San Diego Official: Bermuda Selected For Cup

November 22, 2014

americas_cup_gen (1)According to a report from UT San Diego, San Diego Tourism Authority CEO Joe Terzi has confirmed that the 2017 America’s Cup has been awarded to Bermuda.

This report follows after one from the Associated Press, who cited an unnamed person “with knowledge of the situation”, and reported that Bermuda has been picked over San Diego to host the 2017 America’s Cup.

The report from UT San Diego was not exactly flattering to Bermuda, saying: “Not only is San Diego the better place to host the next America’s Cup — the world’s premier sailing event — it might just be the perfect place.

“From facilities, to accommodations, to history, to racing conditions — we trumped Bermuda in nearly every capacity as a potential venue host.

“But there was one thing the Atlantic Ocean island could provide that San Diego couldn’t — a tax-free experience for all the Cup’s participants. What we learned? That even the richest people in the world can sell out.”

“If you stack up Bermuda’s assets with San Diego, they don’t win on any direct comparison,” the report quotes sailor Malin Burnham as saying. “The question is: Why would you go to Bermuda? It has to be for financial purposes.”

Mr Burnham then stepped it up a notch by saying, “Bermuda is known as a tax haven for rich people. Is that the connotation you want for the America’s Cup?. If it goes to Bermuda, it’s going to a place for non-sailing objectives.”

The report goes on to say that, “As part of its offer to potentially come to San Diego in 2017, America’s Cup organizers had at one point requested 10,000 free hotel room nights in the three years leading up to the yacht-racing event.

“Their plan was to use the rooms to court corporate sponsors leading up to the international sailing competition. In addition, organizers wanted 7,500 more room nights at half price, meaning a total gift of $2.75 million in room nights.”

As far as official statements, local authorities have not confirmed either of these international reports, and the announcement from the America’s Cup organisers is officially scheduled to be made on December 2nd.

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  1. Yaya says:

    yayaya don’t be a sore looser. We are not a tax haven we are charging them like we are charging every other person living in Bermy. Don’t be upset that we pay less taxes ‘merica

    • Black Soil says:

      Correct, Bermuda is NOT a tax haven. What the USA is is a tax nightmare. The US needs to stop blaming others for their home-grown mess. Economics aside, Bermuda is a far better venue for sailing than Dan Diego.

      • Black Soil says:

        And if Dan Diego wants to win another America’s Cup they would do well to disassociate themselves from that ******** Malin Burnham.

    • strike fund says:

      How do you know what we are charging and what we are giving away?

  2. ….Surely you jest. says:

    Can’t wait to find out just what we’re giving away for them to come here. Then let’s see what song you all are singing.

    • justin says:

      Don’t hate because you know the PLP could never pull something like this off. African Diaspora Trail anyone? Faith Based Tourism? Lmao!!!!

      • @ justin and all others who may agree with him please, on behalf of all Bermudians stop it! This isn’t a time to be writing negative remarks; this is the time we must bury the hatchet and move forward together for the benefit of all…

        • mixitup says:

          I guess it would be the coldest day of the season for me to actually agree with Ray Raymond. Give it a break Justin, PLPers are Bermudians also, everyone would like the best outcome for this event. We can in-fight on many things, but when it comes to portraying to the World a Unified Front…Let’s use this to do so.

        • justin says:

          Ray, I take your point but I’d also like to point out that the negativity began with ….surely you jest. People like that probably didn’t complain one bit about spending money on Beyonce, but are going to shoot something down immediately when they don’t even have a clue about what is included in Bermuda’s proposal. I’m sorry for stoking fire to the negative comment but I feel it is important to remind people of the shenanigans that happened not so long ago. The OBA in only their 2nd year are delivering on a number of their promises made to the people of Bermuda and I believe that makes some people upset. Peace.

      • ….Surely you jest. says:

        Forget what i say….find one host country that broke even, never mind made a profit, from hosting this event. When you do, let us all know. And the only one to mention politics is you, which shows what this is really about for you and so many others.

        • Cleancut says:

          There is no comparison between Bermuda and the other host cities, We are an island, and the buck stops here. Other cities cannot capture 100% of the business if revenues are distributed around the state and the country as a whole.

