“Prep Rally” Planned For America’s Cup Racing

October 6, 2015

The City of Hamilton and the Bermuda Tourism Authority [BTA] invite the public to an October 12th “prep rally” to get the Island fired up for the Louis Vuitton America’s Cup World Series.

“The high-profile, international sailing event will thrust Bermuda onto the world stage with sailing race action airing on NBC Sports Network in the United States and other territories around the world,” the BTA said.

“We’re calling it a prep rally because we want everyone to feel fully prepared for what’s coming, ready to roll out the red carpet and ready to show off the amazingly warm hospitality Bermuda is famous for,” said BTA CEO Bill Hanbury. “We’re excited to unveil Bermuda to a new generation of travellers.”

AC Prep Rally Flyer_Final

Hamilton’s Mayor Charles Gosling said: “The City of Hamilton is thrilled to play host to the America’s Cup Event Village in less than two weeks. Bermuda’s beautiful capital city will be front and centre on the world stage and the exposure for Bermuda on a global scale will be immeasurable.

“Next week’s rally will serve to inform, excite and encourage all Bermudians to come and play our part in this very special experience, one which will showcase our island paradise at its best.”

The BTA added, “Although the primary focus is on preparing persons on the frontline of the visitor experience – like transport, hotel, restaurant and retail workers – the entire public is welcome to attend the rally on the steps of City Hall. School children are also welcome. The event is called “America’s Cup Prep Rally: Ready for the World Stage” and is being hosted jointly by the City of Hamilton and the Bermuda Tourism Authority.

“Bermuda-based America’s Cup sponsors and partners have been invited to participate in the rally and many have enthusiastically accepted the invitation and plan to bring their staff.

“Appleby, Butterfield Bank, Butterfield & Vallis, Gosling’s, Hamilton Princess and PwC are among the brands that are already planning to send contingents to the rally. Staff from the America’s Cup Event Authority and America’s Cup Bermuda are also expected to participate.

“A live DJ, giveaways and a celebration of local vendors participating in the “Our Bermuda” Festival and Event Village are planned. Local performers from the America’s Cup Jam presented by Fidelity have been requested to play a role as well. Important pre-event details will be shared with the crowd.

“The America’s Cup Prep Rally: Ready for the World Stage” will take place October 12, 2015 from 4:00 pm to 4:30 pm.

“The Bermuda Tourism Authority is an official partner of the America’s Cup and requests people attending the rally use #RaceToBermuda on social media to share their excitement with visitors coming to Bermuda for the Louis Vuitton America’s Cup World Series October 16th – 18th.”

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Comments (42)

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  1. Whattsapnin says:

    Great! Lets all get out there and wave our flags and show our support for this fabulous event! Go BDA!

  2. smh says:


  3. JAWS says:

    “America’s Cup Prep Rally: Ready for the World Stage” will take place October 12, 2015 from 4:00 pm to 4:30 pm.”

    Ahhh is that not working hours for the majority of us? Why not have it Saturday October 10th during the day or evening!

    • Because its not a “majority of us” event.

      • Will says:

        Onion juice instead of complaining here why don’t you go somewhere were you are the majority? But it’s my guess you wouldn’t want to and reality is they probably don’t want you either.

  4. Jr Smith says:

    whooopty woo…

  5. just me says:

    The $$ will dwindle down to us all…..Our America’s cup family of people will rent homes, possibly hire house-keepers, baby sitters, send the kiddies to private schools, visit our restaurants, buy a car, take taxis when having a glass of wine or two, shop in Hamilton, Somerset, Dockyard and St. George. Buy groceries and items at the hardware stores…..this money will dwindle down to you and me via avenues we have not really thought of. The Taxi driver will make some $$ and be able to shop for items needed, the restaurant staff will make tips and be able to buy something truly needed.
    The housekeeper will have a few extra dollars to spend and so on and so on…….we will all profit in one way or another…via bringing more tourists to the island ..or……even if it is only to meet a new friend. So open your hearts and arms to the America’s cup family one and all and show them what Bermudian hospitality is really like. THE PEOPLE OF BERMUDA AND OUR LITTLE ISLAND WILL BE SEEN WORLD WIDE..SO BIG SMILES EVERYONE.

    • smh says:

      Lofl jokes

    • sage says:

      Dwindle down, double negative. dwindle |ˈdwindl| verb [ no obj. ]
      diminish gradually in size, amount, or strength: traffic has dwindled to a trickle | (as adj. dwindling) : dwindling resources.

