New Business Releases “Bermuda” Hats

July 28, 2014

A new local fashion business has released its first product, with a line of “Bermuda” hats available just in time for the upcoming Cup Match holiday. Dubbed “Gombey,” the brand turned to classic snapbacks in aiming to bring a fresh new perspective to the clothing seen around the island today.

A spokesperson said, “Gombey is a lifestyle brand focused on creating clothing and fashion accessories for young men and women. We draw inspiration from the past, design in the present and strive to create the future.”


“We chose the name Gombey because, historically, gombeys were often misunderstood and seen as rebellious. Although it is a completely different struggle, we see many similarities with the youth of today.

“Gombey is a brand created by young Bermudian entrepreneurs that want to tell our own story. Our launching product is the Bermuda snapback.”


“Although we are proud to be Bermudian, the current crop of Bermuda-related clothing designs never appealed to us. It always seemed more ready for tourists than a true Bermudian. It wasn’t boasty enough for us, so we decided to create our own.

“The Bermuda snapback features a bold style that draws parallels with the current street-wear market. We wanted to create something that you can wear out in public, including away from the island, in order to let people know where you’re from.”


The snapback features the word “Bermuda” on the front in white, and the colorful “Gombey” logo is embroidered over the vent in the back.”

The Gombey Bermuda snapback is currently available for $25. To place an order with Gombey for their new Bermuda snapback hat, email or visit online.

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  1. Karma says:

    That’s one pricey hat….

    • Pills'NPotions says:

      Really? lol! Snap Backs cost $30-$45 from Lids, Champs, Foot Locker, and so on.. $25 is pretty cheap! I have 40+ Snapbacks.

    • RME says:

      A snapback in London last month cost me 28 POUNDS. So $25 is a decent price.

  2. WhistlBkower says:

    All the best

  3. BlueFamiliar says:

    While the notion of a whole Gombey line of clothing, I think is wonderful and I wish the business owners great success. But I could swear I’ve seen those hats around for years.

    • micro says:

      It’s a hat with “Bermuda” on it it, nothing special at all really. Now get some uniquely Bermudian prints on there, then they’re really have something.

  4. Nicky says:

    Good luck with the new products!

  5. Ms. S says:

    I wish this young business owner all the best.

  6. Newly Optomistic Bermudian says:

    Best of luck to you.

  7. Umm ummm says:

    Awl de best, but umm. Well gwut luck dass all I’m sayin