that of the PLP on the radio today he want to dissolve parliment and send the people back to the poles. That is what this is really about.

    • Cleancut says:

      Of course, and the sad thing about it is, he cannot wait 3 years to get paid the 6 figures each month. Its all about the money. Self first. get elected, get the multi million dollar mortgage and your all set.

    • CommonSensenBda says:

      Now that the economy is showing signs of recovery after the PLP “broke it” — MP Burt, the Island learning that the OBA government and the Tourism Authority succeeding in being the last of two finalists to decide where the “America’s Cup” will be held bringing MILLIONS in revenue to our Island’s coffers(which were blessed dry under dry under the PLP)…..NOW is the time that Marc Bean & the PLP want an election?

      That is not the way our democracy works Mr. Bean. You just wait your five years, or are you SCARED S***-LESS that with the “A.C.” and Tourism being fixed will lead to JOBS, JOBS, and more JOBS that started to be lost under the PLP’s watch?

    • LOL (Original TM*) says:

      yet you let this comment in which says the samething

  32. Coffee says:

    It has been proven , no new jobs have been created in 18 months of the OBA government … Not one .

    • Redman says:

      @ Coffee

      It is a fact that under the PLP thousands of jobs have been lost!

      Solution: Yeah lets put the PLP back in as they will have us all back to work in no time… NOT. lol

      • Coffee says:

        And the same thousands were created under the PLP … So what’s your point ? Now if it makes you feel better , Bill Hanbury and his hand picked crony from America are both living high on the Bermuda Hogg courtesy of your taxpayer dollar and guess what , your so friggin dumb and stupid to even know what their individual and collective compensation package is . Find that out from the cabalistic OBA and get back to me . That’s two jobs taken from Bermudians and given to foreigners without question !

        • Ringmaster says:

          During the 14 years the PLP were the governing party the vast majority of the increase in jobs were in IB, caused by 911 and Hurricane Katrina (does the PLP take credit for these human disasters?), and construction and hospitality. IB was created by the UBP not the PLP. However, the numbers of work permits rocketed under the PLP. If the PLP created so many jobs, why are so many Bermudians now unemployed? Why are there so many complaints about companies with non Bermudians having most of the jobs? You have lost your argument.

          • Coffee says:

            All the same the jobs were created under the PLP . No matter which way it is spun . Accordingly the world wide recession is over , but nobody told the OBA , so where are the jobs ?

            • serengeti says:

              The world wide recession was a myth invented by the PLP. Almost all other developed economies were in and out of recession in a year. Bermuda’s home-made PLP recession lasted six years and counting.

        • CommonSensenBda says:

          How much money was spent on Tourism under the PLP and especially under the former head of the UBP who took every opportunity to sing….yes SING in Boston?

          Millions….tens of Millions …, HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS.

          How could that much b spent and the arrival number ust kept dropping? I would like the B.T.A. to release the figures of just HOW MANY VISITORS came here because of the Dept of Tourism’s millions!

          Something tells you we could have gone to every major city along the U.S. East Coast and HANDED out tickets to Bermuda and our numbers would not been as horrendous! (AND MONEY BETTER SPENT!)

          • Coffee says:

            I’m afraid that for you common sense is not so common after all .. Get your rest , you post as if rigormortis is starting to set .

      • Hmmm says:

        We just hired 6 people this last year.

        • Coffee says:

          Is that a French company based in Bermuda ? Or is it the new wii , second generation ?

          • LOL (Original TM*) says:

            other comanies here are hiring as well mostly accountants


    • Creamy says:

      I know of some new jobs.
      You should get out more.

    • Please says:

      I and 12 others who have just been hired by a new reinsurance company must be living in the twilight zone

      • Coffee says:

        Name it …( the company ).

        • Creamy says:

          You know nothing do you.

          • Coffee says:

            And when I don’t know I ask questions . And Creamy , there is a reason that you resemble the postman from your childhood home . Time to question that too .

        • Hmmm says:

          That is probably Hamilton reinsurance

    • CommonSensenBda says:

      Looks like you have been smoking some truly potent gunja?

      • Coffee says:

        I’ll leave that to the more enlightened ones … Like you !

