Photos: Plane Diverts, Two Passengers Arrested

April 12, 2015

[Updated with video] A Thomson Airways flight heading to Mexico diverted to Bermuda’s LF Wade International Airport today [April 12], and was greeted by a number of police officers, with at least half a dozen police vehicles visible on scene as of this writing.

The Boeing 787-8 departed Gatwick Airport in London this morning heading to Cancun International Airport in Mexico, and touched down in Bermuda this afternoon.

Police and Bermuda Fire & Rescue personnel met the aircraft at the terminal,with at least one police officer seen boarding the plane. Further details are limited, however we will update as able.

Update 2.15pm: Police Media Manager Dwayne Caines confirmed that the flight diverted to the island as a result of an unruly passenger[s] who was taken off the plane and is now in police custody.

Update 5.17pm: A police spokesperson said, “Around 12:55pm on Sunday, April 12th police officers responded to a report of two disruptive passengers on a diverted Thomson Airways flight landing at L.F. Wade International Airport.

“The two male passengers involved were subsequently escorted off the plane and taken into police custody. The Thomson aircraft was apparently en route from London, U.K. to Cancun, Mexico.”

Thomson Airways Plane Bermuda, April 12 2015-2

airline divert april 2015 (4)

airline divert april 2015 (9)

airline divert april 2015 (5)

airline divert april 2015 (2)

airline divert april 2015 (3)

Update 2.47pm: At least one person was seen being put in a police car, and the police officers are now leaving the airport area.

airline divert april 2015 (6)

airline divert april 2015 (8)

airline divert april 2015 (1)

Update 3.20pm: The plane has now left Bermuda

airline divert april 2015 (7)

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  1. Onion says:

    Is this the first time a 787 has landed in Bermuda?

    • Karma says:

      I’m fairly certain it is…would love to fly in one of those; they’re stunning!

      • Karma says:

        Oops…I stand corrected. There was a Norwegian Airlines 787 that stopped in August of last year with a sick passenger…

      • Triangle Drifter says:

        Beautiful aircraft. Saw one doing touch & go,s at Boeing field WA. a few years ago. Also did the Boeing plant tour.

        WOW! Just WOW for the experience.

        • BDA Aviation Fan says:

          Agreed! Beautiful jet! Just did my Boeing tour at Everett in February. Don’t get your hopes up, this jet’s seating capacity is too large for BDA’s average load factors. British Airways could use it during the “off season” as it’s capacity is less that the 777. I’ve flown on the 787 twice, it is definitely my “current” favorite aircraft to fly on. But I will see the A350 next month in Toulouse, so I may change my mind.

      • moonshine says:

        Hi, this is the third B787 to divert here.

    • Dat_bie says:

      No I believe there was another one which came last year.

    • Bermy says:

      No this is the 4th 787 to divert

    • Street Smart says:

      This is the second Dreamliner to land here. The first one, was a Austrian Airways, also had to divert to drop a passenger in need of medical assistance.

  2. Just Curious says:

    Heard it was two passengers fighting.

  3. done says:

    If I’m on a long flight like that and have to divert off course because of some idiot(s) I would be some kind of p%%s##d off !

    • Ruthless says:

      It most likely flys right over the top of us on route to Cancun. Not much of a diversion

      • mixitup says:

        Oh really? Add up the costs..then say it’s not ‘much’ of a diversion. You are talking about thousands in landing fees, thousands in fuel costs,(likely had to dump Gallons of fuel before landing then refuel again ). ground handling costs etc.

        • Timothy Hickey says:

          It was 2 disruptive passengers! Why do you think they would have to dump the fuel before landing? They only do that if it is an equipment emergency!

          • Flower Power says:

            negative, fuel dumps are usually for landing weight restrictions and or emergencies

          • mixitup says:

            These two geniuses… they dump fuel not only for emergency landings. A fuel dump is needed because the landing weight of the aircraft would have been far too heavy. When they departed the UK, the calculation of fuel put on board would have them having burn the exact amount needed to have the proper weight upon arrival in Cancun. The unintended diversion to BDA would have meant that the plane had 3 hours (flying time from bermuda-cancun) of fuel that should have been burned off but wasn’t, making the plane overweight for landing. An overweight aircraft can be severely damaged(cracked) when landing too heavy.
            This is why they would have dumped fuel.

        • Triangle Drifter says:

          Never mind inconvenience of a combined time of hundreds of hours wasted for passengers & crew.

          Hope the two morons are sued for costs.

    • Street Smart says:

      Well said!!!

  4. Sherlene says:

    Who pays 4 this while he is in Bermuda?

    • s says:

      Reciprocal agreement with the UK for Bermudians that get arrested there. There have been many!

  5. Raw Onion says:

    I just dont like how much those wings bend during flight. Kinda makes me nervous about the 787.

    • Bermy says:

      roughly 26 feet of flex

    • Computer Guy says:

      The way their designed in general, the flex more than older aircraft wings but in general, the amount of flex that the things are under during flight is nowhere near their tolerance limits. They have to put under some serious pressure before they buckle. Would never happen under normal flight conditions.

  6. bermy onion says:

    The hazard of traveling on a cheap package holiday . . . YOBS!

    • Tony says:

      I would like to know what your idea of cheap is. It cost me £5k for 2 people for 1 week in Mexico on a package!!!