        • justin says:

          If San Diego was losing money, why do you think they are fighting so hard to host this thing again? Hello!!!

        • Build a Better Bermuda says:

          The comparison of how much money is spent to how much it makes is a narrow view on what is gained, the other factors like the publicity value, additional payroll taxes pulled in from increased employment, how much many extra visitors come, how much extra is spent in local retail off the America’s Cup, how much extra is spent in local restaurants and numerous other factors are often hard to fully calculate into the equation. When it all rounds down, if we pull this off it will be a coup for the local economy, businesses and our reputation as a world class destination.

      • Seriously??!! says:

        @justin…Why must EVERYTHING be so POLITICAL??!! Personally…I am SO sick and tired of the political antics of BOTH sides!! If indeed this comes to Bermuda, (and by the sound of it, it will) this is a great opportunity for the COUNTRY; not the OBA/PLP or any other acronym out there…SO STOP perpetuating the NONSENSE!!

    • Sooooo says:

      Surely you jest. What we may or may not be giving away isn’t important.. what is important is the fact that Bermuda will receive a substantial monetary boost in a number of ways.. most importantly JOBS… Construction of at least 3 new hotels (Morgans Point and Lantana would 2 of them) along with other buildings, berths and slips needed to support the races. Not to mention the airport.

      These new hotels will need to be staffed..

      Even if in the long run Bermuda loses a bit (we have every year on the PGA) the exposure the island will get will be invaluable.

  3. High road says:

    Sour grapes

  4. C says:

    your right sore loser. Someone needs to write these people a letter and educate them on how our tax system works. We are certainly no tax haven for anybody. Bermudians will step out to the plate in 2017 and show these a holes we got what it takes starting with our hospitality. Well done to those who worked very hard to win this event. Can’t wait.

    • strike fund says:

      I think it will be great for Bermuda, but lets not pretend our tax laws are moral.

      • Toodle-oo says:

        Our tax laws are not moral compared to what ?
        We’ve got every tax under the sun including income tax x’s 2 .
        The only tax we don’t have by name is corporate profit tax which is the only/main international companies choose to come here.

      • Our tax laws are over one hundred years old and were not put in place to accommodate re-insurance companies. They found us.

    • skinnydipper says:

      C I am with you write these people a letter. They don’t know our sailing history calling us a “non sailing objective”. Does he not know most of the European sailed by way of Bermuda to get to America. Does he not know the triangle design sail was introduced to America from the Bermuda sloop. Does he not know Bermuda was the sailing meca of the 1600, 1700 and even the 1800′s and even today Bermuda is still a major sailing stop for transit sail boats in the Atlantic.if this country has a non sailing objective how did people get off this island from 1503 when Bermudaz first sighted this island until the first passenger plan was invented. I am not as much insulted by being called a tax haven as his comment about our sailing. But yes he is a sore losers.

  5. Allspice says:

    Talk about a poor loser and no self respect.
    These people who are complaining are merely making conjectures about what was offered. In other words they made it up. How do free room nights in San Diego add up to tax breaks in Bermuda? I’ll tell you. They don’t.

    Nice work our team. Sorry the other guys demonstrated absolutely no class.

  6. biggadon says:

    this will soon become one of those events that no one wants to host because of the crazy demands they put on the host city kinda like the world cup and Olympics after its all said and done the host city has nothing to show for it because they have had to comp damn near everything…..oh well I hope we fare well…bring it on !

  7. Truth is killin' me... says:

    LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!AMERICA’S CUP IN BERMY BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!GET OVER IT SAN DIEGO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. In-spite of the fact it hasn’t been publicly / officially confirmed that the event will be taking place here in Bermuda in 2017, it does sound promising.(Are we “putting the cart before the horse”?)
    In the event this is true then this is the time for Bermudians to start preparing for such an event.I had read positive suggestions in reference to opportunities that will come here along with the Americas Cup e.g.the amount of boats and people requiring services and accommodations All the boats anchored off will appreciate delivery services from the mainland restaurants, fueling stations and grocery stores. This will be truly an opportunity for a few to put some $ in their pockets by running shuttle and delivery services to and fro.

  9. Truth be Told says:

    Malin Burnham your talking out the side of your mouth. You have no idea how Bermuda works. If on December 2nd Bermuda wins the Americas Cup,,UP YOURS !!!

