Release Of Courier Packages Suspended

October 20, 2014

The Department of Customs is advising the public that as a result of damage experienced to the courier building at the L.F. Wade International Airport, the inspection and release of courier packages and shipments has been temporarily suspended.

“The Department of Customs is working with the operators to find alternative facilities and hopes to resume operations in a few days,” a spokesperson said.

“This notice does not concern packages imported by Federal Express. Importers should contact their carriers for the current status of their shipments.”

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  1. Skeptic says:

    Could you inform us if the packages held have been damaged? I am aware of several shipments held up since the impact of Fay with no indications as the the security or condition of my shipments.

  2. Andrew Woodworth says:

    Perhaps a little bit of forward planning on business continuity would prevent these kinds of disruptions.

    • Self says:

      Sometimes the unexpected happens….like hurricanes duh!
      I don’t think most businesses have a back up location rented and on stand by in the event their building is blown apart.

  3. Truth is killin' me... says:

    H.M. Customs were a joke before the storm. Nothing new here!

  4. Fact Finder says:

    Why is it that we even have a courier building at LF wade. The shipping companies no longer have freight cleared on the docks? It is secured and trucked to their warehouses and inspected by customs there. I believe FedEx has the same type of system in place.

    Perhaps this is a blessing in disguise which will lead to greater efficiency.

    BTW, since there is no sorting facility , will we still be forced to pay the Terminal Handling Fee?

    • Self says:

      You are talking about two separate issues.
      You are referring to cargo arriving by ship. This article is referring to cargo arriving by air. This includes FedEx.

  5. Bonded Facility like FEDEX says:

    How many times does the Mail Facility have to be destroyed before ALL the HOLDOUT couriers (DHL & UPS) realize that they need a customs clearance process similar to FEDEX. GET a BONDED facility close to the city (north Hamilton or Mills Creek). DHL & UPS could even share the facility to save on economies of scale. Otherwise, they’ll continue to lose market share to FEDEX. Consumers now know who to use if it “positively has to get there” it’s FEDEX. They all use the “ACE of SPADES” cargo jet but the FIRST documents delivered in the city upon the Jet’s arrival is FEDEX. No, this is not an advert for FEDEX. I have tried on all 3 couriers and FEDEX is the QUICKEST. DHL – most convenient with the Burnaby street PICK option. UPS/IBC are just drowning in a sea of their own bureaucracy & red tape but appreciate the NY mail box.

  6. nok says:

    I use FedEX all the time there services is great.

  7. Carlton Smith says:

    Fedex shipments come off the plane into a truck and go to the bonded warehouse to be cleared and then sorted, and then delivered UPS/DHL/IBC get cleared at airport and then taken be sorted and routed. Fedex is slower and more expensive than those courier. All four are slower and more expensive than the smaller express carriers and shippers which give you true overnight service, because several of those steps are omitted.

    It is NEVER faster to collect at airport and take to a bonded warehouse to clear, sort and route.

    I have a much faster system, that I use which has beaten FEDEX and those on delivery times, but I won’t give details because it’s a trade secret that gives smaller courier companies an edge on these monopolistic giants that keep the prices of imports for Bermuda up but at the same time, extract big money out of our economy to pay to their foreign headquarters.