Norwegian Dawn & Breakaway Time Change

July 23, 2015

Two cruise ships, the Norwegian Dawn and the Norwegian Breakaway, have had their schedules changed for the remainder of the cruise season, with two hour differences in arrival and departure times, respectively.

Norwegian Breakawayl, Dockyard Bermuda May 15 2013-17

A government spokesperson said, “The Ministry of Transport is advising the following cruise ship schedule change for the remainder of the cruise ship season.

“The Norwegian Dawn will now arrive at 1 pm instead of 11 am and the Norwegian Breakaway will now depart at 3 pm and not 5 pm.”

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  1. Commie Comrad says:

    And what is the reason for these time changes? I hope it is not due to any negativity?

  2. steve says:

    ?? Got the email today. .. on the BA on last sailing???? Why???

  3. Miz Boots says:

    Personally, they should change the times to spend a little more time in Bermuda. When the Dawn docks on a Sunday, its already going to be 1pm. By the time customs clears and people get out, things are closed or have been closed due to being a Sunday. I think if we are going to get “shorted” one way that NCL should make it up and at least give another day in Bermuda. Not sure what they are doing but they are going to start losing people’s business.

  4. Kim says:

    This harderly seems fair I hope with the sudden changes passengers should get some sort of rebursement . Too late to get a refund to go to another vacation location. Visiting Bermuda will never be the same.

    • Robert says:

      Yeah and they didn’t say that the Breakaway will also arrive at their port Canaveral excursion at 1 p.m. Instead of 8 a.m. on their 01 Nov cruise. The last tour at Kennedy Space Center is 2:30 p.m.! I won’t spend over $100 and not get to see much of the space center!

      I understand this is the port managers decision. Still we should get something from NCL for the disruption.

  5. somuchless says:

    Most if not all the ships in their fleet are having their port times changed.

  6. M Sanfore says:

    I think the new CEO is trying to get more money on the ship. Bermuda is one place people like to stay and swim site see and shop and spend less time on the ship SO they think we will spend it on the ship. I think people should stop buying anything on ship all day Sunday. Thats almost 3 hours we miss on land….

  7. R Carrier says:

    Times are being changed by Bermuda Dept of Transportation. Has nothing to do with NCL. They are making channel room for Cup Races and will probably be in affect until after Cup Races in 2017.

    • somuchless says:

      That’s false info. Read what I wrote earlier today.

    • Robert says:

      The Breakaway 01 Nov cruise has had it’s arrival at port Canaveral on 03 Nov moved two times from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. and now to 1 pm with no logical reason it can’t be port Canaveral making the change! Passengers can’t go to Kennedy Space Center that late. I will stay onboard. It’s my birthday!

  8. carlos ortiz says:

    Don’t like this change and we also lose time in Bermuda :( ! 7 yrs in a row I have gone to Bermuda and booked for next year. Need to find out if I can cancel rather take a plane and spend more time in Bermuda. Some time change is BAD you changed a lot of things already in the two year on the Norwegian Dawn .