  10. Triangle Drifter says:

    Ever gracious in defeat. A shame.

  11. Elaine Faber says:

    Rather than attempting to attack the San Diego article or defend Bermuda’s position, let’s turn our attention to whether Bermuda has the financial ability to host this event without going back into the market to raise funds via a sovereign bond. Sounds ridiculous or you will run to pour COLD water on my assertion? Then why, with an economy in a mightier position than Bermuda San Diego barked at the excessive “freebies” to billionaires?

    Are we (the average Bermudian) being squeezed mercilessly to rub shoulders with billionaires? Are we this desperate to have this brand (Americas Cup)on our shores that we are prepared to plunge our economy farther into debt? Sadly, yes.

    There is a certain underline principle here that I just cannot grasp, we, ultimately pay for this event since the billionaires will NOT be paying their way for it sporting event, yet we have NO knowledge of what we are paying for? The average Bermudian by way of our public coffers will have money will flow out of our coffers it like wine, but there is NO guarantee that it will come back in. And IF it does not, be prepared for draconian austerity measures to rebound.

    Why isn’t SAGE in the Throne Speech as a government initiative? Because all hands are needed on deck and that is your ONLY reprieve civil servants, you are no longer needed.

    And if this is ALL good, and Bermudians go along and roll this dice without seeing the BIG picture of both the upside and the downside, then whatever happens to our economy, please DO NOT end up like the OBA bloggers, bitter whiners and whingers AFTER the Auditor General’s gives us the final report.

    A pre-celebratory congratulations Bermuda and may it be one of the most memorable experiences in your history.

    • Bullseye says:

      “Are we (the average Bermudian) being squeezed mercilessly to rub shoulders with billionaires? Are we this desperate to have this brand (Americas Cup)on our shores that we are prepared to plunge our economy farther into debt? Sadly, yes.”

      You do not know what you are talking about. It seems you just wanted to take a potshot at OBA supporters “DO NOT end up like the OBA bloggers, bitter whiners and whingers”

      That was just mean and uncalled for in this context.

      • Valirie Marcia Akinstall says:

        Is this your fall back position? My comments are mean?

        When have YOU see or heard this government minister hold a press conference to answer questions about the Americas Cup?

        Why are we hearing the details from the foreign media on tax free concessions? There is virtually a media blackout from within Bermuda.

        Where are you living, have your read your OBA supporters comments? One cannot ask a question without a drone attack of bitter nonsense about the PLP era and the public purse. MOVE ON!

        Have you seen many, many, posts asking what is happening with funding for the Americas Cup? Has anyone responded BUT OBA supporters about the PLP – deflection at its peak.

        All information coming to Bermudians is via the international media than from the government minister himself.

        And you call it mean. I call personal attacks mean, but than I’ve witnessed those from that camp with a vengeance.

        Bullseye, are you merely changing tactic because I’m not buying your sincerity.

        • Rhonnie aka BlueFamiliar says:

          I understand the concern about what concession Bermuda may have offered in their bid and what actual money may have been offered. It’s something I’d like to know. But so far as I understand everyone involved is under a non-disclosure agreement. And we don’t know how long that agreement may be in effect.

          Obviously the Government thought whatever the money/concessions were, the benefit of having the America’s Cup here more than balanced out the cost. And they do say that you have to spend money to make money.

          I tend to agree, and apparently quite a few places thought such things were worth a great deal as well, including San Diego, for all the sour grapes that seem to be in the media at the moment.

          The US will talk a lot about tax concessions, because of their exorbitant tax system, what they might consider concessions could actual be standard operating procedure for us. Just a thought.

          Do I have a problem rubbing shoulders with billionaires? Nope. I’m certain most of them are perfectly nice people. I’m just a little regretful that some of it wouldn’t rub off. ~chuckles~ If it all brings great attention to Bermuda, if it shows that Bermuda can handle major events in it’s stride, if it gives Bermudians jobs, and brings more people to our shores to put more money into our economy, so much better, you know?

          Will there be downsides to the hosting? I’m certain there will be, but I’m going to continue to have faith and optimism both in our Government and in Bermudians in general, that we can make this great, and that we will benefit far more than we might suffer to host this amazing event.

