Digicel: Free 10 Mins Long Distance For Holidays

December 17, 2014

Digicel Bermuda today [Dec 17] added to its Christmas line-up free long distance calls for prepaid customers, saying they wish to “further highlight the premise ‘Together We Make Christmas Better’.”

The special promotion launched today [Dec 17] and will run through January 16th 2015, offering prepaid customers the option to get ten free international voice minutes on calls to six destinations – USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, Portugal/Azores and Philippines.

Alistair Beak, CEO of Digicel Bermuda states, “As Bermuda’s leading mobile provider, we’re always looking to deliver on our promise of best value, especially during the holiday season.

“Those prepaid customers who enjoy staying in touch with loved ones overseas at this time of year, now have the opportunity to call popular destinations and talk three times longer since basically they can talk for fifteen minutes and pay only for five.”

“To activate the free minutes, prepaid customers simply need to opt in at no cost via short code *251#. Then, upon making a five minute call to a featured destination, the next ten minutes of that call will be free. The cycle repeats so a thirty minute call would see a full twenty minutes free, etc.

“The Digicel Prepaid Free Long Distance promotion joins other offers currently in market for holiday savings: Digicel Home Internet – Free Apple TV with 6 months of Netflix included; Digicel Postpaid Samsung Smartphone Sale; Digicel Prepaid DL Smartphone with 1 month free data; and the 12 Days of Christmas Specials.”

“Visit www.digicelbermuda.com for full details pertaining to Digicel’s Christmas campaign.”

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  1. Family Man says:

    And if they drop your call after four minutes ….

  2. Me says:

    Thank you!

  3. Just my 2 cents says:

    What will I ever do with 10 whole minutes of long distance during the holidays… Oh right, nothing… The service does not work in my home. VoIP seems a better option, then I dont have to watch the clock on my LD minutes.

  4. Umm.... says:

    They obviously know that their prepaid customers talk less than 5 minutes on the phone to those places. So to try and squeeze more money out of you, they offer you a carrot after you cross a paid amount that you normally wouldn’t reach. Nice try, Digicel. I’ll stick to Skype where I can actually see the person.