Opinion: Is Democracy A Myth In A Colony?

January 26, 2015

[Opinion column written by John H. Holdipp III]

This is a loaded question which may irritate or alter your opinion of the facts. As I near the completion of my first stint as a Councillor in one of the municipalities, that being the Corporation of Hamilton, I have been analyzing the above question. “ Is democracy a myth in a colony?” Perhaps to bring it home – Is Democracy A Myth in Bermuda?

At each level of legislation ruling, we have seen actions that define otherwise.

From the top – we have the Governor George Fergusson, who will have the lifelong title of refusing to support the majority view of legislators in Bermuda by not addressing real inquiries of closure for the Tucker’s Town theft of land from mostly Black Bermudians.

Governor Fergusson than added salt to the wound of Bermudians by repeatedly rolling over the English born DPP –Rory Fields – multiple times to the anguish of many Bermudians including the Premier, Opposition Leader, Learnered Practitioners and a wide array of locals and residents, refusing to install a Qualified Bermudian.

Then we have the Government and the Opposition – Does democracy still exist in the party system, we have seen so much credence directed at the respective leaders and their surrounding council, we almost forget there are backbenchers who do not honour us by talking of their viewpoints on issues. They are also collecting a paycheck as representatives of the people, is it wrong to expect that they too speak of why they support or reject supporting specific issues.

In the present atmosphere Bermudians are being exploited and ridiculed for their cultural foundations. It is our right to appreciate who we are, what we believe, and our values. Yet we have so many foreign cultures embracing our island home, persons in authority positions and foreign nationals demand we ignore and overlook our historic standards for imported ideals of contrary thinking.

In order to secure the future of Bermuda with their ideals, they are being corralled in quick order to become a part of our Bermudian status holders. This breeds the question – is democracy a myth in Bermuda particularly for Bermudians?

- John H. Holdipp III


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Comments (7)

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  1. Sandgrownan says:


  2. JAYBIRD says:

    Rambling jibberish…

  3. PBanks says:

    Having objective observations when you’re a known supporter of a political party is a myth, at least.

  4. serengeti says:

    Thankfully we can vote against nutcases, Mr Holdipp.

  5. JUNK YARD DOG says:

    Hey ! As you sit on the wall and complain.

    You forgot to include the National debt ,Airport, Education , the Queens highway, Street lighting, Buss service ,the Causeway the weather and the bridge to no where.

  6. X man says:

    Democracy is alive and well on Bermuda.– it just that there are things in a Democracry that people don’t like
    because everybody gets to have there say and make opinions that some may not like.
    [1] The best example is the Unions and how it works for the masses of underprivileged workers in Bermuda.– lets face it
    many privileged people hate the Unions because it is able to excercise its right to protest.
    [2] There are those who would like to get rid of the Radio talk shows because it exposes a lot.– many say to much!
    [3] I’m sure that many a person in power would like to curb what is said in the on line Media and TV also.
    [4] I know for certain that there are people out there the PLP and the OBA that would like to stop those that make controversial political opinions.

    Democracy could be a very difficult thing to deal with — but ‘would the average person living in Bermuda prefer a govt. like
    North Korea or what we have to deal with today.

  7. SaxeCoburgGotha says:

    Democracy, where majority rule can impose its will on the minority, does not apply to the Bermudas.It is not an independent country although it is in and a part of the Americas. As such do not hope for acts of self determination until status is corrected. It is owned by the Crown or more specifically the City.