  7. Raymond Ray says:

    This is a reason why flight attendants should monitor,(keep record)of how much alcohol is severed to a certain individual, especially when on long flights :-( (May I also mention another fact.) There are obviously countless flights from around the world that travel over Bermuda so why is it so damn difficult to get a few more flights,(airlines)to come to balmy Bermuda?

    • JRD says:

      Its the cost to fly here, Bermuda is still know as a premium destination with limited resources for airlines, ask why Bermuda doesn’t have its own airline – it’ll be the same reasons.

    • Arthur - Atlanta says:

      Really…..monitoring how much a person drinks! With 3-4 flight attendants and 240 -300+ passengers, that would be quite a record keeping task considering cross checking with all the attendants to see if they served the same person etc.. How would a flight attendant even know when each person has reached their drinking limit? Some people go quiet and some get noisy and some show no change. Add to the fact that some people drink before they get on board the plane and some bring their own bottles aboard, just one or two drinks could put them over the limit. Also take into account that they are also serving food,coffee, tea, fetching pillows and doing a dozen other things that we are not aware of, so the monitoring passenger drinks is laughable.

  8. Terry says:

    What do you get when you have two drunken people (maybe one) on a long flight and their from UK.


  9. glendabermuda says:

    No vaca for you!

  10. shawn x says:

    umm who said sumbody was drunk? i missed that

    • Terry says:

      Well they sure weren’t fighting over a seat or pretzels…………………

  11. TV Epsiode: Bermuda's Freindlist Prison says:

    Locked Abroad….. Im sure they have seen that show a few times. Now they are living it.

  12. Skink says:

    Thomson would be a great charter to fly to Bermuda. They fly to Barbados all the time I was made to understand from YouTube videos. Mostly 777′s.

    • Terry says:

      But remember Skink British Airways has the Route on tickets too and from not Thompson.

      Big difference.

  13. Terry says:

    And now the latest Police release says that two men are in custody.

    I need a rum.

    • Raymond Ray says:

      @ Terry: Mount Gay or Black Seal? :-)

    • Billy de Kidd says:

      I heard that after the initial two, sometime later a third was also removed. I wasn’t there so can not be sure.

  14. Gary says:

    Whatever it was they won’t be charged, but let go with a slap on the wrist. Including an all expense paid trip to cancun courtesy of the Bermuda Government.

    • Bermy says:

      Negative they will be charged, fined but not released from custody until they show paperwork taking them back to the country of origin at there own costs

  15. Sally says:

    BA are the only British airline to fly to Bermuda they own all the slots..I have been 6 times with them and it is an amazing little Island. It is also extremely expensive to stay there, no deals to be had at all no all inclusives and it tends to be room only.. It could never be compared to most other carribean Islands and the ruination of it would be to let a charter flight in..

    • Raymond Ray says:

      B.A. may have the route from Great Britain to Bermuda but, what became of the flights that B.A. had years ago when one could board a flight in England and disembark in Panama after stopping here in Bermuda to allow them visiting or coming home do so? Them same flights would then continue onto it’s other destinations e.g. Nassua, Jamaica,(Montego Bay and Kingston)
      This had provided others,(especially many Bermudians)an opportunity to fly directly to the Caribbean Islands without having to travel into U.S.A. (where may I also mentioned aren’t permitted entry for various reason but mostly, narcotics charges) These same B.A, flights returning to England often carried people stopping here in Bermuda allowing many an opportunity to visit, others returning home.
      It’s time to reintroduce this / these flights or alternatively, have some other airline traveling from Germany and other European countries to ‘pick-up on the slack”.

  16. swing voter says:

    can’t take them out. don’t know how to behave. stick to brawling in the terraces lads.

  17. sandy jones says:

    Probably had a few in the North terminal before they boarded the plane.

  18. Onion says:

    First: time ever a DreamLiner has landed in Bermuda.

    • Mc says:

      Nope, Norweigian Airways 787 came here this summer in August.

  19. tom cooke says:

    Drunken offs on one of my planes… I wish…having just got back on island and traveled are not going to get drunk cuz they are stingy now with there alcohol. ..guess they don’t want what happened here…

  20. tit for tat says:

    Reciprocal agreement with the UK. Same way they look after Bermudians arrested in the UK! There have been many!

  21. Truth is killin' me... says:

    Man City and and a Man U supporter. Finished watching the game in the cell!

  22. Yes I says:

    Beautiful bird, but definitely not the first time one of it’s kind has touched down. Thompson and other charter flight wouldn’t come to BDA because we aren’t in the right price range for the clientele which these airlines serve. Another reason that Virgin doesn’t come here. FYI, BA doesn’t own all the slots, they’re just the only ones who fly here.

  23. malcolm says:

    My wife and I was on this flight and now thankfully enjoying our holiday in Mexico these two morons wasn’t actually fighting they was abusing fellow passengers and Thompson crew and one was even messing about with the emergency exit. After the landing in Bermuda the police boarded the aircraft and arrested the two culprits with a loud cheer from the passengers the pilot decided to do this because this could have ended up being a very dangerous situation . And I take my heart of to the pilot and crew for handling this incident superbly.hopefully this is the last time they will ever fly again for a very long while.all I can say is well done Thompson. ..