Altercation At Club & Driver Arrested After Chase

February 21, 2016

An alteration between three males took place at a club on the corner of Court and Angle Street early on Saturday morning, and in a separate matter a car was impounded and the driver arrested following a high speed chase early Sunday morning.

A police spokesperson said, “Police were called to a club on the corner of Court and Angle Street on a report of a disturbance that took place in the early hours of Saturday morning.

“Upon police arrival it was ascertained that an alteration between three males took place inside the club resulting in all parties being escorted out by security.

“Once outside two of the males involved with the scuffle were attacked by the other male’s four friends. Members of the public saw the attack and separated both parties. As a result of the incident one victim suffered minor facial injuries and a chipped tooth.

“Inquiries into this matter is ongoing.”

In addition, the police said, “At 1am Sunday Police were involved in a high speed chase with car through the Northern part of the city, parts of Devonshire and eventually concluding at the junction of Store Hill and North Shore, Smiths.

“The driver was arrested on warrants and for driving in a dangerous manner, and a court appearance is expected. The car was also impounded.

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  1. Raymond Ray says:

    Doesn’t this sound familiar: “Altercation at club and driver arrested after chase”? :-( (Same crap different day)

  2. James Rego says:

    The car used in the chase should be taken to the airport dump and crushed. This would get the attention of those who feel it is their right to endanger the public.

    • Terry says:

      Well if it was theirs.
      Might have been stolen or borrowed.
      Ouch to the owner to end up with tin foil……..

      • James Rego says:

        The driver will then be responsible for repayment of the crush vehicle.

        A proven stolen vehicle will one of the few exceptions to prevent the crush.

  3. wahoo says:


  4. mmm says:

    The police are deserving of praise in their efforts in handling both incidents, wherein serious harm may have been inflicted. A fight out-side of a club on the street where access to bottles etc may have happen, and in a high speed chase lasting 3 to 4 minutes any innocent person may have been hit and a life lost. We need to onto our leaders in this country that an adequate police presence is constant, given the up-surge in crime and traffic offences.

  5. some beach says:

    It is better that there was no gun play…I am grateful for that…there are still better things to do with your time than to fuss or fight…surely .