    • SMH says:

      Hamilton Princess, Pink beach and an increase in business registration come to mind but don’t let a few facts get in the way of you
      Plp fog

      • Coffee says:

        Business registration rarely translates into real jobs for Bermudians … And you know that . Pink beach , Hamilton princess … Part time jobs seasonal jobs for post retireees . Where are the real jobs for Bermudians , two thousand was promised two years ago by the incompetent OBA government !

        • Heavens says:

          Just curious what your definition of a real job is? And can you please site some examples. Thank you.

        • serengeti says:

          Several new and existing reinsurers have been hiring hand over fist, but don’t let that stop you.

  33. Gotham says:

    I trust the real PLP leader will turn up and not just Bean the SURROGATE.

  34. Need Peace says:

    There you go again you bloggers! Most claim you are Bermudians, no wonder our expatriate community think poorly of us intellectually! Most of you ill-informed (without doing your due diligence) just shoot off at the mouth! Stop blogging and sit quietly then ask yourself what has this government done for you lately. If all this privatization of business talk doesn’t have you concerned then we are really in serious trouble. Ask yourself what that really means. Try the shift in financial power. How about commercial immigration? Try more cheap labor for Bermudians to continue to compete with. These are just a few examples. Your blind faithfulness in this government is scary! I’ll feel better if we can all agree to something sensible like dissolve this government then start over. If the next one doesn’t do our work either, we go back to the drawing board! I’m not about if I woulda coulda shoulda while my beautiful island goes to the dogs! Oh Geesh! Maybe you wouldn’t agree because we come from different sides of the road but for the sake of all Bermudians, try to put yourself in someone else’s place, if you’re truly Bermudian! Some of you are nicer to your animals than you are to people. Forgive us if we don’t believe the double talk of the governor, we have nothing to compare it to! In other words, we’ve had the same thing for centuries. The governor has all of the information. If we submit to his request, that motion will have to go back before the HoA and will surely be vetoed. If you cannot see this for what it is then…….. We all have the same desire for our Island, harmony comes to my mind, if the greedy, mean-spirited, self-centered Leaders want power, let’s just send them home to wreak havoc on their own households!

  35. “No matter our differences in political belief, race, faith, or the walks of life we may come from, we must come together and stand up to protect democracy in our island home of Bermuda,
    IF you and your party truly and honestly believe your pre amble why in gods name do you continue with your divisiveness and stupid confrontational stance in and out of the house that you no longer attend hopefully for ever if Mr Lister gets his act together. You show that democracy is a ruse by your actions NOT REPRESENTING the people that elected you in said house. YOU were put there democratically. Also look up the word in a dictionary. No where does it say you will win every time.

  36. Keepin' it Real!...4Real! says:

    jus a question…when?, how? and who? did the complainants acquire the said parcels of land,which they claim to be stolen from them…jus wondering
    because i know how our neighbors to the west got done by displacement of its indigenous inhabitants but…

  37. MR LISTER.
    Will you please get an urgent move on so WE can get rid of this incompetent farcical so called opposition Yes Mr Bean you should be the first to go.

  38. drunken ursula says:


    • Creme Brûlée says:

      Yes, all twenty or so thousand of them…

  39. Come On Man says:

    The problem is many in that government know the word Democracy but don’t really know what it means. They use the word losely.

  40. Ringmaster says:

    Is Marc Bean aware that any Legislation passed in the House to become Law is then sent to the Senate for debate and approval or rejection? Is he therefore aware that the Senate comprises unelected people? (A few ears ago one had tried to be elected but only gained 8 votes. That same person was also very vocal in getting the Tuckers Point SDO passed which entailed selling “stolen” land to foreigners in fact). So what is the difference when he is complaining about an unelected Governor? No prizes for the answer of course, it is clear.

    • Rockfish#2 says:

      Ringmaster, are you trying to upset Laverne?

  41. Peace says:

    It is a bit more complicated than that. Everyone is for democracy, it is a great ideal. However democracy has its flaws as well, since it does not protect minority rights. That is why there is a constitution. For example, the 13th constitutional amendment abolished slavery in the United States.