        • Bullseye says:

          uuuhhh. My fallback position? I don’t know what that means in this context for I would have to state a position to fall back on one, but ok, and you are now commenting on apparently your own comment but under a different pen name??? are you serious? I don’t need caps to see that now Elaine Faber and Valerie Marcia Akinstall are in fact the same person. Wow. “Bullseye, are you merely changing tactic because I’m not buying your sincerity.” Uhhhh I didnt change a tactic at all, but you changed names…..
          You do not address the facts at all addressing this event even the non-disclosure agreement which prevents the Govt from saying anything. Totally laughable. Go ahead and create new names for I copied this before you can delete it. These names you have created have lost all credibility.

      • Commodore JB of BBIRYC says:

        My good man, relax and enjoy that Bermuda will be host to some of the most elite atheletes around. Yachting at this prestegious level is truly a billionaires sport but even the common folk will reap benefits. My yacht club will be pushing to expand and broaden our membership base and this event is a fine reason to do so. On that note, I wish all of Bermuda the best and our club shall commence talks with marsec very soon to hash out the logistics of supporting such a fine event.

    • Trulytruly says:

      Glad your not running the island. Thanks for your bold vision OBA. The economic impact on bermuda will be nothing less than transformative. For those who can’t accept the synergies of this initiative need to take off their blinders. Trickle down on an islandwide scale. Come back in 2018 and tell me trickle down doesn’t work. No one will listen to you because the whole island will have experienced it.

      • Valirie Marcia Akinstall says:

        You want Bermudians to take their blinders off.

        Yes, you need the PLP and BIU’s goodwill NOW.

        So, your tune MUST change.

        Money changes everything – you life in full bloom now.

        • Triangle Drifter says:

          Actually no, they don’t need to suck up to the union. Quite the opposite. The union needs to suck up to them.

          The event is based on private property. The whole thing will be self contained for the average support person. It is really not much different than a road crew in a remote place. In effect they set up a temporary town with everything from accomodations to a clinic. This is serious business. These people will not be here to play.

          From Morgans Point you can get to any of the accomodation propertys easier by boat. They won’t really need taxis. For a few months there will be a demand for water taxis. Fast ones. Skippered by people who will be available 24/7 not when they feel like it.

    • Cleancut says:

      We have 100% faith in this government that this tournament will be successful and profitable for Bermuda as well.
      There is no way that this government will be throwing money away just to put Bermuda on the Americas Cup map.

      • Mr. JiF says:

        “There is no way that this government will be throwing money away just to put Bermuda on the Americas Cup map.”

        There is no way … You can be certain about the above statement.

  12. Coffee says:

    And by then we’ll have a brand new $200ml.airport with built in bathrooms and a fast ferry shuttle to move the tens of thousands of air visitors expected !!!


  13. Street Smart says:

    Bermuda Customs and Immigration, should be on the look for Staff writer of UT San Diego, and ban her from our shores!! If our laws were based on U.S. law, we could give her a dose of American medicine, where we can sue her for slander!!
    What some under-educated Americans MUST learn, is the simple fact that we are NOT a tax haven!! Their tax system is so complicated, they are under the FALSE impression that we are.
    But anyway, my hat is off to the selection committee, who indeed made a great choice!!!!

    • Strike fund says:

      Why MUST they learn it?

      Maybe you are under-educated in the difference between slander and libel.

  14. Voter (original) says:

    We all need to pull our socks up and raise our game to make sure this goes off smoothly.

  15. foolishness says:

    I hope another gonzalo don’t pass through …

  16. Bermuda, a word of advice. Pass a fricking bill that DOES NOT ALLOW that fool from BIU to strike during the Americas Cup……. Can you damn imagine? Oh he will love the publicity…..

  17. haha says:

    “If it goes to Bermuda, it’s going to a place for non-sailing objectives.”

    prolly been sailin longer than people in San Diego…boo hoo

  18. X says:

    Call me cynical, but I reckon this has been leaked on purpose – I bet this is jumping the gun … I have a feeling it will not come to Bermuda – sadly.

  19. Wayne Ebbin says:

    If the Americans would actually read their constitution, they would realize that there is no law that requires them to pay taxes. Boston tea party comes to mind.