    • @ just me, so this Government is showing no interest in seniors, the Public School System and the 4000 unemployed people and you want us to stand up and look like Johnny Barns.
      And the housekeepers and baby sitters get paid so little, its a form of modern day slavery, that’s why only a certain nationality does it.

      • hmmm says:

        what do you do for a living Onion Juice?

        • serengeti says:

          he’s too important. Any form of employment is just “modern day slavery”, so he declines to participate.

        • jt says:

          He owns a chip wagon.

      • true onion says:

        I think the idea OJ, is to generate money that went missing under the last mismanagement of our economy and perhaps we will be able to better assist our seniors and our children. Contrary to what you may believe money does not grow on trees.

    • ‘ccording da fella, “you can lead the horse to the trough but you can’t force it to drink.” :-( This event, (without any doubt) will benefit all whether they wish to believe it or not…

      • smh says:

        Ray Stfu u sound dumb af’s

      • Johnny says:

        Yes, we will all benefit from the AC cake, but most Bermudians will get the crumbs, while a few foreigners will get all the big slices.

      • Mister Mole says:

        Including, ironically, Onion Juice, who is just too stupid to realise it.

      • bermyguy says:

        its ironic how those that are going to get a slice of the pie aren’t on here complaining or talking bad about AC because they know what they’re going to reap. but us who arent getting a piece of it or as Ray says “trickle down” my ass-economics see it for what it really is. all pomp and show to show off bermuda but have no connect to the local bermudian.

        as the big bad wolf did “huffed and puffed and blew your house down”

    • CoffeeCoffee says:

      Hey everyone! This guy thinks trickle-down economics works!

      • serengeti says:

        A lot of people think it does work. Taxi drivers, restaurant workers, hotel employees, house rental owners, furniture suppliers, painters, plumbers, electricians, car and bike retailers, food retailers, clothing retailers, all sorts of small business owners.

  6. BDA ROCKS! says:

    This is going to be good!

  7. Bill says:

    A “Prep Rally” that last’s for 1/2 hour?????

    Well, all of the races will take between 20-25 minutes each. The America’s Cup final is 3 races a day, first one to win 7.

    A 13 race series.

    This gig will be over before you know it!

    • If you know the History of this race, its two wealthy tycoons fighting for bragging rights with their expensive toys.
      Nothing more, nothing less.

      • Um.... says:

        And? So what? This event WILL increase our international exposure as a tourist destination. This event already HAS created employment opportunities for dozens of Bermudians. This event already HAS brought dozens of expat families to the island who ARE renting homes, buying groceries, buying gas, etc etc etc. I hope you, whoever you are, decides to come out and enjoy the events. Because it WILL be a success with or without you. But it’s best for Bermuda when we can all be a part of the success.

        • Bill says:


          Don’t worry mate….I will be there, both days watching with a cold one….or two.

          I am just giving you the facts.

          Unfortunately, it’s just reality.

      • Johnny says:

        That’s all it is. And those guys expect us to spend anything we have on this event. With the amount of money these guys have, all activities should be free.

      • Mister Mole says:

        Like Man City v Chelsea you mean? How many millions watch that?

        • bermyguy says:

          i watch football not the owners playing against each other

          what type of dumb a$$ comment is that.

        • bermyguy says:

          before there was abramovich and abu dhabi group there was city and chelsea so your point is moot.

          • Mister Mole says:

            Haha! The AC isn’t the owners racing against each other, and before city and chelsea were bought no-one outside of manchester or west london cared less about them.

        • Johnny says:

          At least our youth can aspire to play for Man. City like our beloved Shaun Goater. Good like trying to get a boat in the America’s Cup.

      • true onion says:

        You are right OJ, we do not need to encourage wealthy people to come to our shores with all their money. We shall break tradition and target the poor people they can help us out of this mess you created. Later that same week will laugh about this and slap each other on the back while we tend to our chickens.

  8. “Mixed up moods and attitudes.” Please, you who are soooo short-sighten be a part of our / Bermudas finacial solutions and cease contrubting to its / our problems!

  9. high road says:

    Great event, how bout cleaning up the streets and cutting back the trees so that our island looks its best for the event?

  10. Balanced Facts says:

    ? Could The Bean Party EVER pull off an event like this?

    • bermyguy says:

      i guess your memory must be short, i remember when Beyonce and a host of others a-list celebrities came to bermuda or how about the annual PGA tournament which is the blue ribband event for golfing. i guess no credit to the “bean party for that”.

      beyonce may not be your cup of tea but neither is sailing mines, heck neither is golf but the “bean party” brought those events to Bermuda.