    At the end of the day, the word “Democracy” here is being used as a means for a party to achieve their goal.

    The more power is concentrated, the more likely there is to have corruption and other abuses of power. The role of the governor is to be a moderator, so he actually reduces the overall concentration of power on the island. In that regard, to say that it is fundamentally un-democratic is a matter of opinion.

    The PLP want independence, so they will take issue with the governor any chance they get. If the governor goes, who is going to be there when things it the fan???

  42. truth be told says:

    go on.have your march,the only good it will do is give you some much needed exercise to other parts of your body other than your mouth!
    and when you get home,enroll in school reading lessons,it’s obvious that none of you can read.

  43. Herbalist says:

    Will there be Ganga tea served to the marchers?

  44. Ghetto living says:

    This is just a thread it’s comments are no indication of how the people of Bermuda truly feel! All you cyber bullies spend your time thinking of new snide comments to post of the opposition that will get you more likes!!!!!!

    While you are posting we will be marching!!!!! Those of you who choose to believe every word the OBA and it’s folly throw at you is foolery at its best!!!

    It’s quite indicative of slavery days when those salves where to afraid to stand up to their masta! Yes masta you say? I believe you, you say? “I pity the fool?”

    • Peace says:

      People will not stand up for something that they don’t agree with in the first place. It is not that they are afraid.

      This issue has not much to do with the OBA; it is between the PLP and the Governor.

    • Starting point says:

      Yet you believe every word the PLP says, you are identical to the OBA supporters, more so as you are talking about an issue from 40 plus years ago that has rarely been mentioned in the last 14 years…your party the PLP chose, intentionally to do nothing about the land grab, do you at least ask your own party why?

      I have no issue with the march to be honest, if people feel a need then they should protest in a peaceful manner, my issue is that your post is hypocritical.

      Also the link to slavery is a poor attempt to put yourself in the role of the victim. Your post is actually an insult to the legacy of slavery while at the same time it demonstrates for me the worst effect of slavery, that education was denied to generations of people so that still to this day we see the effects -ergo your post.

    • coolieh says:

      Absolute nonsense! Race baiter!
      Slavery is still in your head, not in mine.
      Join the real world!
      Political power and greed has got to your head!

      Black Bermudian.

    • Anon says:

      slaves and masta…what century are you living in? SMH

    • Sandgrownan says:

      Race card! Fail.

  45. Beware says:

    The PLP are following a leader who feeds drugs to an infant !!! Nuff said!

  46. fed up says:

    March 19th, 2011 – Junior Environment Minister David Burt told the Senate of Government’s sympathy for descendants of families who were forcibly removed from Tucker’s Town in the 1920s.

    However Senator Burt argued it’s now Government’s job to look after the people of today meaning it needs to try to revitalise tourism with the Rosewood Tucker’s Point development.

    Anti-racism group CURB had objected to the Special Development Order for the hotel’s expansion, pointing to the history of the site, where dozens of mainly black families were evicted more than 80 years ago in the interests of tourism development backed by Parliament.

    Opening yesterday’s debate in the Senate, Sen Burt said Government “hears and understands the cries” of those campaigners.

    But he added: “We are unable to undo the past but we can certainly take steps to ensure the future wellbeing of our people.”

    So what has changed now Marc Bean??

  47. Valirie Marcia Akinstall says:

    @Pastor Syl Hayward…

    I read comments on the blog in relations to the brief remarks by Opposition Leader, Marc Bean.

    As an equally suspicious and cynical soul I too have pondered some questions and cannot find any plausible answers. Perhaps, you can shred some light on these issues or, at the very least, render your equally candid and politically unbiased opinion?

    Note that I am basing my questions on your direct remarks rendered above. You may have seen many comments that I have made on these blogs attempting to discover how the Government intents to find fund for the America’s Cup? By way of the Consolidated Fund? Surely not, as it is severely underfunded in accordance to the script of the OBA heavyweights, Richards, Gibbons and Dunkley.

