Video: Nahki Wells Scores In Huddersfield Win

December 28, 2014

[Updated with video] Huddersfield Town finished 2014 with a win as strikes from Jacob Butterfield and Bermuda’s Nahki Wells earned them a 2-1 win over Bolton Wanderers today [Dec 28].

In describing Wells goal, the Club’s website said, “A clearance was smartly blocked by Jonathon Hogg deep in Bolton’s final third, who rolled the ball through to Nahki Wells, who was already in full-flight.

“Wells then evaded both central defenders before whipping the ball past ‘keeper Lonergan to give Town the lead after 84 minutes.”

After the match, Huddersfield Manager Chris Powell said, “Our response and reaction to conceding the opener was first class and we deservedly got the equaliser.

“Until then it looked like things weren’t happening for us, but we were getting in the final third, balls into the box and working their ‘keeper. Eventually Jacob Butterfield came up with a sublime finish, which I thought we deserved.

“You name 18 players and it’s a 14 man game; subs always make a difference. Today Nahki came on and does what he does best; he took his goal really well.”

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  1. Squirt says:

    Nahki needs to move on. That damn coach loves to bench him too much. Every coach has their favorite players and Nahki isnt one of his. True he missed a few chances recently but what striker dont go through a bad spell.

    Well done mate

    • Sailor says:

      He is part of a team and as part of a team he sits bench sometimes. A coach uses the bench to inspire players to give more to the team. Even Ryan Giggs played bench under SAF at Man Utd. Let’s not forget that they also play a lot of games this time of the year so effective use of the bench, as seen today, is a way to rest players and win games

  2. Congratulation…once again Nahki :-)

  3. Onion Soup says:

    Yaaay, Nahki !! Well done….

  4. mj says:

    Nahki you still da men!give them a hat trick next time see if they say “bench’! moms and furby soo proud of you keep up great work!

    • Squirt says:

      He dont play long enough for hattrick. I honesty say the coach Powell is trying to stunt his growth by benching him. Maybe his jealous bcuz he is a great talent. But a foreign talent…

      • Creamy says:

        His first goal in two months. He was lucky he got played at all.

      • Tank Rain says:

        Yeah…the coach is probably “jealous”. Makes perfect sense

      • hmmm says:

        Nahki needs to find out what makes hs coach tick i.e. what makes his coach choose the players he does in terms of the coaches aims for the team performance and adapt his game to meet the coaches needs better than any other forward in the squad.

        He need to ask his coach exactly what his coach wants him to do so he earns the starting berth. Then do it, but better than the coach could have imagined. Also ask the coach what he is doing wrong , so that he can eliminate that from his perfomance.

        If he waits for the coach to tell him, he’ll fade into obscurity.
        If he fails to do what is asked of him, then he’ll fade into obscurity.

  5. Video says:

    Highlights of the game –

  6. BlessYourHeart says: Link for the match highlights & goal from nahki

  7. Dread says:

    Great stuff Nahki!

  8. Nigel Spider says:

    Nihki’s coach is a dreamer. A big one at that!