    So where will the funding come from if we are chosen to host the America’s Cup? Has that question occurred to you with equal balance and forethought as it occurs to you on the question of the convening of a Commission of Inquiry? Yet more importantly, have you in return asked the leaders in Government how will we pay for hosting this event, and why they are alarmingly silent on the cost of the public purse? Transparency Pastor Hayward, where has it disappeared to under the leadership of a Dunkley administration?

    In relations to your comments on the protest itself where you link it to independence – quite a grand leap – but there are many, many miles to cover between the two. Oddly, why link them? As one deals with land grabs dating back as early as 1920s whilst the other deals with the will of the people to cut our strings with the UK. Now clearly show me the evidential link between the two? Historic land grabs causal link to independence? Since you surmised the ‘link’ you could easily and plausibly surmise that many fighting to convene a Commission of Inquiry may not want independence. We know not what their wills are on that front. This is a stand alone, a single issue that unites individuals who think that its time, place and will has come to the forefront for social justice in Bermuda. And as a pastor, may I humbly state that you should be very confidently familiar with the issue of social justice.

    Finally, a general statement to all on the blog. Let’s go back to article: Video: PLP Call For The Governor To Be Recalled, and then go to the update from the Governor:-

    ‘Update 4.36pm: Governor George Fergusson, who is presently in the UK, said: “I have been following the various comments today arising from my letter yesterday to Mr Speaker.

    “In the light of suggestions on the lines that my decision represents an end to democracy in Bermuda, it may be worth recalling the conclusion I set out in that letter.

    “I did not rule out a Commission. I recognised that the Motion had highlighted concerns that were widely shared,” continued the Governor.

    “I said I would be willing to consider a Commission if the House gave a clear indication of the terms of reference and of the proposed means of funding the Commission.”’

    Are we a step closer?

    London, England

  48. MAKE MY DAY says:

    Eventually – the PLP along with their cohorts the BIU will be the “death-of-Bermuda” as we have known it for so many years!!! They just don’t know when to quit – do they???

    These people want to try living in some 3rd world countries and get a *reality check*!!!

    • Anon says:

      Make My Day, I agree it’s easy to get discouraged when you see all the negativity that is being intentionally stirred up by the very people that a) created a lot of the problems we’re currently facing and b) could have resolved the ones they’re only raising now. But the bottom line is that things are better (Hamilton Princess, Pink Beach, record# of Companies being set up) and only going to get better (possibility of America’s Cup, Morgan’s Point, Club Med) and that’s what people will thing of at the polls. Is Bermuda better now or when the PLP left office? I don’t think Walton Brown, David Burt or Marc Bean could run a gas station much less a whole country with unsustainable debt. Just look at where their focus is or I should say isn’t. They don’t have a clue

  49. David says:

    So! Smoke and Mirrors served with Ganja Tea?

    • Anon says:

      Unfortunately they will also be serving hate and division

  50. Starting point says:

    I am interested to hear what sort of reparations should be made to those displaced in tuckers town, airport, as well as what value they would place on horseshoe bay, warwick long bay, some public parks, the entire railway trail etc. which were all claimed in the exact same manner from private citizens.

    PLP have always said that rich whites are not welcome in the party, perhaps pushing an agenda that promises to bring massive amounts of money to old white Bermudian families is an olive branch of sorts from the PLP LOL.

    • Binky says:

      So true

      The only way to prove that Tuckers Town is an exception is to compare it to other “land grabs” like the railway trail and the bases, and the land TAKEN by the British military in the 1800′s, including Dockyard, islands in theSound, and many, many other properties now owned the Bermuda Government. Like the people of Tuckers Town the owners of those lands had NO CHOICE. The had to give up land they had occupied for CENTURIES. Compulsory!!!

      Analyse that and then decide what to do.

  51. fred says:

    Please PLP… do as you said you would. Boycott Parliament ! Forever !

  52. WhatHeSaid says:

    Lets see how many show up… how strong their conviction is… rain is a coming… some thunder too by the look of the radar!!! I call it a wash….. At least Marc dont have to vorry bout gettin his hur vet…

  53. JH says:

    They better have some um umbrellas, cos we’re getn tank rain this afternoon.

    • MARCH NOW !! says:

      Merely Showers of Blessing… come out and join us for Justice..